Russell Brand Kicked Out of GQ Awards For Pointing Out Hugo Boss Made Nazi Uniforms

September 9th, 2013 // 161 Comments
Russell Brand
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While speaking at GQ‘s Man of The Year Awards, Russell Brand thought it’d be hilarious to joke about the fact that Hugo Boss, the event’s sponsor, made a fortune selling uniforms to the Nazis. Which it was unless you’re an editor for GQ whose corporate sponsor you (accurately) linked to one of the most historic genocides in the history of man. Via The Daily Mail:

While on stage, Brand told the gathered celebrities and politicians, ‘If anyone knows a bit about history and fashion, you know it was Hugo Boss who made uniforms for the Nazis.’
He then added, with less than subtle irony, ‘But they looked fucking fantastic, let’s face it, while they were killing people on the basis of their religion and sexuality.’

Shortly afterwards, Brand was kicked out by the magazine’s editor, Dylan Jones. According to the comedian’s Twitter feed, the two men exchanged angry words, with Jones saying, ‘What you did was very offensive to Hugo Boss.’ Brand replied, ‘What Hugo Boss did was very offensive to the Jews.’

First off, BAH-ZING! Second off, probably my favorite part of this whole ordeal is when the Daily Mail attempts to point out that Hugo Boss wasn’t exactly an active Nazi, he just joined the party to make an insane profit from Herr Fuhrer’s practically innocent little Blitzkrieg and took advantage of the forced labor from occupied countries who then occasionally died from the work conditions. Which – FOR THE RECORD! – were better than others. It’s not like he was out there gassing Jews with a tiny mustache. In fact, as the Daily Mail reports, Hugo Boss was able to successfully appeal his post-war status to the lesser category of “follower” as opposed to an active promoter of Nazism which was surely based on his fine character and not substantial wealth. Politics just doesn’t work that way. Oh no no no, balderdash.

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  1. chopper

    I have zero fucks to give about Russell Brand.

    • Check your balance again, it’s quite possible you and everyone else may have a positive credit of fucks OWED to you from this douche. In accounting, I think they call it Fucks Receivable.

      • Rasputin's Evil Twin

        Grigori and I would like to arrange to have our “Fucks Receivable” come from Charlize Theron and Michelle Pfeiffer.

        Hey, even ancient Russian alcoholic madmen can dream, you know.

      • Markriss

        Why does everyone hate him so much? He is only offensive if you fear truth. I happen to think this guy is a genius and is someone to be championed not hated. Sure he is a bit narcissistic but most people who make a difference are. Even Ghandi supposedly said that “not every man could do what I do for it takes character and bravery to stand for what I do and to abstain from violence. Lesser people don’t have it in them.”- (lightly paraphrased). Point being self-involvement isn’t a bad thing if the person is legitimately a great person. This champion of truth and bastion of humor and fun is one such person who deserves to love himself a little.

      • Lumberjack

        It has nothing to do with his comedy, or him being ‘edgy’. He’s a douche, he’s slimy, he’s a one dimensional actor and he isn’t nearly as smart or funny as he thinks he is. That being said, he is both richer and more successful then me, so why should he or his fans care what his detractors think?

      • CBH

        He’s a douche based on what? Because I’ve met a handful of guys from East London who have met him down at West Ham and said he was a great guy, so I imagine you’ve met him and have a different story, right?

      • he’s a douche based on the VERY least by his breaking up with a chick in a text message like a 17 year old clueless schmuck instead of putting his big boy pants on and doing it like an adult, with at the freaking LEAST an actual phone call. and i personally just hate comedians who come off as self-satisfied… and he has that smarmy, smug, sleezy vibe to him in SPADES.

      • Erik

        Sounds to me like all personal problems. He didn’t hurt you or anyone else, so how does this effect you in any way?

      • Kyran

        The fact that you comment about his break up (gossip) with a girl via text shows how superficial your view is. The fact is he commented about a racy and TRUE part of our history, and makes political statements in the public eye. If you have seen or heard other interviews with him, this is not a one time occurrence. You may think he is a douche, but probably because your too busy reading US weekly and looking at pictures of Chaning Tatum.

      • jason bourne


      • Michael Jay

        Personally, I can’t stand the guy. That doesn’t change the fact that it took BIG balls to accept that award and tell the absolute truth. The problem lies in the fact that the entertainment industry is a dirty business and all that matters to them is the almighty dollar. It’s about damn time that someone actually stood up to these people and told the unabashed truth.

