Russell Brand: ‘The War On Drugs Killed Philip Seymour Hoffman’

February 7th, 2014 // 49 Comments
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In a new Guardian op/ed Russell Brand blames Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s death on the War on Drugs which you can read in its entirely below at your leisure. But because I’ve been seeing this train of thought pop up in the comments, let me try and redirect your efforts because this is the wrong fucking battle. Yes, the War on Drugs has created an unnecessary class of criminals and specifically targets the poor and minorities, but Philip Seymour Hoffman was a rich Hollywood actor with every means at his disposal to fight addiction. And as Russell Brand even points out in his own argument, nothing was going to stop the voice in Hoffman’s head from pushing him to fill an “unfulfillable void.” I’m fully, 100% on board with the argument that the War on Drugs is goddamn asinine, but alcohol being freely available hasn’t stopped people from becoming alcoholics and/or drinking themselves to death, has it? And in the case of Philip Seymour Hoffman, would having heroin “regulated, controlled and professionally administered” really have stopped him from overdosing as Russell brand suggests? Fuck no. He’d find a way to get more, and we’d be exactly were we are now. Which, and I’m stressing this again before the Legalize! posse rolls in, doesn’t mean the War on Drugs shouldn’t be stopped in tracks. It means pick smarter arguments. Preferably ones that don’t use the pun “eMpTyV” which is the real goddamn crime here. Technically, I should’ve stopped reading after that if not been bound by British law to hunt Russell Brand with a musket. The written word used to mean something, says the man who makes dick jokes under titty pictures.

Russell Brand: Philip Seymour Hoffman is Another Victim of Extremely Stupid Drug Laws – Guardian

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  1. Deacon Jones

    Im all for legalizing pot, but man, if cocaine was legal and readily available at CVS 10 years ago I’d be dead!

  2. Goose

    It’s a rare day that I agree with something Fish says, but “I agree”. Also agree that Russell Brand and Shia Labeef are the two biggest circlejerking douches in Hollywood.

    • Don’t be putting Brand and Beef in the same boat. You may not agree with him, you may not find him funny, but the man is leagues more intelligent than Mr. ‘I’m not famous anymore!’.

  3. Cock Dr

    I still can’t believe he bagged Kate Perry. God she must be so dumb.
    He knows how to get himself in the news. What I don’t understand is why would anyone CARE enough about his opinion that they would publish it?

  4. “doesn’t mean the War on Drugs shouldn’t be stopped in tracks. It means pick smarter arguments.”

    Or pick softer drugs!

  5. Poor PSH… just another victim, caught in the crossfire in the War on Drugs. Or, you know… taking waaaay too much heroin.

  6. Mike Walker

    >Fuck no. He’d find a way to get more, and we’d
    >be exactly were we are now

    Wrong. If heroin was regulated and dispensed with consistent dosages, he would have had a better idea of how much he was injecting. Strength variation of street supplies is the biggest reason for heroin overdoses.

    • I’m pretty sure using heroin is the biggest reason for heroin overdoses.

    • Or, the addicts would be beating the crap out of one another for their heroin ration.

    • We already have controlled and regulated heroin. It’s called Vicodin or Oxycontin and people are gobbling that shit up as fast as Doctors and Big Pharma can hand it out. And yes, it is a big freaking problem.
      It’s a really tough call…I mean, yes, we could legalize everything and assume adults are responsible, but in the case of Oxy, where is the problem? Is it overdiagnosed? Or is it people just wanting good drugs. I know an ER doc who says they had to resopnd to years of patients and management input in “treating pain” so now everyone just says their piain is 11 on a scale of 1-10 and they demand the Vicodin or Oxy. Then they get hooked on it. And in case you;re wondering, there is a marked increase in the number of OD’s from prescription meds

    • Deacon Jones

      Mike, your theory is shattered by the fact that, for the past several years now, more people have killed themselves taking “regulated” prescription strength drugs (Oxy, Vicodin, etc) than every other illegal drug COMBINED. Look it up.

      • Mike Walker

        Touche… I didn’t know those numbers were so high. Maybe the nature of administration might contribute to the ease of overdosing with those drugs…. it’s so easy to gobble a couple more little pills. Probably quite a few suicides within those numbers as well.

        My point still stands about heroin, however, which PSH chose to use instead of prescription alternatives, which he could certainly afford. For most heroin users, prescription opioids aren’t an alternative due to the cost, so they don’t solve the problem.

    • Nut bra

      Kind of like how well methadone has worked?

      • Nut bra

        Cos, you know, nobody dies from methadone overdose, being that it is generally regulated and all…

        *smacks forehead*

      • Mike Walker

        Methadone sold on the street is often cut, so dosage is still not consistent.

      • Nut bra

        They have methadone programs where I live. People still die.

