Police: Ryan Dunn’s B.A.C. Was .196, Over Twice Legal Limit

June 22nd, 2011 // 259 Comments

That was fast. TMZ reports:

West Goshen Police Chief Michael Carroll told the Daily Local News … Dunn’s B.A.C. was .196 … nearly two-and-a-half times the legal limit in Pennsylvania, which is .08. Carroll added, “No other substances were found in his blood other than the alcohol.”

In before someone says: “God, don’t the police realize someone is dead?! Ryan was so nice! Don’t act like any of you don’t make mistakes like driving 130 mph in your Porsche drunk as shit. I can’t believe they brought this up after he just died. I’ve been sitting here crying my eyes out, and it makes me so angry that people keep bringing up it’s Ryan own fault for killing himself and that guy. Okay, so he made one mistake, Jackass 3 was so LOL. I fucking hate you jerks.”

UPDATE: A bunch of you sent this in, so here’s Bam and his mom talking about how Ryan is going to “eat it” one day because he always “drives like an asshole.”

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  1. Casey

    What a fucking shocker.

  2. Ms Me

    So I have to assume when Ryan Dunn wrapped his car around a tree it was a stunt that went wrong on “LumberJackass”.

  3. catapostrophe

    Perfect angels don’t even HAVE blood!

  4. Harry Doyle

    Dunn = Douche

  5. Anon

    inb4 must be upheld.

  6. what a jackass.

  7. WTF

    Rest in peace, you fucking murdering retard.

    • Josh

      Pretty sure if you get into a car with a drunk driver and you die it’s your own fault. Just like the guy in nick hogans car who decided to not wear a seatbelt when doing 100+ mph. He was a retard (figuratively) and now literally.

  8. Rough's superficial aureole

    Im hearing the last page of the police report states he was trying to reach a clock tower. I choose not to believe this one. Sounds too far fetch to me.

  9. Carrie

    That bar is fucked.

    • It had to be said

      Yes. Yes they are. On the other hand, they probably made a lot of money selling booze to these guys over the years. A lot.

      • Carrie

        Hopefully enough for the wrongful death lawsuits that are coming. If I was one of those bartenders, I would already out of the country.

    • Name (required)

      Why? This happens EVERY DAY across america.
      Where do you think 90% of the drunk drivers that crash on any given day get hammered at? Home? No. They are out at restaurants and bars.
      TECHNICALLY, the establishment IS responsible, however NOTHING is ever done towards the establish.
      Oh, but wait. This was a “celebrity”. That’s it. Maybe they WILL actually punish the bar and bartender, but only because he was a celeb. If it was a normal Joe Schmo, it wouldn’t matter.

      • Are you serious buddy? While establishments do have a legal responsibility to try not to over serve people, there’s this little thing called personal responsibility. This isn’t a daycare. When you willingly come to an establishment to consume alcohol, it’s up to you to takecare of yourself first and foremost. You know why? Because even if a bar can be held liable for your death, you’re already deadsville, so why the fuck does it matter at that point? Why can’t you not be an irresponsible douche that needs an adult babysitter and not ruin it for the rest of the population that can drink and not drive?

      • Carrie

        Really Name? Give me a fucking break. Unless they were holding him down with a beer bong duck taped to his jaw, pretty sure he was a grown-ass man who could make his own decisions. A grown-ass man who had over 23 moving violations, a prior wreck, and a DUI, pretty sure he knew better than to even drive that damn car TO the bar. let alone from it. Bartenders shouldn’t have to be baby-sitters for every imbecile that walks through the door of their establishment, otherwise you mind as well make bartenders hold a college degree plus pay them triple what they already make. How about this–if you drink too much, don’t fucking drive. If you can’t afford a cab home, you shouldn’t be at the bar anyway. Douche.

      • Carrie

        *9 prior wrecks.

    • Opsidolala

      WTF?! Bars in the US have a legal obligation not to serve too much alchool to people?! How on earth you people get drunk, then? You can’t drink until you’re 21, you can’t get drunk in a bar, you can’t fuck 16 year old pussy…thank god I don’t live in the US!

      • “can’t fuck 16 year old pussy”

        In most places you can…hell, in a few it’s lower depending on YOUR age.

      • venkman

        PA has a fairly unique dram shop law, unlike many other states, that makes the bar liable if they served him while he was noticeably intoxicated. Pretty sure that’s the case, and the photos Dunn tweeted won’t help things. Slam dunk wrongful death complaint for a competent lawyer. If it’s not a chain, just a small business, they’ll take the insurance company for policy limits, but if it was a chain they’d get a huge HUGE settlement/recovery. Too bad they weren’t drinking in an Applebee’s.