      • shaun

        Yeah, Michael’s right! Because every other industry in Merica is about taking care of their workers and the overall good of humanity. Greed never comes into play in any other of these industries, just a whole lotta god honest mistakes. Or “whoopsies” as they can be called when greed doesn’t come into play. Thank the one and only true god that integrity is ONLY lacking in the entertainment industry.

      • Dana

        Michael didn’t say ONLY the entertainment industry is rotten. But there are all kinds of people speaking out against other industries, and celebs don’t often bite the hand that feeds them.

      • In all fairness to Brand, the chick WAS Katy Perry. The fact he broke up by text just shows how awful a person SHE was. Quite frankly, I think the best thing the man ever did in his life was divorce that trollop.

    • josh

      Then why are you reading articles about him?

    • chris

      Does that mean you love the Nazis?

    • Quite the contrary, I give zero fucks about Alice Eve.

  2. Russel Brand just earned the McFeely Smackup stamp of approval for achieving an epic level “Giving No Fucks”.

    Sure Hugo Boss joined the National Socialist Party well before the war and Nazi atrocities, sure he could be excused for not knowing what the Nazi party would become, BUT…

    When your company is using POW and slave labor to produce Nazi uniforms at the height of the worst war crimes ever recorded in history…well, you’re wrong. And frankly, if you wear Hugo Boss t-shirt in 2013, you’re literally Hitler.

    • Come on MFS, that was 60 something years ago when they were using jewish slaves to make their clothes. Now they use malaysian kids.

      • Jynxx

        On;y because they were STOPPED over 60 years ago, and we still dredge up folks who will be prosecuted for doing less. hugo made Money, and didn’t decry the thing until he was about to get his ass handed to him by the families and relatives of the Soldiers and citizens his chosen side Killed. People don’t get over that, I still despise some of the belief structure and people who killed my relatives from the Civil War…

    • Also, don’t drive a Mercedes, BMW or Volkswagen, or a Mitsubishi. Or hell, even a Ford. I think Henry was wheeling and dealing with Adolf in the early days

      • JC

        VW was actually the first German company to voluntarily compensate its war-time slaves and pay reparations, for whatever that’s worth.

      • Time Magazine named Adolf Hitler “Man of the Year” in 1938.

        What’s up with that Time?

      • Mel Gibson's Alter Ego

        Time was a top notch periodical until the got taken over by the Heebs.

      • HELEN


      • racer-x

        Ah yes, whenever someone disagrees with or criticizes you, the old A-S Trope gets trotted out.

        When in reality, except for the Muslim terrorist nutbar community, there are probably a lower % of Non-Jewish Anti-Semites than there are Jewish people who are racist against Non-Jews.

        -Which is sort-of the saddest thing of all.
        In all their complaining about everyone else, Jewish people like to put on the theatrical production that they aren’t more racist than the people they whine about.

        Try catching them as they talk, thinking non-Jews aren’t around, or in Yiddish when they are.

        -Because apparently, Racism is just fine with Jewish people. -As long it’s done By them to others, and mostly in Yiddish.
        Gentile, Shiksa, and Shkotzim are all racial slurs they use on them frequently.

        So again, how is it really that possible for the average person to be an Anti-Semite even as much or more than the average Jewish person is likely to be Anti-Gentile?

      • Slightly Askew

        I don’t think implying “heebs” taking over something ruined that something can be categorized as disagreement or criticism.

      • Dana

        But you’re supposed to be better than them. Is that your standard? Be douchey but less douchey than the other guy? How about not being douchey at all?

        Call people out on specific individual behavior. Don’t hate them for who they are. Guilt by association is a myth–the only one responsible for a person’s behavior is that person.

      • Chana

        Gentile is not a racial slur. It is a category to describe someone who is not Jewish, like Catholic or Protestant, Arab or Palistinian. The term shiksa certainly is, and its use is viewed by the Jews I know in the same light as the N word. We find its use abhorrent. Do some use it? Sure. There are narrow-minded, racist, bigots in every culture. And I have never heard the term “shkotzim.” BTW, I’m an Orthodox Jew in LA.

      • He was a pretty snappy dresser.

      • McFeely, you realize that meant “Newsmaker of the Year,” not the kind of “Man of the Year” awards the local Kiwanis Club hands out over chicken dinners and too much booze.

