Russell Crowe finally working out

January 29th, 2009 // 27 Comments

Just because this seem apropos, here’s Russell Crowe finally working out in Sydney this morning after stubbornly refusing to shed the weight he gained for Body of Lies. His gut supposedly cost Sienna Miller the role of Maid Marian in Ridley Scott’s Nottingham because she’d make Russell look huge. I guess they threatened to cast Rosie O’Donnell because after his bike ride, Russell ran a marathon then started at least ten bar fights. Good for the cardio.


  1. Val

    I think his baby is on the back of the bike….I’m GLAD that chick wont be in the movie….she will prob try and steel russell from his wife

  2. No Helmet

    Helmets are for pansies, Russel.

  3. Val

    steal….sorry…still learnding

  4. Jrz

    How very non-gladiator

  5. Beth

    The difference (with celebs like Jessica Blimpson) is that Russell will say “Yeah I finally realized I had to stop being a fat shit” instead of posting a 50 page blog entry about how unfair it is to be called fat.

  6. the Teat Mangler

    I think the problem with hollywood and it’s celebrities today is that they fail to understand that if we’re going to allow them million dollar salaries for shitty movies, we want them to be sexy, so we can masturbate to them later. Personally, I don’t do a lot of masturbating to Russell Crowe, but I got a little chub over Gladiator.

  7. dew

    Only 10 barfights?

    He must have taken some anger management classes.

    Personally, his inability to control his tantrums disgusts me. But Hollywood seems determined to continue to cast this crybaby, so I hope he loses that disgusting blubber, because he used to look good, despite being a tantrum thrower.

    @Hugh Jackman – never act like a toddler, and never get fat!
    (mmmm, Hugh, sigh!)

  8. Pat

    Why jerk off to the Hollywood movie when you can download “Glansiator”?

  9. Oi Vei


    You read too many tabloids.

  10. Ummm...yeah...

    Why is this even posted?
    Fish, you’re an asshole.

  11. Deacon Jones


    Wow “Dew”. You must be either a flamer or PETA member

    “His inability to control his tantrums disgusts me” Like, totally

  12. Liz

    “Like, totally” Like when – totally – was his last “tantrum” ???
    Like – almost 4 years ago. You are out of touch. Totally.

    And Crowe was biking extensively in LA from October to December. But don’t let the facts get in the way of a (supposedly) witty caption.

  13. 1 MILF Hunter

    Did Jessica Simpson get the role? She’ll mirror Russell a little better.

  14. macca

    Russell has had maybe three fights in his life. Name one instance within the past 5 years! There are none. NONE.

    Crowe is outspoken, he’s occasionally hardheaded, but he’s also generous, kind and extremely talented.

    Bike helmets save lives… if wanting to avoid head injury is being a pansy, sign me up for flower status.

  15. he he ha ha

    these photos have been shot right outside his apartment… i wonder how far he cycled in sydney’s 30 degree celsius heat???

  16. justifiable

    Gah, he’s got dewlaps – his cheeks look like a bloodhound’s. Lay off the 30 odd foot of sandwiches, mate.

  17. He’s so cool. He is so raw in his appearances.

  18. sherrybobbins


  19. Americans on a bicycle?

  20. Gerry – Russ is a Kiwi, then turned Australian. No Americano.
    How are things over there at Vector Motors ?

  21. Mercer Hotel Receptionist

    Next weekend Mr. Crowe plans on walking the back nine without a caddy.

  22. no

    Why the hell aren’t there any English people in this film?

  23. STINK

    We can invent water-powered jet packs, but not cool-looking bike helmets? Booo…

  24. T-Mon

    actually it’s quite clever to buy a bike with front and back suspension/sprins(whatever)… because it will cost more energy to ride it, which makes you lose more fat. Yay!

  25. Josie

    Isn’t that Peter Fitzsimmons? Not Russel Crowe…

  26. Trevor Brown

    Russell Crowe used to play Johnny in Bad Boy Johnny, but as now Bad Boy Johnny is touring again in the UK, i have heard a few rumours he will be at one of the London Shows in May to watch the 2010 Bad Boy Johnny

  27. Personally, his inability to control his outbursts disgusts me. But Hollywood seems determined to continue to run this police car, so I hope they lose this fat disgusting, because he used to be good, despite being a pitcher of anger.

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