And Now Russell Brand Demonstrating How Fox News Is A Terrorist Organization

June 27th, 2014 // 76 Comments
Russell Brand
WATCH: Russell Brand 'Fox News More Dangerous Than Isis'

What? You actually thought those Nina Agdal pics wouldn’t come with a price? Holy shit, you should see your faces right now. I’m gonna get a camera. Don’t move. (h/t Uproxx)

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  1. CrashHell

    It’s a sad state of affairs when Russel Brand is right on point…smh

  2. emma watson's Vagina

    I agree with CrashHell. Fox news is basically a joke of news station which is just a propaganda to Christian Taliban and /or ultra conservative Republicans

    • and what is CNN?

      • Oh BABY

        Exactly. Add MSNBC, NBC, and CBS to the list with CNN. It’s a typical case of Fish’s dick lickers jumping onto the libtard bandwagon, ignoring that they have at least four liberal propaganda machines posing as legitimate journalism sources as opposed to the one conservative one.

        They’re all hypocritical morons, who come here to stroke each other and have one big demtard cum bath.

        Russell Crowe is an unwashed, unfunny, untalented dumb shit. If he’s so concerned about politics and news, he can go back to his own country and get that straightened around before opening his ignorant pie hole about what happens here. When last I checked, England was being overrun by ragheads and the Pollacks.

      • JC

        “Russel Crowe”? “Pollacks”? If you’re frothing at the mouth so badly that you not only misidentify the person you hate but also express comical racism that’s 50 years out of date, you might want to stop rage typing for a second and take a deep breath

      • No shit, JC, right? This is why I despise right wingers. They are the first, in almost every case, to spout racist, disjointed comments and to make a seriously, horrendously unfunny “libtard” pun, or something along those lines. Dude, take a chill pill. Fox News is absolutely terrible, and most of the media is jacked up. On that I will agree. However, you need to stop being racist for anyone to take republicans seriously again. That’s a start, anyway.

      • Wow, you lefties sure like to throw insults around. One of your faves is that the “other guy” does name calling. Have you HEARD your president speak lately? Especially amusing is the pretense that only the Repubs are racist, and that Fox news is awful. Seriously. Anyone who thinks Brand is right on is outside rational discussion.

      • I see Concave has added racism to its bag of thread-shitting tricks. Can’t wait to see what it does next.

  3. kenny

    You mean he finally said something funny? …bout time.

    • Exactly, this of all people to take seriously let alone consider right. That’s dangerous.

      • Seriously, anyone who agrees with most anything a showbiz person says about politics is probably insane. Did ya catch Katy Perry praising 0bama and offering to write Hilary a campaign song? Add that to the ridiculously high 40% approval rating the non-American, cheating, lying, Islamist-boosting President gets, and a patter begins to emerge. America is too stupid for its own good. Your country is fucked, kids, and you’re cheering on the guy who is leading the rape.

      • He is American, you fucking idiot.

    • Leftcoastnative

      Really? A link to Russia Today, the Fox News of Russia?

      • If I had wanted to read a bunch of political hyperbole I would be on a different blog. And fuck all you Conservatives who answer all challenges to your way of thinking by calling Liberals names. Pretty hard to make a cogent case when you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

      • yes, vito, we know, and we see postings like yours that are not only incoherent, but also drip with hate and stupidity. You do name calling in the very comment in which you accuse others of doing that. Nice own goal.

      • Vito made his point clearly. It would take a pretty diseased brain to find his post incohe– oh. Never mind.

  4. Eric

    A little hyperbolic? You don’t have to like Fox News to see that comparison is ridiculous. When has Fox News ever decapitated and murdered anyone?

    Here is an idea for Russell Brand, go to the front lobby of Fox News and say “Fox News sucks and so does ISIS.” Then go Mosul Iraq and say the same thing. Afterwards come back and tell us the results.

    • Balls Mcgee

      Language is a very powerful thing. The language Fox News uses is dangerous in that it pits its viewers against the world in a way that is entirely unrealistic. Has a Fox News talking head ever personally killed anyone? Probably, but we can’t prove it.

