Russell Simmons has a lot of money

A judge signed off on a custody agreement in L.A. court Thursday that states Russell Simmons will pay $40,000 in monthly child support until his two daughters turn 19 1/2, and make sure that they get a new car worth at least $60,000 every three years. And apparently this was all done voluntarily. Russell writes on his blog:

I am reading these stories today about how a judge ordered me to pay Kimora $40,000 a month in child support and I want to make something very clear. Nothing was ordered, it was given. My kids have a fabulous life; they are exposed to a broad range of artistic and scholastic educational programs and I’m very happy to contribute to that. As long as I have it, they can have it. If I ever don’t have it, I’m coming to live with them!

At first I was impressed by the ridiculous amount of money being thrown at his kids, but then I realized the guy is worth about $325 million. He could wipe his butt with $40,000 everytime he takes a dump and he’d still have money left over. Which, by the way, is exactly what I would do if I had $325 million. Well that, and have solid gold everything. I’m looking at you, regular non-solid-gold underwear.

Photos: WENN