Russell Simmons: ‘Cut Chris Brown Some Slack Like Those Disney Kids Get’

March 24th, 2011 // 147 Comments

Welcome to the exact moment my white liberal guilt reaches its tipping point.

Russell Simmons has posted an open letter on Global Grind entitled, “Chris Brown: When Fame Snatches Your Freedom,” that is a four page essay on how Chris Brown is essentially a dancing Jesus who deserves a break like all those “Disney kids” get. And I’m using Disney kids in quotes because it’s code for “white people” which is a specious and intellectually bankrupt argument starting with the fact I don’t remember Britney Spears beating a smaller person’s face into a car door. Granted, her children are that age where they steal French fries, the general public has yet to witness such an act. Anyway, here are some excerpts from Russell Simmons’ missive to stop making Chris Brown suffer by forcing him to face responsibilities for his actions. He’s just trying to moonwalk his way to God and sometimes you gotta throw a few chairs through a window to make that happen. That’s in the Bible. (Jumped for length.)

On his dancing:
I know that this young man’s dancing, singing and art are his prayers. Without them, he’s left to deal with a cluttered world in a way that is far too complicated than he imagined when he was a thirteen-year-old kid with a dream of being famous. I am troubled by the people, critics and members of the media who drag Chris away from his art. His freedom is deeply rooted in his artistic expression. It is during those seconds of stillness when you’re dancing that the Christ/Buddha/Allah/Moses inside of you is awakened and comes to power.

Even more on his dancing:
And NO ONE can look deeper inside than the artist, cause you’re working on the inside because you’re lucky enough to see a piece of god in your dancing, a piece of god in your presence, through your songwriting and singing and all your artistic expression.

Something about pancakes. I have no fucking clue:
I am reminded of my brother Rev. Run’s sermon that he tells every time about his breakdown. He was sitting in the bathtub getting his hair cut while he was smoking a joint while he was eating pancakes. And hair was falling in the pancakes and ashes from the joint were falling in the pancakes and the syrup was falling in the tub and he was waiting for the phone to ring from some girl he had met on the road. And he had a brand new Rolls Royce delivered to front of the hotel he was staying in, waiting for him to drive away. Had he been writing a song during that time he’d be okay, but he wasn’t. The things were there, but people were forcing him to deal with the outside when the outside was nothing but sickness. Because the outside is noise and the inside is the spirit. So, you end up eating pancakes in the bathtub.

And now his thesis:
And, you know, Disney kids are allowed a little bit more of a break. Sometimes you have to even feel sorry for them. Not that the media didn’t continue to drive Britney Spears freakin’ crazy. Not that the media doesn’t mess with Miley Cyrus every day. Not that the media doesn’t stalk Lindsay Lohan. I’m just saying, give this man a break. I spoke to him last night for a long time and I know how good of a young man he is. He’s having the same type of struggles that all those other Disney kids have and all the other people who have instant fame. And because of that one regretful incident, no one will give him a break.

Again, for the last fucking time, that “one regretful incident” was smashing a woman’s face in, biting her in the ears and neck, fleeing the scene and then not once issuing a sincere apology about that night, but instead calling anyone “haters” who dares bring it up. Yes, let’s cut that kid a break. Let’s feel sorry for the little shit who couldn’t handle a few questions on a celebrity fellating talk show, so he ripped his shirt off and threw a chair at a window before squaring off with a producer. Clearly, this is the pop-locking Messiah destined to inspire humanity to greatness, but sadly, his darker skin has destined him to a life of facing consequences for his actions. Woe are these times of peril, for the dancing millionaire Christ child’s suffering is many.

(Director’s Commentary: In this passage, I’m more or less suggesting Russell Simmons sexually penetrate his own anus. It’s sort of a subtle message until we got to this part where I say it out loud because I sincerely want his penis to enter his butt. With gusto.)

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  1. RoboZombie

    The god-damned idiots are taking over the world!
    And doesn’t Russell have his own anger issues? Two douches in a pod.

    • Was Russell a little bit high during this rant? It doesn’t come off as entirely coherent, pancake part especially.

      By making this about race, Russell is basically saying bashing a chicks face in is just something black people do and we shouldn’t judge them for it. That IS the only criticism Chris is getting after all.

      And as i’ve said before…since nobody ever heard of Chris Brown before he tenderized Rihanna’s face, he should be thankful for it.

  2. Any Guy

    me and the UPS guy were just talking about how glad we are that we’re not rich and famous. WHEW.

  3. RoboZombie

    And by the way, is anyone really surprised these “non-Disney” people can excuse this behavior? After all, isn’t Hip Hop just an outlet for misogynistic hatred and the glorification of pimps?
    Hint: Yes, yes it is.

  4. its me fuckers

    I’ll wait to worship him until after the fucker is dead like Michael Jackson. Everyone hated MJ while he was alive. He was nothing but a child molesting freak of nature… until he died and then he became a saint ffs. Oh, wait. I still hate MJ because the only good child molester (or woman beater) is a dead one.

    • To be fair, Michael was never proven to be anything other than someone who pays money to people who accuse him of molesting them. The fact that he couldn’t see how THAT would turn out makes him an idiot.

      • Douchey McDouchenozzle

        You’re kidding right? The deposition transcripts of at least one of the boys he molested were and probably still are published on the internet. Saying ‘he was never proven’ to be a child molester is even more ludicrous than saying OJ was never proven to have murdered anybody – real actual people (his victims) actually saw Michael Jackson molesting young boys, at least for OJ, nobody (still living) ever saw him murder anybody.

