Rupert Sanders’ Dad Blames Kristen Stewart For Being Pretty

July 27th, 2012 // 59 Comments
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If you’re wondering why Rupert Sanders would publicly humiliate his wife and kids for a chance at Kristen Stewart‘s emo-hole, it turns out his dad’s a pretty enabling guy who will gladly defend his son being a dick even in the face of overwhelming evidence. People reports:

“From what I gather nothing really happened and it is all a lot of fuss about nothing. I should imagine it was something very brief,” he said. “She is a very pretty girl and when you work that closely with someone for so long, sometimes things happen.”
Michael also defended his son’s character, arguing that he is far from the philander the press is making him out to be. “He is very honorable, hardworking and [a] dedicated father and filmmaker.”

“What was he supposed to do working all that time with such a pretty girl, respect his wife and kids? Be reasonable.” On a serious note, the one person I actually feel the worst for is Thor who’s probably had to spend the past three days trying to convince his post-partum wife that Kristen Stewart wasn’t banging everyone on set. “Hear these words spoken to you now, on those days long since past, in only cups of A were her breasts. I mean, wait, I have spoken in error. Uhhh.. let’s have another baby!”

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  1. flaT

    Learn to proof-read.

    “On a serious note, the one person I knew feel the worst for is Thor”

    “…. wife that Kristen Stewart wasn’t banging every on set. ”

    I now feel the worst for? Everyone on set?

  2. Annie

    “I mean, you have this 22 year old girl with a nice, young, childless body and as a married guy you just can’t turn it down, you know? After childbirth things are just not as tight as they used to be if you know what I mean, and well, YOLO.”

  3. Michael Sanders

    Rupert’s mom and I used to 69 on the kitchen table, DURING dinner. Grow the fuck up, people.

  4. Jade

    He’s a dedicated father, but not a dedicated husband. Makes perfect sense. Cut the poor guy some slack guys!

  5. BigOkie

    So you banged an “A” list actress on the set of your movie and you had both:

    A. Charlize Theron
    B. Kristen Stewart

    Um…. wrong choice, Sir!

    • Negrodamus

      This is a situation where he had to pick the one who would be dumb enough to bang him. So, in that regard, he couldn’t have made a better choice!

    • EricLr

      He probably picked both. One was just mature enough to keep her goddamned mouth shut.

    • El Jefe

      How do you know he did not bang Charlize?

      • BigOkie

        Simple. He banged Kristen Stewart. If you could bang Charlize, would you bother to bang that wannabe mopey, goth “oh, I’m so sad because I’m rich and famous” twat?

        Yeah, me either. So, he obviously didn’t bang Charlize.

      • El Jefe

        So you are saying that if you were banging one A list actress and you had the chance to bang another A list actress, especially one that was half your age you would not do it? Yeah that makes total sense.

        Clearly she is not as mopey and depressing and boring as you believe as she was willing to bang a married man in a parking lot in daylight.

    • The answer is C all of the above. Trick question.

  6. A kiss and a hug in a parked car? Quite possibly the least sexy cheating scandal ever.

    • EricLr

      DogBoy, if you believe that a guy in his 30′s and a girl in her 20′s just “kissed and hugged,” you must still be in middle school. Your dad really needs to sit down and explain some stuff to you.

    • JJ

      She’s famous enough that I buy this was a one time or short term thing. There is no way it could have gone on that long without the paps/someone finding out and making a shit load of money.

    • El Jefe

      Yeah, he just called her and she ran to an abandoned parking lot to meet him, because you know people that have never fucked before just drop everything and do that, right?

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

      He hugged her vagina with his penis, then she kissed his penis i appreciation afterwards.

  7. JC

    “I mean, really,” his dad continued. “it was very brief. It doesn’t take long to munch a little box, especially when you’re in a car. You just can’t get comfortable.”

  8. Schwizzle

    US weekly should’ve held the story for a bit and started stalking Sanders. Imagine pictures from multiple days of their secret hookups. That would have been awesome.

    • WTF?

      You just know it’s been going on for a long while now. The movie is out of theaters and soon out on DV D. They aren’t “working” on the movie any more…

  9. Dr. Fullabull

    If Rupert’s dad’s comment makes him an “enabler,” what about all the African American women who, during the time of the OJ trial, excused OJ for cheating on his African American wife with blonde cheerleader Nicole Brown, because she tempted and teased OJ?

