Russell Crowe: ‘Stop Cutting Baby Penis’

June 10th, 2011 // 219 Comments


Apparently Tracy Morgan and Russell Crowe decided to star in a buddy comedy without telling anybody because while Tracy handled the gays, Russell gladiated the Jews this morning by tweeting and simultaneously outing himself as an Anne Geddes fan:

Circumcision is barbaric and stupid. Who are you to correct nature? Is it real that GOD requires a donation of foreskin? Babies are perfect

He later added, “wasn’t intending offense, certainly wasn’t intending to provide fodder for lazy journalists. I can’t appologize [sic] for my heartfelt belief,” which is when I’ll assume his publicist called because the circumcision tweet magically disappeared followed by that apology he said he couldn’t make:

- This is a great forum for communication,I,like any human have my opinions and you all have yours, thank you for trusting me with them
- I have a deep and abiding love for all people of all nationalities, I’m very sorry that I have said things on here that have caused distress
- My personal beliefs aside I realize that some will interpret this debate as me mocking the rituals and traditions of others. I am very sorry

Anyone else disappointed this story didn’t end with Russell Crowe chucking a phone at a rabbi? What happened to that guy? “Anne Geddes says Shalom.” *WHIP-PANG*

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  1. Because everyone’s cock should smell as bad as Adrian Grenier’s.

    • zzzzzz

      No invader, circumcision is a perversion of nature. Learn to clean your body fool. I do. I have had Jewish girls without a complaint. Of course, I am well hung and know how to fuck.
      God or Gaia created us this way, not mutilated for inspection and differentiation from the “lower forms of humanity” as some would have us believe.
      Praise Huhmbabah Loobee! Oink higgily zhkjencka lek!

      • SmarterthanUare

        You said that your fiance is the best that you have had so far….. So far? SO FAR!!! What does this mean… You are not planning on staying with him for long or are you planning on cheating on him after you get married..

    • Anon

      I just want to say; I’ve had cut and uncut, and they’re both fine. My fiancé is uncircumcised, and his is my favorite that I’ve had so far. But as long as you take care of yourself, either one is fine. So get over it.

      • lea

        I prefer the look of CUT…the ant eater look is not sexy and i wont put in my mouth if its not cut, its just kind of gross to me…

      • Anon

        Another thing; I don’t think you people — the ones talking about uncut people don’t get blowjobs — know how it works. Basically, when an uncut penis gets hard, the foreskin folds back on its own. If it doesn’t fold back, you can do it yourself in less than a second. The dick that goes in the mouth looks exactly like a cut one. Geez, some of this ignorance is embarrassing.

    • LEB

      Uh, it’s called showering, dude. Besides, you think that uncut guys can’t smell? There’s hair and sweat glands down there. It can get rank without proper hygiene.

      • michmasterflex

        im sure lea is just talking about the look of it, not cleanliness. uncircumsized dink are gross looking, they look better cut.. and i agree i wouldnt put a non cut one in my mouth id puke all over the place. lol

      • Jordan681

        lea, think about this.

        What if a man told you “unless you get a labiaplasty, I’m out?”

        Seriously. Or how about “your boobs are too tiny. Get implants.”

        I mean, OK, sure, he has his preferences, but isn’t it just sexist and fucked up?

      • Teddy

        Lea, no problem, provided you do hand jobs and you don’t desire to be the recipient of oral sex either.

    • jimmyjee

      at Leah, hey bitch How would you like me to cut your freaking vagina just because god doesnt want you to masturbate,
      i really hate stupid whores like this, Circumcision IS MUTILATION,
      is almost like those tribes that cut the clitoris of little girls in africa, is not the same yeah, but, is similar, you are going to a baby’s privates and cutting him, deforming his penis

      Penis is supposed to look like that, thats the way nature made us
      that whole penis cutting is the same as those people that stretch their ears or their necks, is deforming ones body,
      i hope you get an std bitch

      • Kris

        Uh oh, Lea, you made JIMMYJEE feel insecure about his disgusting, uncircumcised dong. He hasn’t ever had a blow job yet and now he’s afraid that he never will.

        JIMMYJEE – get mad at your parents, not at girls who don’t like ugly dicks. = )

      • Stan

        Many men in Africa feel the same way about uncircumcised women. In my opinion there is no ethical difference between an American woman who turns down a man because he has intact genitals and an African man who turns down a woman because she has intact genitals. Both are shallow!

  2. Kelley

    *apologize*, Fish :)

  3. Dude

    Google Foreskin Man comics. This is the mascot of the no circumcision law in San Francisco. It makes it absolutely clear that this is not health but about hatred of the Jews, as Foreskin man does battle with an army of evil Hasidic Jews at a Bris. And anyway, uncut cocks are the ugliest things ever. And the losers who are always complaining about being natural are the first to freak out if they see a woman with pubic hair.

    • eh i read it’s like seeing in color vs b&w having your foreskin intact. cutting seems more about sexual repression than cleanliness. luckily my kids were all girls so i haven’t had to make that unholy decision..

