Rosie O’Donnell: Pirate Hunter

April 13th, 2009 // 154 Comments

Here’s Rosie O’Donnell boarding her boat over the weekend, and I can only assume she was on her way to tackle some pirates. Fortunately for them, Navy SEALs showed up first and slit their throats because otherwise… Jesus. I don’t even want to think about it.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Good god. Rosie Odonnell camel toe on a Monday? F$^* off Superficial!

  2. twzzlrgirl

    Ugh, that isn’t a camel toe, it’s a mooseknuckle.

    And the crotch gap is non-existent. Only a lesbian would even look at her…oh, wait….

  3. Ugh

    Wow, Pauly Shore needs to go on a diet

  4. twzzlrgirl

    shoot, i thought i had the first mooseknuckle comment…

    i’m not as quick as i used to be… :’(


  5. blond

    ewwwwwwwwww!! camel toe!!

  6. Dr. Tomah Tuyokota

    She is looking for a job with some somalian crew ……..argh

  7. Mama Pinkus

    I’ll give her kudos for not waxing on about her weight a la Oprah but Rosie dahling, get yourself some shorts befitting a gal with beefy legs.

  8. Alfalfa

    Holdy Shit! I thought Rush Limbaugh was bulking up

  9. LMS


  10. Holy crap, I immediately notice the CAMEL TOE!

  11. morningwood

    Oh dear God! These are some of the funniest comments this site has had in awhile but I digress……

    Is that a fucking FLACCID PENIS doodled onto her pant leg???? LMAO! At first I thought people were implying it looked like she had a dick because….well, yeah but then I bravely clicked to enlarge. Too damn funny!

  12. Thank God im not a lesbian.

  13. zoinks!

    That’s pure trailer-trash she-gorilla there. And for god’s sakes woman/thing, whatever you do, don’t put down that bottle of soda as you painfully lower your mishappen form into the boat. Can’t be more than two seconds away from a healthy dose of sugar water, even if it means slipping into the water and getting crushed between the boat and the dock!

    I bet if anyone ever finds out what soda that is she’s clutching, the soda company goes bankrupt within the next month. Rosie’s like the anti-product placement. Companies pay her to not use their products in public.

  14. farty mcshitface

    goddamn that’s a fucking awful site. she is one hellish abomination.
    i wonder how her crush on tom cruise is going? looking at these pics tells me she might even be too much man for tom.

  15. Womb_Raider

    *HORF* Oh my God, this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen on this site! A boat? Somebody needs to harpoon this whale fast!

  16. pinkfloyd

    hoody thanks for sending this toe pic lol

  17. you need FAT pigs?
    ……………………….GO SHOPPING IN AMERICA, folks!!

  18. Ladodgurs22

    What the fuck is this nasty ass bitch doing out in public anyways? Nobody wants to this blue whale look alike. I wont be able took at women the same again after seeing her pictures, thanks a lot Fish, I appreciate it. She’s now number one in my next to die pool. BAAAAAAAAARRRFFFFFFFF.

  19. camel_toe

    crocodile’s dream meal

  20. pashta fahzoole!

    1 Rosie O’Donnell =

    4 1/2 Nicole Richies OR
    3 3/4 Hayden Panettieres OR
    2 Madonnas OR
    1/2 Jessica Simpson

  21. If U seek Amy

    That’s not a Camel Toe, thats a fucken Hippo Toe.

  22. kitty_kat

    Why is it that some lesbians think that they don’t have to look good because they aren’t into dudes?

  23. Rush

    great I just got vomit al over my keyboard… there should be a warning for us before we are subjected to that…

  24. Silo

    Thanks. I was just eating my lunch.

  25. Sandi

    wow – this is gross

  26. Pilatunes

    Fish, whatever I did that offended you, I am sorry. Now that things are all patched up…will you promise not too post anything like this again?

  27. dB

    I love the mooseknukle (hardly a camel toe) in the first photo…

  28. Ras

    I’ve read alot of the comments on here, But I’ve chose not to read anymore.. All I can say is WoW… This world is full of so many negative people. Now let me add I’m no Rosie fan, But I sure as hell wouldn’t sit here and down her like some of you guys. And I wonder on a percentage scale how many of you guys look like models..And even in that light Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…. Say Something Nice And Make A Person Smile..

  29. Wow, Jim Belushi just doesn’t care anymore, does he?

  30. Lloyd Johnson

    I really really really wanted to live my life without seeing Rosie’s camel toe…

  31. big, bully shit ass

  32. Sofia

    wow, I thought that was Jack Black… then the camel toe hit me.

  33. FUCK YOU, Ras


    Apparently you haven’t noticed the NAME or PURPOSE of this site. If you wanna sit and suck celebrity dick, go to …Or if you’d rather “teach the world to sing in perfect harmony” GO HAVE A FUCKING COKE AND A SMILE, YOU PREACHY FUCKSTICK.

  34. pooman


  35. What, no bikini pics? What a gyp. When’s her sex tape going public, the one with her and David Crosby doing 69?

    She would be a legendary pirate hunter. Those Somalis would be swimming toward frenzied sharks, screaming like the Africans in an old Tarzan movie.

  36. @72, 108 – I had just been making similar comparisons lately…

    Ann Coulter is like Rush Limbaugh with a miniskirt, a larger adams apple and a penis.

    Rosie is like a liberal Rush Limbaugh, but she has smaller breasts than Rush, and more hair.

    Say, a Rush and Rosie sex tape…now that would be something legendary…

  37. no bra and a camel toe?


  38. She has a FUPA and a camel toe. Gross!

  39. You have got to be kidding me! Seriously, what is she wearing?! SOooo gross.

  40. whocares

    Who cares? She is richer than any of you idiots. She owns a boat, you don’t.

  41. good god

    You’re all sick fucks with too much time on your hands. Get lives.

  42. FUCK YOU, #142

    @142 …And you’re any better because…?

  43. canuck

    I’m pretty sure this is Russell Crowe.

  44. suck my dick #142

    Title says all.

  45. Fuck U


  46. ThrewUpIn My Mouth

    OH, F*CK! Rosie with a camel toe …. how the hell am I suppose to EVER get that horror out of my mind? And to think that her “wife” smells and licks that thing …..bllleeeeckk

  47. Patrick Hoeft

    I heard the Seahawks were picking her up with the 4th pick overall in this year’s draft to help shore up their offensive line.

  48. seahawks13

    I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat!

  49. 8==D

    @#29…maybe it’s only Rosie doing the munching

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