Rosie O’Donnell still obsessed with Donald

April 24th, 2007 // 64 Comments

Rosie O’Donnell dropped the F-bomb while hosting the Matrix Awards in front of New York’s most accomplished women in media yesterday and concluded a rant about Donald Trump by grabbing her crotch and shouting, “Eat me!” Rosie’s publicist said:

O’Donnell’s publicist, Cindi Berger, told us: “When you ask for Rosie, you know what you’re getting. She’s not a shrinking violet. She’s a stand-up comedienne. She says things that are provocative.”

Seeing Rosie O’Donnell grab her crotch and shout “Eat me!” pretty much tops my list of things I never want to do. Right up there with arm wrestle an octopus. They’ve got eight, man! Why even try?



  1. jpjrocks


  2. JoBOO


  3. sharpei dude

    Eat Rosie??? I’d rather masturbate with a cheese grater.

  4. iamsosmrt

    She is Trump. They are the same person. Think about it. Have you ever seen them together? Look at their faces, ROSIE IS DONALD and vice versa.

  5. AspartamePop

    EW gross! Didn’t she used to be normal? Wait.. no, maybe not.

  6. queeniemab

    ewww hahaha! why would she ever think anybody would EVER want to do that? :S disgusting

  7. “eat what?’ her penis?

  8. castanza

    you know, she has always been so NOT funny that I forgot she used to supposedly be a comedian. I don’t know what she is now. But I wouldn’t call her a comedian. That’s like calling a person that works at the counter at a roller skating rink a “fireman”.

  9. iamsosmrt

    I’d hit it… with an ugly stick, oh wait, God already did that.

  10. Plastic Sturgeon

    One thing is for sure, her penis is much larger than Trump’s.

  11. biatcho

    If she’s a stand-up comedienne I would hate to ever see what an angry, fat, unfunny lesbian is like on stage.

  12. HEY ROSIE!!
    **grabs krotch
    SUCK ME!!!

    ***slaps rosie down and pisses on her…alot

  13. Conky

    Is there anyone less attractive in the entire celebrity world than this dyke? I think not.

  14. Argyle

    Please delete the picture. Gross

  15. iamsosmrt

    ) (

    EAT IT!

  16. iamsosmrt

    Fucking thing centered by naked lady damn it.

  17. She’s classy. Like a really good painting of something or a sensibly priced box of wine.

  18. Now that is just to gross for words!

  19. #9 no, that was me. sorry

    i’d still piss on her. i’d probably shit on her too…repeatedly. i’d kill her if it wasn’t illegal.

  20. iamsosmrt

    #19.If you are superfish, fix my naked lady body. It looked perfect and then when I posted it it got all fucked up.

    Luckily I DO look perfect ALWAYS so it’s not a big deal, but still it’s frustrating.

  21. wedge1

    Maybe she ought to do the eating, that way she won’t be speaking and we won’t have to suffer any more of her pride-induced, unfunny rants!

  22. The key to effectively wrestling an octopus is smoking enough opium to kill a cow and running around in a circle wearing nothing but an Ascot.

  23. #20 man i wish i was the REAL superfish…that would give me only more reason to piss on rosie.

    ur body still looks nice…even though it is slightly out of proportion…ok, it looks like crap.

    (.) (.)
    ) (


    mine’s no better…

  24. oh, rosy. how classy. how feminine. how much we want to eat your penis.

    youll never even be able to fathom.

  25. 24

    oh dear rosie, how i fantasize running a Truck over your fugly face….. good times!

  26. chaunceygardner

    Obese cunt.

  27. Superfish

    (.) (.)

    i think i got it this time…if not, oh well, i’ve banged way hotter broads. it coulda been worse…coulda been rosie.

  28. iamsosmrt

    Yeay #27.

    Thank you.

  29. kellygirl57

    I wanna try:

    (o) (o)
    ) (
    ( V )

  30. kellygirl57

    damn spacing!

  31. iamsosmrt

    #30. Creative and very porn star looking. Well done.

  32. 1MILFhunter

    If Rosie’s crotch was filled with ice cream, no grown man could eat that much.

  33. anothershityear

    grabbing your dick and yelling eat-me qualifies someone as a professional stand-up comedian?
    (deliberately not -enne)

    one time camping i squatted and took a shit in the woods
    little did i know, if i had just yelled “Drink Coke and eat popcorn!” while doing it i could start putting Ph.D at the end of my name

    that thing should change its name to Ronald
    look at that picture.. that is a man baby

    Ronald Mc’Donnell

  34. When did “provocative” become synonymous with “gross, unfunny and obscene”? How I long for the good old days, when a celeb was as roundly despised as Rosie they faded from the scene only to reappear on the back page of the National Enquirer in a “Whatever Happened To?” segment.

  35. arden

    Really really have never been able to stand this ‘woman’.

  36. crazyotto

    ……..I still say she is the angriest,overweight,lesbian,un-funny,sit-down,talk-show host,comic/executive producer in the business today.

  37. lambman

    HAHAHAHAHA that’s pretty darn funny actually, who wouldn’t say “eat me” to Donald Trmp? The guy is such a duche

  38. MackDaddy69

    I would call Rosie a festering yeast bag, but that would be an insult to bags of festering yeast.

  39. beer

    Rosie has a soggy diaper log for a penis. Her saying “eat me” means, “I got one for the Diaper Jenie.”

  40. imakemistakes


    what…you don’t know?
    that’s the rack of a pussycat!

  41. Binky

    Rosie rocks. Check out her site.

  42. greeneyedcat

    I was neutral about her until now.

    I’m just too grossed out.

  43. no1justminda

    Rosie and Donald are perfect for each other, they just don’t realize it.

  44. Binky

    Funny-not funny ?…Barbie-not Barbie?
    Rosie has more guts than anyone in Hollywood.

  45. love seeing celebs make fools of themselves

    Rosie and Donald in the Octagon! I’d pay 100 bucks to see that and my money’s on Rosie. Evem though her head is the size of a turkey.

  46. NicotineEyePatch

    Yeah, right, Rosie telling someone ELSE to eat something… sure.

  47. My dick would probably jump right off my crotch and in front of a train if I ever heard or saw that.

  48. Her crotch smells like Michelle Rodriguez’s Lip Gloss….why is that?

  49. Funny how everyone knows so much about her crotch, must of been there..Rosie is a stong bitch from hell, but she needs to be in this Donald Freakin Trump world us bitches live..what do u expect from her.At least she has the BALLS to say what she’s thinking, not like most of America..Stop acting like these r the Hilter days, well they kind of r, but that will end in 2008!

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