      • Carrie

        Almost everywhere has that dram law, including Texas where I tended bar. Easy to cover your ass—you offer to call them a cab. If they refuse, it’s their ass instead of yours. I offered everyone I served a cab, easy to do. Ask them if they want one called when you hand them their tab, ta-da.

    • Artofwar

      …Bullsh#t—-No lawsuit here. In order to show negligence, and or liability, on the part of the alcohol severing establishment, there would have to be a preponderance of evidence that would indicate that the customer was indeed obviously drunk. Meaning belligerence, slurred speech, or the obvious dead give away, falling down drunkard.

      Not to mention, how is a bartender even to know who is, and who is not driving? If successfully suing an alcohol severing establishment were so easy, there would not be any alcohol severing establishments.

      Furthermore, many people are already above the legal limit before they arrive to a particular drinking establishment, as in cases when people engage in bar-hopping, or begin their drinking night’s festivities at home.

      All these things and so many more plays into weather a successful lawsuit can prevail in cases where an alcohol drinking customer subsequently kills some folks.

      Remember, in civil lawsuits, the burden is on behalf of the plaintiff….Artofwar

    • Opsidolala

      @ Matrim

      The age of consent where I’m from is 15…it is like that in most places in Europe…even lower (14) in some case. I gotta say I love it!!

  10. hayley

    shut the fuck up about him being a murderer. Zac Hartwell knew what he was doing when he got in the car with Ryan.

    • Anon

      He killed a Porsche, ffs!

    • WTF

      Unless he too was drunk. It’s always the drivers fault, idiot.

      • What if the driver is too drunk to know what he is doing? Why is one man being drunk such a sad mistake when the other man being drunk makes him a vile evil person?

    • Carrie

      Fine. Manslaughterer. Is that a word? My spell check tried to hyphenate it but then it looked weird.

    • It had to be said

      Stupid stupid stupid. You sure Zac Hartwell knew that drunkass intended to do 130 on country roads? Or that Zac Hartwell was able to evaluate drunkass’s level of intoxication? Yeah. Me neither. It isn’t murder because there will never be proof of intent to kill, but it was damned close.

      • Josh

        You telling me you have no idea how your friends drive? I know who’s car i will and wont get into if they’re pissed. Look at the fucking video above, everyone knew he caned it everywhere. The guy knew he was going to speed.

    • rican

      Hayley, like it or not it is murder. And you’re a moron for not feeling some anger.

      I must repeat an earlier lame joke:

      Yo momma so dumb when she heard Dunn blew up his Porsche she though he wasn’t drunk.

    • dogg

      Not to put too fine a point on it, but not murder. Negligent homicide, in fact. Feel better?

      • rican

        ok, crass negligence resulting in manslaughter. Could also be 2nd degree murder. Where are the posters “that are not lawyers but…” to help us define this?

      • No, it wouldn’t be 2nd degree murder, at least not in the U.S.

        Traditionally the U.S. prosecutes drunk driving deaths as Involuntary Manslaughter, although certain states may have harsher definitions, but generally this is how it goes.

    • Do_Freebirdt

      In Pennsylvania, if you’re drunk and you kill someone else in either another car, someone on the sidewalk or your own car, you get charged with 2nd degree homicide. So yes, the douchebag was a murderer.

      • Actually, Pennsylvania reserves 2nd degree murder for people complicit in murder (i.e. you were robbing a store and your accomplice shot someone, you would be charged with 2nd degree murder). A drunk driving death could POTENTIALLY fall under 3rd degree murder, which is a catch-all for other types of murder that don’t fall into the first two categories. Although drunk driving deaths fall more into the purview of involuntary manslaughter. This is from the Pennsylvania Code:

        “A person is guilty of involuntary manslaughter when as a direct result of the doing of an unlawful act in a reckless or grossly negligent manner, or the doing of a lawful act in a reckless or grossly negligent manner, he causes the death of another person.”

        For the record “homicide” isn’t a crime, it just means “killed by a person.” Murder is homicide, suicide is homicide, killing in self-defense is homicide. Saying “2nd degree homicide” just makes you sound ignorant.

