Russell Crowe screws himself

rcrowe-lose-part.jpgRussell Crowe was replaced by Heath Ledger in an upcoming movie by Baz Luhrmann after demanding script approval. The producers told Luhrman to find another actor and he met with Ledger, eventually offering him the role.

“Baz liked him and offered him the movie,” said one source. “Then Crowe came back to Luhrmann and said he’d forego script approval and wanted to do the movie, but they told him it was too late – to buzz off.”

It’s a shame Crowe didn’t lose it after finding out he lost the part and beat everybody to death with a telephone. If he really wants the legend of Russell Crowe to live on he really needs to increase his ‘beating to death’ vs ‘not beating to death’ ratio. Anybody can act in movies, but the individuals history remembers are the guys that act in movies and murder people in uncontrollable fits of rage.