Rumer Willis likes putting condoms in her mouth

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  1. Redd Foxx

    First! And, second… who the hell is this? Why is she on this page? I could see if she’s hot, but, c’mon now.

  2. Viola

    Too bad Bruce and Demi’s daughter is not only ugly, but a fuck up, as well….
    Both Bruce and Demi are HOT (although, not sure what Demi would look like now if she didn’t have all the plastic surgery)

  3. lovescontroversy1

    hmmm… she’s very unnatractive
    but hey… they had to have at least ONE kid end up in rehab.

  4. LilRach

    What a pitty she didn’t take after her mummy in the looks department otherwise i’m sure she wouldm’t be trying to make a living at Mark Jacobs.

    I’ll give credit to Bruce and Demi though – they are obviously making her work instead of living of their fortune.

  5. Kelly Marie

    Ah ha!

    Rumer’s a naughty girl, smoking naughty no no’s.

    Dumb ass.

  6. Spock's Left Nut

    “college is sucking the life out of me”? What a fucking retard. She’s going to USC, which isnt really college anyway, and she can’t handle it? Was she dropped on her head as a baby? Too many drugs while in utero? Who is this stupid? She can’t even find a way to make a living off her stupidity, like Paris or Lindsay or Britney.

  7. teetee

    What’s with the eye patch?

  8. She looks awfully comfortable with a condom in her mouth. Makes me wonder if she has inhaled a few before?

  9. Kelly Marie

    Well, dear Spock, unlike Paris and Lindsay, Rumer has not been featured as a laminated poster girl in anyone’s dorm room during any period in her life.

  10. Tracy

    She looks like a funhouse-mirror version of her mother.

  11. karameredith

    Is it just me or does she look slightly like Natalie Portman in a few of these pictures, particularly the one of her with her mouth open and somebody’s hand over her face?

  12. Viola

    #10: Good point! :o)
    She was cute as a kid, though….

  13. DMM

    That is one nasty thick chick.
    She is seriously ugly for what her parents look like.
    I’m sure she’s not paying her own way by working at Marc either. She most likely dropped out of college because she thinks she will become an actress or something elese because of her parents.

  14. Think Ashton Kutcher tapped it? They’re closer in age than he and Demi, me thinks…

  15. Anonymous

    Rumer likely dropped out of USC because she was forced to do so. I’m betting her grades were terrible and she was put on probation or something. Hence, rather than be kicked out, why not withdraw and save face? She’s likely not a very good student. Like Paris and Company, she’s more interested in partying. She comes from money, so there is no need to study and actually be productive in life and have some sort of skill. She can simply mooch off her parents and/or be an acting legacy and “act,” just like Mommy and Daddy.

  16. Carsten5577

    That’s why people should think twice about popping out little rats like her…they might end up loserish fuck-ups like this worthless chick.

  17. FRIST!!!

    Awww….that’s so cute. She thinks she’s in a gang….

  18. Lowlands

    I hope the Vatican isn’t censoring the pope’s internetacces.Because this is a good opportunity to see the different purposes of these kind of things.

  19. And here we have proof that two pretty people do not necessarily result in a pretty child. I’ll laugh my head clean off if Brangelina’s precious spawn turns out to be total fug. You heard it here first.

    Anyway, back to Loser McDumbface here. Congrats on dropping out of college — your first step towards total obscurity and insignificance in life! The world needs drones to pump our gas and hand out those Big Macs at the drive-thru, so I salute you for your service to our country. Hey, not everyone gets to be an astronaut.

  20. cayana

    Gack look at that guy in the first pic. His upper lip is so long he can wrap it around the end of his nose. Disturbing. :/

  21. LilRach

    #11 Yeah she does resemble her a bit.

  22. BarbadoSlim

    Ugh that is approx. 145lbs of ugly skank right there. She got the worse of her two parents who ain’t exactly models to start with.

  23. cayana

    #14 I doubt it. Ashton likes his poon wrinkly, with gray hairs.

