Russell Simmons: ‘Cut Chris Brown Some Slack Like Those Disney Kids Get’

March 24th, 2011 // 147 Comments

Welcome to the exact moment my white liberal guilt reaches its tipping point.

Russell Simmons has posted an open letter on Global Grind entitled, “Chris Brown: When Fame Snatches Your Freedom,” that is a four page essay on how Chris Brown is essentially a dancing Jesus who deserves a break like all those “Disney kids” get. And I’m using Disney kids in quotes because it’s code for “white people” which is a specious and intellectually bankrupt argument starting with the fact I don’t remember Britney Spears beating a smaller person’s face into a car door. Granted, her children are that age where they steal French fries, the general public has yet to witness such an act. Anyway, here are some excerpts from Russell Simmons’ missive to stop making Chris Brown suffer by forcing him to face responsibilities for his actions. He’s just trying to moonwalk his way to God and sometimes you gotta throw a few chairs through a window to make that happen. That’s in the Bible. (Jumped for length.)

On his dancing:
I know that this young man’s dancing, singing and art are his prayers. Without them, he’s left to deal with a cluttered world in a way that is far too complicated than he imagined when he was a thirteen-year-old kid with a dream of being famous. I am troubled by the people, critics and members of the media who drag Chris away from his art. His freedom is deeply rooted in his artistic expression. It is during those seconds of stillness when you’re dancing that the Christ/Buddha/Allah/Moses inside of you is awakened and comes to power.

Even more on his dancing:
And NO ONE can look deeper inside than the artist, cause you’re working on the inside because you’re lucky enough to see a piece of god in your dancing, a piece of god in your presence, through your songwriting and singing and all your artistic expression.

Something about pancakes. I have no fucking clue:
I am reminded of my brother Rev. Run’s sermon that he tells every time about his breakdown. He was sitting in the bathtub getting his hair cut while he was smoking a joint while he was eating pancakes. And hair was falling in the pancakes and ashes from the joint were falling in the pancakes and the syrup was falling in the tub and he was waiting for the phone to ring from some girl he had met on the road. And he had a brand new Rolls Royce delivered to front of the hotel he was staying in, waiting for him to drive away. Had he been writing a song during that time he’d be okay, but he wasn’t. The things were there, but people were forcing him to deal with the outside when the outside was nothing but sickness. Because the outside is noise and the inside is the spirit. So, you end up eating pancakes in the bathtub.

And now his thesis:
And, you know, Disney kids are allowed a little bit more of a break. Sometimes you have to even feel sorry for them. Not that the media didn’t continue to drive Britney Spears freakin’ crazy. Not that the media doesn’t mess with Miley Cyrus every day. Not that the media doesn’t stalk Lindsay Lohan. I’m just saying, give this man a break. I spoke to him last night for a long time and I know how good of a young man he is. He’s having the same type of struggles that all those other Disney kids have and all the other people who have instant fame. And because of that one regretful incident, no one will give him a break.

Again, for the last fucking time, that “one regretful incident” was smashing a woman’s face in, biting her in the ears and neck, fleeing the scene and then not once issuing a sincere apology about that night, but instead calling anyone “haters” who dares bring it up. Yes, let’s cut that kid a break. Let’s feel sorry for the little shit who couldn’t handle a few questions on a celebrity fellating talk show, so he ripped his shirt off and threw a chair at a window before squaring off with a producer. Clearly, this is the pop-locking Messiah destined to inspire humanity to greatness, but sadly, his darker skin has destined him to a life of facing consequences for his actions. Woe are these times of peril, for the dancing millionaire Christ child’s suffering is many.

(Director’s Commentary: In this passage, I’m more or less suggesting Russell Simmons sexually penetrate his own anus. It’s sort of a subtle message until we got to this part where I say it out loud because I sincerely want his penis to enter his butt. With gusto.)

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  1. McFeely's Speedy Delivery

    Hmmm, here’s a small part of what Charlie Sheen gets away with:

    Shooting his fiance’ Kelly Preston, pulls a knife on his 3rd wife Brooke Mueller, repeatedly
    threatens violence against his 2nd wife Denise Richards and has his PR people anonymously spread
    rumors trashing her. God knows what he did to his 1st wife Donna Peele. Oh yeah then there’s
    his 20+ year love affair with whores, drugs, and porn. No one refuses to hire him. No one shuns
    him for all of this.

