Russell Brand offered hosting duties for next year’s VMAs

September 10th, 2008 // 152 Comments

British comedian Russell Brand has been asked to host the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards after giving the network a 20% ratings bump over last year’s show. However, he’s reluctant to accept after MTV censored some of his jokes aimed at Republican presidential candidate John McCain. Russell sat down with The Sun to talk about his experience:

On the gravity of hosting the VMAs:
“The VMAs are the hardest thing I have ever done and I will think very carefully before accepting their kind offer of doing it again. I spent a lot of time suppressing the urge to scream a career- ending remark during the show. The knowledge that you could say something that would make the world go nuts was difficult.”

On being censored:
But incredibly the script we heard was the clean version after MTV insisted he scrap some of his bravest gags. He revealed: “I had JOHN McCAIN gags pulled. And they asked me to tone down the gags about SARAH PALIN.”

On what he couldn’t say about Sarah Palin:
“I wanted to say she was forcing her teenage daughter to have a baby because she is so anti-abortion. But also, as a Republican, she is pro-execution so she is going to give her the electric chair for being a little sl*t. They weren’t keen on that one.”

Somewhere Bill O’Reilly just fell in love with MTV. Unfortunately, he can’t do anything with that love until Rush Limbaugh gets back with the Mexican Viagra. Life’s a bitch sometimes.


  1. mimi

    First!!!!!!! Bitches!!!!! I love the Superficial; the damn best site in the internet! And I love Fish himself!

  2. well i guess mtv is trying their damndest to turn the viewers off even than when they decided to stop playing any music videos except between the minutes between 6:05AM and 6:12AM and 8:04PM and 8:16PM.

    who is making the executive decisions for mtv? George W?

  3. Dude

    MTV has changed from being rebel in the 90′s to being pussies lobbyist …MTV is shit

  4. Jade

    Nah nah.. nah nah.. dude looks like a lady..

  5. jsc

    What a dickhead…so it’s okay to kill babies but not criminals using drug addled british idiot logic?

    BTW, getting pregnant is not a death penalty offense Redcoat Idiot Esq.

  6. Mitch Haase

    This guy is the biggest fag I have ever seen. He’s got man boobs and everything.

    If I stuck my dick in a gloryhole and this guy was on the other side I would be forced into kicking his ass.

  7. baby

    Even if Mtv didn’t give him the green light on every joke – that’s a pity that would have been amazing – he remains the best bit of this year’s show…
    He (and his co-writer Matt Morgan) are really is two of the best comedians of our generation….

  8. Kim

    I don’t even know who this loser is! All i’ve read about him is that he was fired from MTV in 2001 because he dressed up like Osama Bin Laden the day after the World Trade Center attacks. Go back to England loser, we don’t want you. There are plenty of american losers to host the VMA’s. Doesn’t england have their own VMA’s anyway?

  9. toolboy

    They must have pulled all his funny stuff, that guy was lame as shit. That fucking guy is a comedian? Animated and expressive does not equate to funny. I submit Dane Cook as an example.

  10. Jethro

    He’s nothing but a douche bag……….wanker!

  11. Rachel

    This guy sucked. MTV has hit the shitter and has no chance of recovering. Seriously, Britney Spears? And why did she get all the awards?

    These pathetic poms need to go back to the UK and live in their muslim infested cesspool. Stay out of the USA, we don’t want you or your stinky odor.

  12. bootlips

    When some neeger violently kills him I’m going to become anti death penalty.

  13. mimi

    Russell Brand’s jokes are NOT FUNNY!

    His jokes are in bad taste but the real crime is…


  14. rough daddy

    Becareful Russell and ask yourself, has anyone been successful career wise after hosting an MTV gig?

  15. Sarah Palin

    He looks like something I could eat alive while I was wearing lipstick with a spiked collar and with a hockey stick shoved up my ass.

  16. havoc

    Limey prick.

    Comedic failure.

    Heroin addict.

    Pillow-biting homo.

    VMA awards host.

    That pretty much covers it…..