      • Mandi


        Uhhhh OJ WASN’T proven to have murdered anybody. Yeah we all know he did it, but he was never convicted. Same with Michael. It’s not “ludicrous” to say he isn’t a child molester. It’s what the law says… and also a dictionary.

        Also, “real actual people” sometimes lie. And sometimes for lots of money. I’m not saying they did, but it’s possible.

    • Hickok

      Mandi –

      He isn’t a “convicted” child molester. It’s common knowledge he was an child molester. Two different things, both fucked up as hell.

      • chainsawbuzzkill

        Mandi, OJ was found liable in a civil trial. (AKA found responsible for the deaths.) So criminally he wasn’t proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, but he was ordered to pay damages for their deaths in the civil trial.

      • Mandi

        Yes I know. I don’t live under a rock. I was just responding to Douchey’s claim that both men are guilty basically because people said so. Yes I believe both men committed the crimes they were accused of. But TECHNICALLY we’ll never really be sure and they weren’t convicted. Douchey used the word “proven” twice and he’s wrong. All I’m saying is it’s not “ludicrous” to say MJ wasn’t a child molester. No one really knows unless you spent some quality time at Neverland Ranch.

      • MDIZ

        Mandi…. Would you let your kids/Nieces/Nephews sleep over at Neverland….. No….CASE CLOSED!

      • jamiejames

        word. the law isn’t morality or common sense by a long shot. so, if you’re going to base your opinion of whether something actually happened or not on “the law”, then i urge you to stop believing anything you’ve seen until at least one other person can confirm it to you.

      • Mandi

        None of you can read. Seriously. MY POINT WAS: you cannot use the word “proven” and then back it up with hearsay. Good grief you guys. I stated in very plain English that I believe MJ was probably a child molester, so no… I would not let small children stay there if I had a choice. And jamie- I have never personally seen him abuse a child. Have you? Doubt it…. which is why I said that it’s probable but not CERTAIN. Douchey’s original point was basically that the two men were guilty because they were accused. Again, for those of you who skipped school during reading comprehension, I BELIEVE BOTH MEN ARE GUILTY in my gut, but would never offer it as proof of their guilt. Yeesh.

  5. apryl

    This fuck is the gayest of all. He beat her just for street cred…not enough to just have a beard – gotta smack her around

    • Squishy

      She was a confident woman calling him on his S*** and he is so insecure that he needs to reinforce his control…hence the commencing of smashing faces and windows! BAHAHAHA What a pussy shit!!!

  6. Bringbackbabalu

    All i can say is after reading this, do my 2 huge rants about Paris sound so bad? Russel Simmons acts like he did nothing wrong. Oh, beating your spouse is ok in the hood I guess. Russel Simmons probably saw it when he was young, and does it to his wife when she gets out of line he slaps her around a bit. Typical, Chris Brown is not a wife beating piece of shit that deserves to be shot.But in the mind of Russel Simmons we crackers hate the guy not because of that, but because he is black. Fight the good fight! End of post

  7. McMama

    i love you.

  8. Richard McBeef

    My old apt neighbors had a huge banner hung up on the living room wall that said “BUKKAKE”. It was printed with the same font as Brown’s sweatshirt.

  9. Eric

    Love the blond hair. Way to be proud of your race, poser.

  10. What an amazing crock of shit! Russel Simmons is a “shark” of some kind… not sure which… but SOME kind of “shark” of a derogatory nature…

  11. The Critical Crassness

    More racist drivel in defense of a morally bankrupt individual. What I find truly interesting about his comment regarding “Disney kids” is the fact that they are an ethnically diverse group with members from various races and even mixed ethnicity. As for his shit about artists working on the inside…pure crap!
    The major problem with Russel’s statement is the fact that he feels Chris Brown should have gotten a “free pass” for his recent outburst and apparently for all of his actions because his art is his escape from a complex life. WTF? It is now alright to beat someone to a pulp or throw a chair through a window and destroy property because you are an “artist”? BULLSHIT and HEAPING PILES OF IT!

    • apryl

      well put!

    • MDIZ

      It’s wrong to say anything (No matter how glaringly truthful) about Black people, Arabs, Hindus, Natives, Italians, Greeks, Germans, >>. The race card is the weakest one in the deck and is the only card played by the truly racist. Russell, go back to making shitty clothes that only ghetto kids will rob stores for. Peace out.

  12. I agree, we need to give Chris Brown a break like the Disney kids get:

    Lindsay is queued up to go to prison any day now, Brittney isn’t allowed to touch her own checkbook last I heard, Miley is generally being called a drunken whore by her own father, the Jonas Brothers are all assumed to be gay, and annette funicello is fucking dead for all I know.

    Take your pick Chris, which one works for you? I vote the last one.

    (yes, I know she’s not dead…just really old)

    • Rancid

      Funicello famously hates homos, which brings us back around to Brown…

    • LJ

      That was the best “HUH???” section of the Simmons tome:

      “Let’s give CB a break like the Disney kids get (Yeah I know they don’t get a break, and I’ll even spell it out how they don’t get a break.)”, but give this kid a break.

    • McFeely's Speedy Delivery

      Hmmm, here’s a small part of what Charlie Sheen gets away with:

      Shooting his fiance’ Kelly Preston, pulls a knife on his 3rd wife Brooke Mueller, repeatedly threatens violence against his 2nd wife Denise Richards and has his PR people anonymously spread rumors trashing her. God knows what he did to his 1st wife Donna Peele. Oh yeah then there’s 20+ year love affair with whores, drugs, and porn. No one refuses to hire him. No one shuns him for all of this. Instead he’s rewarded with his own TV show. And America eats him up with a spoon making his sitcom the top rated sitcom on television. That doesn’t sound like fringe support to me. Even after he gets fired, not for the drug use, not for the violence and threats, not for the various other illegal activities he’s committed, but because Charlie Sheen insulted his boss and hurt the boss’s feelings. And after his firing people line to buy tickets to live shows he’s putting on and the shows sell out in a day even though they have no idea what kind of performance he’ll put on (Sing? Dance? Do standup? Act in a one man show?). More “fringe” support I guess.

