Rosie O’Donnell apologizes for being ignorant

December 14th, 2006 // 73 Comments

Rosie O’Donnell apologized on The View today for the incident last week where she mocked the Chinese language in an effort to be funny. After running the clip she said:

“This apparently was very offensive to a lot of Asian people. So I asked Judy, who’s Asian and works here in our hair and makeup department. I said, ‘Was it offensive to you?’ And she said, ‘Well, kinda. When I was a kid people did tease me by saying ching-chong.’ So apparently ‘ching-chong,’ unbeknownst to me, is a very offensive way to make fun, quote-unquote, or mock, Asian accents. Some people have told me it’s as bad as the n-word. I was like, really? I didn’t know that.”

O’Donnell said that her joke was “never intended to hurt anyone, and I’m sorry for those people who felt hurt or were teased on the playground,” but added that in the future, “there’s a good chance that I’ll do something like that again … Not on purpose.”

Yeah, who would’ve guessed ‘ching chong ching’ would be offensive to Asians? Summing up the most widely spoken language in the world into two single-syllable noises? I mean c’mon, that’s tough work. Like calling every Italian person I meet Luigi and asking if they “got’sa pizza” for me.


  1. BarbadoSlim

    Stupid dyke, ZERO cred.

  2. Rosie… you’re fat. And unfunny. Ching-chong that.

  3. justme

    Me sooooooooo horny…

  4. Ed Bambrick

    Maybe she can drive her car off a fucking cliff… not on purpose.

    Fucking rug-muncher.

  5. 323Lurve

    im SO sick of this double standard….i mean, didnt Dat Phan win Last Comic Standing doing teh same shit

  6. jrzmommy

    Know what Rosie O’donnell would be if she was chinese? A Chunk!

  7. simon134

    I hate Rosie O’Donnell and I think that she is a stupid bitch.

    However I do think that people need to grow up and stop being such whining little pussies!!!

    People can make jokes and say things that are offensive. That is why I love this country.

    Having “Thought Police” is a fucking scary idea.

  8. cuesta_rey

    I quit being interested a long time ago.

    About the time she said evil people get cancer.

  9. I’m still waiting for her to apologize over her ahem “girth”

  10. Oh, boy. So I guess that it isn’t funny to say that the Chinese name their one and only child for the sound caused by dropping a silverware drawer? I mean assuming the Godless bastards have some silverware in said drawer.

    Most chopsticks are made of wood and are not capable of making the requisite ching-chang-chong sounds.

    Thank you.

  11. BTW–since when does Judy in the hair and makeup department speak for the entire
    Yellow Menace?

  12. PunjabPete

    I think it is funny that the person she asked is an Asian makeup and hair artist… I bet she does pedicure and presses shirts in her spare time… STEREOTYPE! WORD!

  13. RichPort

    Rosie was also quoted as saying she didn’t know it was offensive to refers to lesbians as “hoovers or lawnmowers” and has since apologized for that comment as well. She also apologized for looking like a shaved Yeti.

  14. RichPort

    #13 – HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  15. PunjabPete

    #6 – LMAO… The 7’9″ Mongolian may be the only human capable of wrapping his arms around her…. What a picture…

  16. DancingQueen

    I am so sick of celebrity type people saying something and then they go back and apologize for everything they said. It’s such bullshit. You said it, therefore you MEANT it! Everyone knows it, get the fuck over it.

    I also think that our fucked up society is so worried about political correctness you can’t say anything without offended SOMEONE. It really sickens me.

  17. fergernauster

    *sigh* Here we go again.

    If she’s not remorseful and apologizes only begrudgingly, I say to hell with the fake apology. Stuff it down your throat, Rosie, alongside that 29″ stuffed-crust pizza.

    I mean, naturally, saying “ching-chong” is offensive. She’d do better to say, “sub-gum dong-wong”, because that’s what I always say if I want to offend a person of Asian descent.

  18. hamacus

    Rosie you are apparently very offensive to a lot of people. Stick with what you do best…laying carpet, eating at the Y, gulping sushi, eating clams, dunking for douche, consuming hair pie, and tounging the peach…you idiot!

  19. jrzmommy

    But God forbid someone should utter the word DYKE……………

  20. PunjabPete

    Cheeso Ben-Do-Wah?
    Lok Sup Bot, Pok Fu Lam Doh, Mmmmgoy…
    Manho-jow-Dom… Mmmmgoy…

    Bought all I can remember of mmy Cantonese any more….

  21. yeah, lol, why doesn’t she do Mario talk – it’sa nota big deala!

  22. PunjabPete

    Or ‘about’… You know what I mean… Say the word Dyke, go directly to penis jail… Reminds me of the opening scene in Boondock Saints… “The rule of thumb…”…

  23. 323Lurve

    but even 7’6 yao ming wouldnt wrap his go go gadget arms around her now!

