Rumer Willis likes putting condoms in her mouth

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  1. Cardinal Ximenez

    She looks like Demi ate Nelly Furtado.

    In regards to da Pope’s internet access. His eminence has a OC128 pipe and likes to surf babe thumbnails and plays online Slingo on Tuesday nights. Oh yeah, and he never misses tournament nights on Party Poker. Pope DOGG is righteous. Thanks god to Sister Gladys and her swedish meatballs, its da only thing that drags him away from his Mac. Yes, thas right, da pope himself uses a Mac. Shalom niggas.

  2. Like Mother Like Daughter,

    Her mother dropped out of high school. Now her daughter, with all the benefits of wealth couldn’t make it through college. WEll at least she’s got her looks….oh wait.

  3. Danielle♥

    Well, ya can’t blame the girl/thing. This is the closest thing to “sex” that she’ll EVER get.

    I mean, geesh. You would think that the girl would look halfway normal coming from a mom that looks like Demi.

    …oh, wait. Demi had stuff done to her teeth and eats botox vitamin bars everyday for breakfast.

    Good Luck kid.

    Man that’s an ugly child.

  4. mimi_bleet

    Weird… we have the same bedspread.

    And, you know, I think she could be really pretty if her chin/jawline was slightly shorter. I think that area of her face is too long, and that’s what’s keeping her from being attractive.

  5. mimi_bleet

    Also, she kind of looks like Natalie Portman.

  6. mimi_bleet

    Ok, nevermind, apparently I’m not the only one who thinks that.

  7. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    39–That face, and also overusing the word “random”. Christ I hate teenagers.

  8. MrSemprini

    She’s limber. Gotta give her that…

  9. Naruelle

    She goes to my school, LOL.

    her facebook used to be actually just plain out open to people who goes to her school, but then she changed her privacy levels. :P

    But yeah, this was a baaad idea, poor girl

  10. Naruelle

    Whoa she dropped out, nevermind. Huh, weird, i saw her last semester.. I guess she’s rich enough to drop out after her first semester of college. XP

  11. cm

    Let’s see..smoking, doing stupid stuff with sexual undertones, dropping out of school, lousy grammar,and having no focus in life except to work some crap minimum wage job. Way to go, celeb-spawn loser.

  12. lastangelman

    Why are you posting this? So we won’t pay attention to her? Like I read Facebook. What do you think I am a child molester? Stop posting stuff about under age retards of celebrities puh-leeze!

  13. anonymous

    yknow, this is an eighteen year old girl we’re talking about. listing smoking, bad grammar, stupid pictures, working a minimum wage job and not knowing your direction in life as cardinal sins of an eighteen year old girl…well, it says more about you than it does about her. seriously, there must be sexier things to talk about. britney must have shaved something recently.

  14. You’d think a couple super celebs could produce progeny less fugly than this one.

  15. knowhere

    ehhhhh … i’d do her. crap.

  16. k naz

    let’s be real who hasn’t blown up a condom.

    but did you realize it could be so romantic? (pic #1)

    sucks she can’t really fix her manly facial bone structure but based on these pics she seems like a unique chick with a personality

  17. Viola

    I’d do Bruce. Many times. He is HOT!

  18. shanonorato

    She has a huge chin.

    It also looks like she snagged a pair of her mom’s jeans from the 80′s in pic #5…didn’t demi wear those in st. elmos fire?

  19. crazyotto

    her parents are really just white trash that got lucky and made millions in “the movies” and movie stars are not actors,actors perform live like in a play or court room.

  20. jrzmommy

    college is sucking the life out of her? why? because she actually has to THINK?

  21. cm

    #63 Most 18 year olds have more common sense than that, defending that sort of behavior makes you as dumb and useless as she is, lol. Just about anyone has more smarts than that.

  22. DrPhowstus

    Bruce Willis with tits and back fat. Not cool at all.

  23. kingnoony

    the product of yet another useless hollywood couple. great job of parenting there demi & bruce. you should very proud…..