      • Mike Walker

        Yep, I get your point but methadone works differently than heroin. It’s longer lasting, accumulates in the body and its effects vary widely between individuals so even carefully prescribed/regulated dosages can be deadly. In that respect, heroin wouldn’t likely have the same mortality rate.

  7. Okay, you know what? When I want to know what it’s like to look like a Zeppelin roadie smells, or what shade of pink Katy Perry’s nipples are, I’ll consult this meatwhistle.

  8. SomeDude

    Or, he could be an intelligent adult and, oh, I don’t know, not inject Heroin. I have to admit, it is amazingly simple to live in this world and not inject Heroin, smoke weed, snort coke or smoke crack. It’s almost like I would have to make an effort to do those things, rather than just watching a football game with my son. Which, again, is really easy to do as well.

    Out of all the things I have done in my life, *not* taking drugs is by far the easiest of them all.

    • Sure. No “intelligent adult” has ever taken drugs. Idiots like Freud, Edison, Franklin, Picasso–and too many other writers, musicians and other artists to name–were all just too stupid and immature to leave drugs alone. None of them were the intelligent adult you are.

  9. I’m no FBI agent, but I’m pretty sure it was Philip Seymour Hoffman that killed Philip Seymour Hoffman. You know, when he sat down, rolled up his sleeve and injected a SHITLOAD OF HEROIN. Ok, unless Russell thinks PSH was taking down heroin in the War on Drugs one packet at a time…Fucksake, it’s not an especially challenging game of Cluedo here, is it

  10. Leila

    Goddamned Fish. This is why I come to this site. It’s not because Hoffman did’t have the resources, was stuck in a jail cell, had no opportunities, means, or support. It’s an insult to every single ACTUAL victim of the war on drugs to imply that he was affected in the same way. Heroine destroys and kills. It’s not the government that makes heroine a bad idea. They are bad. The fact that the government’s stupid “war” on drugs has been a clusterfuck all around doesn’t change that fact.

  11. PassingTrue

    Yet more evidence that many celebrities should never be allowed to utter a single, unscripted sound. They are seldom as interesting or intelligent as the writers make them seem and watching them string together a single unsupervised thought is like watching a dog lick peanut butter off the roof of its mouth.

  12. I’m with Brand. Having heroin “regulated, controlled and professionally administered” is definitely the answer. After all, that system is functioning perfectly with prescription painkillers and anxiety medications.

  13. ::close wikipedia page on US drugs and gun control laws::

    Ah! I didn’t see you standing there.

    I was just reading up on the relationship between Russell Brand’s fuckery and people’s opinions that legalizing guns everywhere would reduce crime and make the country safer.

    Basically, laws prohibiting or restricting items that threaten the health of the denizens of that civilization/country are created because many people lack control or common sense to appropriately use these items.

    However some items are so dangerous that even in measured doses, they can be severely detrimental or lethal, such as a bullet or cocaine, or heroine, despite how they are measured without a license professional.

    The gray area are things like driving car – where rather extensive checks are administered to drive a 1 tone machine at killing speeds; or alcohol – which is addictive and potentially lethal, but doesn’t have the quick rewiring of the addiction centers of the brain in most people like many prescription or street drugs can.

    So now everybody with their bong on their laps is just stood up, spilling bong water on their tan carpet and shouted, “but what about pot, brah!?” Yes, pot is an exception to all of this and fits more int he category of alcohol, but is, imo, much much safer.

    If you made it this far, indeed, I am talking mostly straight out of my anus. No it doesn’t sound like farts. Yes, it sounds like your mom last night.

    Have a good day.

    • thisguy

      Drugs are for yourself, bullets are for other people. You are not out murdering people with your heroin. Comparing the legality of bullets and drugs does not make sense.

  14. I’m not sure there is real a Legalize! Posse for heroin, at least not one like there is for the weed. This PSH thing has spurred a blow up in the local news about the large increase of heroin overdoses in the last year. Along with calls of treatment and putting narcan in every ambulance (they don’t already do that? ‘TF?) there are calls for increased enforcement and cracking down on dealers. For those that don’t get it, that means turning junkies into criminals until you can scare one with prison time so they rat on up the chain. Does that really work at stemming use or does it keep it underground and stigmatized as addicts not only have to worry about their addiction but have to worry about jail too?

    While I agree dead overdosed celebs aren’t a good marketing campaign for the Legalize! Posse, I guess it’s as good a time as any to admit the law enforcement orgy known as the WonD fails and it should open up the discussions that perhaps the current MO for combating heroin isn’t the best policy.