        How come no one mentions Khomeini as Time’s 1979 Man of the Year? Always with the Hitler.

      • Really, it’s not like Time’s ‘Man of the Year’ is some auspicious award reserved for truly deserving people who have accomplished something worthwhile for the good of all humanity, like the Nobel Peace Prize. Won by Yassir Arafat.
        “Always with the Hitler”. – nice one!

      • schmidtler quoting me approvingly? Either he didn’t get the sarcasm, or I fucked up.

      • @schmidtler Don’t forget Obama was a Nobel Peace Prize winner, our current Peacemaker in Chief about to bomb another country.

      • Obama was nominated for the Nobel prize BEFORE he even took office as president. It wasn’t given to him because of any dedication to peace or other practical reason, it was a political statement of support with no deeper meaning than that.

        So, he can wear his nobel prize WHILE bombing Syria without any hypocrisy whatsoever.

      • donkeylicks

        When Time magazine chooses the Man of the Year they do so based on accomplishment and recognition. While people don’t realize he wasn’t chosen because Time thought now theres a guy with whom I’d like to have a cold brewsky but because here was a virtually unknown who was able to bend an entire country to his will all the while mobilizing them to action on a global level. Regardless of how terrible his beliefs and or accomplishments are they are still noteworthy in history and can be considered impressive. Signal firing squad now.

      • Jussayin

        I might be off base here but, am I the only person who sees Mel Gibsons Alter Ego’s comment as an unabashed sarcastic quip based on the name?

      • Loaded and Locked

        Dude, I’m pretty sure you are right on the mark with that observation.

      • bbc

        Sarcasm is the first resort of pussies.

    • hey there

      You need to look up the definition of ‘literally’.

      • Xais56


        In a literal manner or sense; exactly: “the driver took it literally when asked to go straight over the traffic circle”.
        Used to acknowledge that something is not literally true but is used for emphasis or to express strong feeling.

      • You need to look up the definition of “satire”

  3. CrashHell

    Best thing Brand’s done in his entire career. Kudos!

  4. not a russell brand fan but he wins fuckin awesome for the day.

    • EricLR

      Just when I’ve given up on this guy, he always comes back with a great comedy quip that reminds me that he gives even less a fuck about what the rest of the world thinks than I give about him.

  5. JC

    Great, now I have positive feelings about Russell Brand. I’m going to end up getting sodomized in a wheel chair, aren’t I?

  6. Cock Dr

    OMG let’s get that video….of the joke & him being ejected.

  7. Goose

    National Socialism is bad. I agree.

    • Haha! This idiot thinks the Nazis were actual socialists.

      • Well that’s what they called it… Next you’ll tell me the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea isn’t a democracy or a republic.

      • This can’t be a post from Fishy. I expect less words and more wit in his replies to readers.

      • GoDAMMIT, I was wasting time writing an inappropriately long-winded, quasi-clever, historical piece, and there were hillbitties out this whole time???

      • They were very much socialists, just not the fuzzy-wuzzy ones we are used to seeing playing bongos in the park or teaching Modern Vagina Oppression at Wesley. The whole “Murder the Jews, because they ARE Capitalism” isn’t heard much anymore, either… Well, outside of the Middle East.

      • malaka

        fascism and socialism are polar opposites.
        socialism has nothing to do with government.
        it is far more closely related to anarchy.
        a socialist government is an oxymoron.
        a socialist dictator is an oxymoron.

      • At their extremes socialism and fascism are the same in a fundamental way.

      • Steve

        Montana, no they were not Socialist at all. You are just straight up wrong. Yes, the founders of the tiny party Hitler bumped into were Socialist, and Hitler played along long enough to get the working me on his side. And yes, a lot of the Brownshirts believed in the Socialism part of the name. But it was always just a means to an end for Hitler. As soon as he purged the SA and starting making nice with big business, the NAZI party became what it really was.

      • Dana

        Socialism is not defined as “the government owning everything,” unless the government is a direct democracy. The people can’t own the means of production if the entity calling itself “the people” doesn’t in actuality represent every single one of them.

        You can only argue the Nazis were socialist if you can also argue that there was no representative body in the German government and that German Jews were full citizens of Germany with all the rights inherent in that state of being. Good luck even attempting to make that argument.

      • …. and today we find out how aptly named this site is

  8. Jim Jones

    Well BMW made the Nazi airplanes.

    The BMW logo is a set of propellers.