      Moving on to Lindsay Lohan, here’s just a partial list of her crimes:

      May 2008 – steals $12,000 fur coat from Masha Markova
      May 2008 – Lauren Hastings says LiLo stole clothes
      June 2009 – LiLo accused of stealing jewelry loaned to her for Elle Magazine shoot in London
      August 2009 – LiLo had jewels on loan from Beverly Hills store XIV Karats, now claims jewels were stolen from her safe
      October 2009 – LiLo steals jewelry from Ariella de Pinto’s showroom in Paris while she was there for Fashion Week
      April 2010 – LiLo a suspect in stolen Rolex watch case
      June 2010 – Boutique sues LiLo for $16K in stolen clothes

      This doesn’t count the 2 times she’s been caught wuth cocaine and gotten away with it. Once by claiming that the jeans she was wearing containing the coke belonged to her assistant. Another time the cops conveniently forgot to test the white powder they found on her until it was too late and the chain of custody for the evidence was broken.
      Add onto that assaulting a worker at the Betty Ford Clinic and refusing to take a drug test when asked. The list goes on and on with Lindsay. Anyone else especially a minority would not have been give a tenth as many chances before the law came down on them. And it’s no sure thing that she’ll be convicted and sent to jail this time for the theft of the necklace from the jewelry store. And IF she does to jail it will be to the LA County Jail which only makes people serve a small fraction of their sentence.. She will be out in less than a month at most. Could be less than a day. Minorities would be sent to the state pen.

      As for the Disney kids, Demi Lovato star of Disney’s “Sonny with a Chance” TV show beat up one of her backup dancers. You know like Chris Brown beat up Rihanna. I don’t hear much criticism or questioning of Lovato. You can even find pictures of the backup dancer’s face after Demi Lovato’s beating. But those aren’t constantly reposted like the pictures of Rihanna’a face after Chris Brown’s beating.

      • KC

        Wow, you’re a genius, you’ve discovered more than one celebrity is a violent asshole and/or constantly breaks the law!! Full scholarship to Harvard for you!!

        Charlie Sheen, or Lindsay Lohan’s actions do not excuse what Chris Brown did to Rihanna. It doesn’t excuse recklessly breaking a window above a busy street. It doesn’t excuse being an unrepentant peice of shit. Not at all. Not even a little.

      • Mandi

        KC, he wasn’t saying it should excuse Chris Brown… I think he was just pointing out a double standard.

      • It’s not much of a double standard…Lindsay is going to prison, and Charlie Sheen is unemployed.

        Chris just made the mistake of jumping directly to the TOP of douchebaggery without passing the middle levels first.

        I don’t even want to get into why someone thinks Charlie Sheen is a disney kid.

      • McFeely's Speedy Delivery

        I’m combining replies to several posts in this thread:

        It is a very big double standard when Lindsay Lohan has to commit a long list of crimes in order to get sent to jail and destroy her career. Committing any one of her crimes would get a minority kid sent to jail pronto and gets Chris Brown’s career destroyed. Its equivalent to one guy getting sent to jail for 20 years for stealing a purse and another getting sent to jail for 20 years only after committing a string of armed bank robberies. The same thing goes for Charlie Sheen. He’s had to engage in much more extreme behavior and much bigger criminal acts to begin to get into any trouble.

        He may be unemployed for now but look at all he had to do to get that way. Look at all the things he did that were overlooked or excused. Given his very well known crimes and bad acts why did he have any career left in the 1st place? Why was he hired to be the lead in a TV show ? Why wasn’t he shunned? Why wasn’t he only employable doing dinner theater in some place like Kalamazoo, Michigan? And people are already offering him employment. See how his show sold out in only a day or so. Chris Brown can’t get arrested career wise.

        And I never said Charlie Sheen was a Disney kid. I was replying to someone else’s statement that Disney kids don’t assault anyone and to your statement that “I agree, we need to give Chris Brown a break like the Disney kids get.” And I pointed out that indeed Disney kids do assault people and commit other crimes and engage in bad behavior and do get a break . I gave the example of Demi Lovato and her assault on her backup dancer.. She’s gotten a free pass on it basically. Her career is intact.

        Anyway it’s clear that you are being willfully obtuse because you can’t come up with a defensible excuse for the double standard other than race which isn’t publically acceptable anymore. So I’ll discontinue participation in this segment of the thread. You win.

        As I said in a posting in another part of this thread plenty of rock stars and bands have destroyed other people’s property, trashed hotel rooms (Led Zeppelin, Keith Moon, Brian Jones, Jim Morrison and countless others) and thrown things out of windows without much regard for who or what was below them. They are considered cool and admired and the bad behavior is considered an essential part of their image

      • Disworld isbots

        Dear McFeeley’s Speedy Delivery –
        Um, where’s the freaking double standard? CB didn’t go to jail (even if he should have)… shit, he didn’t even barely apologize (not sincerely anyway). I mean, he didn’t suffer any real consequences. All of this whining by CB and Simmons is because people are TALKING about what a douche he is?!?!!! People aren’t ‘giving him a break’ because their opinion of him was forever changed when he beat his girlfriend?!?! It’s not ok for people to decide not to buy his record because they know he beat a woman? Ya. right. C’mon. Use your brain here. Simmons’ whole commentary is just stupid. People stop going to movies and buying cd’s or watching tv shows of celebrities that they don’t like every day. When celebrities say something or do something in their personal or professional lives that members of the public don’t like, there might be a backlash. People might stop buying/watching. This is not a newsflash. (and by the way, there are PLENTY of people who are not watching Sheen or buying his tickets, etc.)