    • LaurenJ

      Uh, no. You’re wrong. People keep calling these activists anti-Semite and they have no idea what they are talking about. How about you read this article:

    • TomFrank

      Just because one anti-circumcision campaign is anti-Semitic does not mean that everyone who opposes circumcision hates Jews. I’m Jewish myself, yet I can accept that people can oppose circumcision from a biological/ethical standpoint without being anti-Semitic.

    • Jen

      You have no idea what you are talking about. See the link below!!!

    • Mumbles

      Openly disagreeing with someone’s beliefs is perfectly legitimate. This isn’t like racism, Judaism is a religion not a race and thinking Jewish custom is wrong is not the same thing as hating all Israelis. Can we all stop acting like being born into a religion means you can act like a dickhead as long as a really old book says it’s ok.

    • Dude

      From the long winded, “gotta justify my ugly cock somehow” web site:

      “Is Foreskin Man “anti-Semitic?” That’s debatable.”

      So Mr. Smell my Foreskin Cheese doesn’t have a conclusion! So you lose. And no, it is not like seeing color vs black and white. There is no loss in sensation or sexual arousal with a male circumcision (the only circumcision that is about repression is the female version done by islamists – and THAT is the practice that should be banned due to being barbaric and dangerous – although liberals would never challenge the protected muslim class) . Evidence shows its even healthier for the boy and man. San Francisco is just a hive of psycho libtards that want to ban everything considered conservative.

      • Kim

        Uh, Dude, get your facts straight. Female genital mutilation was banned back in the 90s. ALL forms of it, even just the tiniest prick of a baby girl’s clitoris is outlawed. But, tearing a baby boy’s foreskin from his glans (you do know the foreskin is FUSED to the glans for the first few years of a boy’s life, right?) and slicing it off, including the ultra sensitive frenelum on the underside, is no big deal. Add to that the fact that it’s usually done without any sort of pain medication and, I don’t care who it offends, it’s horrific and it’s wrong. Circumcision is a cure looking for a ailment. If it prevented HIV, we wouldn’t have such an epidemic in the US, where the vast majority of adult males are cut. And the cut penis is not easier to keep clean. Think about it, what sounds more prone to infection to you…the totally raw and bloody, newly exposed glans creating an open wound in a diaper full of pee and poop or an intact penis with it’s foreskin doing what it was meant to do, keeping pee, poop, and anything else from getting to the glans or urethra by virtue of it’s being fused to the glans. Do some research, folks. It’s really not that hard.

      • Jordan681

        Actually, no, if you read the whole thing it shows you that the “Foreskin Man” comic goes across the board. Jews are cherry picking because they need a way to pawn off enemies of circumcision as Hitler.

        And, the Sorrells study says that circumcision cuts off the most sensitive part of the penis. Yeah, you can still get it up, but you’re not getting the real deal. Sorry, but it’s true.

        Regarding female circumcision being “barbaric and dangerous,” not all of it is that way you know. Research “sunat” in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Look up a forum thread called “have you sunat your girls?” Google it.

        Woman talks on there about how it’s nothing, SHE underwent the thing herself, and no pain and horror like you want everyone to believe.

        The “evidence” is bullshit. Everybody knows it was written by circumcised doctors who want to make themselves feel better, and who need an excuse back in the states to keep the circumcision business going.

        Let’s say the evidence is “true.” Even if it were, there are better ways to keep your son healthy. You need to ask yourself why doctors are even offering circumcision to parents in light of the fact that the rest of the world lives happily without it. 70% of the world’s population is not circumcised, did you know that?

        Are you seriously insinuating that all of the men in Europe, China, Japan etc. are all sick and disgusting and full of disease? Did you know that we rank the highest in STD transmission rates among the industrialized world, even though 80% of US men are all cut?

        Yeah. All these “studies” say this or that, but real world evidence shows you that circumcision doesn’t do diddly squat.

        American doctors are making bank at our children’s expense.

        Instead of mutilating your child “just in case,” why aren’t we leaving our children alone, and only apply surgery when it’s needed?


        Some guys will need to be circumcised for sure. But it’s rare. You have a higher chance of getting appendicitis and needing OTHER surgery than circumcision. 1 in 6 men get prostate cancer in this country. It makes more sense to start taking out our babies prostate “because it’s such a hassle as an adult.”

        THINK people.

  4. Rico Jones

    I was circumcised and I’m damn glad. You hear nothing bad things about uncut dick. Hygiene issues, RIPPING!!! and other shit. Thanks but I’ll pass on all that good stuff.

  5. Poor Russell. He was just trying so bad to be all Jenny McCarthy bright and empty-headed health trendy in one direction he forgot about the ancient (and I hear rather popular among some in Hollywood) religion from which the custom er…umm…descended.

    It’s just so hard to keep track.

  6. Bucky Barnes

    Russell is entitled to his opinion but personally, I got very tired of tripping over MY foreskin.

  7. Catani

    Ok….we all respect or at least should respect each others beliefs but Russell has a point there…How stupid is it to believe that some deity asks for for a piece of your dick as a sign of respect? You go Russell….you tell them jews…

  8. Russell Crowe Circumcision
    Commented on this photo:

    I love eating peaches. Oh, sorry. I love ALL fruit. I apologize to anyone I have offended with my remarks. It’s okay to not love eating peaches. Grapes are people too.

