Russell Brand Was Edited Out of GQ’s Men Of The Year Issue, I Can’t Imagine Why

October 15th, 2013 // 9 Comments
How To Piss Off Hugo Boss
Russell Brand
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“So then I say, ‘Well, let’s see who’s inna bloody wheelchair now,” and then we made passionate love the soize of a tan-jah-reen.”

Last month, Russell Brand was kicked out of the GQ Men of The Year Awards after informing the crowd that the events sponsor Hugo Boss used to make uniforms for the Nazis. Which apparently was done in whatever window GQ needed to edit him right the fuck out of the Men of The Year issue which they did except not soon enough for his name to not show up in Google search results as of this post. Even better was Russell’s response. Via Starpulse:

GQ cleansed me from their issue. That’s what they do when they don’t like something. I guess that’s why they dig the Nazis.”

In GQ‘s defense, Mel Gibson acted as guest editor and was reportedly too overwhelmed with all the “faggot suits” and “pack of nigger outfits” to pretend to like Jews. Plus, he thought Russell was a woman and wondered why she was even in the issue instead of being stabbed to death during anal sex. It just seemed odd to him.

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  1. EricLR

    Of course GQ staff and readers don’t like Nazi’s. They don’t want to be associated with anyone more nice, modest, and open-minded than themselves.

  2. poop

    the fact that he considered to a man of the year is pretty disgusting enough

  3. Roundhouse Kick

    Hugo Boss made their apologies, and paid reparations to victims and their families. It’s not that GQ digs nazis, it’s that they don’t dig sanctimonious wankers.

  4. Jenn

    The truth will set you free from the pages of GQ.

  5. My personal feeling is fuck reparations – most survivors look on it as blood money and won’t touch it, so it becomes an all-too-easy out PR exercise for

    That aside, GQ missed a trick, because dumping him without comment makes it look as though he had a valid point. Hugo Boss was a true believer and was on board with the Nazi party as early as 1931, which is when he started manufacturing uniforms for them. He made uniforms for the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS all through the war, and used forced labor to accomplish it.

    While shining a light on people like Boss who profited through the misery of others is important, since the family already further profited by selling the firm and are no longer connected with it, all it does slam the current owners, who had nothing to do with the crime.

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  7. Jaime

    Who writes this shit? Are they on drugs? Was that a stupid question?

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