        And if by ‘double standard’ you mean no actual rhyme or reason to which celebrities’ careers will be able to withstand/succeed despite criminal acts, then ya, I guess there’s a double standard. Mel Gibson is white and he’s certainly had the ‘hammer’ come down on his career for his recent douche-antics against his baby momma. The media is still stalking him and even though he’s had a new movie come out recently, I don’t think he even made it to the premiere (presumably out of fear from the obvious questions,etc. from the media/public)… A large majority of people have said that they won’t go see any of his movies and a good number of the people in Hollywood have publicly said they won’t work with him… etc. So even if there ARE other celebs that people excuse from criminal acts (I’m thinking, Roman Polanski), it’s certainly not cut-and-dry and because it’s based on public opinion, is somewhat arbitrary.

        I think you’re missing the real issue. Most people don’t like men who beat women. one time is usually enough. And if people don’t like CB anymore because he beat his girlfriend (not because he’s black), it should be ok… and you can’t say that it’s a double standard by comparing it to other people who: 1. haven’t beat their girlfriend (Britney Spears, Lohan); 2. like CB, haven’t gone to jail if they did (aka Charlie Sheen); and 3. while may have ‘assaulted’ another individual under completely different circumstances and did not have a romantic relationship with the person they allegegly assaulted, also like CB, haven’t gone to jail (aka Lovato). And I can’t even begin to name the countless black professional athletes who have committed VERY egregious, violent crimes who avoided jail time and received no professional censure. (with the exception of some very notable cases, i.e., Michael Vick….)
        That is not a double standard – it’s just a part of living your life in the public eye open to scrutiny.

  13. Dan

    I like the part about sitting in the bathtub eating pancakes while smoking a joint and getting your haircut.

    That actually sounds like it would be relaxing.

  14. misterfister

    Russell supports Chris Brown because what Chris Brown did to Rihanna is what he wished he could’ve done to the tranny Kimora.

  15. Ok, let’s compare him to a Disney equivelant. Both he and Justin Timberlake started performing young. They both make their living singing and dancing. They both make music I don’t particularly care for. Yet, by all accounts, Timberlake seems like a likable adult and Brown is an Ass-Clown. If Timberlake starts beating/biting women then I won’t cut Chris Brown any slack, I will think Timberlake is an ass. It’s called forming opinions based on observation, and now my powers of observation are revealing Russel Simmons is an idiot. See how that works?

  16. Nicotine

    I really hate that this issue is becoming more about race and less about spousal abuse. it’s almost as if someone had the good idea to think, “Hey, if we turn this around and make it a racial issue, we can make Chris Brown look good in the process. After all, it worked for OJ!”

    Well, as a black male, I would never hit a woman and I despise the people who do. My mother was physically abused by my father, and my brother physically abuses his girlfriend as well. I no longer speak to either of them. I think it’s low for any man to hit any woman, except in cases where his life may be in jeopardy.

    Chris Brown is a punk! Chris Brown is woman-beater and a criminal. I don’t know what Russell Simmons is talking about because Chris Brown did get off ‘like those “Disney kids” do.’ Were I to beat a woman like he did to Rihanna, I would still be in prison right now. He got special treatment because he’s a celebrity. That’s the real crime here.

    And OJ did it!!!

    • apryl

      You rock.

    • Mira

      You are awesome.

    • Squishy

      I love your personal opinion and can relate to your history. Great comment!

    • A bunch of racists and self haters...

      Okay, so after reading through these threads I’ll say:
      1- Nicotine… I bet your girlfriend/wife is white… Really??? Do you need a high five from the racist pricks responding here by noting OJ’s guilt. Trust the fact they didn’t need your confirmation and your status as a good black is secure…
      2- Most of these responses are racist, but, most of the posters don’t even recognize it. They think they’re being cute, cheeky and funny… Come on, you didn’t know who CB was before Chrihanna gate?
      3- Chris Brown is an idot asshole woman beater, who is having this thing held over his head because he’s a black kid. Russell Simmons is an idot asshole womanizer who should stop using veiled references for racist talk about white kids.

      • Nicotine

        1) As of this moment, I am single. But, since I’m not a racist, I’ve had girlfriends who were white, latina and black. The ‘OJ did it!!!’ line wasn’t to be ‘a good black’ as you call it, it was to add levity after a serious comment. I’m sure you’ve heard people say “open with a joke”, well I closed with one. (But I do really believe OJ did it. You’d have to be a fool to think otherwise.)

        2) I don’t think most responses are racists at all. I think people don’t people who beat up other people. It’s the most basic instinct of all. No one likes a bully. Especially bullies who pick on and beat on people who are smaller or less physically dominant than them. And plenty of people knew who Chris Brown was before this happened. Just because he sings R&B, doesn’t mean he only appealed to black people. Music isn’t racist.

        3) This isn’t being held over Chris Brown because he’s a black kid. Its being held over him because he did it. I was a 20 year old black kid a couple years back and no one held assault & battery over my head… because I didn’t commit assault & battery. Chris Brown did. Russell Simmons is just an idiot who wanted to be in the spotlight again, so he talked about something that was in the news and made sure it was ‘shocking’ enough for someone to post. (No offense, Fish.)

