Rumer Willis is a Model. I Guess.

January 13th, 2011 // 117 Comments

Despite having the exact same facial structure as Glenn Quagmire, Rumer Willis is now the new face of Badgley Mishka thus keeping alive the proud Hollywood tradition of making whatever falls out of a wealthy vagina a model. What concerns me the most all about this, is that her mom buys plastic surgery in bulk, yet can’t forgo one knee-tuck to sand her daughter’s chin down to a tolerable Reese Witherspoon level. Not only would it boost Rumer’s confidence, but also provide her with a valuable tool for self-defense. Not that her current Hammer of Thor approach isn’t working, but I think we can all agree stabbing is more lady-like.

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. Aggie

    I like the not so subtle chin covering. I wonder how many different ways of saying “hide your gigantic chin” the photographer had to come up w/during this shoot.

  2. Rumer Willis
    Commented on this photo:

    fug she may be, but she’s got giselle beats hands down, unless butter face is the competition.

  3. Rumer Willis
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    1. Who ever picked this photo for an ad should be shot with a ball of their own shit.

    2. Was the budget so limited for this shoot that they had hire Rumor and fire the airbrush guy?

  4. Michelle

    You could have put that ass, wig and dress on the homeless guy with the great voice and had a better pic. What the hell? Limited budget much.

  5. GravyLeg

    Demi DNA + Bruce DNA = features like a LEGO action figure.

    (man, this little celebufug has totally inspired me today)

  6. Veronica

    The only thing she should be modelling is burquas.

  7. Rumer Willis
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    It’s nice to see Quagmire getting work outside of Family Guy.

  8. Rumer Willis
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    Butterface. The epitome of butterface to be exact.

  9. anonym

    this is further proof that two partners should have compatible facial features if they are to have kids, or else you come out with ugly stuff like this.

  10. Rumer Willis
    Commented on this photo:

    DAMN. You know the economy is bad when Badgley Mischka is selling their line next to the Jaclyn Smith collection at Kmart.

  11. Famous Plastic

    Rumor gets a bunch of plastic surgery and thinks she’s a model…Why did she even go there?!

    Here are the before/after pics:

    • cm

      Whoa, not a bunch at all! I can barely see a difference. Which is obviously a bad thing. She really should find a better surgeon!

  12. manos

    She’s fucking hideous. The Rocky Dennis comparison is spot on. If she can be a model, any chick in the burn ward can.

  13. Rumer Willis
    Commented on this photo:

    is she on steroids?

  14. Biggles

    God dammit. GravyLeg, you beat me to it. My planned comment was:

    “I loved her in that one movie. Y’know, Mask…?”

    • GravyLeg

      Technically, ‘snacks’ beat both of us to it… I posted up top before I scrolled down to snack’s comment…. So credit due for “first to have the idea” to snacks. What shocks me is so many of us saw the resemblance. Poor, poor, Rumer…

  15. molly

    that’s a scary mask bro

  16. Brooke

    I like chinny chicks! I think this girl is all right looking, but wasn’t she like a full-blown bull-dyke lesbian and was unreasonably ugly considering who her parents are? Or am I confusing talent-less spawn with other silver spoon licking walking bags of luck?

  17. Rumer Willis
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    Does anyone else remember the movie “Mask” from 1985 ?

  18. Rumer Willis
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    You can cover his face with hair all you want, he still looks like his father.

  19. Rumer Willis
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    Poor Rumer. Now she’ll feel validated and won’t have the urge to fix nature’s boo-boo.

  20. gigi

    ah brush, they name is air….. poor thing…

  21. Rumer Willis
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    where’s her neck?

  22. Rumer Willis
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  23. Rumer Willis
    Jerry Jones
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  24. Rumer Willis
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    Sad celebs kids gettin work cos of famous mommy and daddy. Why not let someone up and coming and TALENTED have a chance.

  25. Rumer Willis
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    Rumer is odd looking!

  26. Lana

    First they put Mick Jagger/Jerry Hall’s gapped-toothed kid on Chanel’s ads, now Demi/Bruce Willis kid for this. Do they think we’re all suckers for buying stuff featuring ugly mega-star offspring? All this does is piss me off.

  27. Rumer Willis
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    Post-op Guy Smiley, so near and yet so far

  28. mel-vai

    jay leno wants his chin back…….

  29. fgfgfffgdd

    Her features are very small and her face especially chin are very big. You can fix that these days, just ask Jennifer Aniston.

  30. Rumer Willis
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    Rocky Dennis is a model. I guess.

  31. Rumer Willis
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    Don’t take a picture she ur lens might crack..bic

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