Rupert Murdoch’s Divorcing His Ninja Wife

June 13th, 2013 // 20 Comments
Rupert Murdoch Wendi Deng
WATCH: Rupert Murdoch's Wife Stops Pie Attack

Remember that scene in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon when Ziyi Zhang fucks up all those dudes at that bar? This will be like that except with taking Rupert Murdoch‘s money. And still stabbing him with a katana. Deadline reports:

Media moguls routinely divorce, but this is different because of any impact on the Murdoch family succession issue vis a vis News Corp given his age of 82. Rupert and Wendi were married on his yacht in New York Harbor in June 1999. As part of the divorce from Anna, Rupert agreed that his existing children would inherit control of News Corp via the family trust. Wendi wanted that changed after giving birth to their two daughters, Grace and Chloe. But Rupert punted and actually startled Wendi by disclosing in a 2006 TV interview with Charlie Rose that the girls would not have voting rights in his family trust. He said they’d have an equal economic stake, but the decision-making would be left to his other children: Prudence, Elisabeth, Lachlan and James. “The fight that happened between Rupert and Wendi, after the program aired, is News Corp legend,” author Michael Wolff said in his book The Man Who Owns The News: Inside The Secret World Of Rupert Murdoch.

Great. Now where’s Rupert Murdoch supposed to find an Asian woman who’ll have sex with him for free and without producing offspring to usurp his heirs? It’s not like that’s an option you can just check “No” to when you’re buying these from the League of Shado- no, wait, here it is. Ha! Must’ve missed it. Well, that’s settled: One new ninja bride, barren, renounces material wealth. Plus Clearcoat. You never know.


  1. So this nasty old moneybags finally caught his trophy whore fucking the pool boy? Not near enough karma for spawning Fox news.

  2. JPC

    So, the real question is: How is he going to blame the failure of his marriage on the gays?

  3. I’d love to burn his empire down.

  4. Yahh but I’m tellin ya that Tru-Coat…

  5. ObamaSuks

    How could such true love dissolve like that?

    Poor Julie Chen…

  6. Smapdi

    Nice of him to show a demeaning attitude towards his younger two daughters. Only the pure-breds may govern the family fortune! Happy father’s day, Rupert.

  7. Rupert take some advice, I don’t think you’re greedy capitalist empire will fall .
    But its seems Asian wives have this tendency to try to castrate their pre divorce husbands. No I’m not racist but 80% of those reported cases seem to be Asian wives, check web news not your shitty papers. Oh MILF.

  8. DeucePickle

    The real question here is, Why haven’t there been more pictures of Ziyi Zhang on this site?

  9. Goose

    It’s not racist to call an Asian a ninja because shut up!

  10. crb

    Should’ve just banged & hanged instead of marrying.

    Murdoch & Pinault are stoopids.

  11. pfft

    The vast majority of Asian women I know (and I live in SF), act all helpless and weak. That “Asian women are ninjas and know martial arts” stereotype is completely false. I think it’s something white guys living in middle America come up with because they have so little contact with real Asian women.

    • Yeah, I’m sure contact with real Asian women would totally fix Fish’s belief that they are all Ninjas. Totally. Or he’s joking.

    • I went to high school with two drop dead gorgeous Asian girls that modeled and they are also high level black belts that own their own martial arts school. Just because the women may look at act helpless does not mean that they actually are.

      • pfft

        El Jefe, you sound exactly like the kind of guy I’m referring to in my original post. You probably live/lived in middle America, and only knew a few Asian women. Yes a few actually know martial arts, but the vast majority of them don’t. Much more of them are the types that stand on escalators and can’t make the physical exertion to walk up them, all the mean while blocking the way for people in a hurry. And yes they are truly weak and helpless, it’s not just an act. I think in many Asian cultures being weak is considered feminine and attractive.

      • Jen

        There are just as many women of other races that excel in martial arts. I’m a white woman who has a second degree black-belt in kung fu; my female teacher is Caucasian, and almost all of my female classmates are not Asian. Granted I live in CO where the Asian population is low.

  12. Shame she did not poison that evil bastard or kill him in his sleep. Most corrupt, evil, piece of shit that has ever lived.

    She is still pretty good looking and has a massive bank account. I would date her no problem.

    • pfft

      You’re exactly the kind of sucker that would marry a bitch like that and get bear-trapped into supporting her for the rest of your life, or get royally screwed if you divorce her. It never ceases to amaze me how many chumps like you and Rupert are out there.

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