    • EricLR

      Ergo, 80′s yuppies are Nazi’s. Makes sense.

    • davo

      Nazi airplanes? I think you mean the Luftwaffe there was no Nazi airforce.

      • not a nazi i just speak German

        you know that Luftwaffe is the German word for airforce, right? Even if you translate it literally, it’s “Air weapons”

    • Except that it isn’t a set propellers. That’s Hineininterpretierung.

    • Don

      No The BMW logo was created in 1917 as a tribute to the Free State of Bavaria. However, at the time it was illegal to use national symbols in commercial trademarks, hence the opposite order of the white and blue quadrants.

  9. bwana

    Just another brit telling old nazi shit, that`s what they love to do to divert from their own probs. Boring.

  10. Between this and the thing a few months back on the morning news show, I’m starting to come around to this guy.

  11. The combined effect of a) his blatant scarcity of fucks to give and b) his apparent rejection of legwarmers and/or layered ponchos has admittedly granted me a newfound respect for this man. Well played, Sir. You may star in the Freddy Mercury biopic now.

  12. So… does this make Russell Brand still unfunny? The real crime here is what Hugo Boss charges for his clothes.

  13. Mel Gibson's Alter Ego

    This guy looks like a Jeeeewwwwwww!!!! He’s a Jeeeeeewwwwww!!!! He’s lying about the holocaust!!!! I deserve a blow job!!!! Jeeeewwwwwww!!!!!

  14. Slappy Magoo

    The original Daily Mail article points out that Hugo Boss didn’t design the uniforms, just mass-produced them. “I didn’t kill anyone, I was only fulfilling orders.”

  15. Say what you will about the Nazis, but they were certainly snappy dressers.

    • Shut the fuck up Jew killing Jesus Fucking Freak

      • Could you stop? That is totally counterproductive. And before you call me names, I am proud to be Jewish, but people like you who just call people names because they don’t like Jews or say something you might find offensive just give credibility to their beliefs. Besides for the fact that I am pretty sure that at least some of the comments you replied to were meant jokingly or sarcasticly. Grow up.

  16. Alice Eve = Bangable
    Russell Brand = Bang Bang Bangable

  17. malaka

    i don’t care what people say about this guy.
    he was funny in those two movies.
    he made me laugh so he gets a pass.
    same thing with timberlake.

  18. I REALLY don’t want to twaddle on a perfectly good quasi-political post which has real potential to mastisise into a gigantic ball of partisan fuckery, but:

    Hugo Boss has been dead for over 60 years. I know of no member of his family or descendants that even own stock in the company. The reason it’s still called Hugo Boss is because it’s a cool sounding name; if the dude’s name had been Adelfarb Suffefenshtein, Russel Brand would have had to rely once again on making slurred Cockney witticisms about his penis.

    They could change the name of the company, which appears to be it’s only remaining connection to the Nazis. The new name would have to somehow embody 30 years of fashion history without invoking the coke-addled outrage of every celebrity with a Wikipedia app on his gold-plated iphone. This will then be immediately branded as a “Thinly veiled attempt to cover up their disgusting Nazi past”, probably by noted activists like Sean Penn, or Justin Bieber, or somebody.

    Let me be the first to suggest the perfect NEW name that not only embodies German style, but can only invoke feelings of joy and brotherhood wherever it is seen or heard: “Detlef Schrempf”

    • *its – I have just pwned myself. My lack of education and proofreading skills apparent, you may discount this and all future posts.

    • I thought detlef was croatian or some shit.

    • A H

      “They could change the name of the company, which appears to be it’s only remaining connection to the Nazis.”

      Well, that and the huge profits they made off of concentration camp labor which made possible enormous financial success that created the foundation for their current profit-making. So, yeah…

    • Dana

      The only reason the company exists today is no one dismantled it for aiding and abetting war crimes. As usual, corporations are people, but only people get the death penalty.

      Quit making excuses for them.

  19. Russell you’re THE MAN :)

  20. me

    Pretty sure the guy was just raising awareness how fucked up the gods of our world are and we pay them to screw up our world and us and worship them for it. Not sure, maybe he was just making a funny and will pull an Adam Levine later on. Seems like most of the jokes were delivered comically, but said in a sober manor make absolute sense and would make Gandhi, Dr. King, and Jesus Christ proud.

