Rush Limbaugh: Robin Williams Committed Suicide Because Liberals Are Weak

August 12th, 2014 // 109 Comments
Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh is a drug addict whose dick doesn’t work, so when it comes to finding a pillar of moral virility and strength in this time of limp-wristed liberals hanging themselves from “depression” – Quotation markets dedicated to Matt Walsh, pedantic felcher. – look no further than radio’s own masculine Boss Hog and resident psychiatrist. Mediaite reports:

Limbaugh began by discussing the left’s “worldview” as one of “pessimism and darkness” before turning more specifically to the news about Williams’ suicide.

“He had it all, but he had nothing,” Limbaugh opined. “He made everyone else laugh, but was miserable inside.”
“It fits a certain picture, or a certain image that the left has,” he continued. “Low expectations and general unhappiness and so forth.”

I could get into the fact that what Rush calls “pessimism” is a realistic view of America where minorities and non-upper class whites are fucked in the ass left and right coupled with a desire to change that instead of telling people to pull themselves up by bootstraps they can’t even afford anymore because a living wage is socialism or some bullshit boogeyman to keep the rich richer. I’m not even going to get into that. What am I going to do is address all the conservatives out there battling depression because it’s an illness that doesn’t care about race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or more specifically, party line. Rush Limbaugh just called you a pussy. And he called you a pussy for something as innocuous as your brain not producing the right amount of chemicals. Or perhaps it was even impacted from fighting in a war, but none of that matters because Rush Limbaugh who’s never seen combat or had the balls to speak open and honestly about his own addiction except to shoo away an arrest says you’re a goddamn whiner. Well, I’m here to reach across the aisle and say fuck him. A pompous shitbag who claims to be a Christian just judged your ass for being “weak” when everyday you fight back a dark cloud and slog your way through a world this pampered walrus would curl up and die in after five seconds. That’s real strength. And if that dark cloud is getting too big, don’t let dying fossils make you second guess your masculinity, get professional help. (Let me be more blunt: Not a pastor.) A real man finds the humility to recognize when something’s wrong, fixes what’s broken, and carries on. I may disagree with you politically, but I disagree even more with a bastard and his dying breed of machismo that makes you second guess your right to this world by calling you weak when you are anything but. Fuck him. Fight on.

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  1. “Can somebody get me two dicks, so I can show these people why I’m known as the ‘King of the Jerkoffs?’ Oh, you’re all out of dicks. Then I guess I’ll just keep talking.”

  2. When I call his show tomorrow, I am not giving him mega dittos.

  3. Fish. Seriously. Rush is way out of your league.
    Also, respectable and not a lefty douche-wank.
    I note you demonstrate the lefty douche-wank tendency to comment on other people’s private parts. So douche. So very douche.

  4. SugaRay4eva

    No one gives half-a-fuck, Fish.

  5. Heh, Fish you clearly can relate to depressed lefties……deeply. It’ll be ok, once you accept that you are gay and stop fighting that most people cant accept putting a dick in another dudes ass as being normal you can get on with just being happy with who you are, our favorite sweatpantsed titty peddler. Just never go full Walmart in your sweatpants, choose a nice pair of shoes……..

    • Yes… because nothing scream “closet homo!” more than a man raving almost daily about Hilary Duff’s ass.

      Like, all the time.
      Seriously. All the fucking time.

      To a point where the rest of us go “OK… what’s the deal? Because, yes, she’s definitely a MILF, but am I missing something here and she’s way hotter than I think she is!?”

      Hmm… now that I think about it, maybe you’re on to something, Jest… maybe that’s his covert way to establish his ‘yes-homo’ state. Maybe forcing himself to supposedly admire Duff’s butt is a way for Fish to zero in on his true target: Mike Comrie’s crotch. OMG Yes! That’s definitely it! You’ve cracked the code, Jest!

      Fish… buddy… I really don’t think Mike will give you a ring too, regardless of how much better your bjs are compare to Hilary’s. They are such goals on this Earth that are just too hard, too far to reach… knowhatisayin?