  9. CynDaVaz

    KUDOS to Russell Crowe for speaking out against the genital mutilation of children.

  10. yessir

    stop wearing dresses and your problems will be over

  11. Gordo

    My favorite is how these pious bastards have a problem with cutting skin off of a baby’s dick, but no problem with killing an unborn baby. Makes perfect sense to me…

    • Pink

      Huh? What makes you think this viewpoints go hand-in-hand?

    • Stop Your Asspain

      Blah blah blah Jews believe cutting dicks is great and people have to say something aboutit. Blah blah blah you think abortion is a sin so women have to take care of rape babies. Quit dictating choices and making people feel bad for them you insane religious mongoloids.

  12. Rough, invades the consciousness

    He is right. I made the biggest mistake asking to be cut at 15. I feel that I have left a couple of inches in the operation floor. This is why I’m rough.

  13. Shelby

    Glad to hear of another person standing up for the rights of the tiny babies who can’t speak up and defend themselves. They would certainly say no to having their penis cut.

  14. AMC

    I applaud Russell for speaking against infant circumcision. Babies have no voice, so we have to be that voice for them! For more information on why NOT to cut the end of baby’s penises off (really? We need more reasons to not do it?) check out

  15. Adam

    He was right and shouldn’t have backed off. These comments that say it smells or there are hygiene issues apparently don’t know how to use soap and water. There are sometimes rare medical reasons to circumcise but besides that it should be illegal. I’m proud to be the son of a doctor who’s parents left him intact. It’s insane to me that people don’t see anything wrong with cutting off part of the body of a helpless baby against it’s will.

    • Jovy

      “I’m proud to be the son of a doctor who’s parents left him intact”

      I find it disturbing that you know of your fathers penis in such a way. Then again I’m a girl so what do I know?

      • Adam

        Umm I’m talking about him leaving ME intact but most sons have seen their father at some point. It’s not a huge deal. I’m sure you’ve seen all kinds of women in locker rooms and stuff.

  16. Evil Kumquat

    To hell with smegma.

  17. Keith

    I thank Russell Crowe for standing up for the rights of infant males! I think male circumcision should be illegal, just as female circumcision is illegal. Boys should have the same rights as girls do when deciding whether or not to alter their body. It is a personal choice that should only be made by the person whose body is being altered.

    • me

      AMEN! Dude, run for office, we need rational thinkers like you.

    • Melissa

      I totally agree with you Keith. I am a woman and I would have been furious if my clitoris had been mutilated. Males should be able to decide if they want their penis to be rough and unnatural. Parents should not be able to decide what they want to do to their boys’ body because it’s not their penis to begin with. If guys want to mutilate their penis later on in life that’s totally fine because that’s their decision. Circumcision is barbaric and I am extremely shocked that most American parents get their boys circumcised. This barbaric act is not popular in South America or Europe, but it’s still extremely common in the United States. I can’t even say it’s popular in North America because the majority of Mexicans do not believe in circumcision. If baby boys are getting circumcised why don’t they start chopping off baby girls’ clitoris?!?! The body knows how to take care of itself and an intact penis will remain clean if it is properly cared for.

      As for blowjobs…I wouldn’t ever want my mouth near a circumcised or an intact penis!! That’s just plain sick and I don’t know what kind of sick demented whores would think about doing that. That’s just plain disgusting. Why don’t you just stop using toilet paper altogether and wipe your ass with your fuckin’ tongue!!!

  18. Chinny

    All these comments and no Arrested Development references?

    Hands off our penises!

  19. Serena

    I’m glad Russell Crowe spoke out. More celebrities should do the same. Male infants deserve the same protection, under law, that female infants have.

    My son is intact and my husband wishes he was intact.

    • titsonsnackington

      That’s nice. My husband is glad he is NOT “intact”, and I have a couple male friends who had to get it done later in life and wished to god their parents had just done it when they were babies. Goes both ways, honey.

      • Jordan681

        I’d like to know about your fictitious male “friends.”

        How do I know you’re not just pulling this out yo ass to make you and your mutilated hubby feel good?

  20. stratacat

    I’m just going to go ahead and assume all Australians are just a Nazi cloning experiment gone out of control.

  21. Cock Dr

    Circumcision is a money racket for the medical industry.

  22. Carlos Stranz

    Why north-americans are so crazy about racial and religious stuff?
    Is 2011!!!!
    Circumcision is barbaric. Sorry.
    I’m circumcised. Talk about health is bull…t! Too little improvement to justify.
    Religion… PLEASE…
    Aestetic, like some idiot said, only in america. In Brazil some women have pubic hair, others don’t, and no man give a … about…
    The d… is ugly? What a man have to like or dislike penises aestetics?!?!?
    Other man penises!!!
    If you think circumcised penis is prettier, circumcised your own penis.
    But don’t try to say that circumcision is natural or good.
    How can we, western people, forbiden the muslin veil and defend circumcision?
    Is degradating to a women to cover herself like a natural-born-sinner, like is unfair to circumcised a kid. Let the guy decided when older if he wanna be circumcised, by faith or by health.
    The point is: don’t decide something permanent for your son.
    This is no polio cure.
    Aestetic, religion or some little healthy improvement will never justify make this choice for someone’s future.

