Rosie O’Donnell won’t host The Price Is Right

June 25th, 2007 // 69 Comments

Rosie O’Donnell has been in talks to replace Bob Barker as host of The Price is Right and even met with producers last week, but in a video posted late last night on her website she says she probably won’t take the job because she doesn’t want to move to LA. She says:

“Here’s the thing. I don’t really need a job. I’m in a weird position. I don’t need the money. I know you’re not allowed to talk about money in America, but I’m just saying I don’t. So to get my entire family uprooted from their lives and move them across the country so that I can have a fantasy childhood indulgence job just doesn’t seem fair. They all are in school, they have friends, we love their school, we love our community, our house, our life, our home. If they were able to do it in New York it would be a different story. But it looks like it ain’t gonna happen.”

I wouldn’t move for a job either. They once asked me to move to Washington D.C. to be the President of the United States and I was all, “Pshh, that’s like a six-hour flight. Screw that.”


  1. Kobo

    Good for you, fat ass.

  2. gooniesneversaydie

    The Price is WRONG, bitch!

  3. MosesGabby

    She hasn’t even been offered the job…and she is turning it done. Fuck her.

  4. lemon tree

    She looks really, really odd in this picture. Must’ve done her own make-up – unfortunately it isn’t very flattering.

  5. Thank the good lord.

  6. farty_mcshitface

    thankfully this horrible,fat ugly broad won’t ruin a storied franchise like the price. if she had taken the job- i would never bothered to watch it again.

  7. mr gossip

    Rosie would be pretty funny as host of Price id Right. That being said i don’t think she’s the right choice for the job. They need another dirty old man with white hair and orange skin.

  8. Wanky

    they squeeze her fatass outta the house right? i guess unless firefighters cut a hole in the side

  9. Sarah

    I always liked the Price is Right, but if Rosie took the job I would never watch it again. I just can’t stand her.

  10. Chauncey Gardner

    I would be thrilled to see her take this job, because Chauncey doesn’t watch fucking game shows.

  11. frenchie

    God! It’s even scarier looking in the morning. I’m kindof glad hollywood allows only a handfull of ugly people to work in it. Wish Bush would do the same with the illegals.

  12. miss oblivious

    She seems like such a self righteous bitch to me. I don’t watch game shows, but I’m still relieved to know that, at least for now, I won’t have to see her scary mug on tv every day as I’m flipping thru channels. Would be happier if I never had to see it again, period.

  13. havoc

    Does this woman EVER shut her fucking mouth?

    Look at me! Pay attention to me! Agree with me!

    And since when can we not talk about money in America?

    She’s like a pre-teen, drama queen in a old, fat lesbo’s body….


  14. woooooowwwwsaa come on down!

  15. Wow, havoc, you’re a dumbfuck. She’s writing on her BLOG. I’m sure you’ve heard of them. The Superficial is one. Don’t read it if you don’t want to. I’m sure she could give a shit less if ANYBODY read it. She doesn’t do it for attention. Oh, and I really love that clever insult you put at the end. That’s probably the first time I’ve ever heard anyone call her a fat lesbo. You’re so unique, teach me your ways.

    Why don’t all of you Rosie haters come up with some legitimate arguments rather than pulling a Trump? You all sound incredibly immature and, frankly, retarded.

  16. She looks like an evil, fat, pasty, lesbian Dracula in that picture …





  18. havoc


    What a cunt….


  19. Roop

    Apparently there was conflict with producers about the sign-off. Instead of Bob Barker’s “…have your pets spade or neutered.”, Rosie was hoping to yell “Death to America!” at the end of each show.

    Also isn’t it hilarious that she digs at America by saying “I know we can’t talk about money in America…” BITCH, the show is called The Price is Right!

    How is it she couldn’t get this gig? She fits the audience to a tee: loud, fat, unemployed, needs to be fed “facts” in order to have an opinion of her own. Come on down!

  20. thank god. i f’ing hate her.

  21. Melde

    Lol @ #15. Legitimate arguments, huh? How about the fact that she’s extremely annoying, loud, and completely talentless?

  22. b

    Nobody brought up the fact that she apparently left the view because they couldn’t meet her monetary demands. Meanwhile, she turns this gig down because she “doesn’t need the money”. Ha.

  23. miss oblivious

    wow, kayla, you’re nasty for no reason. Makes YOU pretty ignorant. Obviously the concensus thus far is pretty clear; nobody on here likes Rosie. So why don’t you stop reading our comments and go read Rosie’s blog. Maybe nobody here gives a shit what you have to say. Rosie is a loud, obnoxious bitch who never shuts her mouth; its just a fact. Just because she was yapping on her blog doesn’t mean she doesn’t yap all over the place too. Can’t get away from the annoying bitch. Whether you want to hear her or not; she’s everywhere.

  24. jc

    YIKES ! i went from a miller time boner, to the shock and horror of this white trash skank. thanks a lot…

  25. wedgeone

    Obviously, the shows appeal would drop as Rosie forced the contestants to give her kisses on the stage after they won their first prize.