  17. hellcat1983

    God it must suck that you Americans are so behind in the times you can’t even appreciate decent humour. Yeah & it’s spelt ‘humour’, not your simplified ‘humor’ which goes to show what idiots you are that you have to dumb down even your spelling of a language that isn’t even you own in the first place! Russel Brand is the man for saying what the rest of the world were thinking anyway!

  18. West Door

    That’s a guy?

  19. USA

    #17, by the way “spelt” is actually spelled “spelled” you ignorant limey cocksucker!

  20. hellcat1983

    #19 – I’m not a limey, now who’s the ignorant one, and ‘spelt’ is considered slang over here, much like ‘cocksucker’ is to American ‘cocksuckers’. Thank you!

  21. JB Stoner

    ” 20% ratings bump over last year’s show ”
    That is a joke, what is 20% of nothing?

    Since when did Europe elect this poon as their spokesman?
    Why did MTV pay this fag to host their crap? We have plenty here.

    Fish writer, you are a dipshit hypocrite and should never weigh in on national politics.

    Viacom is no more than a special interest group with long hair on dope…

  22. LoLa

    I don’t understand what anyone finds interesting about this guy. I don’t even know him and he’s NOT funny at all. British have dry humor though and sometimes they’re funny. But this dirty shithead offered absolutely NOTHING to laugh about. The only thing funny is the way he looks and how he dresses. That’s about it.
    Whatever though. I stopped watching MTV years ago, when they decided to stop playing music and started making movies and stars of spoiled little rich whores and try to sell them off as “reality stars”…. Fuck MTV, fuck this ugly faggot, fuck the Hills, Jonas Brothers, fattie Jordan Dicks and that whore Parasite Whore-ton. Fuck em all. And Fish, fuck you for posting this irrelevant bullshit.
    It’s too early to this stupidity

  23. andy7171

    Friggin’ English.

    Never Forget!

  24. Dogless

    So, ignorant American’s failure to grasp humour results on an attack against the British?

    Americans are apparently the new Germans. But without the efficiency. Or hot women.

    #19 & #20 – It’s actually spelt ‘spelled’ AND ‘spelt’. Neither is slang, and both are acceptable in Britain. Other country’s customs and differences are again lost on the septics.

  25. joe

    somebody kill this fag.

  26. Oh. Hell. No.

  27. TetraShiva

    Holy fuck, we have some rednecks on here.

    This guy is funny, and I am an American. I am also proud to say that I didn’t watch the VMAs, like many of you sad people seemed to have done. I feel sorry for you. Best of luck on your next trip to McDonalds. I hope you choke on a french fry.

    Fucking idiots giving us a bad name…

  28. Doc Holiday

    Now that is REALLY ignorant…. a Limey cocksucker that doesn’t even KNOW he’s limey!

  29. Efficient yes, but..

    Guys, you should maintain a minimum of sincerity: Hot women in Germany? You can’t be serious.

  30. That 20% is NOT because of this vile creature you call a host.

    I’m pretty much guessing that the 20% came from all the Twilight fans who never watched the show before but watched because MTV advertised the hell out of the fact that the cast would be onstage but then are disappointed because this ogre cuts off Robert Pattinson who was the only reason they watched the show.

    I suffered through hours of bad TV for that?

  31. MikeC

    Nice to have this British prick spew Anti-American garbage and it’s ok? Oh, it’s cool, that’s it… got it now. Nice going!

  32. Did you know?

    It’s interesting how much you Americans and Brits despise each other while for the rest of the world you’re just the same.

  33. billabong021

    #6 – that guy gets more pussy than ur mom’s mouth on a Saturday night and noones gonna read your shitty blog.

    Don’t try so hard next time loser.

  34. havoc

    #24. If you think German women are hot, then your eyes are as bad as your teeth….



  35. Pussy Galore

    I think more people tuned into the awards because they wanted to see Britney Spears pull out her big bag of crazy.
    I watched briefly. Then this idiot starts spewing his political rants and I changed the channel.
    He isn’t even an American citizen and he starts shoving his political views down our throats!!
    Big bunch of CRAP!!!

  36. Roop

    This guy will say anything just to get attention so he and MTV were made for each other. Both suck ass.