      • andrew

        well. i’m not a lawyer, but i’m pretty sure both parties had a choice here, and both parties are now dead. and now, while i’m not a doctor, i’m pretty sure if you’re dead, the law doesn’t apply to you. and while i’m not a judge i’m pretty sure since this fucker was famous (even more now that he’s dead) all his ‘jackass’ friends (see what i did there?) are going to claim he was an angel of a man who was simply too intoxicated to make his own decisions, and the bar should have stopped him. and while i’m not a business man, i’m pretty sure if the stars of jackass tell you to not use that bar because it killed ryan dunn, plus the resulting lawsuit, i think that bar might go under and all families resulting will starve, then ryan dunn just killed at least 20 more people. do any of us want children to die? i rest my case, your honor.

  11. AZRock

    Wow he has beard, and tats, and a man-bracelet, and acid washed jeans and sunglasses and taco meat on his chest… and he is the epitome of Man-hood!!!

    Oh and he has beer – awesome!!!!

  12. inbox

    If he weighed around 200 pounds, he would have to drink around 14 drinks in 4 hours to achieve that BAC. That’s pretty drunk by any reasonable standards. Then he drove over 130 MPH. That’s some scary shit.

    • It had to be said

      Yeah. I wonder how it will end . . . oh right.

    • Venom

      As the frequent DD to a best friend who is a complete alcoholic, I can tell you that 14 drinks is easily achieved in less than 4 hours.
      I only continue to be the DD because I would rather sit and do that than have him or one of the other idiots he drinks with go out and kill someone.

      He orders rounds of shots for the group at a very high rate. plus drinks strong gin and tonics at the same time throughout the night. Not to mention that even though the bars close at 2am here, they frequently keep serving him until almost 3 am which would account for Dunn’s timeline.

    • All reports that I saw stated that he had three beers and four shots in that time frame.

      • JPC

        Those reports were from the bar….. Saying that you served the guy 12+ drinks before he drove drunk and killed someone isn’t a good idea unless you like losing everything you own.

    • TomFrank

      Looking at that picture…he does not look over 200 pounds to me. Not that I could make a living as a “Guess Your Weight” carny.

    • Stephanie

      It’s entirely possible he drank elsewhere prior to coming to the bar. We also do not know if there were any open containers in the car.

  13. Anon

    Except for the fact that it is impossible to know his bac until his toxicology report comes back, in 4-6 weeks. What did the police compress his chest so he could blow into a breathalizer?

  14. tony

    I’m surprised they could get any blood out of his charred corpse. Maybe they scraped it off the trees?

  15. Norbert vanden Penis

    Just another dead drunk. Next?

  16. rican

    The black box in the car revealed that he was trying to match his speed with his blood alcohol level.

  17. Photoshop Police

    … and weed is still illegal.

    • Mandi

      Yeah, people NEVER do stupid shit while high.

      • Name (required)

        They don’t do 130mph down a dark ass road and go airborne into a tree.

      • Mandi

        I don’t know how you’re stating that like it’s fact.

      • Name (required)

        Guessing you’ve never smoked weed. MOVING ON…

      • MasterKat

        Bill Hicks covered this. Try to get into a fight with a drunk guy. Then try to get into a fight with a high guy. Moreover, how often do you hear “High driver killed in car crash”? Sometimes common sense is actually right.

      • the thing is...

        MANDI, I’ve smoked weed for 23 years. I’ve known many full-blown potheads that depended on the shit, but I will tell you this, out of the 100 or so people I’ve had personal contact with, NOT ONE EVER FUCKING GOT IN A CAR AND DROVE LIKE A FUCKING MANIAC. Shit, I know SOBER/CLEAN PEOPLE WHO ARE MORE INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like dude just said, apparently you’ve never smoked weed. MOVE THE FUCK ALONG LITTLE GIRL, IT’S YOUR NAP TIME. A cot and milk for you.

      • Rancid

        Methinks Mandi had a boyfriend who found weed much more interesting than Mandi.

      • inbox

        I’m all for legalizing weed, but if you think no one has ever got stoned then driven like an asshole, you’re just kidding yourself.

      • kimmykimkim

        The most stupid thing I’ve ever done while I was high was put the TV remote in the freezer. Thank God there were no casualties.

      • @kimmy hahahaha

      • Mandi

        This is so hilarious.

        @the thing is- CALM. DOWN. I don’t know how you’re so high strung if you’ve been smoking weed for 23 years. Also- sweet life choice.

        @inbox- THANK YOU. That’s all I was saying. I also never said I wasn’t for legalizing weed, but I’ve known more than one person who has lost a job or gotten in a car crash because they couldn’t function high. Probably not to this extent, no… but people can’t state that like it’s an absolute.