  21. Jade

    Why does anyone court this guy? He might be rich, he might be famous.. but outside his acting, as a person he is a douche. Why should we care about him as a person?

    • Actually, he’s about as far from a douche as it’s possible to be. He’s extremely intelligent, thoughtful, kind, warm-hearted, generous… What is it about him that you think makes him a douche?

      • Jade

        He is horribly rude and condescending. He seems to suffer from “my shit doesn’t stink” syndrome, and has no problems with letting people know it. In his quest to be so open, he comes off as being ignorant while trying to preach against it. I mean, if you don’t like something, don’t go to the event. But to show up and be disrespectful and holier-than-thou at the same time is really rude. I’m not hipster enough to find it edgy and cool.

      • Dana

        You can’t disrespect a thing that profited from a genocide. You can only kill and bury it. It’s worth nothing better.

        And you better bet 99 percent of us are holier than scumbag piece of shit corporations like that one. Brand’s in good company.

      • And also he got to bang Katy Perry while the rest of us non-celeb nobodies are stuck just watching her titties bounce in her crappy videos.

  22. Nena

    I don’t blame him for saying something. We need a few people to stir the pots now and then.

  23. Well done Russell, well done.

  24. Here come the WWII nerds. Derp derp derp. Too bad we can’t argue about the historical data of the Civil War too.

  25. Several fashion designers were huge nazis. Like Coco Chanel. But nothing ever happened to them, because, you know, wee they make fancy clothes!

  26. EnglishTeacherAnni

    Russell Brand is now wins the first annual EnglishTeacherAnni Man of the Year Award.

  27. It’s not like he indicted him on charges or anything. He pointed out, “hey, this guy isn’t so great” and fucking russel brand can do that shit cause he is THAT GUY who actually does way better for himself by being a jackass. I LOVE it. I have almost no idols in the world, but he certainly comes close. And unfortunately Im nothing like him.

  28. How brave. He pointed out the business relations from 70+ years ago. Frankly he had every right to say it, but at this point does it matter? He didn’t do it for some kind of noble cause, it was a publicity stunt and a shock joke so we’d all be talking about it. He’s not Simon Wiesenthal. Personally I see no problem with his statement (what did they expect from the guy) but it’s important to remember he is not awesome. Unless awesome is brought on by trashing your ex-wife publicly, starring in an insulting remake of a comedy classic, voicing a rabbit it an equaling insulting kids movie and being generally greasy, narcissistic and unfunny.

    • Pretty sure he did it because he found the whole concept of fashion awards to be a bit of a pompous entity. His comments about Syria and the working class, and the whole mood of his rant was mocking. In a world with so many other serious issues, you have a bunch of pretentious twats arguing clothes, and he clearly was taking the piss out of them for it.

      Too bad most of them probably didn’t even realise it, though.

  29. Homa Sapiens

    How many people caught the beginning of that?

    “also glad to grace the stage where Boris Johnson has just made light of the use of Chmicalweapons in syria, meaning that G Q can now stand for ‘Genocide Quips.’”

  30. Christopher Zimny

    This guy is fucking funny.

  31. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~````````````````
  32. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~````````````````