    Instead he’s rewarded with his own TV show. And America eats him up with a
    spoon making his sitcom the top rated sitcom on television. That doesn’t sound like fringe
    support to me. Even after he gets fired, not for the drug use, not for the violence and threats,
    not for the various other illegal activities he’s committed, but because Charlie Sheen insulted
    his boss and hurt the boss’s feelings. And after his firing people line to buy tickets to live
    shows he’s putting on and the shows sell out in a day even though they have no idea what kind of
    performance he’ll put on (Sing? Dance? Do standup? Act in a one man show?). More “fringe”
    support I guess.

    Moving on to Lindsay Lohan, here’s just a partial list of her crimes:

    May 2008 – steals $12,000 fur coat from Masha Markova
    May 2008 – Lauren Hastings says LiLo stole clothes
    June 2009 – LiLo accused of stealing jewelry loaned to her for Elle Magazine shoot in London
    August 2009 – LiLo had jewels on loan from Beverly Hills store XIV Karats, now claims jewels were stolen from her safe
    October 2009 – LiLo steals jewelry from Ariella de Pinto’s showroom in Paris while she was there for Fashion Week
    April 2010 – LiLo a suspect in stolen Rolex watch case
    June 2010 – Boutique sues LiLo for $16K in stolen clothes

    This doesn’t count the 2 times she’s been caught wuth cocaine and gotten away with it. Once by
    claiming that the jeans she was wearing containing the coke belonged to her assistant. Another
    time the cops conveniently forgot to test the white powder they found on her until it was too
    late and the chain of custody for the evidence was broken. Add onto that assaulting a worker at
    the Betty Ford Clinic and refusing to take a drug test when asked. The list goes on and on with
    Lindsay. Anyone else especially a minority would not have been give a tenth as many chances
    before the law came down on them. And it’s no sure thing that she’ll be convicted and sent to
    jail this time for the theft of the necklace from the jewelry store. And IF she does to jail it
    will be to the LA County Jail which only makes people serve a small fraction of their sentence..
    She will be out in less than a month at most. Could be less than a day. Minorities would be sent
    to the state pen.

    As for the Disney kids, Demi Lovato star of Disney’s “Sonny with a Chance” TV show beat up one
    of her backup dancers. You know like Chris Brown beat up Rihanna. I don’t hear much criticism
    or questioning of Lovato. You can even find pictures of the backup dancer’s face after Demi
    Lovato’s beating. But those aren’t constantly reposted like the pictures of Rihanna’a face
    after Chris Brown’s beating.

    • Que

      Would you rather get beat up by Demi Lovato or Chris Brown?

      Frankly, I always wondered who was watching Charlie Sheen enough to keep his show on the air. The guy’s a joke.

      • McFeely's Speedy Delivery

        So the gist of your argument is that it’s not the physical assault in and of itself that is the wrong thing but instead it’s the size and strength differential between the person doing the assault and the person being assaulted that makes it wrong? So it’s OK for Demi Lovato to beat up her backup dancer because there isn’t much difference in size and strength between the two. But Chris Brown is a lot bigger than Rihanna so it’s not OK for him to beat her up. It’s hard to interpret what you wrote any other way. You can also logically infer from your posting that if she had attacked him he should have soaked it up without complaint bevause she couldn’t hurt as badly as he could indeed did hurt her. Funny I thought efraining from assault was about obeying the law against assault and battery and showing respect for the other person not a merely a judgment call on the size and strength differential between the two parties. Here’s a hint. Women who are indeed generally smaller and weaker than men (though not always see 6’4 model and pro volleyball player Gabrielle Reece and 5′ even Clinton Administration Labor Secretary Robert Reich) initiate assault too. See pro baseball player Chuck Finley and Tawny Kitaen.

    • Brigitta

      Yes, very good, those people did do all those things. Now explain to me what that has to do with Chris Brown commiting violent assualt? Or how it excuses it in any way?

      • McFeely's Speedy Delivery

        It’s about double standards as you well know. Holding black celebrities to a much harsher standard than white celebrities are held to. Like Chris Brown, has Demi Lovato been asked in practically every interview about the about the assault and to apologize for it? No. Will she be asked about it again and again for years and years and to apologize for it? Almost certainly not. Instead we get softball questions and expressions of sympathy and justifications and excuses. She’s a “cutter”, she was bullied, she is bi-polar, etc. The whole array of trendy excuses for criminal and bad behavior by celebrities.

        The same goes for Charlie Sheen. I don’t see a lot of interviews with him where he’s asked to explain and apologize for shooting fiance’ Kelly Preston or pulling a knife on 3rd wife Brooke Mueller. Do you see them? No you don’t because they don’t exist. If you are going to judge someone harshly for their crimes and bad behavior then judge everyone harshly. If you are going to be lenient then treat everyone with lenience . No double standard.