        @Rancid- if I had a boyfriend who would rather smoke pot than be with me, I would thank a God I don’t believe in that he was out of my life. Really great argument though.

        People love to defend their drug of choice SO MUCH that they’d rather put words in my mouth and insult someone they’ve never met over the internet. It’s super cute.

      • kimmykimkim

        Dude@dude.dude: I accept yourhallenge m. Meet me behind the building.eet me on the roof

      • kimmykimkim

        Dude@dude.dude: well THAT was a massive failure on my part. I’m sure u get it tho. Hahaha!

      • Jovy

        Mandi, I have some advice for you: go smoke a few bowls, or maybe a joint of the really good stuff, and you will never have a negative thing to say about weed again.

      • @kimmykim eat you on the roof? lol that’s some munchies! ;)

      • catapostrophe

        If he’d been smoking pot, he’d more likely have driven 20 mph into the guardrail, bounced off of it, stopped, gotten out of his car and then laughed hysterically at the dent in his bumper.

      • kimmykimkim

        Jovy: yes and YES..n I think I love u…
        Dude.dude: tee hee hee. Oops. So that’s a no? ;o)
        Catapostrophe: Bahahaha!

    • rican

      I know someone that started frying chicken, fell asleep and torched his whole house. Yes he was stoned.

      • Carrie

        I’ve never known a pothead to use so many exclamation points at once.

      • Mandi

        @Carrie- it’s more than I use in a year.

      • i probably outsmoke all you knuckleheads put together and i know full well no matter how high i am not to get behind the wheel. espec if i’ve had any alcohol with it cos that combination is exponentially problematic compared to either or of the two. and no i didn’t drive worse back in the day i just would always forget my exits..

      • catapostrophe

        how do you fall asleep while frying chicken?

    • Karen

      This has nothing to do with whether weed should be legalized or not. If your judgement is impaired by use of alcohol or drugs, don’t be a JACKASS and get behind the wheel. No matter what the substance or quantity was.

    • Rancid


      Actually, I was being a bit harsh with you. I get pissed when people get selectively judgmental about weed. I think it’s hypocritical. We all have our bad habits.

      Are there retards who smoke weed and make asses of themselves? Sure. And I hate them more than anyone because they make the rest of us look bad. But everyone that I associate with are responsible users. No one is starting fights. No one is driving like an asshole. No one is doing anything except eating pizza and listening to Zep. I have never met a pothead I wanted to punch in the face. Plenty of drunks, though.

      • Minako

        Most of the stoners I know are pretty cool. They smoke, then laugh a lot and try to order a pizza at 4 am in the morning. One of my friends who is prescribed pain killers smokes weed to help his pain because it works better and won’t fuck up his liver like the tabs. No problems there.

        But just like with alcoholics, there are some potheads who do not handle their weed well. My ex-boyfriend crashed three cars while high, One of which hit our neighbor’s car and he ran to our house and BEGGED me to go claim that I was driving (even though I had no license) because if he got busted for driving high again, he’s go to jail.

        Point is, no matter which drug you choose – be it weed, pills, meth, alcohol, or even caffeine – there are those who can handle it and those who should NEVER touch it.

      • Rancid


        You’re right. A good friend of mine isn’t morally against weed at all, and even tried it a few times, but it made him sick. He wisely decided to never touch it again. I’m like that with alcohol. I despise the taste, and more often than not I feel more sick than buzzed. My body clearly rejects it.

        But, if I may ask, are you certain your ex wasn’t on anything else during his accidents? Weed tends to suppress aggressiveness, and makes the user feel paranoid (yeah, that old lady behind me driving a station wagon is DEFINITELY a narc!), so that discourages reckless driving. However, if there are other drugs involved, I can see how that could make things especially dangerous.

  18. Name (required)

    Wonder if this will cause Bam to go back to the crash site and whine like a little bitch.

  19. Rancid

    What bothers me is every time I see a picture of this asshole I think it’s Zach Galifianakis. The only differences are that Zach is:

    1 – talented
    2 – funny (as fuck)
    3 – Actually contributes something to the world
    4 – not a fucking moron
    5 – currently isn’t Purina worm chow

    • Jovy

      Ouch that last one was a tad harsh…could have at least made it Eukanuba.

      • Rancid


        Thanks – I stand corrected. I’m agree that our dearly departed is mostly composed of healthy bulk protein and very little in additives and byproducts.

  20. Zilla

    Wonder how soon the lawsuit will be filed?