    • Jesus – how many fake accounts did Rush make?

      That or clearly Rush made trolling comments, had his social media team do a scan for “Rush Limbaugh Robin Williams” and is attacking anybody criticizing it.

      But again, what would you expect from a drug addict commenting on a universally loved drug addict who did for more the average person as a recognizable start than Rush did for his own sheep that he fucks…nightly…and hard…oh so hard.

  6. Most people in America – and elsewhere too – are pretty damn upset over the tremendously sad passing of William.

    ‘Kinda makes you wonder how the same folk will react when Limbaugh will finally die from the heart attack he’s been dodging for more than 20 years. No doubt about it, there’s going to be some, like welldoneson, who will genuinely mourn his passing. But for the vast majority of us? I’m expecting most people to be completely indifferent to it. Rush probably should get his fat ass cremated, ’cause there will certainly be a line forming of all the people who cannot wait to dance/piss/shit on his grave.

    Throwing a couple of parades certainly sounds to me to be in bad taste… but wouldn’t be surprising in the least.

  7. Derrick

    Who cares about Robin Williams, everyone are like f’ing sheep saying what a “brilliant comedian” he was. Mork and Mindy sux!!!! Aladdin is the dumbest f’in disney movie too. He was such a fuckin cha cha dingbutt retard with that stupid face of his. You stupid fans would probably eat your own poop too if everyone told you it tastes good.

  8. hmm

    Shame we can’t legally hunt fat fucks like Rush Limbaugh, now that would be some good fun.

  9. Bangkok Betty

    I agree with the sentiments here, but at the same time YOU watch someone like Lindsay Lohan or Brittany Spears deconstruct loudly and you mock them. Was he worthy of help because he went so quietly and we never knew his struggles? When are you okay with positively supporting someone? When they push it down deep inside until it is too late? Certainly not when they act out by using drugs/alcohol/sex. You’ve drawn a very funny line in the sand. Your finger is pointing at Rush Limbaugh, but you might want to ask yourself how exactly are you different?

    • Bangkok Betty

      I don’t want to dismiss my own judgments here… I am guilty of many of the same things. I need to reconsider who I align myself with and how I am helping/hurting people who are in pain.

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

      Who says Lohan or Britney aren’t worthy of getting or being helped?

      As for this story: from the quotes I’m reading before me, Limbaugh is making unqualified assertions about RW’s inner life he can’t possibly KNOW as fact (“he had nothing”) therefore is immediately in error, and from those assertions is somehow trying to score political points with them. That behaviour that needs to be derided. It is possible to recognise that a celebrity needs help (Limbaugh needs 30 unbrken years of round the clock psychiatric help, I’ll be the first to admit) while at the same time calling them out for wayward behaviour.

      • Bangkok Betty

        But are we harming or helping? It may not matter to you which one is true. It may not matter to Fish. it may be that he has decided that certain celebrities present acceptable actions which necessitate sympathy and other celebrities present actions which necessitate derision. I think he has decided this and our clicks help him make that decision. I’m at fault here. I’ve clicked. I just want to express to him and to anyone reading this that maybe the possibility exists that we were wrong to do so. Calling a celebrity out is very different than sitting down with a person and expressing concern. And I would be willing to bet that you know this deep down. He knows this deep down. We all know this deep down. Some of us want to face it and rectify it, and some of us want to ignore it and continue on our path. I’m picking my path. and you are as well, and so is he.

      • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

        *** But are we harming or helping? *** *** Calling a celebrity out is very different than sitting down with a person and expressing concern. ***

        How are we – by posting crap on this site – CAPABLE of either harming or helping to begin with? Does Lindsay or Britney give a damn for what any of us has to say (if they even know we exist to begin with)? We’re merely members of the peanut gallery. From my viewing of this site, there are a usually a handful of truly malignant comments that appear (typically not from regular posters), otherwise it’s just people letting off steam by making fun at the travails of people with too much money & – far too often – not enough common sense. There is a wisespread lack (but not completely) of the notion of “there but for the grace of God go I,” but this is a godless age so you have to expect that.