    • Jennyjenjen

      Dude, you’re just being a troll at this point. Let it go..

      • Burt

        “The same goes for Charlie Sheen. I don’t see a lot of interviews with him where he’s asked to explain and apologize for shooting fiance’ Kelly Preston or pulling a knife on 3rd wife Brooke Mueller.”

        That’s because people like to see celebrities fall, and the higher they fall the better it is for ratings. Charlie was at the top of the game, and he’s falling hard. They wouldn’t want to jeopardize the chances of having this ratings booster appear on their show a second time. Besides, Charlie is unpredictable. He’s got the Charlie Manson eyes.

        As for Chris Brown, I couldn’t name one of his songs with a gun put to my head. I’m guessing the bulk of his fan base are prepubescent girls. So, he’s probably not the ratings maker that Crazy Charlie, he’s certainly world famous like Charlie, and so the resentment comes out. Besides, don’t forget that Chris Brown is a just a pop singer. Let me say that again: He’s a pop singer. We all know the worst he can do when confronted by a man is take off his shirt off to show his tattoos (which were drawn out to give him the appearance of having pecs. Hilarious.)

        When it comes down to it, it’s because Charlie is a bigger star than Chris Brown will ever be. They want to keep him on their show because his fall from grace is a ratings maker. Chris Brown, on the other hand, is just a guy who’s 15 minutes of fame are up.

    • ham

      Wait, McFeely- maybe it’s the fact that Chris Brown is far more famous that Lovato. She’s at least checked herself into rehab. So naturally, more press coverage. But I won’t agree that it’s a race issue, not yet. Both CB and RH are mulatto. And obviously so- her green eyes, his fair skin.

      • Burt

        Correction: “he’s certainly NOT world famous like Charlie”

      • Burt

        Don’t know who Lovato is, but I’m guessing she isn’t in trouble for stomping on kittens, or anything else that would be comparable for a woman to do that is equally bad as for a man to beat up his woman.

  2. I just want to thank you for /not/ being one of the celebrity-fellating jack-holes out there. CB is a coward, plain and simple, and I think the second we “cut someone some slack” for abusing women we open a bad door…
    Fucking Run DMC…

  3. dezzi76


    Chris Brown is not HIP HOP dumbass. Know your genre’s before you give an opinion.

  4. Whyask

    Thaaaats right…tie yourself to a woman beating piece of filth.

    Hint: Supporting trash leaves you stinking.

  5. pukeymchurl

    Here’s what I posted at dailygrind or whatever the fark it’s called: (I wonder how long it will stay up…)

    Awesome. The victim card.

    You’re “troubled” by forces that “drag” him away from his art? Way to go, there, Russ. Nice little enabler, good little enabler. Let’s see how that theory pans out. You know, as verbose as you try to be here, there’s one word that, not surprisingly, is missing from your blatherings: Accountability.

  6. brian

    Guys, give him a break. He is just getting into character for his portrayal of Simon Phoenix in a Demolition Man reboot.

  7. wrecked 'em

    Instead of Russell Simmons pulling Chris Brown aside and trying to mentor him on how to own up to what he did to Rihanna, he goes public, excusing his behavior. How Simmons doesn’t see that Chris Brown STILL hasn’t owned up to it, evidenced by the anger he still harbors over the subject, is laughable. Simmons needs to point this out to Beat Down Brown, so he can accept responsibility and learn better coping skills when he feels upset about something. So he’s able to express it, without the compulsion to give his girlfriend an up close, personal and painfully repeated look at the dashboard GPS of a high performance sports car. Beat Down Brown still thinks that it was Rihanna’s fault for provoking him, that’s obvious. Oh, no, wait, it was the abusive relationship he saw at home when he was a kid that’s to blame. Oh, no, wait, it’s the media’s fault for bringing it up and NOT LETTING him move beyond it. Beat Down Brown, what a knob!

  8. Infowarrior

    hey superficial bloger dude, youre a douche, youre acting like Chris Brown raped and beat your daughter, wife and grandma all at once or some shit. fuck off, live and let live. if you dont want to support his career, then dont fuckin buy his next album. its that simple, just shut the fuck up about it already. and no im not a Chris Brown fan, i could give two shits about Chris brown. i just think back to a time where you werent a whiney f-g like Perez Hilton, and did a lot more posts about celeb T&A. but i guess your sites success has gone to your head and you think people actually give a shit about your opinion of Chris Brown, Tila, Britney, Megan Fox, and all the others you badmouth because youre mad you cant be them or in them *church*

  9. the one

    how low can you go?