        However, after reading your response to my post, I’m starting to think the biggest racist is you. I MUST have a white wife/girlfriend to be a logical thinker? I’m a GOOD BLACK because I think OJ is guilty of murder? Only black people knew who Chris Brown was before the assault? And Chris Brown is being treated unfairly because he’s black?

        No. I hate to break it to you, but all black people aren’t of a hive mind. We don’t all have to think the same way. I choose to think for myself and be my own person and not buy into the black agenda. That means I think that Chris Brown is an asshole for beating on Rihanna like that. I’m allowed to think that without feeling the black guilt.

    • KC

      THANK YOU!!! If regular people like us commit these kinds of crimes we go to jail and then can’t get a job when we get out!! Michael Vick, Charlie Sheen, Chris Brown, all make millions, whereas we’d be lucky to get hired at McDonalds if we had their criminal records.

    • GamerDarling

      Way to call out that bunches guy. Go you.

  17. Jill

    I bet he was telling Russell Simmons what to write while on the phone in this picture. I now hate them both.

  18. Beatnik

    Sigh. I agree with McFeely Smackup (but I hate him for making me type that). Which “Disney kid” is getting a break here?? They are so maligned and exploited that the dictionary definition of “Disney” might as well be “organization which creates child celebrities who will then be arrested, given drugs, have nude photos taken and then smeared all over the internet, while everyone calls them gay, slutty or bad mothers.” And YET, none of them has beaten the shit out of his girlfriend. So really, Chris Brown, your role models here should be Bobby Brown and Mel Gibson. Maybe *maybe* Sean Penn. But for that you’d probably have to have a lot more talent and a lot less tantruming (not *no* tantruming, just less).

  19. norma

    LMFAO wow, what a moron.

  20. Megan

    how do I go about getting pancakes served to me in the bathtub?

    • Blueberry Topping

      When you find out let me know! I love blueberry pancakes AND I love the fucking bathtub. I could do without the falling hair and ashes….fucked up an otherwise splendid vision

  21. Deacon Jones

    You know, I’ve had a couple “bottom of the barrel” moments….

    Getting a DUI, getting my foot run over by a car while I’m so high I didnt feel it, passing out shirtless with alcohol poisoning on my dorm steps and getting arrested, breaking into an abandoned sorority house to sleep on a rat infested couch and then puking on myself….

    But shit. Getting ashes IN YO PANCAKES?! WHAT’S A BROTHA TA DO???

    • Shart

      If you have never pissed in the closet thinking you were in the bathroom then I don’t want to hear about your “hard livin’ ways”.

    • jenyjenjen

      That’s true Deacon, what Simmons described was pretty much the way I assumed all rappers took a bath- having someone attending to them while smoking weed and eating pancakes, waiting on a booty call while a car you can’t afford is being delivered. Isn’t that how everyone sees that scene playing out?

  22. vanessa

    Motherfucking slow claps. Times a million. You’ve outdone yourself with this one. Congratulations.

  23. Lisa

    I used to really respect Russell Simmons, but now he sounds like just another uneducated moron unable to make a logical argument. Disappointing.

    Comparing this silly twit to Jesus and Buddha, really? Wow.

    The interview was a long way from the depths of journalistic baiting. She asked him about the restraining order and have they talked. His response said it all (it’s all about me), the moron can’t even fathom that no, it’s really about Rihanna and whether she ever wants to talk to your sorry ass again. The last bit wasn’t even a direct question she was just sort of tying his experiences in with his new music, meaning where are you at right now. You could see she got that he wanted to move on so she began to segue. And there was a context to the interview which was their prior conversation; she obviously saw it as a continuation.

    Most real “artists” use their experiences to inform their “art.” I haven’t listened to his music to see if there’s any actual art there, but perhaps she mistook him for an actual artist and overestimated his intellect that what he’s experienced/done might contribute to his music. The guy’s obviously an utter moron.

    ABC should be ashamed not pursuing it with the police, he could have really hurt or even killed someone on the street. You don’t “give someone a break” for that. It’s inexcusable. And inviting him back like a bunch of sycophants. Pathetic. Next time he blows, they’re the enablers.

  24. Haddo01

    Fuck Chris Brown and his Rodman hairstyle.

    • Jovy

      You hit the nail on the head, I couldnt figure out who he reminded me of until your post. Now all he needs are a billion facial piercings.

  25. Fartblossum

    Chris Brown is a dog turd.

  26. ShaggyandScoob

    WOW…not one comment in agreement with Russell huh? Well, let me be the first. Okay Okay…CB hit a “defenseless” female. He’s apologized a million times. Everyone should just get over it, and stop addressing the Rhianna incident. Hell, she’s even gotten over it. Some of you are the same people cheering on Charlie Sheen and his love for porn stars and powdery white stuff. I don’t see anyone talking about the damage that’s being done to his kids. LISTEN…I’m not condoning what CB did, but he’s human, and humans tend to make mistakes. Fortunately for most of you, you don’t have to apologize EVERY DAMN DAY on national television to put it behind you. Because seriously, by the look of some of the comments on this site when there’s a boob flashed, I kind of get the feeling that there are a few REGISTERED sex offenders on here.

    • You know, you’re right, most of us don’t have to apologize for their mistakes every day on national TV. That’s because most of us aren’t persuing careers as celebrities. Chris Brown is the one choosing to try and live in the public eye, and part and parcel of that is being subjected to the court of public opinion. And, once again, the majority of people I’ve heard making serious comments about Sheen have been overwhelmingly negative, so I don’t see the difference between the fringe that supports Sheen and the fringe that supports Brown.