  24. PunjabPete

    What disturbs me is the DUDE has the condom in his mouth… What? Sorry, no sane non-gay man is gonna put a condom in his mouth…

    She is not totally homely… Just mostly. I could get behind pic #3 and she is semi “give-me-eight-beers” cutish in pic #4….

  25. happy_bunny

    This is so who cares. There’s no drugs, she’s got all her clothes on, she apparently practices safe sex. Move along, people. Nothing to see here.
    If we’re going to analyze her appearance, I’d say she looks pretty good considering these are just a bunch of drunken candid shots.

  26. neo_maxie_zoom_dweebie

    Rumer, good luck with your busy pants-dropping career there (fuzzy photo). Combined with making that really hot lip poochy face – that’ll be worth some bucks, right? Right?

  27. schack

    she looks like natalie portman

  28. CruisingForCock

    Eating condoms will totally protect you from pregnancy and getting AIDS.

  29. woodhorse

    she was under the covers with lindsay lohan. true story. she likes her fish without a bone it it……

  30. BarbadoSlim

    Her name is also stupid.

  31. herbiefrog

    some people sell out

    while the rest of us
    keep quiet

    …that is it really

  32. neo_maxie_zoom_dweebie

    #27 Please tell me you’re kidding or blind. I don’t like to make fun of blind people.

  33. lex

    i’m actually a student at usc, and rumer was in one of my classes, she is actually not that dumb, and actually said some intelligent things in class…i was surprised when she dropped out, but i guess the partying + school was too much for her to handle…

  34. schack

    when i feel my screen, and rumor is on the screen, it feels like natalie portman. but then most smooth things feel like her to me.

  35. schack

    most people are not dumb. most people do PLAY dumb when it’s convenient, which may or may not be honest, but it’s not dumb.

  36. Um…why is she working retail somewhere…her mom and dad are famous and rich, what a dumbass.

    Oh yeah Im gonna buy shit so she can get commisions cuz she needs to…make a living. Um yeah its called a trust fund you buttaface

  37. Pelted

    Demi’s eyes, Bruce’s chin (for a girl, it would have worked better the other way). But more importantly why, why, why are you people implying Willis was ever good looking? He looks like Mr. Potato Head. He’s like Vin Diesel without the Diesel. When Bruce Willis became famous it was because some casting agent went out to a cosntruction site and dragged back the first guy she found who could squint and flex his muscles; and she said, you, you shall be a star.

  38. AskAna101

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  39. Shanipie

    Oh and btw…I hate that fucking stupid ass face the kids are making lately. What the HELL! its not cute, cool, or even remotely funny. its Gay.

    Can you believe we have a whole generation of kids who do this?

  40. neo_maxie_zoom_dweebie

    #39 Curse you, Mom, why couldn’t you have been right about their faces freezing that way, instead of about that going to class and graduating shit???

  41. imran karim

    oh facebook

  42. BarbadoSlim

    Poster #25 is the perfect example of the enablers that are allowing this country to be taken over by these degenerates. The terrorists don’t need to blow up any more buildings America is already going down a drain filed with alcohol std’s and cocaine.

  43. lanya

    It really says something that she’s working for a living at Marc Jacobs. Just a girl trying to scrape out a living. Let those rich, draft-dodgers go to college! Oops, wrong decade…

  44. SHes doing “regular” college dumshit. THat said she looks like an incredible.

  45. yoface!

    her friends are ugly. especially the one in the black making that stupid face while pointing in one of the pictures

  46. TheColombian

    this beast looks like the reincarnation of carnie wilson, had carnie wilson imploded on the table while having gastric bypass. Cheers to another successful celebrity child!

  47. What The Sha??

    Natalie Portman and Mac Tonight from the old McDonald’s commercials had a baby. Sexy.

    I’ll have shamrock shake, please and thank you.

  48. The-Guslet

    When I look at kids like this (and Paris/Britney/Lindsay etc…) there’s really nobody to blame but the parents.

  49. elizabeththewellread

    I see Natalie Portman, too. But the impression I get from these pics and posts is: What a whiny poser! Stupid overpriviledged asshole.

  50. sol

    more like Natalie Portlyman.

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