  10. the one

    how low can you go?


  11. Chris Brown Russell Simmons
    adolf hitler
    Commented on this photo:

    forgivin all my enemies
    fans are my everythang

  12. Yeah OK Russell, we (as in society) don’t go after the Disney kids?


    Britney Spears spending around 6 of the last 10 years feeding open (and blind) items into the gossipshit trough didn’t happen..

    Same thing with roasting Christina Aguilera.

    I think Fergie has received some flack too, but she seems pretty pedestrian and normal…

    Timberlake got shit years ago too.

    Yeah we’re really letting people off the hook here due to background, color, whatever.. give me a fucking break.

    Way to make us brown folk look bad. And to think, I was all about Run DMC back in the day.

  13. jamiejames

    alright, simmons, i’ll play your game. “artists” are more or less forced into crime, and that’s okay. so when did chris brown become an “artist”? was it that song he sang on the juicy fruit commercial? was that the one where God showed Himself through Chris’s singing and dancing? Because, personally, that’s what I think of every time I take communion.

  14. R-Man Angry

    Here is my essay:

    Chris Brown should have his teeth kicked in in public so we can forget about him and this whole deal.

    Seriously – violence is never an answer but the dude is a petulant child – I wish he broke that window and fell out if it and on the way down was uppercutted by a 19 year old Mike Tyson – shoryuken style

  15. Aurealous

    That guy’s (Russell Simmons) a god damn idiot. Chris Brown is a fucking psycho, who should ever, just once run into someone his own size and gender. (And I’m black!)

  16. SuperT

    Huh, I had no idea that deep inside every “artist” is the hall of Super Best Friends.

  17. T-Bag

    Man, this guy is a degenerate loser! I got asked a question that I didn’t want to answer and I break freaking window and scream at the producer. Man, what a douchebag. Seriously, Hey, you wanna break some windows (and women’s jaws) with me!!

  18. Kiko

    You all missed the point.
    CB must be forgiven and the past forgotten because he’s black and everyone knows that black kids have it rough.
    Oh yeah, and he can’t be held accountable to the white mans laws because of a little thing called slavery. So ignore the thing I said above about forgetting the past, but only when it has something to do with what black folk have done. White people must remember. Black folk get a pass. It’s in the bible.

  19. CC

    This is why people get so annoyed when race is brought up by black people, because you have idiots like Russell Simmons playing the ‘race card’ when this has absolutely nothing to do with race. You don’t beat people, period, nor do you beat your spouse/partner/children/fill in the blank, period. Case closed, no other fucking criteria goes into that. He beat the living shit out of that girl, and to be honest I’m disappointed she didn’t nail him to the fucking wall for it like she should have. He’s an asshole and deserves to be berated by the media because he can’t even have enough decency to apologize profusely at least until people don’t care anymore. Instead, he’s answer to being asked (for obvious reasons) about it is to cause HIMSELF more negative publicity by acting like a fucking idiot (thus reminding everyone of the low-life thing he did to Rihanna). Moreover, any man who supports a guy doing that to someone is himself a fucking scumbag, so thanks for showing us what you’re made of Russell.

  20. I Hate Russel Simmons Now


  21. wittyusername

    Did I turn into a white liberal recently? Because I also think Chris Brown is a violent arrogant idiot. No, just looked in the mirror and I am still a black woman. And yet, I feel no racially pre-programmed compulsion to defend Chris Brown. Hmmm-I must be broken.

    As for Simmons’ comment, the issue has NOTHING to do with whether or not “Disney kids” is some sort of code for “white people.” (Have you seen any of these kids? They’re actually a pretty multi-ethnic group, which their intended demographic thankfully cares much less about race than the adults who write about them. Maybe there’s hope for the next generation.)

    While the Disney contract must have a hidden cocaine and nudity clause written into it somewhere, at the end of the day those “kids” hurt themselves more than anyone else. Sad but true. Meanwhile C.B., whose violence has hurt at least one other human being has never issued what could be considered an apology, yet not only does he want forgiveness, he wants to play the victim as well. Sorry. No song-and-dance number is going to erase the images of Rihanna’s swollen face from my mind.

    A note to the author: Since you and Russell Simmons share hobbies (race-baiting) why don’t you sexually penetrate each other- without lube?

  22. Yamela Patties

    Frankly, I’m more impressed to learn that liberals’ white guilt actually has a tipping point.

  23. Chris Brown Russell Simmons
    Commented on this photo:

    Chris Brown, douchebag extraordinaire.

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