    Hugo Boss started his clothing company in 1924 in Metzingen, a small town south of Stuttgart, where it is still based. However, due to the economic climate in Germany at the time, Boss was forced into bankruptcy. In 1931, he reached an agreement with his creditors, leaving him with six sewing machines to start again. The same year, he became a member of the National Socialist party and a sponsoring member (“Förderndes Mitglied”) of the Schutzstaffel (SS) therefore was economically raised due to their help. He later stated himself that he had joined the party because of their promise to end unemployment and because he felt “temporarily” withdrawn from the Lutheran church. He joined the German Labour Front in 1936, the Reich Air Protection Association in 1939, and the National Socialist People’s Welfare in 1941. His sales increased from 38,260 RM in 1932 to over 3,300,000 RM in 1941, while his profits increased in the same period from 5,000 RM to 241,000 RM. Though he claimed in a 1934/1935 advertising that he had been a “supplier for National Socialist uniforms since 1924″, such supplies are probable since 1928/1929 and certain since 1934, when he became an Reichszeugmeisterei-licensed (official) supplier of uniforms to the Sturmabteilung, Schutzstaffel, Hitler Youth, National Socialist Motor Corps, and other party organizations. To meet demand in later years of the war, Boss used about 30 to 40 prisoners of war and about 150 forced (i.e. slave) labourers, from the Baltic States, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and the Soviet Union.[10]> According to German historian Henning Kober, the company managers were “avowed Nazis”, “the Boss were all great admirers of Adolf Hitler”, and Hugo Boss himself had in 1945 in his apartment a photograph of himself with Hitler taken in the latter’s Obersalzberg retreat.[11]
    In a 1946 judgement, based on his early party membership, his financial support of the SS and the uniforms delivered to the National Socialist party even before 1933, Boss was considered both an “activist” and a “supporter and beneficiary of National Socialism”. He was stripped of his voting rights, his capacity to run a business and, fined “a very heavy penalty” of 100,000 marks.[10] He died in 1948 but his business survived.
    In 1997, the company appeared in a list of Swiss dormant accounts, which stirred the publication of articles highlighting the involvement of Hugo Boss with the Nazis.[12][13][14] In 1999, American lawyers filed lawsuits in New Jersey, on behalf of survivors or their families, for the use of forced workers during the war.[15][16] The company did not comment on these law suits but reiterated an earlier statement that it would “not close its eyes to the past but rather deal with the issues in an open and forthright manner”.[15] It sponsored research by German historian Elisabeth Timm.[10] Nevertheless, after Timm told the press of her findings, the company declined to publish them.[17] In December 1999, an agreement was reached between the German government and a group of American class-action lawyers, Jewish groups, and the United States government to set a $5.1 billion fund, financed equally by German industry and the German government, to compensate slave laborers used by the Germans in World War II.[18] Hugo Boss agreed to participate in this fund,[19] for an amount which was estimated by some sources to be “about € 752 000″,[20] while others considered the firm “finally paid an absolute minimum into the compensation fund”.[21]
    Shift from Union Manufacturing[edit source | editbeta]

    In March 2010, Hugo Boss was boycotted by actor Danny Glover for the company’s plans to close an Ohio suit manufacturing plant after 375 employees of the Workers United Union reportedly rejected Hugo Boss proposal to cut the workers’ hourly wage 36% from $13 an hour to $8.30.[22] After an initial statement by CFO Andreas Stockert that the company had a responsibility to shareholders and would move suit manufacturing from Ohio to other facilities in Turkey, Bulgaria, and Romania,[23] the company “succumbed” to the boycott and cancelled the project.[24]

    • Bob

      He was a Nazi. It was a huge part of his identity. Whether it’s an inconvenient truth or not for the company, it remains the truth.

  33. amanda

    I think Chopper has missed the point of the story. I.E: Brand is not the issue here, it is that GQ’s Man of the Year were so indentured to their sponsors that a man was removed for quoting fashion history which accurately reflected Hugo Boss’ history.

    • Geeeee

      Amanda, you should try to accurately quote American history to the immigration officer at JFK…. and see what happens :)

  34. Hugo Boss, as with every single other business in the late Thirties early Forties in Germany, would have been forced to join the Party in order to remain in business. Manufacturing for a certain customer is not endorsement of their actions, merely good business sense. Much the same as allowing cheap labor to produce clothing for the US and UK / European markets with inhuman working conditions is considered quite normal today, but may come in for vilification in years to come.

  35. The more I read about him the more I admire him. Crazy? without a doubt, but crazy good.

  36. Amelia

    This article is poorly researched, Hugo Boss did in fact make the uniforms for the Nazi’s and he was an active Nazi himself. Get your facts right.

  37. M V

    And Volkswagen build their cars…

    And millions of Germans participated directly or indirectly…

    But does that mean we go around sticking our fingers in their eyes 70 years later? After we have chosen to attend a party sponsored by them?

    • Dave Lee Travis

      Yes it does. That’s exactly what it means. Nobody gets a free pass on this shit.

      50 years from now I expect the world to still be giving American comapnies a hard time for their treatment of the Arabs in Gulf War 1 and 2.

  38. Geeeee

    OK wait a minute…. how much money did the British, French, Spanish, etc. make with slave business???
    The nazi uniforms look very very cool (unlike the British…)

  39. 3 things I couldn’t care less about:

    1. Hugo Boss
    2. Russell Brand
    3. What jews think.

    • Well, obviously you could care less about them, since you took the time to read an article about them and compose a snippy little comment, complete with a numbered list to showcase your anti-Semitism.

  40. mackcheese

    I have two HB suits. Neither of them look as good as a Nazi uniform.