  21. michmasterflex

    i was lucky enough when i was 18 to get caught drinking and driving, while not hurting myself, anyone else or my car.. i was 3.40 alcohol .. 4.0 is legally dead.. im damn lucky i got givin the chance to learn from my stupidity, unfortunately .. Ryan wasn’t lucky.. RIP man.

  22. “Hi, my name is Ryan Dunn and this is ‘Fiery Car Crash!’”

  23. cheesegrater

    Next time please get Bam in the back seat. And maybe we can get Knoxville to car surf on the roof. Take as many of these slimes out at once as possible.

  24. Motorboat Captain

    God, don’t the police realize someone is dead?! Ryan was so nice! Don’t act like any of you don’t make mistakes like driving 130 mph in your Porsche drunk as shit. I can’t believe they brought this up after he just died. I’ve been sitting here crying my eyes out, and it makes me so angry that people keep bringing up it’s Ryan own fault for killing himself and that guy. Okay, so he made one mistake, Jackass 3 was so LOL. I fucking hate you jerks.

    • michmasterflex

      yea i have alcoholism in my family too so if my grandpa died like this or my uncle. and ive had alot of stupid friends who got/had alcohol problems, but they have all been lucky enough to not hurt themselves or others. i wouldn’t be like oh they deserved it for being stupid. people make mistakes and a lot of times it ends in horrible circumstances . some people get lucky and learn from it. some people dont, or some people dont even get the chance to learn from it.

    • rican

      You misspelled your name, MORONboat Captain

    • rican

      Ok so I fucked up, didn’t memorize the post. Anyway, thank God no is that moronic then.

    • Jovy

      Motorboat Captain’s reaction to the next drunk driving idiot who ends up in the headlines: Zomg you guyz are assholes he/she wus so nyce!!11 Even tho he/she like totally plowed into the back of a school bus causing it to implode on itself taking all of the kids and the bus driver straight to the river styx. You guyz are facken assholes go to hel!!111@

      I swear Jackass fans are the lowest forms of life, just a few notches below celebrities and supremacists.

  25. Venom

    Hopefully people will stop defending this douchebag now, but I won’t hold my breath.

    • for a sec i thought you were going to say hold my breathalyzer..

    • Zilla

      Hero worship….wonder how they would feel if it was their brother or father that he killed?

    • Casey

      See the above comment where someone implies this is fake because apparently (in make believe desperation land) it takes 4-6 weeks to get a BAC.

    • Cher X

      Oh, check out his imdb page. There are stupid stupid fans saying they are waiting for the toxology reports. Because apparently that will clear him. Idiots will defend him even that comes out I bet.

  26. Ryan Dunn Drunk
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Doesn’t looking like that give a person a legitimate excuse to drink themselves to death?
    Taking a Navy SEAL along wasn’t cool.

  27. .unknown.

    That’s brutal.

  28. Ish Kabibble



  29. Matt

    Does not pay to the cool kid and drive wreckless. Respect your car and te road. Rip dude.

    • venkman

      I wouldn’t say he drove “wreckless,” as there was a huge fiery wreck. You probably meant “reckless,” or even “recklessly.” Just fyi.

  30. stratacat

    The only thing that sucks about him dying is that no one can beat him within an inch of his life for being a murdering asshole.

  31. Jovy

    LOL MTV is so full of shit and so are their fans. I went on their site and they refuse to show the tox report results. In fact they claim that the police won’t release the results for a couple of weeks.

    • Carrie

      Ignorant assholes—they actually have the opportunity of put some sort of positive spin on this and say, “Hey viewers, we miss Ryan, too. How about none of you pull the shit he did so you’ll still be around to watch season 5 of Jersey Shore.” Denial’s a river somewhere, right?

      • kcarroll26

        Agreed! As if MTV hadn’t already sold it’s soul to the devil for making celebrities out of knocked up teenagers, now they will sweep this whole ‘drunk driving” thing under the rug rather than have something positive come out of this tragedy and actually remind their young (hard headed) viewers that even the cool kids die at the hands of stupidity so don’t drink and drive. Sheesh, MTV… you are a total letdown.

      • Leila

        The title actually is: “Ryan Dunn’s Death Reminds Fans ‘You’re Not Indestructible’
        Visitors to ‘Jackass’ star’s roadside vigil see firsthand ‘what drinking and driving can do.’”
        (and yes, i do work for MTV. But not on Jackass)

    • Leila

      Untrue. It’s on the front page. “According to the Chester County coroner’s office, Dunn’s blood alcohol level was .196, more than twice the .08 legal limit in Pennsylvania. The report also says there were no “drugs of abuse” detected in Dunn’s system.”

