Rue McClanahan dies at 76 (1934 – 2010)

June 3rd, 2010 // 53 Comments

The gay community lost a monumental icon today as yet another Golden Girl, Rue McClanahan, old people sexed her way to Heaven this morning. People reports:

“She passed away at 1 a.m. this morning,” her manager, Barbara Lawrence, tells PEOPLE. She had a massive stroke.”
McClanahan, who played Blanche Deveraux on the still-popular ’80s sitcom Golden Girls, had suffered a minor stroke earlier this year while recovering from bypass surgery. Lawrence added that at the time of her death Thursday, McClanahan “had her family with her. She went in peace.”

There’s really nothing witty to say here considering it reminds me my grandma’s going to die soon and then no one will be around to bake me cookies. Unless, of course, she Angela Lansbury’s it and outlives us all, but Grandma never was the solving murder types. Anyway…

Rest in Peace, Rue.

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  1. gogo

    Dont wanna be first on this one..RIP

  2. Aw, how sad! I loved her!! RIP Rue! YOU KNOW WHAT I DON’T LIKE? I DON’T LIKE ALL THE FUCKING ADS ON HERE…ESPECIALLY THE ONE OF ASHTON KUTCHERS NEW MOVIE…AND THE “PAGES” FLYING ALL OVER MY PAGE. If this site is going to continue that annoying interactive ads and pop up bullshit, I’ll take my nosy, celebrity obsessed ass ELSEWHERE.

  3. gogo

    Don t wanna be the first on this one..RIP

  4. Tek

    Oh man when will it stop? This really sucks cuz I love the Golden Girls.

    RIP, Rue.

  5. Mark

    Having sat through many Golden Girls marathons high as a kite, I would just like to say, RIP Rue. You were a beautiful woman.

  6. Liquidkarma

    We’ll miss you, Blanche! RIP

  7. jeffg

    Such a shame, sure she lived a long and fulfilled life.

    And i haven’t had one pop-up from this site.
    Adblock plus is great with Firefox.
    Try it.

  8. RatherSmashing

    Cross your fingers that Betty White is immortal :/

  9. Paula

    People are dropping like flies lately:(

    Thank You for making me laugh my heart out, Blanche Devereaux. You may now rest in peace*

  10. Will

    Mark, could you please commit suicide? Thanks.

  11. Sarah

    Great tweet I saw:

    “Betty White puts down the phone and sighs. The tontine is complete. The Nazi gold is hers.”

    RIP Rue

  12. andy7171

    Back in the days of 4 and 5 channels to watch, in a pinch, Blacnhe delivered in the kitten killing catagory.

  13. chupacabra

    awww… Dixie Carter and now Rue! The south is loosing all the old Southern Bells.

  14. farles chew


  15. GoldingGirl

    Rue you are a classic!

    RIP then party like hell above!

  16. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Love THE GOLDEN GIRLS! I still watch it when they rerun it and when they Mararthon it I will sit there for hours just watching it over and over and over again. Great writing, very funny ladies.

  17. ROUGH state of mind

    She’s just in time to witness Gary get screwed at the pearly gates…

  18. havoc

    A “massive stroke” doesn’t sound very “peaceful”.

    So many people dying, yet Spencer Pratt lives…….

    God hates us.


  19. Auston

    RIP Rue, this has news just broke my heart…

  20. Jack

    Nobody – and I mean: nobody – filled out a Depends better than Rue.

  21. NOM

    Another one bites the dust!! haha stoopid Golden girls

  22. McFeely Smackup

    The curse surrounding this show is unreal.

    first one of them got arrested for shooting a man during a drug deal.

    then the other one got into porn and died of a drug overdose, and just last month her son comitted suicide.

    Then last week another of them died from a brain hemorrhage.

    Now, another one died.

    wait, what show are we talking about?

  23. its me fuckers

    RIP Rue. :( You were always a funny, classy lady. As for a “Golden Girls” curse, there is no curse. It is called age. Everyone dies at some point.

    I also have to say that I never have pop-ups on here. That is why I love Firefox so much.

  24. Fati87

    Of all the celebrity deaths ever discussed on this website, this one and Ba Arthur and Estelle Getty’s made me the saddest. These were classy beautiful women from a great generation… I am just glad that they all lived long and hopefully good lives. It’s up to Betty White now… Totally love her too!

    Rest in Peace, Blanche!

  25. Betty White

    Ha! I win, bitch!

  26. tard

    Sucks. To much all at once for these ladies. Love you Betty and may the other girls rest in peace.

  27. hateyoufornoreason

    And then there was one.

  28. edamame

    RIP! :(
    I was hoping to read that she went out while having sex with some 25-year-old guy! She always cracked me up!

  29. giz

    :( she was my favorite on the show.

  30. Nero


  31. Rhialto

    Please kindly convey my heartfelt condolensce to her family on her sudden passing away.

  32. Darth

    I would like to express my profound sympathy to her relatives,close friends and colleagues.She was a vital and wonderful woman.


    So sad!! And all of you who are saying rude comments, I hope you get your asshole ripped out by a fucking gorilla pounding away on you with his 12 inch dick……
    Rue, may you rest in peace knowing you had an amazing career and leave nothing but sweet memories and laughter to your friends, family, and many, many fans. The Golden Girls rocked. Let’s all hope Betty White stays with us for many years to come.

  34. sasha

    Sorry to hear about Rue. She was always fun to watch.
    Nice comment about your grandmother. I’m sure she would be pleased to know you think of her as a cookie machine.

  35. A.

    I’ll bake you cookies. Because you’re awesome.

    And so was Rue!

  36. Tim

    “So sad!! And all of you who are saying rude comments, I hope you get your asshole ripped out by a fucking gorilla pounding away on you with his 12 inch dick……”

    #35, wake up! You’re having that dream again! You’ve had your orgasm, now get up!

  37. gglovew

    RIP Rue… you were a truly talented and beautiful lady and you will be missed! At least you will live forever for us on Lifetime!! :)

  38. Sasuke


    RIP Rue. The show was a part of my childhood. Thanks for all the laughs and smiles. God bless.

  39. Remember her from “Maude”? She was wonderful! Golden Girls will remain classic American TV. God Bless.

  40. Vas Deferens

    R.I.P, Rue. You will be missed.

  41. joselle

    Noooo! Blanche!!

    It’s a good thing Betty White is made of Twinkies and Awesome, both of which are immortal.

  42. Deb

    RIP, Rue. I loved the Golden Girls, and so did my mom.

  43. Jenn

    Well, damn!

  44. The other got into pornography and the death of a drug overdose, and last month, his son committed suicide.

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  46. captain america

    obviously americans live shorter than europeans.

  47. Mac

    Condolences from my Girlfriend an me too.

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