Rumer Willis picks good film roles

August 8th, 2007 // 93 Comments

I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation for why Rumer Willis (Bruce Willis’ daughter) is dressed like this. And it’s simple really: every single person working on her new film has lost their damn mind.


  1. Christ on a Crotch

    Remember y’all, those who are over 30, when Demi was in General Hospital, she was practically flat chested. Well not flat, but Demi does not have a large rack at all (naturally, that is).

    PS – I was 15 when i watched GH, and I grew out of it a year later. Soaps are for Dopes. (I just made that up, hahaha)

  2. lambman

    She KINDA looks A LITTLE TINY BIT like her mother there.

    It must really suck to be 19 and have a mother who is a million times hotter than you, and to look exactly like your bald father.

  3. adeliza

    Sadly to say, the Bruce/Demi combo did not produce attractive offspring.
    It must suck to be those kids…..

  4. Patrick

    This is the ugliest bitch I have ever seen

  5. Maria

    What in the good-fuck-lollipop is this?

    Well, I must admit… she kinda looks like Kiera Knightly–in other words–sorta attractive.

  6. ddd

    If only they could trick Paris or Shitney into wearing that

  7. Bite Me!

    That’s excellent Steamer posture.

  8. WallyIsAFuckingDoucheBag

    #56, i’d be satisfied if they could trick paris or britney into wearing underwear.

  9. Valkyrie

    PEOPLE, take a look at her younger sisters, esp. the middle one. The good looks actually come from the Willis side.

  10. VAlkyrie

    Sorry People, I think I’m wrong. Jeez the little one was so cute when she was small. They all have that potato chin, yeesh.

    I stand corrected.

  11. kelly

    put it away!

  12. York

    Bruce must be so proud.

  13. She’s got mommy’s chest and daddy’s jaw. Oh boy.

  14. New

    the little one is actually cute, but she looks like joaquin phoenix :S

  15. Kamiki

    This is one ugly broad – better suited to a career in radio than film.

  16. Chauncey Gardner

    She’s not that bad looking, for someone who shot out of Hudson’s Cawk.

  17. wedgeone

    How funny would the irony be if Rumer won an Oscar for this performance, leaving Lindsay Lohan in the closet of her room at rehab, crying and screaming “THAT ROLE WAS MINE, DAMMIT!”

  18. volcaniceruption

    im pretty sure shes playing a role in an upcoming porno entitled “I’ll try to measure your cock while its in my mouth” b/c the thing in front of her face is for guys to put their dicks on while she measures them with the ruler thats in her hand

  19. no1justminda


  20. hmm

    She looks like an ugly version of Keira Knightley in that pic.

  21. Bruce Willis

    Not attractive.

  22. ssdd

    She looks like a skinny Jay Leno in drag to me.

  23. JT60

    Based on the look of the costume (and what I’ve seen on other sites), Rumer is in the new untitled Anna Faris movie. A friend of mine auditioned for the same role. Now that I’ve seen this picture, I’m sure my friend is thanking her lucky stars she got passed over in favour of Rumer…

  24. why wasn’t this picked as a “so freakin hot”?

  25. gossipmonger

    My first thought when I glanced at this was that it was Kiera Knightley…

  26. TJ

    Eeew. Not a good profile. Oh well–her daddy is sklorfing a chick her age. Eeew.

  27. lolz i luv to uze zzzzzz ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Z Z Z Z z z Z Z z Z Z Z Z Z z z z Z Z CRAZIHOTKELLI LOLZ LOLZ LOLZ ZZZZ now watch me uze my dezignz! ^^^^^&&&*&^*(&^*&^*&%^*&^%** *&&* *///>>/??..????>>>>>> LOLZ

  28. buzz_clik

    It can only be some sort of Saw parody. Which is nowhere near as horrifying a concept as trying to deduce what type of genitalia lies ‘twixt her legs. Ugh. Seriously, she looks like John Cleese in drag, only I don’t have a boner in this instance.

  29. S

    Ok, something about this bitch’s face and the expressions she makes makes me just wanna punch her face in. Her in the outfit, I just want to kick her face in too after I punch it.

    Lol, I’m normall not violent, but GOD her face is just so irritating. Especially in the pic where she’s sucking on a condom. What a freaken tool this girl is.

  30. 77/ U crack me up……and I know who U r…..?

  31. George

    She is the ugliest thing on this planet.

    Why are all celebrity spawn stupid, and none of them even try to get another career other than follow their parents. I thought that they all go to the best schools that money can buy. Oh, yeah, that’s it, I forgot you can’t buy an education, you have to earn it. No wonder, they are all dunces. Well, at least we know what she is and she knows what she is……

  32. i think she’s pretty.

    this goes along with a film, but i can’t recall who’s it is, when i read about it, it was un-named.

    anyone know?

  33. piedlourde

    Yikes! At first glance, I thought that that was Kiera Knightley.

  34. Tessa

    # 79 I’d bunch her too. She’s disgusting

  35. John


    How stupid are you. It doesn’t matter what your education is. What job other than acting can you make as much money when you have no marketable still and have as much fun and free time doing it. They would be mad not to use their contacts, Bruce and Demi’s money will only last so long.

    As for her winning roles over talented actors – give me a break, stage actor requires some skill. Acting in movies/TV just requires a good director/script.

    BTW – Comment 13, Very funny, I was crying tears of laughter.

  36. Robert

    Hollywood has too many family members getting free rides into acting careers, this girl is ugly as shit

  37. Lucky#13

    She looks like Keira Knightley in those photos.

  38. Lucky#13

    *She looks like Keira Knightley in that photo.

  39. Gesh02

    So this is what talentless, fugly celebutards do with their free time. Demi might want to summon one of her plastic surgeons asap.

  40. Smoke

    Maybe it’s Barbarella.

  41. thiz ugly bitch lookz like her mom…and her mom zhould keep her outta the
    buzinezz…people will juzt reject her az they did her mom…uzelezz piece of
    zhit…everyone knowz zhez fuckin kelzo…

  42. Arden

    Jezus. She looks like Buzz Lightyear. What a face!

  43. TR

    Weird how two attractive people can give produce offspring that looks like a transvestite. Someone on here said she was hot?? uh no, not debatable either. Unless women with testicles is considered attractive. Also Im not sure why her being in some shitty movie is a surprise. Especially considering her father has been in some of the biggest Hollywood blockbuster pieces of dog shit ever. It’s hard to find someone more famous who makes worse movies than Bruce Willis. Werd out.

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