      If he wants people to get past the fact that he beat the shit out of his girlfriend,steer are a few simple things that would work:

      1) Drop out of the spotlight and live a normal life.
      2) Own up to his mistakes honestly and stop playing like he’s the victim of some vast media conspiracy.
      3) Put up with people bringing up the incident and stop throwing tantrums like a little bitch. Eventually, if he refrains from acting like a douche-tard, the incident will fade.

      • “here are a few” …fucking autocorrect

      • Qaroliine

        INdeed, you wanna live in the public eye? Want 2346345786000000 zillions of dollars? TEH PRICE YOU PAY IS BEING CRITIQUED´. So yeah, celebrities fuking up needs no slack being cut, ya know? They’ve chosen to be in the public eye. Therefore, it is reasonable that they behave.

    • Really?

      A mistake? Since when is a prosecuted crime a mistake? You really don’t understand what he did if you have the audacity to call beating the shit out of someone a “mistake”.
      Chris Brown “apologized” and passed an anger management course, which I’m sure the window will say obviously didn’t work. Brown never took responsibility for the act, never. His apologies never addressed the heinousness of his act or the fact that he was able to skate on jail time because of his fame.

      It is hilarious that you put defenseless in quotes, a woman in a seatbelt in a moving car is pretty much the definition of defenseless. Call it a “mistake” or “incident” all you want, your ignorance is shining through.

      • Jojo

        Not so much “ignorance”, I’m guessing, as “seeing-himself-in-Chris’-eyes” empathy. Beat women much, shaggy?

    • LJ

      If CB wanted the topic “off the table” he should have not approved the line of questioning when GMA ran it by him before the show.

      The topics discussed during the interview were PRE-APPROVED by CB.

      • me

        I don’t buy that from GMA. They probably said they would ask him a few things and he knew he could counter all the questions with “that’s the past let’s talk about the album”, but that woman interviewer would not let go of it and wasn’t going to until he talked about it. I was getting sick of her grilling him and I can’t stand the guy! Was she trying for the pulitzer prize? I get sick of these interviewers grilling celebs so they can get ratings and be known as “hard hitters”. They’re getting out of hand. I can see why he got upset, but dude needs to control his anger. He just dug the hole deeper by going batshit crazy. I don’t know about this guy, but since I’m not giving him my money, who gives a fuck.

      • LJ

        @me – I do buy it ’cause all he had to say on the pre-interview is “that’s the past and I just want to talk about the album”, and then said “but hey, let’s set up a 20/20 interview with Robin so I can sit down and talk about how things have changed for me over the past year”.

    • apryl

      Hey Shaggy, I think you have one of CB’s pubes stuck between your teeth!

    • Jojo

      Misspelling Rhianna’s name would be a mistake. Getting drunk and forgetting to call when he said he would is a mistake. Putting his shoes on the wrong feet = mistake.

      Beating the living shit out of someone smaller than you because they caught you cheating on them? How is that a mistake? I’m not following.

      • Mandi

        1. an error in action, calculation, opinion, or judgment caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, insufficient knowledge, etc.

        I’d say he was pretty careless.

    • Disworld isbots

      Just an FYI…
      1. Unlike Simmons, Jamie Foxx has commented publicly that in his opinion, CB needs to understand that it’s an issue that will continue to come up from time to time and that CB should be more gracious in responding to it. As Foxx so eloquently stated, if you recognize that you made a mistake, your response to questions about it should simply reiterate that it was a mistake and I’m in a different place now. Recognizing that CB’s assault on his girlfriend was a bad thing, CB should simply ‘own’ that he did it and DEMONSTRATE by his actions that he is not in the same place. But he can’t show that because he is still the same man. That is what CB’s actions and behaviors demonstrate.
      2. It is NOT unreasonable or racist or excessive for people to keep discussing the assault incident with CB for one simple reason. In their personal lives, many people (if not most) would forever feel differently about a man who they know beat up his girlfriend. Period. He might not be invited to their house anymore or around their kids. Maybe they avoid him altogether, etc. In other words, it would take ALOT for me to overlook that guy’s “mistake” before I chose to associate with him… and I do mean ALOT. I wouldn’t be cutting him a break – so I’m certainly not going to cut some celebrity a**hole who isn’t even really sorry for his “mistake” a break. no way.

  27. Alex

    So without having to read a single word of Russ’s assessment, can I safely summarize it with, “It’ ’cause he’s black.” That card NEVER gets old.

  28. omelette

    ‘fish, you’re the greatest. never stop until this animal is in a cage.

  29. Snickers

    Fish, you’re so awesome I typed Fuck instead of Fish. Whoops. Glad I caught that.

    Can this talentless cretin just GO AWAY? Either act like a human being or get back in the cage with the rest of the animals. But as long as people keep making excuses for him he’ll be around forever, playing the “victim” and whining how he’s “not violent” but then promptly showing just how not violent he is when he goes batshit crazy on a set.

  30. josh

    “not once issuing a sincere apology about that night”

    Since when did he owe you an apology? He never hit you.

  31. ignoramus

    Chris Brown was just having a bad day when he sunk his teeth into Rhianna’s face and pounded her head with his fists. It’s not like he goes around doing it to EVERYONE like a rabid dog would. He learned from that and has grown. Give him a break, and go buy the album! Look how much he’s changed! He wears cutesy clothes now and smiles more and he has LOVE tatooed on him for crying out loud! He’s a changed man! If GMA had just asked about the album, he wouldn’t have had to smash that window. I blame them for his actions. It’s all about the Urkel glasses, you know he’s a good guy if he be walking around wearin’ doze!!

