Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee divorce

April 3rd, 2006 // 70 Comments

In news nobody cares about, Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee announced their separation last Friday, saying that although they were still living together, they had been separated for some time. And while no cause for the separation has been mentioned, I can only assume that Kimora Lee woke up one day and realized she had married a munchkin.



  1. Trotter

    Wait. Who the fuck are these people? They’re a couple of the ugliest celebs ever. I mean, she obviously eats whole, deep fried turkeys for breakfast. That neck must expand like a python’s…

  2. Trotter

    Her throat must be able to accommodate a 20 pound fried turkey. Daily. Hey, who the fuck are these people?

  3. A2ROX

    36 & 45: wow, yeah, racist comments! aren’t you the intelligent one? but guess what, NOT funny, but thanks for trying, you turds.

  4. hafaball

    Maybe they divorced, just no one noticed so they stayed together in hopes someone would….

  5. Sdvora

    Yeah, either that or he just noticed her freakishly odd neck.

  6. QTPie

    I thought he was gay? Unless Kimora is a big drag queen.

  7. Two Words: Gold Digger. Russell should join Kanye West for a remix of the song.

  8. #58, Thanks, hilarious!

  9. #53, Here is a little excersise for you in critical thinking. Instead of merely making an ad hominem attack (i.e. you are racist) Try to actually explain what it was about what the person said that was specifically racist. Remember, a joke involving somebody of a different nationality or color is not racist on it’s face. There has to be a racist element with intent to harm or denigrate. There, you have your assignment, have at it…..beeeyatch.

  10. Tantrum

    #59… HAHA! High five for you! Thank you!

  11. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Free your mind, and the rest will follow…
    Be color blind, don’t be so shallow..

    What else, um…
    Love Sees No Color!

  12. tess

    This Power Couple can’t get divorced. There’s simply Too Much Money involved. They are The American dream: hip, both successful in their own way, got beautiful children. Not to mention that they live in the nicest crib on earth. So they better stick with each other.

  13. Sweet_cheeks

    i think she’s been hanging out with Tyra too much.

    and btw, to the morons who thought previous comments were racist, EVERYBODY is racist towards somebody.

    you can’t hate on a ghetto black person, yet the whole america was hating on the sand ni**ers. you can’t pick and choose which race it is ok to be racist against and which is not. everybody is a racist towards somebody, get over it. trust me, that;s the least of your problems.

  14. we all seen it coming she’s a gold-digger, she breeded with him he’s stuck. and she’s stuck up pot head. now she realizes she can get her shine on with baby phat and the perfumes and shit she don’t give a fuck. about nothing but her ass and her little girls, GOLD-DIGGER plain and simple…

  15. swyssmocha

    #63 – Why does it always have to come to this? first and foremost, saying that everyone is a racist to validate the ignorance that was displayed with #36 AND #46 is unbelieveable! I know everyone has a right to say or believe what they want to say or believe, but with that comment you made in reference to “sand ni**ers”? WHAT is up with that? Did you make that up all by yourself? hmmmm…anyway, I didn’t truly pay attention to what Beavis and Butthead were saying (only because these postings bring out the worst in people) until YOU decided it was your duty to enlighten us all. In this day and time, it’s just unacceptable and downright sad….I pity you. You seemed quite comfortable with those remarks that were made and you seemed to think the person who responded to such remarks got upset because they were saying something bad about Kimora or a “ghetto black person” You didn’t say a “ghetto person”, you made SURE to say that she was black when the idiotic comments made by #36 and #46 were clearly trying to poke fun at the fact of her Asian heritage(the fact is she is HALF asian, but is soooo not the issue.) Because I don’t know you (TG because your way of thinking would be comical if it weren’t so primitive) I would say that we got it…you HATE ni**ers…of all backgrounds and cultures…and since all INTELLIGENT individuals know that a ni**er is a horrible word used to describe an ignorant person, please do me a favor and go and look in the mirror…try not to “lynch” yourself in the process….

  16. SweeterSweeterBoyfriendStealer!

    #13— I love IT!!!!!!! YOU are sooo right, baby phat is like, stripper clothes….and CHEAP!!!!!
    #65? I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU ON EVERY LEVEL. everyone is equal, and were ALL the SAME COLOR ON THE INSIDE!!!!!!!!!
    racist bigots, go to hell

  17. kortneyluuvvvvesyou

    umm…i just wanted to say that with the exception of 25, 39, 53, 62, and 65: YA’LL ARE SOME SERIOUS HATERS!!! and i would like to point out that, it doesn’t really matter what you think anyway because, at the end of the day it’s KIMORA that’s making millions.. not you, she gets the last get over it and start making some money of your own…then you can talk about people

  18. ariesphillygirl

    I got to this page by accident and I read the whole page and it is sad, lol. Only one person (a MAN) had something nice to say about this woman that none of us know personally. So I felt like I needed to give my opinon:

    DAMN YALL ARE SOME FREAKING HATTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I know some of you gotta be gay and the rest are most likely females because only a woman and a faggot can buss on other women like this. She is going through a divorce and WE do not know why they are divorcing but y’all already calling her a gold digger (Her husband help her start her own business UHHH SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOUR HUBBY HELPING YOU?? SMART WOMAN!) She is a bytch (GOOD! I would be too I have alot of money and KISS MY ASS!!) Her clothing line sucks (Please her line is AWESOME!! You are probably mad because it only fits size 0-10), Her neck is long (Models have long necks take the time to look at other models you dumb ass) Her neck has rolls (So what like you don’t have any flaws difference between you and her is she has the money to correct it and you do not) She is a green giant(You need hieght to be a model you freaking idiots!!).

    Instead of talking trash about this beautiful woman look at yourself and figure out what the hell is wrong with you.
    I am a woman, married (5 years), with children and very happy so maybe that is why I can give another woman a compliment BECAUSE I AM NOT A MISERABLE, JEALOUS, FAT NO ASS HAVING UGLY DUMB ASS LIKE THE REST OF YOU.

    Please feel free to share your negative thoughts about me because that is what y’all gonna do anyway. I honestly DON’T CARE what ya’ll say about me because y’all are a bunch of losers.


  19. elmsford boy

    must be all that weed she was smoking and now for 10 bucks she’ll give you everything you want

  20. i love it so much o my god you and he looking good

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