  37. bigSTEAMYone

    worst host ever, somebody kill this british fruit please.

  38. #17, Go to the dentist – I’ve never seen you, but knowing you are from UK, I’m thinking you need to go to the dentist, AND buy some soap. And for that matter, get your pointy, pasty nose out of American business. We may not all agree, but it’s our country and you have no business criticizing IT or US.

    As for that idiot, Russell Brand? How the hell did he even get on tv? Even MTV, as lame as they are. He looks like some kind of low-life that’s probably brain-damaged from all the pharmaceuticals. Who the hell cares what some gross looking, smelly thing like him things anyway? He’s trash.

  39. dude

    Mega Douche.

  40. Bigo

    #35 I agree with you! He needs to leave American politics alone! Maybe he should talk about how London has become a lawless jungle with foreign students getting killed every month by some pizza-faced criminals

  41. AvP

    Hahaha fuck you America, we all know hes a cunt, but that doesnt mean the rest of the UK are assholes like him. Go and fuck yourself.

    Oh and you cant even fight your retarded wars by yourself, and now you need our help to host a shitty awards show that no one gives a fuck about

  42. USA

    #24. According to Encarta, “spelt” is a word but not used the way you think

    - hardy wheat: a hardy variety of wheat of inferior quality, sometimes grown in mountainous regions.”

    So if you were referring to wheat then you are correct, if not then you are IGNORANT!

  43. Kim

    Thank you #40!!!!!

  44. Cuntychops

    You yanks stick your fucking noses in all over the world without asking. You make it our business and we’ll make it yours. If you can’t take the criticism don’t invade other countries. Arrogant fucked-up craphole country. George Bush is a retard. Your country voted him in and helped fuck the planet up so he could get his own back on the big bad man who embarrassed his daddy and steal their oil for his mates.

  45. V

    #44 youre an Idiot…..You and Rosie O need to take a Xanax break……BTW didnt the Brits dominate the world for the first part of the last century and look how you fucked up Africa….

  46. USA

    #44 Are you kidding me? The world crys for our help! Everyone wants to come to our great country and get all of the benefits without becoming a citizen! Without our help, the world would be a much more fucked up place.

    Your welcome for our continued help!

  47. Eric

    Wow #44 do I hear some resentment to the USA? Some craphole country we have here, huh. Highest GDP by far, no other country is even close. We will continue to “stick our noses in other’s business” becuase we can. The $711 billion US military budget agrees. What the rest of the world doesn’t want to admit is that they ask us for help out of one side of their mouths and bash us out the other. I don’t know what country you hail from but I am quite certain it sucks compaired to ours. Also, I live in a very wealthy state in New England, so don’t confuse me with some redneck. If we really wanted to “invade” other countries, believe me, there is no stopping us. Anyone who thinks we are overextended is dilusional. The only reason Iraq is taking so long is because of political correctness – the main weekness we have. In a full out conventional war Iraq would have lasted 3 weeks tops with under 100 US casulties.

  48. USA

    #44 Are you kidding me?!?!

    The world crys for our help!

    Everyone wants to live in our great country and get all of our benefits without becoming citizens, while still complaining.

    You’re welcome for our continued support. Without us, the world would be a much more fucked up place.

  49. havoc

    LMFAO! Hit some limey nerves here huh?

    These Nancy boys really stick up for each other!


  50. This shit pisses me off. I watched Russel Brand on Craig Ferguson last night, and I didn’t hate him NEARLY as much as when I watched the VMA’s, so it’s tough spot for me. I think he’s relatively humorous, but that he crossed a few lines on Sunday night. Sure, free speech.. But the VMA’s are about MUSIC and I don’t think that it’s any place for someone WHO’S NOT EVEN AN AMERICAN to come over and start bashing our government and the candidates in the election. The VMA’s are NOT the place for that. MTV needs to seriously get their shit together. Not only did Russel Brand SUCK on Sunday, but the production quality of this years awards was ridiculous. Nobody knew what they were doing, where they were supposed to stand, where they were supposed to go…

    I was just overall repulsed by the awards this year, and will be severely disappointed if that man is the host again. I think it’s in MTVs best interest to avoid doing that.

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