  32. kate

    i don’t care if he can sing or dance or shit solid gold, he’s got anger management problems and a diva complex that will forever render his talents irrelevant.

    thanks, fish, for sticking it to this piece of garbage.

  33. bahlder

    I would personally crucify Chris Brown. How this piece of shit is treated positively by the media at all is fucking retarded. Don’t fucking cut him slack. He hasn’t made amends at all for what he has done, and him pitching a fit after his interview just goes to show what a piece of garbage he is. He has NO FUCKING RIGHT to be angry about what happened. He should just go away and die in a hole somewhere or actually, understand what he did, and make up for it. A hard task but donating a few million to battered women’s shelters would be a good start.

  34. unikilove

    I am sad I have to be the one to say this is a bunch of B.S, lets not use the race card to explain Chris Brown immature and irrational behavior. Russel Simmons is full of crap and his statement makes absolutely no sense. Chris Brown actions (throwing a chair through a window) could have endanger many people, down below. For once let the boy MAN UP and admit to his mistakes.

  35. quietgiant

    Thanks once again for putting this scumbag on blast. It has not and will not get old. What a fucking loser…

  36. LadyJade

    Oh… ohh.. I can’t tell you how hard I laughed through this entire farce… Oh wow… The Director’s Note at the end had me in stitches.. I still can’t breathe… Iflu, Fish. ~*~*~Ever a Faithful Fan~*~*~

  37. direchef

    Chris Brown should talk to Tina Turner and let her set him straight on the concept of misogynistic assholes.

  38. Juano

    Dude has some serious issues; both of them. Brown, obviously, but Simmons most definitely. I think Russell should leave the sticky icky alone for a bit, and think rationally about how he’d like to come home and see those beautiful daughters of his beat to shit by some aspiring rap singer. This boy bets he’d hit the roof and grab a bat and beat the guy senseless. But Chris is his homey, so that’s okay.

    I do feel a little bad for Brown, not for what happened, but because he obviously needs some serious counseling, and the people around him won’t step up and force him to get it.

  39. Aggie

    I’m so fucking sick of people trying to make this about race. It has nothing to do with him being black, it’s ENTIRELY about him being a fucking asshole!!

    And you know what Russell Simmons, you giant sack of douche, by making it about race (and I completely agree with Fish, that “Disney” is a replacement for “white”) YOU’RE BEING RACIST!! Because you’re suggesting one of 2 things:
    1) Only non-blacks do awful things, or
    2) Black men do beat women, but because they’re black they don’t know any better
    Either way, YOU’RE FUCKING RACIST!!!
    Sadly abusing women knows no racial bounds. And neither does being a peice of shit. Go fuck yourself with something hard and sand papery, Russell Simmons. (Also, I hate your brother with his preachy tweets. Douche bags)

  40. jenyjenjen

    I guess this is another case of the white man keeping a black man down. I guess Russell only feels like he’s allowed to keep the black man down, like with his predatory debit card he’s released with outlandish fees and lies that it will help build a persons credit. Go Russell, it’s guys like you who hurt your own that are the scourge of your people.

  41. Mike

    I was unaware “those Disney kids” were punching women in the face. This “man” has done nothing to prove to me he is sorry or reformed.

    He did community service that was court ordered, should I respect that? My parents told me to clean my room, I had no choice so I cleaned it, should I get praise for my character?

    In every interview I’ve seen, he constantly says “he’s past that”. You beat a woman. I’m glad you are willing to move forward, I’m glad punching women in the face is something you can live with. But too bad. You can’t kill some one and say “I’m over it” and expect people to be like “Oh, he’s over it, let’s stop talking about it.” No. It was a disgusting thing and you deserve to hear about it for the rest of your life because there is zero excuse. What you should be saying is constant acknowledgments of “Yeah, it was wrong, I regret it so much, I am sorry to her and fans.” Not wanting to talk about it just shows that you’re a selfish brat who would rather talk about himself and his new CD than talk about his mistake.

    After the recent blowup on GMA, I can confidently say that I was right in not believing this guy learned a damn thing. He’s 20 something years old and throwing a hissy fit? Really? Destroying some one else’s property an hour after the question that he didn’t like was asked? Being able to compose yourself to perform a song to plug your new CD, then destroying propery. WHILE ON PROBATION. How many common sense knowledge will this guy screw up? Toddlers know not to break things, especially things that don’t belong to you. Toddlers know not to hit anybody, by 10 you know never to hit women. By age 6 you are able to control your emotions and not throw hissy fits.

    The guy is a joke. So what if he’s talented? Doesn’t make him anything but a talented horrible, horrible person. Michael Jackson was talented, but when the kid-touching allegations surfaced, people shunned him. When you beat a woman, you should think about it every day and regret it, not run around being happy like it never happened.

    • McFeely's Speedy Delivery

      “Destroying some one else’s property an hour after the question that he didn’t like was asked? Being able to compose yourself to perform a song to plug your new CD, then destroying propery. WHILE ON PROBATION. How many common sense knowledge will this guy screw up? Toddlers know not to break things, especially things that don’t belong to you. Toddlers know not to hit anybody, by 10 you know never to hit women. By age 6 you are able to control your emotions and not throw hissy fits”

      Yeah, this is true. Except if you are a member of a rock band like Led Zeppelin and countless others where its considered cool to trash hotel rooms and destroy other people’s property. Those people are looked up to and admired and bad and even criminal behavior are considred a crucial part of their image.

      • A bunch of racists and self haters...