  32. Jovy

    He Dunn goofed.

  33. Ryan Dunn Drunk
    NYC I Banker
    Commented on this photo:

    … SAD … and he left behind two widows …

  34. Ryan Dunn Drunk
    NYC I Banker
    Commented on this photo:

    … DISGUSTING … and he left behind two widows …

  35. Ryan Dunn Drunk
    NYC I Banker
    Commented on this photo:

    … FUCKING ASSHOLE … and he left behind two widows …

  36. NTT

    I feel bad for the car.

  37. Ryan Dunn Drunk
    NYC I Banker
    Commented on this photo:

    … and murdered a friend …

  38. Venom

    Perfect time for MADD to use this idiot to their benefit.
    They should put up billboards with the Porsche in perfect condition on the left and then on the right the charred miniscule remains of it being lifted out of the crash site on the other side.
    Then for the caption it should read:

    ” Don’t be a Jackass, Don’t drink and drive”

  39. will


  40. Bam

    I heard Ryan Dunn was wearin a bra when he died.

  41. losers

    The internet brings out the best in people doesn’t it? I hope one of Dunn’s friends tracks all you retards down and lights you on fire.

    • Anon


    • Mandi

      It sure brought out the best in you, losers.

    • Karen

      Didn’t you know that they’re too busy getting drunk and wrapping their cars around trees to track us all down?

      • …or like Don Vito, they’re too busy feeling up 12 year old girls.

        What a fucking crew these guys have shown themselves as, but then again, if it acts, looks and talks like an inbred douchebag… you know the rest.

    • Sweep The Leg

      I hear you Losers. I miss the days when extremely reckless behavior that endangers the lives of others could pass without spurring great debate and the voices of all those people, who stand against individuals willfully jeopardizing the lives of their fellow citizens, could find no outlet. And in case you failed to recognize it in my tone, I am being sarcastic. But in all seriousness, I relish the moment some ignorant asshole like you (WHO ANONYMOUSLY WISHES VIOLENCE ON OTHERS VIA THE INTERNET) gets in my face about this issue, because they will certainly get my best.

    • That Bastard Tony

      If they have to get behind the wheel to do it, we don’t have anything to worry about. The trees in my neighborhood however….

    • Hey Hick Fuck You

      The fact of the matter is, Dunn didn’t have any friends. At least not REAL friends. He had hangers-on after he got famous, and assholes like Bam and Knoxville to egg him on before the popularity. If he had any REAL friends he wouldn’t feel the need to get tanked and drive a Porsche over 130 mph. A real friend would have stopped him, unlike Bam and his Mom, who basically joked about his reckless behavior, but never intervened. Is that your definition of a friend? A douchebag like you probably has friends like Dunn did. Friends who only liked him when he was shoving toy cars up his ass, drinking too fucking much, or driving like a fucktard. If that’s the case, pull your head out of your ass and get some REAL friends, before it’s too late.

  42. Alex

    *Cue bartender lynch mob sponsored by the media and supported by the young and dumb/Jackass movie-goers*

  43. g-moonie

    Over twice the legal B.A.C. limit. Over twice the legal speed limit. And judging by the crash pictures and the autopsy report, he was twice over the legal death limit…

  44. Tom

    We should all totally go to the funeral and laugh at all the crying people! Maybe throw eggs at his parents! Yippeee!

  45. Drunk Driver

    Some people can’t handle their drink. I’ve been drunk driving for decades and never had a single incident. Suck my drunk cock.

  46. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    Any chance Bam will apologize to Roger Ebert? Seems he was right, but he didn’t realize that jackasses let fellow jackasses drive drunk.

    Knew there was a flaw somewhere in this.

  47. Hugh Gentry

    I’m so tired of reading about this ass clown. Please God let Bam be next.

  48. Bill Lumburgh

    I have an odd feeling the manager of Barnaby’s is turning in his nametag and flair right about now.

  49. SMB

    …whenever i read some personal ad or MySpace headline that says; “i love life and live it to the fullest”, i know this is the kind of dumb shit that person is talking about.

  50. Just keeps getting faster…

    “”The initial crash reconstruction investigation determined that Mr. Dunn’s vehicle was traveling between 132-140 mph at the time of the collision,” West Goshen Police Chief Michael Carroll said in a statement Wednesday.”

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