Russell Crowe has a short fuse

*russell_crowe_thumb1.jpgRussell Crowe became enraged when a concert he was playing with band An Ordinary Fear Of God was interrupted by pop music. Poor soundproofing at the hotel he was performing at meant his singing was drowned out by a nightclub next door. He said: “My story-telling is being compromised by shitful music.” He then demanded that the crowd complain to management after the concert. An onlooker said: “Russell really had the hump, big style. He started the show in a great mood but it went downhill pretty quickly. Many of his songs are emotional – one is about a family member’s suicide – so to have pop music spoiling his mood really tested his patience.”

You can’t read a story about Russell Crowe without the word “rage” appearing in it somewhere. With all due respect to his “story-telling”, most stories about Crowe involve booze, slurred pick-up lines like “hey baby, you wanna see the Maximus in my pants?”, punching people in the back, and kangaroos. The only concert I’d pay to see him in would be three hours of David Beckham kicking him in the bean-bag. Now that would be emotional.