  10. Dr. Fullabull

    If Rupert’s dad’s comment makes him an “enabler,” what about all the AA women who, during the time of the OJ trial, excused OJ for cheating on his first AA wife with blonde cheerleader Nicole Brown, because she tempted and teased OJ? (Gotta write AA, otherwise comment is blocked.)

  11. Here’s a little secret Hollywierd; DON’T GET MARRIED!

  12. Johnny P!

    That’s so cute. It’s just a step up from plain, then ‘cute’.
    When the best way a man old enough to be a grandfather describes a young ‘leading lady’ isn’t “Gorgeous”, “Stunning”, “Sexy” or even “Va-Va-Voom!”, but just ‘Pretty’, then it really puts her looks in perspective.

  13. Inner Retard

    Very brief with a pretty girl when working closely and sometimes things just happen. – is this guy saying his son just had a premature ejaculation?

  14. EricLr

    I wonder if Rupert’s dad would feel the same way if he found out his wife had banged some guy around at work. “Sorry, dear…these things just happen, you know.”

  15. Archie Leach

    Stewart learned from her work in “On the Road” that the duties she had to learn with the beard contract weren’t representative of the actual relations between men and women.

  16. Kristen Stewart Rupert Sanders Eating Dinner Together Berlin
    Commented on this photo:

    “Yeah, we got it on. This is what he just did to me in the car.”

  17. Devilish Diva

    Gee, holidays at the Sanders’ household are going to be a bit awkward this year: “You know, after a while, you can’t help be tempted as a director to want to sneak around with young actresses ’cause they’re all so pretty, vapid and expressionless. He just wanted to get a better “performance” out of her.
    Michael Sanders: Father-in-Law of the Year 2012.

  18. anonymous

    Meh…cat’s out of the bag now. Rupert should just keep fucking her. Robert Pattinson can find his own cock to ride.

  19. Kristen Stewart Rupert Sanders Eating Dinner Together Berlin
    Commented on this photo:


  20. hbw

    I work with some pretty women too, and I manage to keep my dick out of them.

    It does make me hesitant to bring my pretty dog to the kennel, though.

  21. RacistPete

    To be fair, that’s pretty much exactly what I’ll be telling the court…

  22. TwiTard

    If it was Kristen’s fault, then why wasn’t she banging Thor instead of the married director, if she could have any guy on the set?
    Obviously, the director wanted it more than she did.

  23. JJ

    What an asshole. 22 year old acts like a dumb ass skank. But a 42 year old man, married, with kids, in a position of power…well, he comes off like a predator and an even bigger dumb ass. You see this shit in real life all the time. Old creepy man feeds dumb twat the standard lines “you are special, you are pretty.” Dumb twat falls for it. I’m not sure why Stewart is getting 100 percent of the blame here. She acted like a dumb skank, but he comes off more disgusting to me because of the age difference. Look at me being all feminist.

    In the end, I’m not sure if this isn’t all PR or a poly thing anyway and they just got caught. They may have to act all contrite, because I doubt the main fan base would accept that the girl is poly…while some may accept her if she apologizes and grovels for cheating. Something is very off about this whole story. Supposedly these photos were taken on a Monday or a Tuesday, but then the story broke the next week? And Pattinson and Stewart were photographed looking all lovey dovey before the story broke but after the photos were taken? I work in the industry, a story this big…there is no fucking way the tabloids weren’t ringing their people up for a quote the minute they bought those photos or that a huge bidding war didn’t go on. Pattinson had to know the day after the photos were taken at the very latest. The whole reaction has a major stink of PR to it.

    Anyway, glad I haven’t been a selfish 22 year old for a long time. Also kind of freaked out that this is such a huge story about some bland ass oatmeal celebrities who do something that most celebrities and many other people have done.

    • Carla

      Agreed, this has the stench of PR al over it. Moe so bcause Kirsten Stewart is the latest bland product the media machine is marketing but even more than Blake Lively she’s bland and the expiration date on the product that put her on the public radar, Twilight, is nearing. And Pattinon is practically chewing his leg off to get bigger roles beyond the Twishit franchise. It’s an attempt at the lucrative Pitt/Jolie/Aniston triangle.

  24. achilles wrath

    Why don’t we just grab the next guy on the street and see what they say about this too?

  25. Kristen Stewart Rupert Sanders Eating Dinner Together Berlin
    Commented on this photo:

    I mean, c’mon, sometimes her mouth opens and your cock just naturally falls into it. Nobody’s to blame, everyone’s a victim of circumstance.