  24. fergernauster

    Clementines – esp. the holiday-issue variety – should NEVER contain seeds.


  25. fergernauster

    Baba Wawa knew precisely what she was doing in hiring Rosie Clam-Bake.

    And now, Baba is clasping her hands in glee and sweating profusely with electric delight.

  26. PunjabPete

    24 – this freak of nature would… he loves livestock…

    Actually met Yao Ming once in Hong Kong. Motherfucker was HUGE. I am no slouch at 6’4″ and the little 5’3″ old man who was dragging him around kept coming up to me and going “he much bigger dan you, you small negx to heem”… After about the 4th time, I was like, “yeah, well I stretch your little Asian women every chance I get, midget… You and the lab experiment can rock on…”

    He did not really seem to get what I meant… It was loud in the club after all…

  27. bigponie

    ching chong, Rosie’s a Dong.

  28. Pointandlaugh

    Hey all you need to cut the poor idiot some slack. It must be hell to constantly talk without thinking first, and to do so from an uneducated, entitled, elitist perspective.

    She’s had to backpedal and apologize all her life. Poor dumbass.

  29. fishyfish

    #8 – I agree, but I still think Rosie is a hideous monster. I do not love her long time.

  30. Nyt

    stupid cow.

    She gets offended by Rippa not wanting Aiken’s hand on her mouth & calls that homophobic… but something like mocking the most spoken language on the planet for a cheap laugh is not insulting? Incidentally he’s never come out & said he was gay, so how is it homophobic if he’s “straight” (ya, i know… who’s kidding who).

  31. RichPort

    #19 – Eating at the Y? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

  32. ER

    I love watching “The View” just so I can see what Rosie’s going to say next. People are so sensitive lately about political correctness. It’s so overrated. That’s what happens when people have freedom of speech – freedom to say what you want so you gotta take the good with the bad.

  33. fergernauster

    The giant, bloated wind-bag that is Rosie is full of hot, putrid gas. This gas willfully expels at force from all orifices; anus, urethra, vagina and mouth.

  34. James

    Rosie O’Donnell is still a stupid fat bull dyke bitch regardless if she apologizes. Fuckin fags.

  35. Ruby

    LOL @6

    This fat dyke needs Pauly Shore to straighten her out.

  36. abby g

    So i was walking around saying dike-lez lez-dike and then someone told me it was offensive. i was like, what? i had no idea.

  37. 21st century digital boy

    It’s fun to watch the rusty wheels turn sometimes. What’s her next shocking discovery going to be?

    Rosie: “So, I put on all this black-face make-up and dropped by Oprah the other day, and she kicked me out of the studio. So apparently ‘black-face,’ unbeknownst to me, is a very offensive way to make fun, quote-unquote, or mock, black people. I was like, who knew?”

  38. CaliSurfGirl

    she is such a battle axe

  39. 86

    This reminds me of that scene from A Christmas Story where they are eating at the Chinese place. “Fah-ra-ra-ra-ra…”

  40. GP

    Chill out, people. It was damn funny. Why can’t anyone say anything funny any more without recriminations? The Irish don’t complain when she does an Irish accent. Seriously, get a grip and enjoy life.

  41. I love how people can complain about her being insulting to Asians as they make fat jokes.

  42. she should apologize for being fat and stupid, and not funny.

  43. techclerk


    That was stupid too. Japanese can’t pronounce the l sound. Chineese can pronounce the l sound.

    Irish don’t complain when Rosie does her accent, but Rosie can’t get a grip and enjoy life if anybody else says anything that isn’t even close to homophobic.

    Maybe Rosie is bisexual, because she obviously like having things both ways.

  44. fergernauster

    #43… or dyke jokes.

    I think everybody should be made fun of anyway.

  45. HeathsQueen37

    I think Rosie is a stupid STUPID woman! She gives Gays and Lesbians a bad name by being so ignorant. The View was SO much better without her. They need to kick her off just like Starr Jones and find a replacement. I think she likes the attention and she likes to hear herself talk. If she would crawl under a rock and never show her face again, I don’t think anyone would miss her.

  46. fergernauster

    I think the Superficial Guy who authors this blog is on vay-kay or sumthin’.

    Just a hunch I have.

  47. techclerk

    This referee of politically correct kookburger dream world deserves this abuse after finding an excuse to imagine a reason to get all lezbo nazi with Kelly Ripa.

  48. jrzmommy

    42–because she’s a fucking hypocrit. she gets all over Kelly Ripa WRONGLY for being “homophobic” because she didn’t want Clay Aiken’s dirty hands over her mouth but then she goes around and makes fun of a culture. She should either lighten up herself or not make jokes about another group. Or eat a bullet. I prefer option #3.

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