      The point of the video is that Fox News justifies our violence by creating a narrative where violence is the only solution to the problem. Over 1,000,000 Iraqis have died as a result of the Iraq war. Fox News supports those in favor of its measures and the commercial opportunities companies like Halliburton exploited.

      They instill terror in their viewers as a means of advancing their own political agenda. I do not know what else to call them.

      • What you just described is “the news.” All news outlets fuel discord intentionally because their viewers eat it up.

      • Eric

        1,000,000 Iraqis have died from the Iraq War? Really? Care to support that number? Because the Iraq Body Count lists the number as 191,000 from 2003-2011. Funny, the left repeatedly cited 1,000,000 Iraqis died as a result of the sanctions too. Its amazing that the country has anyone left after 2,000,000 of them died over 20 years.

      • Ah, yes, that Fox news needs to be tightly controlled, right? How dare they criticize 0bama! After all, 0bama knows the truth and is doing what is best for the world. And America. So anyone who dares report news that makes him look bad is, perforce, a liar. Right?

  5. kenny

    hey Fish, turns out your crush Ireland Baldwin is a lesbian and this is what you post?

  6. ManWhoHasSeenAVagina

    I ran into this guy once, in Times Square, on a rainy night. Taller than I expected. Not particularly funny though. It was right before his shitty “Arthur” remake (the original was just on the other night, and still holds up), so I looked over to him and said, “Hey, aren’t you Dudley Moore?” He didn’t like that, and just gave me a dirty look and said, “What do you think?”

    I like being moderately derisive towards useless celebrities, it’s what they deserve. I just wish I knew about his wheelchair fetish back then.

    Interestingly, earlier that night, I was at a screening of “Fair Game” about Valerie Plame. I randomly wound up sitting next to Anthony Romero, who is (and was) the executive director of the ACLU. I ran into him again a little after leaving the movie, a few blocks away. I also wound up talking to Jameel Jaffer, who secured the release of the Bush administrations torture memos. He was kind of a dick, who wasn’t interested in talking to me when he thought I was just a random person, until he heard about my academic affiliations. Doug Liman was also there that night, who didn’t interest me, but his father would have been a fantastic person to talk to (a lawyer who was Senate counsel during Iran-Contra).

    And that was like some random Tuesday night and was totally unplanned, on my part. I was hanging out with a buddy and we saw the sign at the Angelika and wandered in. You’ve gotta love NY.

    To sum up, fuck Fox News.

    • Don Draper's Dad

      Cool story, bro.

    • rican

      name dropper…

    • Fox news is busy reporting the news in a fairly objective and honest fashion. That you mouth-breathing assholes think they’re full of it, proves you yourselves are full of it. Or, at least, you’re too stupid to know what’s right in front of you. Juvenile academics who have never actually worked a day in their lives are part of America’s problem. And it’s a big problem. Your country will go down the dumper while you juvenile dirt chutes blame the GOP. Watch, assholes!

  7. Leila

    Holy fuck, that lady is scary. It’s so purposely incendiary that it’s almost comical, like a bad SNL skit. Unfortunately for all of us, there is a huge crowd of people who think this is gospel truth. I have to agree that Crowe is not the funniest guy around–but he does seem smart and he clearly gives a shit, which is more than I can say for the majority of celebrities out there. He should focus on ripping the arguments apart–he is far more effective when he does that.

  8. Junkie Jesus is an excellent spokesperson for his ideology.

  9. Y’know…I avoid FoxNews and MSNBC equally, for the exact same reasons: people watching biased BS as “news” don’t really want news, they want babbling twits on TV to agree with them. One thing I do find kinda telling, though:

    celebs talking trash about FoxNews is interesting when you didn’t see them getting on MSNBC for their “shit in Palin’s mouth” stupidity, or making fun of the Romneys for adopting a (gasp!) darker-pigmented child than they create with their own DNA. MSNBC, whose ratings are basically bottom of the barrel, has been off-the-charts horrible in the last year or more…

    …where, exactly was the outrage?

