Rumer Willis likes putting condoms in her mouth

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  1. Shanipie


    You fucking dumbshit. Don’t you realize your just as freakin pathetic for coming on here and defending her? Um if you think it is so stupid that we do this in our spare time for a little laugh then why do you feel it necessary to waste your time telling us this.

    Oh yeah like we are all gonna go, simaltaniously and in unison might I add, “oh wow, we are so shallow and wrong, lets all hand write her a fucking apology letter and mail it to her”.

    Your probably one of those jack ass teens who makes that gay ass poochy face and thinks they know everything about everything. You make me sick.

    Your A waste of life, your wasting your time to tell off a bunch of strangers for wasting their time? Doesn’t make much sense does it.

    Oh and we know she is just a teen, yeah we know…But we don’t give a shit. Its fun making fun of other people sometimes.


  2. DIANA

    Just out of curiosity, what makes USC “not a real school”? I’ve never heard that before. Is it becuase a lot of rich kids go there?

  3. Beavis

    She is really not that awful looking to me. That’s probably because I am pretty much the best looking person in the world. All you “normals” tend to blend together. Its kind of like how Yao Ming doesn’t notice the difference between a midget, a child, or a wedding cake topper, to him they’re all just little.

  4. cm

    Apparently, college is sucking the life out of “anonymous” (AKA #99) too. LOLOL
    In college nobody I knew was that stupid to put photos of themselves doing stupid stuff on the net, drop out of school and hide behind their age. Most people have brains and know better. If you morons want to ruin your lives, the only people you need to blame are yourselves. The rest of us just sit back and laugh at your stupidity. We’re all wrong and you’re right, ROFL :)

  5. tweetyeyes

    She will be banging step-daddy Ashton in no time with that attitude.

  6. bungoone

    ok, i retract my statement. obviously USC a real school, but it’s a well-known party school.

  7. Pelted

    #99. First of all, it’s not spelled “sights” you ignorant poodle. Sights are something you go see in Europe. This is a website. Second, passing judgement on people I’ll never meet is awesome! Third, as hard as it may be for you to believe, one can have fun without flashing stupid, fake-o gangsta symbols. Fourth, who the fuck admires Paris Hilton? And where can I find them so I can kill them? And finally, are there new pictures of Paris Hilton partying naked? because if so I totally want to see them.

  8. elizabeththewellread

    #86–Are YOU in college? Is the word “Community” in the name of your school?

  9. kathleen170

    She looks like a less pretty Natalie Portman but with better curves. So I guess she’s more doable than Portman, since Portman looks like an 8 year old.

  10. Blog Lurker Guy Man Dude

    oh wow, we are so shallow and wrong, lets all hand write her a fucking apology letter and mail it to her.

    Um, what? That was supposed to be a sarcastic comment? I’m apologize. I take that back. I didn’t get the memo.

  11. Shanipie

    Don’t worry #110, they have short busses for people like you

  12. Courtney

    Is this seriously what rich white people do for fun? Nothing like white chicks and gang signs (check on the video()*!#

  13. freak_show


  14. Shanipie

    By The Way, Freak_show

    To your earlier post. I personally had a crappy childhood, and my parents aren’t rich and famous. I can think of a lot worse things than growing up in a rich famous family…A LOT WORSE THINGS. So stop trying to get people to shed a tear for this priviledged ugly ass little Brat.

    Oh boo hoo I was raised by nannies and I had messed up parents boo hoo…Oh and did I mention I had every toy and vacation and luxury I could ever want? I get to meet stars and be a total fuck up and never worry about my future…ever!

    Yeah sounds real horrible to me

  15. DMM

    If this site bothers you so much then you do have the choice of not coming here.

  16. freak_show

    Why, DMM? (DMM= Dumn Moron Masturbating)

    It is fun to see how riled you all get over trivial matters :) Entertainment! Better than seeing the photos, reading all the cattiness is enjoyable.

  17. Blog Lurker Guy Man Dude

    Wheels on the bus go round and round…

  18. anonymous

    okay, so I’m not about to go on a site called “the superficial” and start bitching about people being, well, superficial. What I will complain about is how superfluous and dumb these photos are. Just because her parents are famous and she’s got money doesn’t mean everything she does in private is automatic evidence of her sense of entitlement and attention-whoring. She’s doing things that everyone west of BYU are doing at stupid frat parties, and the incidental fact that she’s bruce and demi’s kid doesn’t make it any less stupid or average or unworthy of my time. As someone who actually knows her, she’s very private about her internet usage; she doesn’t use her real name, she doesn’t add people she doesn’t know and she changes her account regularly. She actually deleted this facebook account in the last 48 hours. She’s also a normal eighteen year old girl who shouldn’t have to stay off the internet because of who her parents are; she should, however, stay off my gossip pages, because she doesn’t want to be there and I’m not all that interested in seeing another eighteen year old’s party shots anyways.

  19. Blog Lurker Guy Man Dude

    I’m guessin, #118 is a celebrity child stalker. He like ‘em almost famous. You better change your ways dude or Chris Hanson is gonna getcha!

  20. woodhorse

    #79 has a point. Look what having Cher for a mother did for Chastity Bono. Let’s make fun of Chastity Bono for awhile. Rumor is rather average.

  21. BarbadoSlim

    @118…Great another apologist for Generation-Douchebag, hey EVERYTHING’S OK!! everybody does it or did it!

    I don’t think so. Witness how we keep spiraling down folks, these are the people who think Paris Hilton is, like, the greatest celebrity evar and Jared Leto is like really, really, deep.

  22. techclerk

    Looks like this is a good reason for Ashton to break out THE FARM HAND

  23. rockthevinyl

    lol Spindoc way to misspell ‘psych’ and ‘appreciation.’ apparently you didn’t even go to a college, let alone one that’s not real. :)

  24. Why am I the only one that sees that the smoke is too white and thick to be marijuana or tobacco smoke? She is straight smoking crystal meth out of a glass pipe. DAMN!

  25. juliana



  26. Zara

    Rumer – what kind of name is that? This girl is not even famous, and she seems stupid. College is sucking the life out of her. Maybe if she spent less time smoking shit and actually using her brain she would have enjoyed college.

    HEr photos are stupid and not even funny – makes her look like a retard. I suppose growing up with Demi and Bruce, that is to be expected. And WTF is with the photo of her and her friend look at her midriff – yes Rumer, it’s flabby. Ugly rich bitch!

  27. Missystar


  28. CandyO

    She looks like the guy in the movie “Mask” – the one with Eric Stoltz playing the kid with the facial deformity. Plus she has a really fugly nose. She may be able to get a nose job, but I doubt she’ll be able to do anything about that gargantuan chin. Like she says though, she is famous………..famous for being an ugly freakin gargoyle face.

  29. Andrea

    Dude why can’t yall just leave her alone?! and she is pretty she aint ugly maybe yall are just jealous because she might prettier then any of you….She happens to be a awesome person that I know and yall just need to quit hatin on her and back off!?!?!?!

  30. Andrea

    Dude why can’t yall just leave her alone?! and she is pretty she aint ugly maybe yall are just jealous because she might prettier then any of you….She happens to be a awesome person that I know and yall just need to quit hatin on her and back off!?!?!?!

  31. I like…so beautiful and sexy,good!

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