    Hey Bern – did ya get the pics I sent ya’?

  26. Mile

    I think we’re all missing the point here. She’s letting us know she’s doing us a favor by staying off of the TV.

    I for one wish to thank her and urge her to move to France or somewhere like that.

  27. Actually there was so much public outcry at the thought of having her host that it was pretty much common knowledge that she wouldn’t be the new host.

    Between the old bible thumpers that tune in to see that “lovely barker boy” who couldn’t deal with a lesbian, and all of us who can deal with lesbians, (just not those devoid of any talent whatsoever) she/her people etc.. knew she wasn’t going to get it.

    That allowed her to spew some BS about not wanting to move and look like it was her decision (how insecure). There was NEVER any doubt (even when she was saying how she WOULD take the job if it was offered to her) that the show was going to stay in CA.

    Just one more reason to hate that no talent, psudeo-intellectual nasty thingamawhore.

  28. jrzmommy

    HA! those Price is Right model chick thingies thought Old Bob sexually harassed them? Whew–they dodged the dyke bullet this time!

  29. jrzmommy

    Awww……wassamatter Kayla…are we making fun of your dreamy Rosie?

  30. Rachel

    She’s just making it sound like she had the opportunity to turn it down. And is she wearing makeup?

  31. sea

    I bet if you lick her, she tastes like a combo of day old grease and sweat.

  32. #31 please don’t talk about licking this fat lesbo around lunchtime anymore

  33. Thank God.

    She’s killed every other show she’s been on.

  34. p0nk

    i just know that for years she’s been practicing, “Kelli Carpenter, come on down!”

  35. lambman

    I think this is this is one of the most intelligent things she’s said/done in a while.

    I really respect her decision to let the kids continue with their current schools and social networks instead of moving them across the country.

    stop hating, she isn’t doing anything wrong here, just looking out for her family.

    I think they zhould pack up
    the Price iz Right and move
    that zhit to New York. I don’t
    watch the zhow, but if big mouth
    Rozie waz on it, hell yea, I’d the way, U ztupid people
    who keep zaying zhe haz a big mouth,
    HELLO, zhe’z from NEW YORK, WTF!!!!
    All women zhould have big mouthz like
    her and then the dickbrain men would

  37. star69

    Rosie has too much money? She doesn’t need a job?? LMAO! I beg to differ. Feeding that giant belly of hers and her dozen kids and her lesbo gf..but most of all of course Rosies belly…it’s like throwing 150 pounds of junk food into a bottomless hole everyday. Jabba The Hutt would seem like he’s on a diet compared to Rosies eating habits. Food costs money. Lots of food costs lots of money. She has enough money to do it day in and day out for years?
    Again…I doubt it. She’ll run through her savings in no time.
    And then her gf will leave her. With a house full of crying kids. Probably starving and in crap-filled nappies walking around in the house while Jabba sits in front on the tv on her favorite couch and eats ice cream and having a few bottles of bourbon, occasionally yelling at the kids to shut the fuck up with her mouth full of cheetos.

  38. Playerhater

    She has underwear with dickholes in them.

  39. 1MILFhunter

    #26, you beat me to it. Ol’ Bob’s sexual harrassment would’ve been a welcome event compared to Rosie’s bull dyke come-on to Barker’s Beauties.

  40. bellnier

    If you need $900, at $3 per pound, that price would be about right for Rosie’s fat ass. Do the math.

  41. Hollywood Agent

    Rosie’s personality is terrible. She appears to be a very mean and spiteful woman, not to mention an obesely fat dyke.

    Middle America, the shows obvious market, would never watch “The Price is Right” again unless they get another cuddly, nice host like Bob Barker. The woman who plays Raymond’s mother would be a much better choice. However, knowing how stupid the Suits are in Hollywood they will probably hire Katie Couric.

  42. lattygirl

    that photo.
    jesus christ.
    an albino hippo with a lip infection.

  43. Snatch

    Like Bob Barker, Rosie probably thought she would end up having sexual harassmant suits from the models.

  44. Lorne

    Does anyone else think she’s lying? Or misunderstood or something. She has way too much of an ego to ever admit she couldn’t have the job if she wanted it, but putting her on the show would be retarded.

  45. desiXbomb

    oh god!!! if this is how she looks with makeup. thanks god she doesn’t wear it often!!!

  46. JennaJamesonIsASkank

    Laugh it up Fishers…

    Some poor photographer was turned to stone just to get you this photo….


  47. JaneaneTheAcerbicGoblin

    I don’t think she was ever really up for the job. The CBS hierachy probably thought about it and said in unison “fuck no!”. I never thought they would actually hire her. She probably just bombarded them (like she did when celebrity Millionare was around) until they said no to her.

    They turned her down, not vice versa.

  48. JaneaneTheAcerbicGoblin

    She would have used it as a political showboating show, anyway.

  49. diana

    learn to spell
    or complete the 1st grade..

  50. Sauron

    I’ll fit for sure in this body twice.*Shudder*

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