        *** I’m at fault here. I’ve clicked. I just want to express to him and to anyone reading this that maybe the possibility exists that we were wrong to do so. ***

        While I understand the overall tenor of your post, I think here is where you betray your problem, which seems to be a lack of perspective. The world’s problems, these celebrities’ problems, don’t rest on your shoulders, nor do they hang in the balance due to anything posted on this site. This is a place to get away from the real world and instead enter a plastic world of make believe, and have at the crackpots who inhabit it for a little while. The moment you take it too seriously – by becoming too malignant or too sensitive towards the various targets of mirth – is the moment your train has run off the rails.

        *** I’m picking my path. and you are as well, and so is he. ***

        My path is to have a bit of fun while always keeping in mind, there but for the grace of the Flying Spaghetti Monster go I. Whatever your path ends up being, keep it real and make sure you tread down it lightly.

    • The difference, Betty, is that by all accounts Robin Williams was a real mensch. How many times have you seen him on this site before? I can’t remember one. Even before his death I’d never heard a bad story about him. I have heard , though, many many stories about his kindness and how personable and genuine he was to people he knew or complete strangers. Add to that his charity work.

      If you look into the details of his death, he was obviously in a lot of pain emotionally. People tend feel much more empathetic when kind people are in pain than when vapid, self-centered or bombastic people are.

      I’m not saying that one deserves to saved from themselves and another doesn’t, but then again I’m not sure it’s a negative human quality to want to support sensitive kind people and not support the opposite.

    • The people the “writer” (notice the quote marks) of this site mocks, and incites his unibrowed audience to mock, are all female.

      You hadn’t noticed a misogynistic theme?

      They’re also very fragile souls here. They shit their pants every time they get a single thumbs down. Multiple thumbs down may have actually killed one of the dumber ones, which is why he isn’t posting today. Either that, or he lost his Internet connection in Sweden.

  10. Bringbackbabalu

    Whyd you have to kill Robin Williams, Fish? No Fishdittos for you!

  11. Dick Head

    Rush has been playing the media like a violin for years by saying outrageous things. When publications like The Superfical respond like it did, he just laughs – all the way to the bank because he knows it will only increase ratings. What to do? Nothing – it’s free speech, so don’t listen.

    • ah, another brilliant comment. of course we don’t have to listen, but when we do its fun. and our ‘freedom of speech’ is to call Rush out on his asinine comments. fun stuff! no one is calling for him to be stripped of his radio clown show. we’re just giving our opinions that he’s a fat, balding, pill popping, rabble rouser. :)

  12. Jsaw

    I know liberals hate to hear it because it makes them look elsewhere for targets, but even conservative tend to hate Limbaugh. The man is a douche and only has about 13 million listeners per week. That’s 13 million out of more than 300 million and more than 50 percent of Americans still identify as conservative. So..yeah. Do the math. People who like him are a fringe of the population. A minority even, by the definition of the word, before it came to be used to describe only race.

  13. I like Robin Williams. With that being said, what this Rush guy said is true.

  14. Charmed

    Rush Limbaugh makes an ass of himself. What else is new ?

  15. Sandy

    Not a fan of Rush Limbaugh. But, this is completely out of context. He as respectful in his comments about Robin Williams. These comments had to do with how he thinks the media might be dealing with the death. In case anyone wants to consider the facts…

    • You are correct, though what do you expect from a guy who creates a post celebrating the death of just-some-journalist-dude Andrew Breitbart. Crazy internet people.

  16. Oh BABY

    The fact is, Fish, that what Williams did was the ultimate in selfishness.

    He knew he wasn’t alone. He knew there was help out there. Williams didn’t care about anyone else in that moment other than himself. He made a choice that has had a profound impact on his family and others close to him.

    Having suffered from depression, I know what I’m talking about. Everything, and I mean everything, in life is choices. It’s easier to give in and just end it instead of making yourself function. It’s easier to be a coward than to make that effort not only for yourself but for those who love you.

