Russell Brand To Katy Perry: ‘Eh, You Can Keep The House, Too’

Apparently Russell Brand really wants to make it clear he doesn’t have a vagina because not only has he turned down $20 million in the divorce settlement, he’s now just letting Katy Perry keep the house they bought together. TMZ reports:

Russell Brand is one step closer to severing all ties with Katy Perry — because he’s surrendered his interest in the house they bought together while they were happily married — if they were ever really happily married.

It’s further proof of what Russell said — that he doesn’t want a penny of Katy’s money and wants the split to go as amicably as possible … so far, so good.

I’d almost say this just made everyone on Real Housewive’s heads explode, but then I remembered their skulls are 228% Botox and synthetic polymers, so they probably just ate some puppies and small children instead. It’s how they show confusion along with being a necessary source of lifeforce. Sweet, sweet lifeforce.

Photos: Splash News