    • Dude

      Carlos has an ugly, cheese covered dick.

    • Ann Alexander

      “Why north-americans are so crazy about racial and religious stuff?”

      The racial stuff is because of the politicians using it for their own political gain. However, freedom of religion (and the practic of its beliefs) is a core Constitutional right, protected in the 1st Amendment, along with speech, assembly, and the press.
      We also have a strong tradition of parental rights: my kid, my choice kind of thing. I know that when I was raising my two daughters, I would have been outraged if someone had told me that I didn’t have the right to make medical decisions in their behalf. (Of course, I’m obviously not speaking of illegal procedures such as FGM, but circumcision is a legal medical procedure in the States, if performed by medical personnel, etc.)

      As to “not making permanent decisions for my children, if not me, then whom? Should I have not had braces put on the older girl? Had the younger one’s tonsils removed when the doctor said that they needed to come out? Parents make multiple decisions all the time that will permanently affect their lives: it’s just part of the job. You do what you think is in their best interests, and accept the responsibility of your decision.

      I will make one comment about the discussion itself, and not circumcision:
      The hatred, venom, and just downright ugly personal attacks on this site is a real turn-off. If you all hope to convert people to your cause, may I suggest that you base your arguments on logic and facts, instead of rants and vitriol? Because although I had no opinion on circumsion before, other than “to each his own,” there’s no way I could support a movement so full of bias and hatred toward all those who disagree. I’m just saying…

      And on that note, goodbye ~ ~ ~

  23. Jen

    Bravo Russell! Thanks for speaking out for those who don’t yet have a voice to speak for themselves. The American obsession with cutting kid’s genitals needs to stop. His body, his decision!

  24. The only thing stupider than a celebrity is the cause they decide to parade in front of.

    • watson

      amen. and for all those dithering on and on, this is the superficial. Not the View. Go ahead and fight with each other, verbally rip each other’s foreskins to bits but I guarantee you some poor Zimmerman baby will be cut by this time tomorrow. Face it your “I think…” wont do anything. Its Jewish tradition. It probably wont be banned.

  25. Will Scarlet

    Apparently Mr. Crowe opposes “Robbin’ hood” from little boys.

  26. Beth

    Who would be happy that 40% of their penis was cut off? I think its called denile. Anyway the whole, intact penis is just as clean as the cut and unless a person has personal experience with a whole penis they can’t say it isn’t clean. If a person researches circumcision they will find it really is borderline abuse. The babys penis has to be stimulated for the procedure to be performed correctly. Stimulating a babys penis should be sexual abuse I mean its weird and wrong and in any other circumstance would be illegal and prosecuted. I never had an opinion or cared either way until I research. So, cut men, research this before you decide its a great thing that was done to you and you are glad that part of your penis was cut off.

    • Removing 40% of the penis? Baby’s penis has to be stimulated to be circumcised? Where the hell did you get your information about circumcision from? Get your facts straight before making yourself look stupid in public.

      • Jordan681

        I think what she meant to say is 50% of the shaft skin. Yes, she needs a little education, but her heart is in the right place.

        She’s right though. If there is a better way to keep clean and I don’t have to cut part of my son’s penis off, why would I want to do that?

        Ask yourself this question about any OTHER procedure.

        You’ve got surgery, you’ve got soap and water. Or a pill. Or a treatment that will save you from it. WHICH do you choose?

        If the dr. said “OK, we can either give you a coronary bi-pass, or, this new treatment will avoid surgery altogether.” What do you choose?

        “Duh… the coronary by-pass…” Really?

        You’ve got circumcision, you’ve got soap and water. Why the heck would you want to cut your kid?

        And why the heck are doctors even OFFERING you this option in the first place? Ever thought about that?

        (Answer… $$$, and no, skin off his back… too bad for your son…)

    • It had to be said

      40% by weight or volume? When you say “stimulated” do you mean an erection, or great talk and a glass of wine? By the way, if I decided that I regret a procedure that took place within the first two hours of my life, do you have any suggestions for what I should do about it? Please expand upon your assertions.

      • Bow Chica Wow Wow

        There’s a procedure where you can actually ‘regrow’ your foreskin lol it’s done with weights and stretching. You know something guys? I just realised I know waaaaaaaaaay to much about penises and this subject! o.o

      • Jordan681

        I dunno, maybe make sure it doesn’t happen to your son?

        Too late for you. But it’s never too late to educate yourself on the matter.

        I’m pretty sure you take hours, even days to see which car you are going to get.

        Maybe you could use the same ammount of time researching what they’re going to permanently do to your son?

        Just sayin’…

    • weeny peeny

      I witnessed many circumcisions in medical school. No “stimulation” was required. Most babies did not even cry. Don’t speak about things you only know about by reading internet articles produced by people with slanted views.

      • Jordan681

        Weeny peeny. You seriously expect us to buy this crock?