    Like I said, I watch neither…but celebs only seem to be offended by the actions of one “side”. That’s about as shocking as Russell Brand making shitty movies.

    • ManWhoHasSeenAVagina

      Overall, MSNBC is the best cable news outlet we have.

      That doesn’t mean there aren’t a few rotten apples in the bunch, which include Joe Scarborough, Melissa Harris-Perry-Lacewell-Whatever, Ed Schultz, and Chris Hayes’ ultra-smarmy ass. But, there are some bright, shining lights among the bunch, such as Rachel Maddow, Steve Kornacki, and Lawrence O’Donnell. Hayes was okay at first, although maybe I just liked the “Up” format, but 5 nights a week of him trying to paint himself as the white savior while reveling in his elitist upbringing is just too much to take.

      Surprisingly, from a technical point of view for a TV host, Al Sharpton is surprisingly good. He nailed all the points right away, where as Chris Hayes started out with his hands below the desk and looked like a masturbating creep. Sharpton’s still a dick, of course.

  10. Drew

    This is third time and place I’ve seen this vid posted, so I thought I’d
    finally break down and give it a watch. I made it to two and a half
    minutes before I had to stop. Ugghh, how insufferable is Russell Brand?
    First of all he’s a fat kid who grows up to be a heroin addict, that lucks into
    a marriage (that he fucks up) with Katy Perry. Now he wants to
    be taken seriously, while doing a Jon Stewart impression? Yawn,.
    How much longer do we have to play this assclown attention before
    he goes away, forever!?

  11. cc

    ‘Judge’ Pirro is, even by Fox standards, a fucking tool. No wonder her Judge Judy-esque show tanked.

  12. Smapid

    Uhm, neither political party should be happy with pop culture idiots representing them, whether it be Russel “You Can Tell I Have B.O.” Brand or Ted “Yes I’m Crazy And I Carry A Bow” Nugent. It just confirms people’s beliefs that either party is populated by idiots.

  13. I’m not reading a bunch of other people posting what I suspect is the exact same thing I’m going to say, because that makes me feel like my opinion isn’t as clever as I think, so here goes:

    OMG! (pronounced Oh Em Gee, but loudly) A media organization has an obvious and consistent political bias! and It doesn’t exactly match the political bias of a segment of the population! How can this have happened? Why is CNBC and CNN not providing equally biased news reporting to counter balance Fox? Why does everything THEY say just seem like common sense and factual while everything Fox says just seem like partisan bullshit?

    Recognizing your own bias is as important in being a savvy media consumer as choosing the information source. Not knowing that your own bias exists basically makes you a willing tool of political propaganda.

  14. Also, just a side thought:

    What exactly the fuck is Russel Brand famous for? What does he do? Or what was it that he DID do before he started showing up in movies, since he’s clearly not an actor.

    He can’t just be a professional douchebag, right? that’s not a thing is it?

    • He got to bang Kate Perry and violate her sexually in all kinds of disgusting ways, and that’s all I give a shit about, which is not that much shit to begin with.

    • He was known in Britain for a long time before the Katy Perry debacle. Did a lot of stand up, has a few specials. I also think he did radio and tv.

  15. andie

    News flash…FoxNews is no more propagandistic than CNN or the Times or whatever. They’re all shilling for defense and energy. I’d rather laugh at the absurd garbage on Fox than put up with insidious war-mongering disguised as progressive news. What’s worse – Judge Jeanie’s horrible overacting and screeching “bomb the infidels!” or Nicholas Kristof calling for missile strikes “for humanitarian reasons?” (Spend 5 minutes googling his source, SyriaDeeply, and you find connections to Chevron, Lockheed Martin, ExxonMobile, United Defense, etc.)

  16. Great, John Stewart herpes edition.

    To all the chicks who made this Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator famous? Fuck you!