  26. Carla

    So much staged bullshit so Pattinson can let this sour puss free from her beard contract. Somewhere Tom Cruise is kicking a Scieno slave twink’s ass for not doin this.

  27. El Jefe

    If you are the wife of a big Hollywood director, pro athlete, Fortune 500 top exec etc etc and you don’t think your husband is fucking someone else then you are a naive idiot.

    Most wives at that level just accept that they are the top bitch that gets to live in the big house, drive the best cars and go to the best parties and public events and are happy with that.

    • JJ

      There is something really off about this whole story. PR involved somehow. Either to get her off the beard contract, they are poly, a way to break the PR contract, or to cover their asses from something even worse (i.e. a lesbian fucktape, etc.). Think the PR people misread this though. Instead of seeing this as some douche creep man old enough to be her father and her as the dumb naive skanky ho, it’s been turned into she seduced him and with her getting 100 percent of the blame. Anyway, I know enough about how HW PR works. If People magazine isn’t explicitly stating the relationship is over, they are laying the stage for him to “forgive” her in the next month or so in time for the next twi movies. He’ll be seen having a revenge fuck, which will get rid of his gay rumors. She’ll have officially shed most of the lesbian rumors. And the bearding goes on and on. It’s seems like they are taking a bad situation and turning into a classic PR move that mirrors real life: public shaming, revenge, forgiveness. And the added benefit is that the gay rumors will go away.

      • huh

        Now they are trying to pretend they didn’t f*ck but only kissed . If you remember in the movie Jacob kissed Bella and Edward saw this, forgave her and they stay together. I’m sure to the premiere in November Pattinson and this chick will be together as well and Twihards will be mad from excitement. It’s only PR- strategy.

      • Please

        Don’t forget the wife and kids! They’re all part of the PR machine! Actually, it was the kids idea!

  28. Kristen Stewart Rupert Sanders Eating Dinner Together Berlin
    Commented on this photo:

    Really?…She is the exact opposite of talented and sexy!

  29. Kristen Stewart Rupert Sanders Eating Dinner Together Berlin
    Commented on this photo:

    I work with women too. I haven’t fucked any of them. This not some random accident and it wasn’t a one time thing. They both saw something they wanted and they took it. I don’t give a fuck about the age difference,if she’s old enough to drink and go to war, she’s old enough to fuck anyone she wants.

  30. Kristen Stewart Rupert Sanders Eating Dinner Together Berlin
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s been an awful month for Hollywood’s most famous beards.

  31. Pretty? She manages to be completely dead behind the eyes every time I’ve seen her, even here when she’s obviously about to get busy.

    Thanks for inflicting this selfish toad on us, Twilight casting director!

  32. Kristen Stewart Rupert Sanders Eating Dinner Together Berlin
    Commented on this photo:

    I would understand and forgive my father for tapping that. I’d high five him.

  33. Sonja

    I really don’t think it was just “kissing” if she actually did leave everything to go meet him. It just shows that this wasn’t an isolated booty-call.
    I just wonder how many other directors she has slept with. She’s so blah in every movie she’s been in. Granted, I haven’t seen Snow White but you know what? Her motivation might’ve been the director himself. Who knows… f*cking him through the camera. :P

  34. Gwen

    ALL of Hollywood has been secretly laughing their butts off! THIS happens in LA all the time! What scandal?

  35. Simple. He banged Kristen Stewart. If you could bang Charlize, would you bother to bang that wannabe mopey,

  36. Bobyboooo

    On a most serious note. She has the body of a prepubescent boy if you get rid of her hair so maybe we should be looking for what boys he raped before she came along.

  37. terry

    she looks like she is really into him. Her look is what you would want from a woman. When a woman looks at you like that, it is the kiss of love. She will marry him after he divorces his wife.IMHO!
    She never looked at R Patz like that. They always seemed like buddies.

  38. Kristen Stewart Rupert Sanders Eating Dinner Together Berlin
    Commented on this photo:

    So what they were obviously with friends. Please give these people a break.

  39. Kristen Stewart Rupert Sanders Eating Dinner Together Berlin
    Commented on this photo:

    I think it’s funny that all of the media outlets are using this photo to drive the point home that these two were having an affair.. but it doesn’t show the fact that Charlize Theron is in the middle and that’s who Kristen Stewart is actually looking at..

  40. Hal85

    Ya think he grabbed onto those ears while he was hittin it frm the back?

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