    • I think you’re right. The argument for pot (which I’m all for legalizing though I don’t smoke it anymore) is that it’s no more harmful than alcohol, is non-addicting and there are too many non-violent offenders doing felony prison time for pot related offenses. Regulating and taxing it would be a huge boon to the economy, as would not incurring the costs of incarcerating millions of people for victim-less marijuana crimes. The medical community has also come to believe that marijuana has significant health benefits in terms of pain management and the reduction of stress and anxiety.

      You can’t really make the same argument with heroin. Far more harmful, completely addictive and opiate pain medications are already available with prescription. It’s already as cheap as it’s likely to get. Also, and this is just my opinion, but people that only smoke weed aren’t likely to rob, maim and murder to get the money to buy weed. Junkies have and will. Heroin and coke ruin peoples’ lives.

      • thisguy

        The argument for pot and all drugs is that consenting adults should not have there behavior legislated when that behavior does not affect other people.

      • I understand that everyone is ultimately responsible for their own actions, but in regard to pot I think there are a number of compelling arguments being had. Some economic, some moral, some legal etc. Most people see its legalization as just a matter of time.

        Ultimately I feel like the most convincing argument is simply the volume of drugs that are readily available. It’s proof that the War on Drugs has cost hundreds of billions of dollars and failed completely. The US is the #1 market for illegal drugs in the entire world. We support the entire market. Something needs to change.

      • crb

        Well said. I’ve only met 1 person who had an adverse reaction to ganja. All the others were peaceful.

  15. Love it when a post here practically reads my mind and says what I’d love to say if I weren’t too damned lazy right now to string a few coherent arguments together. I’m tired of the wrong argument made for this, too. And this is one actor that I actually watched movies I wouldn’t have otherwise simply because he played a role in them. Sad to see him go so early, but yeah, dude was filling that void with something he was just lucky hadn’t taken him out earlier. The end.

  16. Jade

    Sorry to state the obvious, but Phillip Seymour Hoffman killed Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

    Sorry also if I lack sympathy, but I honestly have none for people who choose to do drugs and reap what they sow. They aren’t victims, and this death wasn’t tragic. It was needless and stupid.

    Drugs are always so glorious whenever there is a liked famous person involved. Otherwise, a crackwhore is a crackwhore.

  17. monaghan

    I think Russell Brand is smart, but I also think this piece is so unnecessarily verbose….why not just speak plainly, clearly and effectively? That would be much smarter.

  18. crb

    If I have anything in this world, it’s the small satisfaction that my dad never killed himself with drugs to get out of watching the Super Bowl with me when I was little.

    He only punched my mom.

    Small victories, man; small victories…

  19. Roundhouse Kick

    I really wish there were no controversial issues in this world, mainly so that oxygen thieves like Russel Brand would have no reason to exist.

  20. Mike

    I’m pretty sure it was the junk PSH was shooting up that killed him, and not the government’s ‘war on drugs’.

    Was Russell trying to be funny and we’re just not getting the joke, or is he really that big of an ass-hat.

  21. I’m feeling the need to score some Black Tar Heroin just to cope with the fact that Russell Brand lives on the same planet as I do…

  22. Nut bra

    Russell Brand should stick to making people laugh…………
    oh hang on………..what is it he does again?

  23. How many of you actually read his post? He’s not saying PSH died because drugs are illegal and he had no access to proper treatment. He is saying that he *may* not have died if the war on drugs didn’t stimgatise addiction such that people hide it to avoid the inevitable backlash, rather than openly treating it like a mental problem, and treating addicts as people who need help, rather than idiotic criminals who deserve to die because they were stupid enough to take drugs to begin with. You know, like half the people commenting on here are doing right now.

      • Charmed.

        It can be summed up with “People are ignorant douchebags who love to judge others on issues they have zero understanding of”.

        The second somebody is a drug addict, they are considered less than a second class citizen and they deserve whatever’s coming to them. Some people will never hit bottom and so they’ll never understand what it’s like to be there. Others hit bottom in a different way and judge others based on how they personally reacted to it. It’s offensive. We both as individuals and as a society should know better.

  24. lara_s

    Russell is just trolling for attention by inserting himself into the news and making “controversial” statements.

  25. LLL

    I have been reading and watching things on t.v. where there are some researchers/scientists/people who look at scans of brains on drugs, etc. (you know who I’m talking about), and maybe they will eventually come up with something that stops that reward center in the brain from craving certain things. These guys look at addicts’ pleasure centers light up just from watching a needle injection, so maybe this is a road to even more understanding, and then treating, such that there’s no relapsing 22 years later. People may say that would give a free pass to allow oneself to become addicted, but I think that those who would do that, are fewer than those who escape through drugs for reasons other than pure hedonism.

  26. Jim

    The point is that if it were legal, the purity level would be more consistent across supplies.

  27. Jay

    Is Russel a legit problem in your life? Check your plumbing bill.

  28. Ginger Failed

    Whatever you do Russell don’t advocate personal responsibility, ever!

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