Russell Crowe’s obesity gets Sienna Miller fired

January 13th, 2009 // 47 Comments

Russell Crowe’s stubborn refusal to diet has cost Sienna Miller the role of Maid Marian in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood remake Nottingham. The Daily Mail reports

Crowe, 44, has not shed the four stone he gained for his role in the recent Body Of Lies, where he played a former journalist who hunts down terrorists from his armchair.
Fearing his older, gutsier Robin would look ‘laughable’ alongside her petit Marian, Miller was canned from ‘Nottingham’, a £110million remake of the Robin Hood tale.

With producers scrambling to find a replacement that will make Russell look more virile, possible contenders include Rosie O’Donnell, Kirstie Alley and comedian Louie Anderson who allegedly wants the same salary as Crowe: Unlimited chicken wings.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, WENN

  1. Gah

    who and who?

  2. Gah

    oh, they’re not American. that’s why i don’t know them…

  3. Thats unfortunate, Miller is hot.

  4. Gah ha ha

    OMG, #1, you’re fucking hilarious.

    Who and who? Wow that’s just amazing. I mean, who would’ve ever thought to pretend to not know the names of well-known celebrities on a gossip site? Just fucking genius. The zenith of comedy right here.

  5. joanna

    Its gonna be the ugliest Robin Hood ever.

  6. Rick

    This is a female commenter’s dream. I can imagine the comments now…”FINALLY! They’ll have to cast a woman who’s NORMAL and HEALTHY and doesn’t look like a 13-YEAR-OLD BOY!” They’ll be so disappointed when the movie premiere is on the Animal Channel.

  7. Jeezy


    That movie is going to flop big time.

  8. friendlystoner


    comedy comment, love a good bit of sarcasm.

    (and i`m not even being sarcastic

  9. testing

    Good, I hate that talentless bitch who is onkly famous for being the chick Jude Law cheated on

  10. p0nk

    Russell Crowe does porn now?

  11. gypsybrother

    THAT’S B.S.! so a fat girl gets canned for not being skinny and now a skinny girl gets canned so she doesn’t make the fat guy look bad?!?!?!?! i’m gonna go kick a guy in his ball’s just because.

  12. pete

    The real story is that Crowe surprised them all when he was looking at some of Sienna Miller’s tabloid topless photos and said “you know what, I’m not really in the mood for flapjacks.”

  13. Guy

    An old ugly Robin Hood, nah…

  14. Sam

    Not quite the true story – they said her talent was too thin.

  15. Alan

    Poor Russell. Workig with Sienna is guaranteed pussy every day.

  16. Alan

    Poor Russell. Workig with Sienna is guaranteed pussy every day.

  17. Cat

    Well as for money she can lead on her rich married boyfriend, since she is a homewrecker! Wouldn’t want her reputation link on a new movie.

  18. Robin Hood (revised script)

    “Maid Marian, git in mah bellay!!!”

  19. kingofbeer

    He would make a good frier tuck!

  20. gnipgnop

    What a fuckin fat goblin – that hairy motherfucker knows he’s on the downward slope and soon he’ll just be tongue punching gay dirt star.

  21. Sport

    Damn – she’s pretty hot.

  22. Stew

    What a bunch of morons on here. Russel Crowe on the down and out? Who the fuck is Sienna Miller lol? Why don’t we just get Kim Kardashian because she has an ass from heaven and some big tits I’d like to suck on? Because Russel Crowe can act his ass off so naturally they are going to find someone who can act on a level above a softcore porn star. HORRIBLE casting and they obviously realized it.

  23. Kaiser

    I wouldn’t mind making a homemovie with this snobbish buttfucking piece of unimportance.

    I mean the one with the long hair.

    The one with the bag in her hand.

  24. me

    Anyone posting after me sucks on Russel Crowe’s shaggy penis

  25. meee

    wow 24…really creative.

    russell crowe is one sick piece of shit

  26. Fernanado Narcos

    “Coming Soon,Russel Crowe And Roseanne Barr Star in The Movie That Makes You Feel So Much Better About Yourself- ROBIN HOOD:THE COOKIE CRUNCH HEIST!”

  27. The Antichrist

    So, now it’s just some fatbody in the movie? Russell Crowe is stupid.

  28. kitty

    Why didn’t they fire him

  29. ManiacFive

    For fucks sake! Scott you northern bastard! Fire the fat stroppy bitch, hire Hugh Jackman, keep the totty working on the movie.

  30. dew

    What moron decided this tantrum-throwing oinker would be a good choice for a role wearing tights, ewwww!

  31. CaptainMorgan

    Maybe they fired her because she denied them entry into “sure-wood forest”???

  32. CaptainMorgan

    Maybe she quit because Crowe kept calling the movie “nuts-in-ham”???

    (joke about balls and penises for the noobs out there)

  33. bruce

    She is very beautiful, but why does she like to join ***seekingsugarmomma. c om****? I really do not know why. seems that she likes that site so much. she puts so many info. there.

  34. YEP, folks, INDEED!!
    Another stupid american!!

  35. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    Why not can the ugly Russell Crowe and leave Miller?? sexist pieces of shit.

  36. Russel Crowe and Roseanne Barr in the leading roles of Robin Hood, now there’s an interesting concept, and a mental picture I could really do without!

  37. King Edward

    Crowe is a bit of a jackass, but he’s not “fat” by any means right now.

    Miller is the one with the eating disorder. She should be eating to gain weight for her role instead of looking like she’s got the body of a 13yr old boy with breasts.

  38. Chris

    Wait, wait, wait. I thought Russel Crowe was playing the sheriff, not Robin Hood. Of course the sheriff was supposed to have a thing for Marian. Wouldn’t it make it more believable that she didn’t want to have anything to do with an older chubby guy. Or could it be she’s a shitty actress????

  39. Lea

    he’s too old to play robbin hood ! come on..

  40. russel crowe is a faat asssss

    why didnt they get rid of his fat ass

  41. russelcow

    they should call it

    russel hood- the case of the missing tea cakes (and donuts, fries, jelly beans, lard in a bucket, soda pop, cake, pudding….oh shit i can go on forever). i cant gurantee a good moving going experience but i can guarantee the mystery involves his belly!

  42. russelcow

    they should call it

    russel hood- the case of the missing tea cakes (and donuts, fries, jelly beans, lard in a bucket, soda pop, cake, pudding….oh shit i can go on forever). i cant gurantee a good movie going experience but i can guarantee the mystery involves his belly!

  43. maryjane

    Good. She is a talentless, dime-a-dozen, has been. Truth be told, he probably did not want to act alongside her. Seeing that he is an award winning actor an she is, well… nobody, I cannot blame him.

  44. russell's twat candy

    Amen. Now I can have Russell under me…

    and probably crush me but he looks like he gives an awesome tongue job.

  45. ripley

    Russell looks like the comic book guy from the Simpsons lol

  46. Narcissist

    I hope Crowe doesn’t try any stunts involving a chandelier. The castle will collapse into a black hole.

    Sienna will be The Baroness next summer, so she’ll be alright…although she doesn’t seem hot enough to be The Baroness…

    Fuck, I might not even watch this slop:

  47. He has less talent, dime a dozen states. Frankly, it is not likely to want to work with him. Since he is an award-winning actor, is fine.

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