Russell Brand Taking Off His Wedding Ring In A Video Posted To A Porn Site

January 10th, 2012 // 32 Comments
Russell Brand Wedding Ring Video
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A month before filing for divorce from Katy Perry because doing it herself would upset her anti-Semitic parents, Russell Brand “jokingly” takes off his wedding ring in a video posted to porn site Nudevista to promote his upcoming college tour. Via HuffPost Celebrity:

In the video, Brand promotes a forthcoming American college tour, joking that he’s visiting a variety of universities to learn more about college culture in the U.S. The comedian also explains his interest in exploring sorority life — or what he calls “sex clubs for women” — at which point he slyly removes his wedding ring.
The video gives no serious indication that Brand is, in fact, having difficulties in his marriage, but it does offer quite a revelation now that he and Perry are officially divorcing. In the video, which Brand later posted on porn website Nudevista, he jokes that he is going to “place [his wedding ring] somewhere very, very safe for the next week.”

Of course this just adds to the reports that Katy couldn’t satisfy Russell’s sexual appetite, but in her defense, duct-taping five porn stars in Panda costumes to a dentist chair probably couldn’t even do that. “Yeah, I dunno, love. What say we all shag inside this MRI machine – running, of course – and at one point someone says, ‘Heavens, doctor, he’s got a bleedin’ tuma!’ Also, this amputee’s goin’ ta watch. Shall we then?”

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  1. jlover

    katy is only ok looking, with his cash he will hook up with something better.
    Dad-A-Chack? Dum-A-Chum? Did-A-Chick? Dod-A-Chock?

  2. anthonyOA


  3. Deacon Jones

    Russell, oh you’re going to have a good time….

    Just remember to ocassionally nod your head and act like you’re somewhat interested while they are talking to you.

  4. EricLr

    If she couldn’t handle a roomful of midgets dressed as Warner Brothers cartoon characters masturbating to her spanking her husband with a dildo made of soft cheese and barbed wire–then clearly she just was just too young and immature for marriage in the first place.

    • In her defense, Pont-l’Evêque is an acquired taste for many. Some people just never get beyond Velveeta, know what I mean?

    • Katy clearly can handle anything ! Just look at whom she married. But I do fill sorry for her that she fell in love with such a sexual addicted pervert.She was tired of trying to please his perverted sexual fantasies all the time. Who can blame her … beside you that is.Or who knows you may either be jealous that Katy was with Russell or you may be like him.

  5. Thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act, it should be easy for Russell to get his wheelchair into all those sorority houses.

  6. Wow… what fantastic timing to be single with a British hackney accent! College girls don’t know any better – and they don’t care, anyway!

  7. BritishPerson

    He just really isn’t funny…

  8. Ze German

    The worst part of this store is I actually use nudevista and now I’m afraid it’s going to become bogged down with shitheads wanting to see this video.

  9. Look at the protruding brow and the overall shape of the skull; yet it walks upright and appears to speak some form of rudimentary language. Never have the Anthropology Departments at these universities had access to anything this groundbreaking. This tour should provide signifcant gains in our knowledge of our human ancestors. I’m not sure why it’s being called a comedy tour, however.

  10. Mando

    Gosh, he is so unattractive to me. Reminds me of Tiny Tim.

  11. arnieblackblack

    He’ll be ploughing his way through a whole world of semi-educated American poon and getting paid to do it. Fuck it if you don’t find him funny. Reflect on the luck of the man!

  12. billybragg

    Notes ‘Nudevista’ down…

  13. Felonious Monkey

    Wow, that video was so NOT funny. Those are 2 minutes I regret wasting. No wonder he has to gig at middling colleges. He needs a crowd of tanked college students who will appreciate his “hipster” Brit schtick.

  14. Maria

    Geez, people, he was joking. No one seems to get humor anymore.

  15. Ha

    he’s so gross. No wonder she got rid of him.

  16. tumble weed

    it’s an A-N-U-S-ring now…….

  17. Jims hungry cock

    Moonshadowwwww, still talking on here are we? i bet you wish you hated him dont you? dont fight it. Just touch yourself and release. Nobody is watching…

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