        Like people can’t get on youtube and see the countless circumcision videos of children screaming their lungs out?


  27. Russell Crowe

    I should mention that I also hate turtleneck sweaters. Just sayin’…

  28. Carlos Stranz

    Is so invasive than make a tatoo in a born child.

  29. Abby Normal

    I’m just grateful that circumcision is the only instance in which a religion has encouraged people to do something completely ludicrous..
    Oh, it’s not?
    Never mind.

  30. Eddie Baby

    Don’t forget the muslims; they’re also into circumcision.

  31. NoForskies

    ACTUALLY, foreskin causes a nasty “cheese” to form under the hood, and yes “Beth” I do have experience with “the whole penis”. Having a foreskin is so unpleasant and undesirable my boyfriend had his removed by his own choice when he was 16.

    • Bow Chica Wow Wow

      Ugh, ‘Cheese’ also known as smegma only forms if you don’t fucking wash! Seriously, send him back and have them take off his balls too.

    • Jordan681

      Hey, can you tell us when you get clitter litter under your hood?

      You sexist bee-atch?

    • Jordan681

      Trivia: Women get smegma too, and in more copious ammounts than uncut men.

      It’s a double-standard to cut men’s foreskins off, but not the labia in women for the same exact reason.

      There is a think called a shower that we’ve had for quite a long time now. No, hygiene doesn’t require you cut off any part of your body. But it does require you WASH it…

      But that’s like any other part of your body. Like your labia and your ass.

      • watson

        okay jordan681. we get it. you are passionate about dick. chill out already. holy smegma! The number of loons on this site grows every day.

  32. Huh

    Damn intactivists. Work on making it illegal and then we’ll talk. As long as it’s legal my son’s penis is none of your business.

  33. It had to be said

    I know that I join all other thinking people is asking two questions: (1) when did Russell Crowe become the Jenny McCarthy of circumcision? And (2) Fish, do you really need page hits from all of these zealot lunatics? Aren’t we enough for you? I’m going to start calling you Weiner if you betray us like this again.

    • Huh

      Amen. I come here for entertainment and laughs, not to have crazy hippies tell me my son is mutilated and circumcision is barbaric. Downer.

      • critical thinking is a healthy change-up between ass shots. people need balance. knowing politics, religion, philosophy, history, finance, etc, is as important as math and physics in having one fucking clue or chance in this world.. just sayin

      • Abby Normal

        @dudeatdudedotdude c’mon, people are capable of critical thinking when they arrive here or they’re not, but no comment thread at The Superficial has ever changed anyone’s mind regarding a serious topic. Sometimes when people have their buttons pushed they start spouting off but they don’t give serious consideration to any opposing POV.

      • Huh

        Have you been here before? I’ll go to MANY other sites to sharpen my critical thinking. The Superficial? Not so much.

      • there’s a saying about not preaching to the choir. i love hot chicks, but it’s still just dots on a fucking screen here. no pheromones working me up. the honest dialog’s the real gem on this site.

      • Huh

        Still not the place where I would get medical advice regarding my sons penis.

      • It had to be said

        Honest dialog is the gem of this site? That should be on Most Important People on the Internet. It is the funniest, stupidest thing I’ve ever read on here.

      • ok honest was a bad choice of word.. it’s friday.. candid? what i meant is there are some clever cats posting, if you sift out the obvious talking points. but you’re right i AM stupid sometimes. don’t make me relive it all weekend…

      • uncle ruckus

        Perhaps not the best description of what goes on…but yeah the comments are the fun part

  34. Bow Chica Wow Wow

    Read a lot of comments here. None of you have taken into account the historical context of circumsion. It’s easy to call it ‘barbaric’ and ‘ludicrous’ and from your perspective it is. However historically circumsion was used to stop haemophilia, simple as. They cut the babies foreskin off if the baby bled to death then job done, only the strong and genetically healthy survived. Pretty much like the spartans throwing baby boys onto the roofs and leaving them overnight. Like the Pakastanis now killing baby girls so they only have boys.

    Like all useful tradition dressed up as religious dogma it’s passed down to the ages to where we are now. However people no longer posess the ability to think critically if it all, and fail to see it’s original purpose thus all the hoopla. Education, got to love it! Now backto the boobies..

    • Huh

      LOL Whaaaat? Can you please give a source for this silly story?

    • zzzzzz

      Bow chica dumb ass,
      we used to do all kinds of primitive stuff idiot, don’t justify it now
      OH wait! WE have MMA now and they let those fight each other when their faces are hanging off their skulls! Why? $, dats why.

      • Bow Chica Wow Wow

        You two are Americans I’m presuming? Fucking retarded dumbasses. Get an education and learn to read.

        @huh If you really want a ‘source’ just google it or go read the bible Deuteronomy 10:16 and Isiah. No pretty pictures there but I’m sure you’ll muddle through.

        @zzzzz If you could read you would have seen I was providing a historical context NOT justifying it.

        Not that it’s any concern of yours but my mother was Jewish, her parents tried to take me to get circumcised, forcibly. My uncle stopped them. I learnt why they wanted that to happen, learning, growing, understanding it’s the greatest gift you can ever know.