  24. jrzmommy

    Imagine having Demi Moore as your mom but you get your dad’s looks? Ugh….the cruel hand dealt to her…

  25. Kevin_FederSwine

    “College is sucking the life out of me?” Holy shit, wait until she actually has to get a job…oh, wait…THAT will never happen. Anyone who doesn’t see a Paris Hilton-style night-vision sex tape on the “Internets” in this spoiled brat’s future just isn’t paying attention.

  26. Pikachelsea

    Wow, I didn’t even realize what an EPIC chin he has until I saw these other pictures:

    And look how freaking smug she and her sister look, despite being not even remotely cute:,%20Rumer

  27. p911gt10c

    uh ohh, John Mclean’s not gonna like this. Somebody’s gonna Die Hard.

  28. MrSemprini

    All the above, very funny. No, really. Not just saying that. OK, here’s the real, burning question – Why are they holding a condom in their mouths? I can almost understand a woman doing that – almost. But, not a guy. He’s not gay, is he? Not that I care, but it would explain why he’s holding it in his mouth.


  29. freak_show

    Leave the poor girl alone! Seriously, she probably has had the most fucked up of a life. Nannies probably raised her, mommy and daddy were no where to be found and when they were, they were making movies about beating the shit out of people, blowing things up and dancing on a pole. To have to live up to Demi Moore as a mother all the time must be pretty shitty. When kids do it all before the ripe young age of 18, what more could life offer that would be exciting for them? If you give a kid everything growing up, there is nothing to look forward to and work to achieve.

    Look at all those people in the pictures with her. Looks like all they want to do is side up next to her to get a picture w/ Bruce and Demi’s kid, not “Hey, let’s take a picture w/ our friend Scout.” Must be hard as shit to know who your true friends are in life and who just wants coolness by association.

    Leave her alone. Britney is a willing target, she puts herself out there. Lindsey too. Take cheap shots at all the other people that dare you too. Leave the innocent kids out of the picture. Scout didn’t ask for her pictures to be put on this site. She wasn’t asking to be judged like she was in a beauty contest. She has EVERY right to have as close to a normal life as possible. What 18 year old doesn’t have a personal website/blog?

    Leave her alone.

  30. DMM

    haha #79
    Why do people come to a site called “The Superficial”? and then complain when people are raggin on asshole brats?

  31. freak_show

    haha #80.

    Because I can.

  32. DMM

    oh yea, and everyone does have a right to a normal life. BUT If you’re gonna put condoms in your mouth and post them on the internet knowing people know who you are then you give up the right to a private life and you are making yourself a target.

  33. biatcho

    Actually #79, it’s Rumer, not Scout. And secondly, in this day & age a kid of super famous parents should actually know better than to put anything on the internet because it IS gonna be found & get posted everywhere and it is our RIGHT to make fun of whoever & whatever the fuck we want, including your children. Go suck a trojan!

  34. combustion8

    So shes ugly AND stupid, if you cant graduate from University of Spoiled Children you’re dumber than dirt… that or mommy didnt pay the school enough.

  35. MalloryS

    response to comment number 6…

    are you from california? do you know anything? USC is a really hard school, don’t be an asshole, just because it’s in LA doesn’t mean that you have any reason to not take it seriously.

    And no, I didn’t go to USC.

    I do, however, really love facebook.

  36. #85 MalloryS

    College is not difficult. Especially because you can take the number of classes you want. A class at Harvard isn’t much different than a class at Fresno State except for the SAT scores of the kids sitting in there.

    If somebody can’t handle Freshman year at USC which consists of something like English 101, Physch 101 and some random Music Appriciation class, then she better start warming up her Crotchless panties and begin filling out an application to go work for Heidi Fleiss’s new Whorehouse in NV.

  37. BarbadoSlim

    @79…Why don’t you go to her website so you can kiss this whore’s ass…jeeezz, fucking freak.

