Katy Perry Has Sex With This

May 9th, 2011 // 61 Comments

We’ve seen Russell Brand‘s in underwear before, but that was on the set of a movie about Batman’s pubic hair. This time around, he’s in Miami sans-Katy Perry over the weekend where he apparently hung out outside his hotel room doing yoga in his underwear all day. Although, in his defense, the man’s a sex addict, so it’s either that or bang the obese Katy Perry double he carries around. Which isn’t cheating by the way. If it looks like your wife, but heavier, that’s a symbol of love and devotion more than anything else. “See, baby? I told you I’d still find you attractive if you got fat. And you thought I wasn’t paying attention all those times. Ha! You.”

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  1. phil

    i envy him?

  2. ji

    what, that’s considered obese?

  3. sdfdsjsi

    he looks hot, i love the hair. wish more men had longer hair

  4. the captain


  5. Holland

    Thanx for turning me snow-blind&fridgid in one foul swoop!

  6. jim eh

    Why do I hate him so much?
    I am not jealous of the fact he is dating Katy, I hate the cunt too.

  7. Katy Perry Sweat Pants Russell Brand Miami
    Commented on this photo:

    Obese? Really? You do realize she is pulling her sweatpants out to the side, don’t you? That’s not the actual shape of her leg.

  8. Congratulations, guy who writes the comments, 19 more pictures to add to your jack-off collection.

  9. fish i have a niece who looks just like my wife but barely 21 (and not bitchy), you saying it’s ok to tap it? i’d sure love an excuse..

  10. Jessica

    He’s hot and sexy. He has long legs, bags of confidence. I’d personally suck him dry. Katy is the lucky one.

    • Hugh Gentry

      you are obviously a man, so why choose a woman’s name? Women don’t talk like that you fudge packer.

    • oh i know

      agreed! and don’t forget, FUNNY! funny IS sexy!

      • random bloke

        Yeah, and obnoxious and boorish passes for funny with most chicks. So, if your material is weak, just blurt it loudly and laugh a lot, as if you’re the coolest mofo around. That’s all it takes; girls are such whores.

  11. Josh

    A woman who’s not entirely superficial and chooses her partners for their personality? What is this world coming to….

  12. CakeSnifferer

    This guy must go through a TON of wax every year. I feel safe saying that he doesn’t naturally have the body hair of a seven year old.

    Enjoy the back stubble, Katy.

  13. Cock Dr

    He might be having sex with Ms Perry, but they are living mostly separate lives as they both travel around the planet pushing their respective “entertainment” careers. I’m pretty sure there ain’t much sex going on now except the phone/computer varieties.
    The million dollar question is: when will limey douchebag break down under the stress of all this very public monogamy?

  14. TSW

    Does Great Britain have a law forbidding its men from working out? I’ve never see a British man that looks like he’s been inside a gym. I guess when you’ve got the sexy accent, why bother with crunches? Still, they all seem to have the pecs of 12 year old boys.

  15. Katy Perry Sweat Pants Russell Brand Miami
    Commented on this photo:

    That is NOT katy Perry dude, no way. Look at those arms and back fat. Is probably…probably…some other girl. Like his mom or sister or large yoga instructor.

  16. I wonder...

    I wonder if he smells his fingers after he picks his ass…does Katy smell them too?

  17. THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Prostate cancer is serious business. Just as women should check for breast lumps, men should stick their fingers up their butts three to four times a day. Thank you for your time and vigilance.

  18. whahwa

    He’s fucking sexy. I would fuck him ANY DAY.

  19. Russell Brand Underwear
    Commented on this photo:

    And he still has the stance of the fat kid he’ll never leave behind…………

  20. Clarence Beeks

    I think she is just as unattractive as he is. They are a perfect match. Mediocre looking, not talented……..

  21. We surely know now Katie didn’t marry him for his package. Or his public butt digging etiquette.

  22. Katy Perry Sweat Pants Russell Brand Miami
    Commented on this photo:

    Well, she’s double something all right.

  23. You can tell he really is a sex addict because he can’t stop giving himself “Dirty Sanchez’s”.

  24. Collegato

    I think its the other way around…..

  25. Hannah

    I think he’s hot. Probably hotter than Fish.

  26. jay

    I want to see what he picked out of his ass. Paparazzi Fail!

  27. Satan's bitch

    {urk} Ugh. Gah! EWWWWWW!!!

    Welcome back, Fish!

  28. Russell Brand Underwear
    Double D
    Commented on this photo:

    I knew the English had bad teeth. I did not know they had chronically itchy assholes.

  29. Russell Brand Underwear
    Commented on this photo:

    he probably gave yaw a show.

  30. Mandi


  31. He’s actually attractive in a quirky, charismatic, goofy sort of way. If you have ever seen him on things like the Big Fat Quiz of the Year, you’ll note his sense of humour is common in a lot of U.K area folk (Fielding, Barratt, Moran, Bailey). A lot of American folks don’t get it, so it’s no surprise that a lot of guys don’t get why chicks dig him either. The vast majority of women don’t really give a shit about your pecs if you can make her laugh and feel awesome.

    That being said, I’d lose my fucking mind after a while with him – he’s always loud and always ‘on’ – but in case you haven’t noticed, most girls aren’t stupid enough to want to marry the guy. They just want to swallow or absorb his seed. I’m personally not a fan of gonorrhea, but to each their own.

  32. Russell Brand Underwear
    Commented on this photo:

    Gotch wearing, ass scratching, paunch and paste on full display? Ooooh what a hunk – how proud Katy must be!

  33. Russell Brand Underwear
    Commented on this photo:

    …Your balls are showing…bumblebee tuna!

  34. Katy Perry Sweat Pants Russell Brand Miami
    Commented on this photo:

    Hot !!! She pissed her pants. There’s nothing hotter than a overweight chick who is all wet and sticky.

  35. I recently realized that Russel Brand’s autobiography was titled “My Bookie Wook”. I thought it was cute that they were introducing writing classes to help rehabilitate those with catastrophic brain injuries that prevent them from being funny.

  36. nighthog

    aw, bless all the yanks who don’t get his sense of humour. ha ha!!!

    • Jkaren

      It’s just simply that we Americans actually live to hate celebrities. So much so that we waste hours of our work and free time on sites such as these so that we may spew our hatred..and follow their every move. We are an incredibly intellectual society you see. And we are in the midst of becoming our own planet.

  37. sitin

    Is he on his way to Rehab? Or has he flunked out? I’m betting they asked him to leave just dressed just like he is!

  38. TheTruth!

    Yuck! He must rink of ass.

  39. Russell Brand Underwear
    Commented on this photo:

    NASTY! He was always gross he looks like a greasy slimeball

  40. Katy Perry Sweat Pants Russell Brand Miami
    Commented on this photo:

    ewww but shes no prize either.

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