        Education is the greatest empowerer you will ever know. Get it. Use it. Love it.

      • Huh

        Yeah, I’m gonna get my education from someone that calls people “fucking retarded” @@ Ever hear of the campaign to stop using that word? You should spend less time jerking off to anti-circing sites and more time learning how the world works these days.

    • Mike Walker

      Am I on Bossip? Corny, PSA-type acclamations of education and then displaying a complete lack thereof. Real talk!

      • Jovy

        Mike, This place is like the white version of Bossip. Except that things are a little less racist and ignorant here. I said A LITTLE.

  35. Bigmama

    I can’t get my boys to clean their rooms how was I suppose to get them to roll back their foreskins and clean them everyday?

    • Jared

      It comes natural. you just somehow “know” to do it. Your kids aren’t total fucking idiots, they’d figure it out.

    • Melissa

      Fuckin’ lazy idiot children of yours.

    • Jordan681

      Hey bigmama,

      Tell us what you do when your area starts smelling like fishfarm, and you start shedding clitter litter.

      Us men? Yeah. We can handle it. ;-)

  36. Dr. Love

    Why do people keep mentioning what a baby suffers through circumcision? I surely do not remember what happened when I was below two years old. Should I remember how that ladybug tasted when I was one?

    Don’t judge me! Curiosity killed the toddler.

    • Annie

      Hope this helps answer your question:

      • It had to be said

        You’ve never been around a newborn, have you? More importantly, you’ve never been circumcised, have you?

    • squiggle

      Also a splendid argument in favour of allowing fiddling with 1 year olds, of course.

      BTW, Fish, you’re a ninny. This has nothing to do with disliking Jews, any more than objecting to any barbaric practice has to do with disliking a certain ethnicity.

    • Jordan681

      Hey Dr. Love,

      Baby girls undergoing “sunat” in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore don’t “suffer” either. And if they did, they couldn’t remember it right?

      Educate yourself, dr. Look up “have you sunat your girls?” And read the thread.

      Not remembering it. That’s what makes it OK? Really?

  37. TheNeverBorn

    “Circumcision is barbaric and stupid. Who are you to correct nature?”

    Did Mr. Crowe just come out as Pro-Life?

    If it is the baby’s right to his foreskin they are trying to assert, does he gain this right once the foreskin has developed?

  38. Abby Normal

    To any of you circumcised guys lamenting your foresaken foreskin, you can get a good idea what it’s like by cutting the tip off a condom and wearing it around for a couple weeks. Sure, it’ll get a little icky inside but that’s okay, you can slide it back and wash it, right?

    • Indeed.

      Circumcision can also be about aesthetics, comfort, and making the head both larger (more flared) and less sensitive, because, you know, being able to last longer to please your partner more is something women sure do hate.

      I know uncircumcised men who willingly went under the knife as adults to get cut for many of these reasons, and I sure as hell don’t fault them for it. It looks bigger, cleaner, feels better, gets tighter (which feels harder) and is overall an improvement.

      And for those ‘you just have to clean’ people – when the foreskin is really tight, proper cleaning can be very difficult.Just sayin’.

      • Melissa

        Go chop off your fuckin’ clitoris Life Serial!!

      • Jordan681

        Hey Life Serial, what do you think of labiaplasties?

        According to this impartial, unbiased and objective website, labiaplasties…

        - The study found an overall satisfaction rate of 97.2% for women undergoing labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction

        - An overall satisfaction rate of 83% in women having a vaginal tightening procedure (vaginoplasty/perineoplasty), and 91.2% for women combining both “outer” and “inner” work

        - Sexual satisfaction with 92.8% of women having both experienced improvement in their sexual satisfaction

        - The data also revealed that those women undergoing vaginal tightening (vaginoplasty) reported an estimated 82.2% overall improvement in their partner’s sexual satisfaction as well.

        What if my wife wanted this done for me? Because her loose vagina no longer grips my mutilated desensitized dick?

        And what if my wife felt she wanted her daughter “look like her?” And, you know, so that our daughter could benefit any poor American guys’ souls with their desensitized penises?

        Yeah? Neah?

        Cutting your son so that girls like it is the most sexist most disgusting thing I’ve heard.

        If a girl refuses him, then maybe she’s a bimbo and my son could find someone that’s not such an airhead.

    • noone

      No quite sure if you are demented or ignorant Abby. The foreskin is a natural part of the body. A condom is not.
      You understand your analogy is off don’t you?
      Try harder chubby.

    • squiggle

      Get your flaps cut off and then we’ll talk.

      By the way, quite a few boys and young men die every year in Africa because of circumcision schools. Just because Yanks don’t give a toss about them doesn’t mean they don’t – didn’t – exist.

      • Wow …that’s the stupidest thing I’ve read in a while. Nowhere did I say that should be the SOLE REASON. What the fuck do you think ‘can ALSO be about’ means?

        If labiaplasties had all the same benefits, I would have no issue with it being the norm. I certainly wouldn’t flip my lid over a bit of extra skin I don’t remember having – I have plenty of other areas that are more than pleasurable.