    @86…totally agree and would add that you can get a BA AND get a post-graduate degree while being completely wasted….err I’ve been told *cough*

  38. redsonja1313

    buhahahahah proving once again the laws a physics at work. 2 positives= 1 Negative !!! But wait she probably cut that class. Time to try proactive too!!

  39. Man, that’s about as funny as…WTF, that’s a condom!

  40. Sheva

    Pretty rough on a regular American girl. And by regular, I mean a normal teen girl who doesn’t have to worry about self-improvement, education or any real responsibility.

    Oh look Rumer, my pants are open and there you go, cock!

  41. karasoth

    I’d hit it

    she is a good looking girl…. and I never thought her mom was that hot

  42. anonymous

    I hate the “if you’re famous (or the child/4th cousin/dog of someone famous) than you shouldn’t use the internet.” These pictures have been on facebook for over a year, ostensibly because there’s really nothing to be ashamed of in them. Same ones were on her myspace, which is about as interesting. They’re boring pictures of a bored kid doing stupid shit that, face it, you’ve probably done too, and I know for a fact she’s laughing at this right now. and I can’t believe this is what we’re supposed to be mocking.

  43. freak_show

    BarbadoSlim, biatcho, DMM… You all three are the pimples on the ass of the world.

  44. biatcho

    #93 – I am so so sorry to have offended your big sister there Scout. Wait, no I’m not. And your mother sucks cocks in hell.

    By the way, if you’re going to insult people at least make it grammatically correct. “All three of you are pimples on the ass of the world”. And next time, actually make it insulting & funny as well.
    Take notes…

  45. On the bright side, she looks about 30 years younger than Lindsay Lohan.

  46. Shanipie

    …why the fuck is anyone actually defending her.

    Personally the only reason to feel sorry for her is that horrible bout of chin cancer she is suffering from…no cure apparently…very sad

  47. can't help myself

    Ahh, that all looks so very familiar. Those are EVERYONE’S college party pictures.

    Only wait! I managed to do all that (minus the condom eating) and STILL graduate. All that thinking didn’t even hurt a little! I guess her brain must have slipped down into her chin.

    I love the ‘need to make a livin’ comment…
    Like Bruce and Demi have cut her off?? RIGHT!

  48. bungoone

    i wonder if those high up in Kabbalalalaa approve of these photos! better put on some extra red string Rumer.

    and how does a guy holding a condom make him gay? people, that doesn’t even make sense.

    85, i thought it was a FACT that USC was not a real college. i guess you didn’t get that memo.

    lastly, i remember seeing somewhere that Demi went to the store where Rumer works so Demi could get the employee discount. how sad.

  49. Ana

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    First of all,
    don’t you have anything better to do but to go on these sights and passing judgment on people who you don’t know and will probably never get to meet?

    This is just a girl whose privacy was completely violated by some creeps who are either out to get money by selling her pictures, or are jealous of who she is and want to exploit her, because that is what it is, exploitation.
    Is Rumer not allowed to have fun? I don’t understand, she’s a teenager, we all do stupid things and whether or not she’s the daughter of two celeberties, she deserves her privacy.
    Not only that, who do you think you are to make fun of her for her physical appearance, are you really that shallow? Since when does being born a celebrity baby mean you have to be absolutely stunning? I’m glad she looks the way she does and I’m glad she’s not changing it.
    Why do you people care about what she does?! Seriously, she’s not partying naked like Paris Hilton and yet everyone admires Paris Hilton even though she’s got absolutely no class.
    The only reason I’m commenting is because she is good friends with many of my friends, and whether or not I like her, you people are no one to pass judgment on her.


  50. bungoone

    oh, well in that case….

    please 99, her privacy was violated? no. when you post pictures on this crazy thing called the internet it’s no longer private.

    and who admires Paris Hilton? I know not one person. your information is all wrong.

    And did you think by coming on here and wagging your finger at us you would make us feel bad? you are sadly mistaken. i think you just wanted to name drop. pathetic!

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