Russell Crowe pays $11 million for telephone incident

rcrowe_telephone_pay.jpgThe Daily Mail is reporting that Russell Crowe will pay $11 million to Nestor Estrada, the Mercer Hotel concierge he threw a telephone at back in June. If Nestor accepts the settlement, he’ll have to give up news interviews and drop all the charges against Russell. If he doesn’t accept, he’ll officially be the dumbest concierge in all of concierge history. And considering I’ve seen a concierge actually defecate in a guest’s suitcase before, you can be sure that means he would be pretty fucking stupid.

Let this be a lesson to all celebrities though. If you’re going to throw a fit and attack a concierge with a telephone, make sure that you kill him. Otherwise you’ll be forced to pay $11 million for something so trivial as throwing a telephone. I’m not saying Russell shouldn’t be punished, I’m just saying $11 million seems a bit steep. For $11 million I’d probably let you throw three telephones at me, and maybe even a bowling ball.