  17. For Russell Brand, just two words: Hair Brush. WAIT! Add a couple more: Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Deodorant, Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste. (PS: Think about Katy’s beautiful tits with any frequency?)

  18. Kimmykimkim

    All “news” is bullshit.

  19. Visible

    Keith Olbermann said as much for years and nobody cared. Why do ppl care now?

  20. Russel Brand vs Fox News

    Fox News ALSO thought it would be cool if Brand was beheaded.

    Seriously, who is the “political provocateur” now, Fox News?

  21. MrSatyre

    Absolutely hilarious, and pathetic, how “open minded” and “liberal” progressives are always so angry and vile whenever anyone disagrees with their unicorn rainbow fantasies of reality. And yet they never are able to address the questions and observations raised against them; instead resorting to hyperbole and name calling. And they say the Conservatives are paranoid delusionals!

  22. While I agree that FOX news is unbelievably biased, WTF do you think MSNBC is? Holy crap. Ann Coulter. Rachel Maddow. Potato. Po-tot-o. Both networks are equally as heinous and both, hell, almost ALL “news” organizations are run by huge corporations. But calling FOX a terrorist organization? Really? Give me a freaking break. I consider myself middle-of-the-road politically, but it’s crap like this that makes me hate “progressives.” Yes, it’s OK to burn Bush in effigy, compare him to Hitler, attach Mitt Romney’s black grandchild…Hello Pot. This is Kettle. Almost everyone in politics and “news” are pieces of crap, but the hypocrisy shown by most liberals is insane.

    • Sorry but when BULLSHIT IS OBVIOUS…. I call it ON IT……

    • Other than the fact that they both have a vagina; Maddow and Coulter have absolutely nothing in common. Coulter is an evil attention whoring buffoon who gets paid to insult people with her outrageously inflammatory nonsense. For the right price, that sad clown would go on television and insult anyone, including her own mother.

      • Sorry, but Maddow is a bitch as well. All she does is rail against those who don’t share her opinions. Just like effing Coulter. They’re both bitches.

      • One of those “bitches” is a Rhodes Scholar who has been proven demonstrably right on topic after topic.

        The other is a shrill walking skeleton who lies about her age and thinks soccer is the downfall of America.

        But, yeah, exactly the same.

    • You must’ve smacked your head on a few car grills in the “middle of the road” if you think Ann Coulter and Rachel Maddow are in any way similar.

    • Tautology

      Calling stupids stupid doesn’t make you a hypocrite.

  23. Tautology

    Ha. Conservatives are wrong and bad.

  24. BSName

    So your ex (Katy Perry) campaigned and is taking credit for Obama’s victory in 2012.
    News flash Russell, it is Obama who is going to start bombing Iraq, not Fox news.

  25. Charmed

    Russell Brand, almost incoherent at times but still on the money for the most part.

    Personally, I think MSNBC/CNN/Fox are all terrible news outlets but Fox takes the cake when it comes to catering to the lowest common denominator.

  26. All news has a point of view. Anyone who thinks Dan Rather or Brian Williams doesn’t interject a lot of their own editorial is seriously delusional. I don’t watch Fox News but I am also not dumb enough to think that just because they actually wear their opinion like a badge that makes them more bias than MSNBC for example. Or NPR. Or the Daily Show (yeah I called it a news show since so many of you f*ckin hipsters get your news there more than anywhere else). There is nothing insightful about Russell Brand. He is a greasy, unfunny walking personification of a wanker. And if you have actually gleaned any real insight from anything he has said, please consider leaving the planet, don’t procreate and assume you shouldn’t admit it to the public lest you be rightfully ostracized.

  27. I really don’t like this guy,
    So it kills me that he is 100% correct.

  28. guest

    That woman is an evil flame throwing, bombing throwing antagonist. She is hostile, angry, bitter, mean-spirited, and always looking for a fight.

  29. guest

    To say this woman is an ignoramus who spews incendiary rhetoric, is an understatement. Typical Fox hate talk.

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