        If you think the foreskin and clitoris are comparable you need a biology lesson. That would be more akin to cutting the entire glans off.

        I know men who have chosen circumcision as adults and have had sex both cut and uncut, and are more than glad they made the choice for myriad reasons. AFAIC, unless you are a man who knows what it is like both ways, any arguments about more/less pleasurable are moot, because you don’t know.

        Any kind of act of cutting flesh not done in a proper sterile environment or done cheaply or improperly will cause deaths. That’s the fault of the method, not the act.

  39. Annie

    If circumcisions were stopped today in the US on anyone under the age of 25, in 25-30 years, what percentage of men do you think will be asking to have some of the most pleasurable skin and nerves on their whole body sliced off?

    • Loppy

      Actually, the most sensitive part of the penis is just below the frenulum, which remains intact. The skin that is removed is actually from the shaft of the penis. Just observe the circumcision scar, which is a visible ring.

      On another note, I find it funny that almost all of the uneducated responses in this thread come from women.

      • Annie

        I said “some of” the most pleasurable skin and nerves. I find it funny that a man would try to insult a woman for taking an interest in the happiness of his penis.

      • Abby Normal

        I find it funny that Loppy assumes feminine sounding screen names belong to actual women.

      • Loppy

        You said, “some of the most pleasurable skin and nerves on their whole body sliced off”

        The skin on the shaft of the penis does qualify for that. The lips, fingers, and palms contain more sensory nerves than the foreskin, for instance.

        And it sounds like your perspective on the “happiness of the penis” is gnawing on the shaft.

      • me

        loppy is an idiot.

      • Jordan681

        Correction; the most sensitive part of the penis is just below the frenulum for CUT guys.

        In cut guys, according to the Sorrells study, the most sensitive part of the penis is on the foreskin itself. And that’s been cut off.

        Sorry to break it to ya…

    • Mike Walker

      Foreskin is like the shaft skin – useless for sexual stimulation. All of the good stuff is around the frenulum and glans.

      • Jordan681

        That’s not true. The foreskin is the most sensitive part of the penis.

        But you wouldn’t know this because you can’t felt what you’ve never had.

        The frenulum and glans are the most sensitive parts of the CIRCUMCISED penis.

        But I’m afraid that’s not the way it’s supposed to be…

        Sorry dude…

  40. God is Black

    Real reason for cutting the skin;Isn’t Botox derived from the circumcision skin?

    • Abby Normal

      No but they are used to make lamp shades…

    • Jordan681

      No, that comes later. Google “Oprah” and “Skin Medica” and you’ll learn about ONE of the products made from foreskin. Look up “Advanced Tissue Sciences” and a product called “Dermagraft.”

      The REAL reason for circumcision was to stop men from masturbating. Google “John Harvey Kellogg.” His cornflakes and circumcision were supposed to stop you from masturbating and having wet dreams.

  41. Antonia

    If mutilating male babies’ genitalia is fine, then mutilating girls genitalia, like they do in some parts of Africa, is fine all the same.

    • It had to be said

      Seriously, can we get a single commenter with their own penis to make these points? No offense ladies, but I didn’t ask what hippy chicks think about cut penises. And I never will. In fact, I don’t ask hippies much of anything. This would be a strange place to start.

      How’s this for a rationale. I’m circumcised and I have more experience with dick than my wife. When we had a son, I wanted to be able to answer any questions he had, etc., not say “fuck if I know, dude. Did you try washing it?”

      • Jordan681

        Your wife would know more about being cut, fool…

      • Jordan681

        Hey i had to be said, if your logic is correct, than only an uncut guy can tell you about what being uncut feels like.

        Take it from me. Your son won’t be needing to wash his dick until he’s like 13, when the skin begins to retract.

        Trust me. You and him are never going to have this conversation. ;-)

        Unless like, you’re into that and you really wanted to… but that’s me. My son’s dick is his own business.

    • DBN

      @Antonia: You’re seriously comparing removal of the clitoris (and sometimes the labia, not to mention infibulation) to removal of the foreskin?

      • me

        ummm… what’s the difference? Please educate yourself. You are a part of the problem.

      • Jordan681

        DBN, did you know that not all FGM is the same? Would you approve of FGM that is NOT as bad as infibulation or clitoral removal? Cuz in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, they remove just the hood in a ceremony called “sunat.” They still orgasm and have kids just fine. Betcha have some new snappy comeback for this too… Google “sunat.” Find a thread called “have you sunat your girls,” and you’ll read that sunat isn’t even half as bad as male circumcision.

    • Huh

      Agreed. I asked my husband since he has a penis and he said “he’s getting circumcised.” Good enough for me.

      • Jordan681

        What an education.

        I asked my wife from Indonesia, since she has a vagina and she said “she’s getting sunat.”

        Good enough for me… ;-)

  42. Moose

    FUCKING EH. Damn Jews.