    It’s people like you, Fish, who make suicide glamorous. It’s people like you, Fish, who excuse the failures of others because it gives you an opportunity to judge others, to bully those who don’t believe that excuses should be made, and for you to take things other people say, like Rush Limbaugh, way out of context so you can have an excuse to bash them because it’s the only thing that makes you feel good about yourself.

    It’s how you manage to exist, and it’s fucking pathetic. You’re such a low-life scumbag that you have to toss out insults after distorting what Limbaugh said so you can continue the fiction of Williams’ brave-yet-lost “fight” against depression, when in fact what he did was turn tail and run.

    Williams is no hero and he’s no victim. You know who the victims are here? His family. His children. His close friends. Not you, not me, and not the strangers out there who didn’t know him. His alleged talent is irrelevant in the face of the choice he made.

    If you had any class and you had any brains, you’d shut the fuck up about Williams and stop twisting things others say so you can feel self-righteous. What you need, Fish, is to be handed a pink slip, because your brand of gutter journalism does far more harm to society than the tiniest fraction of the truth others like Limbaugh tell.

    You are, in short, a pathetic asshole who always takes the moral and ethical low road. Yes, you have your equally stupid circle jerk here that cheers you on as you try to force your opinions on the visitors to this site. But there are those of us who see you very clearly, and understand that you’re in no position to judge anyone else because you’re so deeply flawed yourself.

    So cram it, Fish.

    • to paraphrase your novel-sized tantrum = fucking WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. run out of tissues yet? you uptight cunt? I can almost hear your chubby fingers SMACKING the keyboard as you write your hilarious rant. why so angry bro? oh yeah… OBAMA and them dang LIBERALS!!! hahaha. you’re a prize. *kisses*

      oh, and continue to click on a site that you ‘hate’ so much so you can make Fish money. hypocrisy, thy name is ‘Oh BABY’. :)

    • RichPort

      Translation: I troll the internet to defend Rush…

    • You almost made a point there Oh Baby, but your vitriol got in the way and trolled you.

    • Oh boy, where to start. First off, nobody really cares about Williams in any real personal sense. Mourners don’t. You sure don’t. We care about the impact that he has had on our own lives, project our wishes and sympathies on to him as a way of coping with our own loss, and pay respects out of a sense of debt and gratitude for his work.

      The real disservice here is the presumption that anyone has any idea what he was going through or what was in his best interest or in the interest of his family (mentally ill people can cause a lot of collateral damage). Your rant clearly projects on to him your assessment of your issues and decision process, NOT his. And the fact that your issues result in your wandering discussion groups to label him a coward indicates that your issues are on-going.

      “Having suffered from depression, I know what I’m talking about.” If, in fact, you have suffered from depression, you have my sympathies. But that is only because I am a weak liberal. If I were Rush, I would probably tell you to stop whining, you weak little pussy.

      “It’s people like you, Fish, who excuse the failures of others because it gives you an opportunity to judge others…”
      Failures by whose standards? Yours? While I would have greatly preferred a different ending to William’s life, one that suited MY needs, I would hardly call his life a failure. And how is Fish’s brand of ridicule any different than Rush’s brand of ridicule? Or yours, for that matter? We are all judgmental, we simply apply a different set of values when we judge. If you don’t like Fish’s standards, fine. Ignore them, debate them or leave. But instead, you judge Fish for judging Rush for judging Williams, and somehow see no irony. Your lack of self-awareness is astonishing.

      “If you had any class and you had any brains, you’d shut the fuck up about Williams…”
      Couldn’t the same be said for Rush? Or does only one opinion get disseminated in your perfect little world? Apparently, the far left and the far right want the same sort of totalitarianism, just with different leaders.

      • I personally find that people who have gone through actual suffering tend to have empathy for other people. Having gone through something awful, you kind of get perspective on other people going through something awful. When I hear someone talk about all they’ve gone through, yet the rest of the actions show them to be unfeeling towards others, I kind of think they’re crying wolf.

