Rumer Willis Should Stand Next To Her Sister More Often

August 18th, 2011 // 166 Comments

Here’s Rumer and Scout Willis leaving the Adele concert last night, and someone needs to explain to me what the hell Demi Moore‘s vagina did them during childbirth because somehow both of them have giant, elongated peanut-heads with prominent chins. And if childbirth didn’t do it, then we need to acknowledge the fact that these two were tossed off cliffs as infants, only to survive and have Bruce Willis go, “Ah, fuck, we gotta keep ‘em now.”

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Justsayinnn

    It’s def not cool to trash on someone , although I must say I have become quite obsessed with these girls photos . I really just don’t understand how that happened, and *fugly” doesn’t do them justice . It’s probably in ashtons best favor to not reproduce with Demi. It would be a crap shoot . I think the girls believe they are pretty and I think rumers model and movie gigs were all the “favors” Hollywood owes Bruce and demi

  2. Rumer Willis Scout Willis
    Commented on this photo:

    I think it’s just you. She does resemble Rocky from the movie Mask with Cher however….

  3. Whoah!…I didn’t even recognize Scout!

  4. Eyespy

    They inherited plenty from their mom. Look at a photo of Demi’s mom, Virginia Guynes. Huge chin, little mouth, skinny beak, and close-set small eyes. These combined with Bruce’s features via Demi was a disaster.

  5. sue

    but you yanks are obsessed with looks scratch the surface with you lot and you just find more surface

  6. Rumer Willis Scout Willis
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    I vote for sterilization as well!

  7. Rumer Willis Scout Willis
    the crazy betty
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    oy vey. I used to think bruce willis was sexy but what a curse to have his children and they end up being girls. he does not make pretty children.

  8. meg

    please do not reproduce. ugly from ugly equals ugly.

  9. WTF??

    These things are both UGLY as SIN! Demi and Bruce must have been very bad people in another life.

  10. Rumer Willis Scout Willis
    elizabeth loan
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    Freaking hilarious! They are rather hideous.

  11. marvin nubwaxer

    butt ugly

  12. Rumer Willis Scout Willis
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    Is that Donald Trump in drag?

  13. Rumer Willis Scout Willis
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    What do you get when you cross Demi Moore with Bruce Willis?? An ugly rumor..what do you get when you squish your ass cheeks together?? Rumor Willis,s face

  14. donna oakley

    methinks they look like both parents but with bruce being most obvious

  15. lola

    I think all of you that are saying bad things should put yourselves on here so we can all make fun of you. What is wrong with you people??!!??? It is sad that we live in a society that places so much emphasis on looks. How would you feel if someone said things like that about your children? So if you had a child that was “beautiful” and they were in a terrible accident and were disfigured or born as you most of you are saying “ugly” , it would be okay for someone to make fun of them? You people are disgusting…

  16. Rumer Willis Scout Willis
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    Aside from people that love to be mean about there comments , I’m just wondering why Rumer doesn’t look like the same person that I see singing and drastic behavior that is so unlike her and what’s up with her british accent. So, will the real Rumer stand up ?

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