Russell Brand Kicked Out of GQ Awards For Pointing Out Hugo Boss Made Nazi Uniforms

September 9th, 2013 // 161 Comments
Russell Brand
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While speaking at GQ‘s Man of The Year Awards, Russell Brand thought it’d be hilarious to joke about the fact that Hugo Boss, the event’s sponsor, made a fortune selling uniforms to the Nazis. Which it was unless you’re an editor for GQ whose corporate sponsor you (accurately) linked to one of the most historic genocides in the history of man. Via The Daily Mail:

While on stage, Brand told the gathered celebrities and politicians, ‘If anyone knows a bit about history and fashion, you know it was Hugo Boss who made uniforms for the Nazis.’
He then added, with less than subtle irony, ‘But they looked fucking fantastic, let’s face it, while they were killing people on the basis of their religion and sexuality.’

Shortly afterwards, Brand was kicked out by the magazine’s editor, Dylan Jones. According to the comedian’s Twitter feed, the two men exchanged angry words, with Jones saying, ‘What you did was very offensive to Hugo Boss.’ Brand replied, ‘What Hugo Boss did was very offensive to the Jews.’

First off, BAH-ZING! Second off, probably my favorite part of this whole ordeal is when the Daily Mail attempts to point out that Hugo Boss wasn’t exactly an active Nazi, he just joined the party to make an insane profit from Herr Fuhrer’s practically innocent little Blitzkrieg and took advantage of the forced labor from occupied countries who then occasionally died from the work conditions. Which – FOR THE RECORD! – were better than others. It’s not like he was out there gassing Jews with a tiny mustache. In fact, as the Daily Mail reports, Hugo Boss was able to successfully appeal his post-war status to the lesser category of “follower” as opposed to an active promoter of Nazism which was surely based on his fine character and not substantial wealth. Politics just doesn’t work that way. Oh no no no, balderdash.

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  1. s a w

    Russell Brand, I would..!

  2. Vlad

    So what if Boss made the SS uniforms? They looked darn fucking sexy ’cause he had style coming out of his ears. Russel only said this so he can get some points from Stephen Fry.

  3. Mychaeltodd

    Good for you Russell!

  4. Soooooo great!!!! Love Russell!

  5. JSinAmerica

    Finally, a site worthy of Russell Brand — superficial!

    Why does anyone bother to follow this douche bag? The worst example of the human experiment!

  6. kurt

    Meh, he’s right on all points -they did make them, they did take the money, and their uniforms are way more badass than any other Allies’ or Axis’.

  7. Babs

    Good for Russell Brand. I don’t care if Hugo Boss only made the uniforms to collect money – he joined the crowd which made misery for Europe. Nazis killed Brits, French, Poles, Russians, Germans as well as Jews and gays. Don’t you get it?!

    Thank you Russel Brand for making this publicly known!!

  8. I absolutely applaud Russell for telling the truth in all terms everywhere he goes. I’am sharing him 2013 Compilation Video of the Messiah Tour and his other video’s to as many people as I can, and same don’t even get what he’s still saying in the 1st video.

    He gets that God is not a Who, it’s a Conscious of Awareness from you and the thoughts of the planet. Everything in motion in waves of Space is nothing but information and energy, so what you focus on you bring into reality, and God is SPACE and the Spaces between Space & that is all connected to your thoughts. He gets this and he is really moving humanity up a few notches to see and be more aware of other realities. Thank you Russell for everything your doing, you have the best job and the best fans!

  9. max

    big deal, hugo boss profit from the war so did many ,many others….if youre gonna berate others what about volkswagon,krupps,bmw just to name a few. there are always profiteers in war time. get over it.

  10. guest

    this is awesome!

  11. jacob

    Those who fear truth live lies. :) Brand was smashing!

  12. Ernie Von Schleiberg

    “religion and sexuality.” If you are going to present yourself as historically factual, you should seriously do it. Nazism was ambivalent toward religion and if not a fairness promoter, a first of it’s kind accepter of homosexuality. Look it up. Hitler would only ask “he doesn’t like little boys, though, correct?” If a person could get the job done for him, they had a job. Read it from one who lived through it in THE RISE AND FALL OF THE THIRD REICH.

    • DRSNova

      Hitler was a “kind accepter of homosexuality” – are you an idiot?

      Homosexuals, along with other minority groups, are the often sadly forgotten victims of concentrations camps, because the spotlight is often only on the majority group (jewish people) that were kept and murdered under horrible conditions.

    • Leo

      In the Nazi death camps, homosexuals were identified with pink stars on their uniforms (not to mention certain religious groups, who were also specifically singled out for persecution). Look it up. Idiot.

  13. DRSNova

    So…everyone applauding this asshole thinks it’s also proper conduct to, say, if invited to speak in front of the German parliament, to call them “a bunch of Nazis”, because they happen to inhabit the same geographic area under the same name? After issuing apologies and making reparations?

    Or, to put it in a way Americans can maybe relate better to: How would you feel if the German chancellor was invited to speak in front of the US senate, and starting by pointing out they all are former black-slave-owners and american-Indian-murderers? Cool?

  14. Kev Mac South Africa

    What a legend!

  15. hamzr

    fuck hugo boss. proteced fuckin pussy prick

  16. Joseph Twinkletits

    I don’t see the problem.
    The Nazi’s looked damn good.

  17. John


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