      • malaka

        this one wins this page.

      • And honestly, if Oh BABY really has suffered from depression, he’d probably understand that you’re not really capable of thinking clearly about how your actions will impact those around you. The stretches where I’ve been suicidal (oh they have been numerous), I honestly though everyone would be better off with me gone.

        For a man talking about making good choices, he’s choosing to hold on to a lot of anger about seemingly everything. Maybe he should choose a little talk therapy and learn not to project so much anger out in the world.

      • You speak the truth Uncle Phil on every point.

        I would also like to point out that in my experience people who are are genuinely dealing with depression don’t get online and brag about it (not referring to Phil). They tend to just shut down and internalize.

        Also, as to the debate about suicide being a selfish action, it’s a little more complicated than that. It’s an incredibly selfish action committed by a person out of despair, not selfishness. I think some depressed people are so rabid about it because they use the thought of it being selfish as the impetus to not go through with it. I spent 10 years of PTSD reminding myself every day what my suicide would do to my mother.

        If you’re in that situation, use whatever works.

    • now go back to your favorite web site, Two Girls, One Cup….

  17. dspiral

    Love this Fish, and love you.

  18. Cock Dr

    I will express my dark thought of the morning, which is my profound wish that this fat fuck would OD, or die in a meth lab explosion.
    Mmmmmm, feel better now. Thanks for the outlet.

  19. RichPort

    Every time Rush feels his influence slipping he says something outrageous just to get people talking. It’s only slightly ironic that the big voice on the right literally can’t hear shit… and it’s poetic justice that Mr. Macho’s dick doesn’t work.

  20. Cletus

    You have to admit, the man knows how to get liberals panties all bunched up in a wad.

  21. Ru$h-IsADoucheBag

    Ever wonder why Limbaugh’s site has no comment sections???

  22. pop some more pills, Rush. fat, old, bald, angry and a limp dick. I’m SHOCKED he’s a right-winger. doesn’t sound like them at all.

  23. Fish, I generally agree with your rants, but in the future if you’re going to post a picture of a worthless giant ass, stick to the Kardashians.

  24. Dr. Lector

    I would so much enjoy having the opportunity to discuss and change Mr Limbaugh’s point of view on the matter.

  25. Short Round

    He is the typical pretentious douchebag who will one day be dead because he tried to swallow a 2 pound steak whole or will be cought jerking off a pre-op transsexual prostitute in a cheap motel.

  26. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    Every time I hear “ditto” and Rush, I think of this Hedley Lamarr quote from “Blazing Saddles”

    “Ditto? Ditto? You provincial PUTZ!”

    That sums it up for me.

  27. Cher X

    Why is it that it’s the wrong ones who die? Not fair.

  28. I think Fish is having a mid-life crisis.

    He’s torn between political posts and having to post pictures of Kendall Jenner’s asscrack, which is stupendous.

    I foresee a career/website change in your near future Fish.

    And by the way, there’s nothing machismo about Rush Limbaugh, he’s the definition of a fat pussy.

    -Racist Democrat

  29. Slash

    You could have just headlined it “Old man yells at cloud,” and saved yourself the energy.

    My 70-year-old mother thinks Limbaugh and his ilk are subversive and daring truth tellers.

    That demonstrates how culturally relevant he is.

  30. Fong Harleoton

    Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer. He will say anything to get attention.

    Advertisers are leaving him in droves.

  31. Kimmykimkim

    I can’t even explain how much I deeply loathe Rush Limbaugh AND that Matt Walsh fucker. They are horrible people. I love you, fish.

  32. My first impression of Limbaugh has stayed with me to this day, and several comments above have already mentioned something like it. He is a cynical hack playing his ignorant redneck audience for ratings and the subsequent advertising dollars. It is just my opinion, but he really does seem to be a cheap, sleazy huckster who doesn’t believe what he says any more than I do.

  33. kenny

    He’s half right.. Liberals are weak.