  41. Lydia

    “I prefer disturb with the truth to pander with adulations” (Séneca)

  42. jeff

    People should know another German company BRAUN, maker of coffee makers, electric razors, toothbrushes etc. made the cremation ovens at the Nazi death camps.

    • And General Electric invented the electric minigun and had a huge nuclear weapons division. Better get rid of all your light bulbs and refrigerator if you’re going to walk the talk.

  43. Jhon

    Consequently: GQ editor is pro-Nazi
    I hope I wipe my as… with the next roll

  44. Leo

    Yes, so these people supported this terrible regime, that did all these unspeakable things, 60 FUCKING YEARS AGO!!!!!!! We all know about all these companies and the varying degrees of their ties to the Nazi regime, so what do all of you arseholes hope to achieve by banging on about it now?

    All you limp-wristed lefty Americans with your sanctimonious whining about Hugo Boss, et al… What about the genocide that your forebears committed against the natives of your country? IS THERE ANY GOOD, PRACTICAL REASON TO EVEN BRING IT UP? IS THERE ANYONE STILL ALIVE WHO CAN ANSWER FOR THESE CRIMES?

    Nothing worthwhile in this world has ever been achieved by crybabies. Which is what Russell Brand is—him, and all of the little bitches on here congratulating him.

    • If you had grown up with horrible gaps in your family tree and family members who had survived the atrocity, you probably wouldn’t be rolling your eyes from deep within your fog of privilege and complacence. And 60 years isn’t that long ago, you unbelievable fucktard.

      • Leo

        The nazis are long gone, but they will remembered, and vilified (quite rightly) for all time. Hugo Boss didn’t personally kill your grandparents. And nobody who is presently employed by Hugo Boss had anything whatsoever to do with the holocaust. GET ON WITH YOUR FUCKING LIMP-DICKED LIFE.

  45. Edvard Munch

    Rocky wore Hugo Boss shirts in Rocky 4

  46. Mr D

    Did he Cash his cheque?

  47. Dr. Jones

    He’s losing it. Katy Perry’s revenge.

  48. I did not not know this. Not that I could afford Hugo Boss products to start with but I’ll definitely never look at their company the same way again. Thanks for the insight Russel!

  49. 1) Pointing actions of others that did worse does not justify Hugo Boss. Playing the ‘they did worse’ game is irrelevant
    2) 60 odd years makes no difference, 1 year or 1 century, war crimes are still war crimes. At no time does history not worth knowing.
    3) personal attack/insults on the bearer of a fact will not change the fact. You will usually see ad hominem attacks only when the person has nothing valid to say at all

    • Leo

      So… what do you suggest? Should Hugo Boss be shut down? Should the current management of the company be shamed internationally—perhaps tarred and feathered? Should all Hugo Boss products come with a warning label, like cigarettes; “WARNING: FORMER NAZI COLLUDER”, something like that? What are you actually hoping to achieve? Just like Mr Brand, you don’t really seem to have an actual point.

      • The “point’ is that people should be educated and make their own personal decisions about whether or not they wish to associate with a company. How fucking hard is that to understand?

      • Leo

        “Personal attacks/insults on the bearer of a fact, will not change the fact”.

        So people need to be educated about the history of a company in order to decide whether or not they want to be associated with a company, correct? How frequently do you propose that this “education” should take place? Every single fucking time the company’s name gets mentioned, in any context?

      • “So… what do you suggest?”

        How about companies issue fucking apologies after the fact and donate some of their massive fortune to some related philanthropic causes instead of just burying it and playing the LALALALAITSOVERNOWGETOVERIT game like you seem to be doing? How about companies not support genocide or atrocities because oh noes it will affect their bottom line? Oh, your company will fold if you don’t support tyrannical dictators that are murdering hundreds of thousands of people? TOO FUCKING BAD.

      • DRSNova

        How about you check whether they issued a formal apology and whether they paid reparations before you whine about them not doing that.

        Hint, hint: They did.

      • Yes, and they also refuse to state how much they paid into the reparations fund (which many believe was the minimum, especially considering how much they are worth) and ‘apologised’ by hald expressing regret and half being defensive.

        The fact is, if you put your company and its profits above human rights, you forfeit the right to bitch when people bring it up. If they truly cared about more than just the bottom line, they would have changed the name of the company when Boss was no longer running it and distanced themselves. They won’t though, because the name sells.

  50. sparky

    Look at all the retards butt heads.

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