Rosie O’Donnell: Pirate Hunter

April 13th, 2009 // 154 Comments

Here’s Rosie O’Donnell boarding her boat over the weekend, and I can only assume she was on her way to tackle some pirates. Fortunately for them, Navy SEALs showed up first and slit their throats because otherwise… Jesus. I don’t even want to think about it.

Photos: Splash News

  1. WTF Report

    #48 Sorry, I mean #46. Seriously, WTF, “pee pee”?

  2. Smee

    I bet she hasn’t flung a koosh in like a year or two.

  3. Rosie Meatloaf

    Is that Rosie or Meatloaf in that first pic?
    Not quite Paradise by the Dashboard light…

  4. Still White on the Outside

    Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka is not aging well at all.

  5. Paris Hilton

    Anyone have pics of her in bikini?

    Wanna buy some?

  6. Wow, she is soooo pretty!

    Now excuse me while I vomit..

  7. Angry Beaver

    Cant’….stop….throwing…..up….oh God….help….kill me….make it stop….

  8. Sam

    Somebody once said her farts smell even more rancid than she looks.

  9. I wonder if she was going tuna fishing.

  10. Walter

    I could not decide:

    I wonder when the baby is due?


    She is a lesson to seamen everywhere.

  11. minty

    i usually like looking at pics of celebs when they are not all done up, to see the more human side of them, but i feel like this has gone a little too far. rosie was obviously not expecting to be photographed here, and was just doing her thing. yes, she has camel toe, but seriously, she’s at home, going on her boat by herself!! it was obviously not intentional, and she’s not in public, so who cares?

    rosie has always presented herself in the media as a really real person, which is why i truly respect her. show me paris and kim all you like………. they have built their names around being fake. but rosie has never been like that. it is unfair to exploit someone who’s always been so open and real to the public in the first place.

    team rosie!!!

  12. cam

    MY EYES!!! Oh Lord!!,…you can see her “Brontosaurus toe!”
    Why god?! WHY won’t you let us unsee things?!
    it’s going to take a lot of everclear to hurt my brainthing enough to blur this image!

  13. Mike

    OMG they found Frederica Bimmel

  14. Barry O

    Can’t tell if she looks more like a dyke or pirate. Both accessorize with absurd tats, torn sleeveless shirts & bandanas. And that may be a parrot in her shorts.

  15. Iambananas

    Shame you, superficial, for posting this picture. I hate you

  16. stucco

    The moose knuckle.

    The camel toe’s bigger scarier brother.

  17. Newcastle

    What a fucking pig.

  18. Arliss Michaels

    Nasty. Now I’ll need to go barf up my lunch.

  19. Señor Pedro

    THE HARPOONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Turd Ferguson

    I just about pissed my pants reading some of these comments. Funny stuff.

  21. RichPort's Ghost

    Hey you guys make fun of this hog, but let me to tell you, to a 50-year old laid off IT worker like me who lives in his mom’s basement, there’s no such thing as bad pussy.

    Plus, she actually makes this obese computer nerd look relatively slim… two-for-one special!

    God who am I kidding? I’m a miserable fat fucker…..

    RPG, over & out!

  22. Still White on the Outside

    MOM! Stop it! I told you to stop dressing like that mom! How am I supposed to hate everyone when you look like that?

    Oh, uh, before I forget, Obamunists are criminals and Rush is god.


  23. Lisa

    OMG is that a camel toe?? *vomit*

  24. Alix

    Wow Rosie could swallow a whole fleet of pirates in that camel toe. Someone should alert the FBI! (too soon?)

  25. cv

    What a gross fat dike.

  26. sb

    #53 i think the correct song is “Paradise by the Smörgåsbord Light”

  27. doofus


    She looks exactly like her sprite bottle in the first pic (right down to the camel toe)

  28. Anna

    Ew…she is almost as fat as Kim Kardashian.

  29. Jason

    Nasty- I just threw up all my Easter Sunday food!

  30. doofus

    pic #2 is a view her last girlfriend must have had to endure on a regular basis.


  31. asstastic

    @ 62

    Brontosaurus? I thought she was a Likalotapus?

  32. One of the few times I’ve actually sat squinting at my monitor saying “Jesus Christ” outloud.

  33. yikes

    Rosie, please find a little respect for yourself…
    Yikes, just fucking yikes.

  34. GoGoRosie

    Honestly, this ‘THING’ is important for what again? She is such a nasty POS that can’t even take care of herself.

    White Trash with Money…and a loudmouth.

  35. Rat Bastard

    Can’t you just imagine this sweet thing in a thong doing a ‘pole-dance’ ?
    One word can describe this tub of goo, but I’d rather use … terrible, brutal, appalling, vicious, fearful, wicked, dreadful, evil, awful, cruel, frightful, vile, horrible, horrific, horrendous, hideous, ghastly, dire, unhallowed, unblessed, secular, ungodly, blasphemous, immoral, unconsecrated, outrageous, disgraceful, scandalous, shocking, atrocious.
    And just plain “Fat -&- Ugly”

  36. Deuce Bigalow

    Oh fuck I just threw up all over myself. I mean SWEET GENTLE JESUS she is a fucking SEA TURTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. sb

    #53 i think the correct song is “Paradise by the Smörgåsbord Light”

  38. OMFG

    HORRENDOUS. I feel for her lover. *GAG*

  39. sb

    BTW, not that I’m missing any irony in the fact that you can click on “full size” underneath the photo, but if you do, look at the splotch on her shorts above her left knee. Total penis. That’s better than finding Jesus in your toast.

  40. Remo

    ZOMG! I thought that was Bam Bam Bigalo!

  41. boobies

    she looks like my uncle tracy if he was fatter
    and uglier

  42. capitanne

    There is no excuse for those shorts(?). Men’s underpants weren’t cute on Sarah Jessica Parker and they are REALLY not cute on Rosie O’Donnell – especially when her t-shirt doesn’t cover her gut and unimaginables!


  43. Joe Blow

    That ain’t Camel Toe boys, that’s Moose Knuckle.

  44. Mikeock

    If I was a religious person,I’d think that God just punished me by Googling “Celebrity Moose Knuckle” a few months ago.


  45. Allen's Woody

    Wow……Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka has really let himself go.

  46. Alli

    This woman has enough money to afford a pair of pants!! WTF?????????

    Are those mens boxer briefs she is wearing? Are we sure she’s a SHE?

  47. Danklin24

    Ah, a fat lesbian redneck slob with tattoos lighting up a cigarette, she’s living the American dream for sure.

  48. Maggie From Buffalo

    @ 97, that’s not a cigarette, that is chap stick, she is trying to preserve her lips, god only knows why she is bothering, look at the rest of her!

  49. antoine bugleboy

    i swear i see chest hair in the first pic

  50. RJB

    What a fat slob. She is as big as a beached whale only not as pretty….

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