  43. me

    I’m not Jewish, and didn’t have my son cut. 1. Babies do not get an anestetic when going under the knife 2. THE SKIN HAS TO BE SEVERED FROM THE HEAD WITH A SCAPULA, that’s right, the skin is not loose yet. Just look up how the procedure is done (did I mention no pain meds?) 3. The USA is the only country in the world still doing this 4. Circumcision was originally a way to try to keep kids from masturbation 5. Why mess with what nature gave us? 6. What’s the difference between circumcising boys and girls? They cut the girls in Africa (why do we consider cutting girls mutilation, but boys should be able to hack it, total pun intended?). 7. MOST OF YOUR SEXUAL NERVES ARE IN THAT FORSKIN. Guys with foreskin are having way more awesome sex than guys without. 8. There is a movement for men trying to get their foreskin back (some kind of stretching exercise). 9. USA has the highest crime rate in the world, could it be we are starting our men out by cutting at their penises the day they enter into the world???? I can’t think of any way more ghastly to begin life.
    So my son is 5 now, no problems, actually his penis was waaaaay more easy to care for than the kids that had been cut. I talked to guys that had not been cut, and none of them had health problems. My son is a happy, silly little guy… yet he is all boy dressing up as a Superhero to go get icecream, holding the door open, lifting heavy things to try to help his momma, wanting to be the leader. I say it’s time the public got educated and quit mutilating their kid’s penises. This practice is so very out-dated and it’s time to evolve and embrace what God intended when he made us. BTW, if you do not circumsize your child or take care of a kid that hasn’t been, do not pull back the foreskin to clean the head. This is a myth that you have to do this, and the skin is still attatched to the penis, it will only hurt the baby.

    • Huh

      You are TALKING OUT OF YOUR ASS YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOUR RANTING ABOUT. You look like a fool and are doing more harm to your “cause” than good by spreading propoganda bullshit like this.

      • me

        I can see why you call yourself “Huh”. That is the lamest “comeback” or argument I have ever read on this site. I researched everything I posted above. I researched the entire procedure, all the statistics, all the pros and the cons…. The ONLY reason people do this procedure is out of FEAR. Fear because A. It’s in the Bible B. Men want their boys to look like them. C. The medical community has everyone convinced hooded penises are dirty.

        Hey, thanks for taking the time to read my rant. :)

      • Huh

        I never made is past the ridiculous and incorrect accusation that babies aren’t given pain relief. Total and complete bullshit. And if you think that was the lamest comeback or argument you’ve ever read on this site then you must be new here. There was nothing more I could say since your post was not only incorrect, but actually laughable. Spend some more time navigating this site rather than researching things done to other people’s penises.

    • dah

      sorry, but your kid sounds like a mary

    • Mike Walker

      Me, your whole post is full of straight up horseshit (3,4,6,7,9).

      • me

        To each their own. I think talking to doctors, researching procedures, talking to parents that had cut up their kids and parents that didn’t, guys that weren’t cut…. I consider myself “somewhat” educated on the subject and I believe what these folks with experience and degrees told me. scapel, scapula all the same to me. back bone, knife same difference. Yes, that was a stupid comeback just saying I’m talking shit. Actually look up the percentage rates of circumcisions in our country and the rest of the world. We’re the only ones that are mutilating baby penis, and even our rates are dropping now that people are realizing that nature wouldn’t put something on EVERY boy if it was bad to have.

  44. Tom

    You’d think that groups like the ADL or whoever would realize that yelling “antisemitism!” at every goddamn thing’s gonna lead to people taking actual antisemitism less seriously.

    • me

      shit, if you don’t like Obama it means you’re a racist. We’re all a bunch of antisemitac racists. I think these are terms a year ago would never want anyone calling me, but now I’m becoming proud of them.

  45. Panda

    Finally. It’s so foreign that people will chop off part of their sons because of god, or hygiene. Then soap is from Satan. And more revolting than antisexualization rituals is the way people expect him to besensitive to their belief that an imaginary friend wants part of their sons penis. Horrible.

    • It had to be said

      I think it’s horrible that you spend so much time thinking about my son’s penis. He’s only 4, you pervert.

      • Jordan681

        Oh shadap. You were the one wondering about when to cut him up since even before he was born. I bet you were thinking when you were watching the ultrasound… good he’s a boy! Let’s mutilate him! It’s not people against circ thinking about babies’ penises… it’s them cutters… and then they say “it’s cuter that way.” Really? You were hoping to blow your child one day when he got older? Ick.

  46. Sheppy

    Why do Americans like to interfere with babies penises?
    Why not let the child choose later in life when they are competent to make that decision, rather than forcing an irreversible procedure upon them?
    Why would any god care what you do with your genitals?
    Why do people think it’s unhygienic? Can they not operate soap and water? What of all the folds and creases between women’s legs?

  47. Mel Gibson

    Jews support circumcision because they like getting 10% off EVERYTHING.

  48. Dane

    Foreskins are gross. It’s like getting a wart or a mole removed. So…

  49. sheep

    men have enough pleasure they dont need anymore, so who cares if they lose a couple thousand nerve endings

  50. JungleRed

    What the fuck? I hate cutting babies so I’m anti-semetic? I hate knish so I’m anti-semetic? You might want to save that anti-semitism card until you really need it. Fucking wankers.

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