        Notice everyone refuses to respond to your posts? Maybe too logical for everyone going in on CB, who didn’t write the open letter? Or, people with their computer cajones don’t understand everytime they say things like “these people keep using the race card…” in an of itself is a standard assessment made by racist people. CB = DB who pounded a woman’s face in. RS = DB who should not write public statements while high. Overall, CB is getting treated like many black entertainers who don’t maintain the image or role established for them by the media. Once you step out of line, you get reminded of your race in not so subtle ways. Truth hurts either way, but this isn’t a fact that’s going to change any time soon in America and is, in fact, what CB actually needs to suck up.

      • Disworld isbots

        Dear A bunch of racists and self haters…
        I’ve responded to McFeely’s. See posts above.
        But more importantly, McFeely’s Speedy Delivery – you can’t keep making sweeping generalizations that some white 80′s hair band a**holes are looked up to and admired as proof of a double standard. Some people (myself included) think that those bandmembers were obnoxious, criminal pricks too… see how that works? BUT you can’t compare the lack of media scrutiny or ongoing discussion of their past criminal behaviors with CB (or any current celebrity for that matter) because we simply did not have the same access to the information that we do now. NOW, we have instant cell phone feeds and twitter and facebook and the internet. If you are old enough to remember, the world wide web didn’t even exist in Zeppelin’s hayday, etc… it was still only in its infancy in the 90s!!! I doubt that most people even remember Zeppelin or the other white ‘rocker’ bands you’re speaking of…. they’re simply not as relevant today… but even if they do, their crimes certainly weren’t publicized or circulated to the same extent because they couldn’t be…media communications hadn’t evolved to where they are right now… so it’s kind of a silly analogy.
        And I’ll again add, for the record, that plenty of white douches can’t escape a lifetime of criticism for their idiocy…. I’m thinking…. Hulk Hogan’s son, Nick.

  42. Burt

    If he likes him so much, he should support him financially. I’ve got better things to do with my money than to use it to contribute to the extravagant lifestyle of a woman beater.

    • McFeely's Speedy Delivery

      Please answer these questions Mr. More Moral than thou:

      Did you ever buy or enjoy listening to music made by musician Jackson Brown? If you did then you “contribute(d) to the extravagant lifestyle of a woman beater.” He used to beat his girlfriend actress Daryl Hannah. It’s a matter of public record not gossip as he was arrested for it. Do you like any movies or TV shows featuring the actor William Hurt? Again, if you did you “contribute(d) to the extravagant lifestyle of a woman beater.” He used to beat his then girfriend actress Marlee Matlin.

      This is also a matter of public record not gossip as it came out on in testimony in a court case filed by another of his girfriends. Wiliam Hurt ‘s son said something to the effect that his dad had told him sometimes Marlee needed to be hit. Now that’s chilling. What an attitude to pass along to your son. Marlee also confirmed the abuse in her autobiography.

      Do you think of baseball Hall of Famer Joe Dimaggio as a hero? He used to beat Marilyn Monroe. Actor Steven Seagal used to beat his wife Kelly LeBrock. If you watch any of his movies or his TV show then you have “contribute(d) to the extravagant lifestyle of a woman beater.” The list of famous woman beaters goes on and on. Can we safely assume that you apply the same standard to every other celebrity you apply to Chris Brown?

      • Que

        Why contribute to this one? Even if you contributed to past losers, Chris Brown is a great opportunity to turn over a new leaf and start putting your wallet where your mouth is.

      • KC

        I loved Mel Gibson. Loved his movies, thought he was incredibly talented, and a likeable person. Now I wouldn’t watch anything he directed, wrote or acted in for FREE. Because his behavior is disgusting, and I refuse to be an abuse apologist. I would’ve hoped Chris Brown fans would feel the same.

      • Burt

        1) Jackson Brown? Hugh, gross.

        2) William Hurt? Haven’t seen a movie of his since Gorky Park for the very reason you mention.

        3) I don’t watch sports, I play them.

        4) Steven Seagal? You’re joking, right?

  43. I always thought there was something really strange about Russell Simmons.
    Good one Fish.

  44. Aussie Mama

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.
    Just because he’s not part of the club, shouldn’t mean he gets crucified.
    JZ said straight after the Rihanna shit, he was messin’ with the wrong crew.
    He’s still better than any Brittney, Christina, Linsday, Winehouse.
    He f****ed up, he paid for it, move on.
    It was yonks ago.
    And Rihanna like Halle Berry will always have problems around her.
    These gals are not so sweet n innocent themsleves, they just have a better publicity machine around them.

    • Clarence Beeks

      No, we CAN’T move on, because he just PROVED the other day he is a violent THUG.

      Rhianna sucks, but come on.

  45. MikeD

    I’ve got an old school flow like mike mcgill
    ’cause yauch’s on the upright, the shit just ain’t funny
    Got fat bass lines like russel simmons steals money

  46. Montana

    @Aussie Momma – uh, yea. Bitch had it comin’ yo.

    I would love to Punish Chris Brown by refusing to buy any of his albums, but I already boycott shitty music. Soooo…

  47. Mira

    This is the post to end all posts. Hats off, Fish. Your last two paragraphs were brilliant.

  48. Chris Brown Russell Simmons
    Double D
    Commented on this photo:

    5 foot – douch something.

  49. Chris Brown Russell Simmons
    Double D
    Commented on this photo:

    Russell Simmons defending Chris Brown is as:
    a) Adolf Hilter defending Moammar Gadhafi.
    b) Jack the Ripper defending OJ Simpson.
    c) Charlie Sheen defending Lindsey Lohan
    d) Chris Brown’s penis defending a baby carrot.

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