Russell Brand Taking Off His Wedding Ring In A Video Posted To A Porn Site

A month before filing for divorce from Katy Perry because doing it herself would upset her anti-Semitic parents, Russell Brand “jokingly” takes off his wedding ring in a video posted to porn site Nudevista to promote his upcoming college tour. Via HuffPost Celebrity:

In the video, Brand promotes a forthcoming American college tour, joking that he’s visiting a variety of universities to learn more about college culture in the U.S. The comedian also explains his interest in exploring sorority life — or what he calls “sex clubs for women” — at which point he slyly removes his wedding ring.
The video gives no serious indication that Brand is, in fact, having difficulties in his marriage, but it does offer quite a revelation now that he and Perry are officially divorcing. In the video, which Brand later posted on porn website Nudevista, he jokes that he is going to “place [his wedding ring] somewhere very, very safe for the next week.”

Of course this just adds to the reports that Katy couldn’t satisfy Russell’s sexual appetite, but in her defense, duct-taping five porn stars in Panda costumes to a dentist chair probably couldn’t even do that. “Yeah, I dunno, love. What say we all shag inside this MRI machine – running, of course – and at one point someone says, ‘Heavens, doctor, he’s got a bleedin’ tuma!’ Also, this amputee’s goin’ ta watch. Shall we then?”

Photo: YouTube