  34. Who the fuck listens to terrestrial radio anymore?

  35. Leila

    Good on you, Fish. Though I admit that I sometimes struggle to fully sympathize with depression/suicide, that doesn’t mean I have to go to the other extreme of denying it’s a debilitating and heartbreaking disease, much less fall back on name calling and total lack of empathy. I don’t think Rush says anything from conviction–which makes him particularly awful soulless asshole. The kind who says anything to increase his own wealth and status, and has total disregard disregard for the damage his words cause–not because he’s dumb, but because he just doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself. As long as he can afford another divorce [4th times a charm!], more drugs [criminal+addict], and those cigars, he’s good.

  36. I’m waiting for some conservative Republican to come out of the wood work shouting, “See?? He died and not because of guns!! If you regulate guns, you better regulate belts, too!!!”

  37. Rivka

    Limbaugh says the liberal worldview is one of pessimism and darkness. I think he has it backwards. I agree with cognitive scientist Steven Pinker (of Harvard and MIT) and the African American economist Thomas Sowell (Stanford) that for the most part, people who lean right have a pessimistic “tragic vision” of human nature, while those who lean left have an optimistic “utopian vision.” Easy to find more about this idea by searching tragic vision pinker or something like that.

  38. Hook

    Bad Form.

  39. Buster

    That’s not what he said. He was talking about the media coverage of Robin William’s suicide, not the nature or cause of the act itself. He doesn’t pretend to know why Robin took his own life.

  40. cc

    What’s depressing about this is the fact that after all these years Rush still has a show.

  41. luzverde

    I read here people call you “Fish”… I don’t care what your name is. BRAVO. Bravo, and thank you.

  42. Miley Cyrusis aslut

    There is one telling fact about Rush Limbaugh, that few people are aware of, beyond he is a completely worthless waste of skin and other body parts. Even his own cousin, Jack can’t stand him. Jack has said for years that Rush is a blowhard who says whatever crap that springs into his two brain cells, without any thought of the effect it could have on anyone else. His own family, loathes the guy…what else does anyone need to say about him? Having said that, Fish please stick to posting female asses,like the subject of your fantasies, Hillary Duff’s ass and leave the images of fat asses like Limbaugh to the Conservative press. Those images ruin the aesthetics of the website. Thanks!

  43. Well said. Fish, marry me.

  44. Rush never misses an opportunity to prove himself a rampaging cunt.

  45. Bryan

    The funniest part is that Fish’s whole shtick is always that he’s the smartest man in the room, the puppet master of his dumb readers, etc. Meanwhile, he’s doing exactly what professional troll Rush Limbaugh hoped he would.

  46. commenting on Rush is like commenting on a fart…yes, it’s loud, and mostly stinks, but why dwell on it….

  47. I agree with the overall point of this piece, but I’d just like to point out that phrases like “A real man finds the humility…” still kind of perpetuate the masculinity vs weakness myth that surrounds depression and suicide. I don’t think this is your intention, but the language implies Robin Williams wasn’t a real man because he succumbed to his illness, and we certainly wouldn’t say that about someone who dies from another disease like cancer wasn’t a “real man” because they couldn’t beat it.

  48. wtf

    >read quote
    >’weak’ ‘pussy’ not found

    I’m no Rush fan, and I do not fully agree with his quote, but…is there a longer transcript where Rush actually said what you claim that he said? Because what you quoted and what you went on to rant against are two very different things.

    I was more offended imagining what Rush said from reading your post title then I was from what he actually said. I was ready to curse and scream and send him a nasty email, read the quote, and it was like somebody let the air out of a balloon. He didn’t call anyone weak and wasn’t trying to be offensive. Again, I don’t necessarily agree, but WTF? did he do?

  49. depressionlies

    Holy crap, thank you Fish.
    I was expecting a thrashing of Limabugh – standard entertainment – but hit actual substance.
    I actually teared up. And I know trolls are going to mock this post, wtvr.
    What a hard place to be where you decide being gone is better than another day of whatever pain you feel… and to have that called weakness by the Rush blimp is awful.
    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Phone Number

  50. TheAdmiral

    Thank you.

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