Rosie O’Donnell: ‘People Who Criticize Chris Brown Are Racist’

April 5th, 2011 // 140 Comments

“I found this one eating at a Panera. A Panera. It’s a travesty how we treat these people.”

Taking time off from touting MTV’s Teen Mom as a “positive message” for young girls, Rosie O’Donnell is now coming to the aid of Chris Brown who she thinks is being unfairly criticized for beating the living shit out of Rihanna because he’s black. You just read that. Via Popeater:

“I just don’t know why this kid seems to be held to a different standard than anyone else,” O’Donnell said on her Sirius XM show ‘Rosie Radio.’
When Rosie’s executive producer implied there is a racial aspect at play, Rosie replied: “I totally think there is, and I also think it’s why he felt he was safer with Robin Roberts [who is also African-American].” Rosie added that she felt “mildly angry” at Robin while watching her interview Chris.

Granted, Rosie O’Donnell has gone her entire life without ever being a small, defenseless woman, she does have a daughter so you’d assume some sort of perspective would’ve come into play here. Instead, Rosie decided to apply her ultra-liberal viewpoints that make Rachel Maddow look like Dick Cheney and consider any criticism of a black person to be racist in nature. Which is even more disturbing because in a sense she’s equating Chris Brown with Obama. But I guess they all look a like to you, don’t they, Rosie? RACIST!

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  1. Chicklette

    I hate Rosie, so does that make me a Fatist?

      • Honest Abe

        Not a single racist bone in my body, but I can’t stand liberal carpet munchers who aren’t smart enough to tie their shoes, yet somehow get the idiotic- tuna smelling- words from their mouths published.

    • Honest Abe

      She looks like Jonathan Winters.

      • Crabby Old Guy

        Honest Abe speaks the truth. Ugly mofo bitch can efing die (sooner rather than later). Never bought her as a “personable, friendly, female ‘Mike Douglas’” on that crap show she used to have – and she finally dropped the act and just shows herself as the nasty bitch she is. Rosie + Whoopie = lame, no talented limo libs who are so far removed from reality that they might as well be on Mars. Mars? Now THAT’s a great idea!

      • MR. T

        I would rather fuck Jonathan Winters then her….

    • Deb

      Rosie, Rosie… WAIT. Isn’t she the has-been that Donald Trump chewed up and spit out, and called a “fatso” and possibly some other truthful names, YEARS ago?

  2. Chris Brown Rosie O'Donnell
    Pussy Galore
    Commented on this photo:

    From this day forward, every time I f$#k up…I am going to blame it on me being white. If there should be an objection to it well, you’re probably racist.

  3. If Rosie ate bacon would that make her a cannibal?

  4. RoboZombie

    I used to try to cut this cow some slack, but now, screw it. She’s a goddamned idiot, who gives REAL Liberals a bad name.

    • uncle ruckus

      You “REAL” liberals do a fine job of that on your own

    • felix

      Sounds pretty typical, really. Hell, even our esteemed Pres called his own grandmother a ‘typical white woman.’ And Democrats are the ones who ran the south all these years and changed state flags to stars n bars…and robert byrd damn near died on the senate floor after being there for decades, he was a former KLANSMAN, and he was a “Liberal Democrat.” Oh and the logjam over the civil rights act of ’64 was caused by…you guessed it: democrats! Al Gore’s daddy even voted NO.
      So yeah, pretty typical.

    • Deb

      OH, honey. I knew she was an asshole long ago, and people used to tell me how wrong I was about her. HATED her guts after she criticized the Donald, then had a toddler-tantrum after he told her what was what.

      That fat bitch.

  5. Justin

    She’s right. Charlie Sheen fucking SHOT his former girlfriend. He’s beaten and threatened the lives of several others. He’s not contrite about it either. No one cares. No one criticizes him for it.

    • No one criticized him for it? Welcome to your first day here.

      • dpbefun


      • Hurp

        It’s true, Richard. Nobody really criticizes him for what he *did*. They’ve forgotten. Instead, they just make a big joke about his antics with cocaine and porn stars while allowing him to actually use said behavior as a means of comedy (his failure of a standup act)

        What about threatening to kill his ex-wife and holding a knife to her throat, among other things? But a couple facial bruises is serious business? Please. I’m not saying it’s right, but good lord the double standard is just sickening.

        Only in America is violence with weapons downplayed for humor. Chris Brown sucks in general, so nobody has anything to divert the attention towards, so they just dwell on his past mistakes because they have nothing else to dig him with.

    • Ed

      There’s no need to bash Charlie Sheen for his past or bring up what he did, since you can ridicule him all you want for what he’s doing right now.

      I think it’s funnier if you compare Chris Brown to Ted Kennedy. TK killed a woman, got re-elected everytime after, and a heroes burial. Imagine if he had been black.

      • Hurp, I can’t say you’re wrong about the racial double standard (imagine if Rhianna had been a white woman), but I think that the double standard here has a lot more to do with PR and less with race. Compare him to, say, Mel Gibson. Mel’s a dirtbag and his career is all but over. He did a few interviews and when asked hard questions, he answered them, then muttered “asshole” at the end of the interview. Brown conducted himself like a privileged 8 year-old. Gibson pretty much dropped off the face of the earth. Brown wants to know what the big deal is because it was so long ago. When you stand next to Mel Gibson and look bad, I think you deserve all the derision that can be fired at you.

        Sheen is a “one-off”. I think most people are paying attention out of schadenfreude because we know how this ends. We want to hold him accountable, but the path he is charging down carries it’s own punishment and we are all curious enough to watch him implode and dissolve.

    • Burt

      Nobody criticizes him for it? I do.

  6. Deacon Jones

    It’s not so much the hitting (i know, i know), it’s the “biting of the face and neck” that really gets under my skin. I mean, who does that, other than an animal?

    • RoboZombie

      Mike Tyson.
      Oh damn, there I go being racist!

    • ButtPimple

      Maybe he hadn’t eaten all day, that could make some folks a tad irritable…

      • vitobonespur

        Yeah, that’s the ticket! Low Bloodsugar. Sort of like the “Twinky defense” in reverse. Good call.

        As far as Rosie is concerned, her politics, sexuality, gender identity, and physique aren’t the driving force here. She’s simply batshit crazy and a loud-mouth cunt to boot.

  7. Chris Brown Rosie O'Donnell
    Deacon Jones
    Commented on this photo:

    Huh. Tom Arnold’s hair plugs are looking better.

  8. Why isn’t she dead yet? Lord hear my prayer.

    • Stephanie

      I know right? For someone who “likes the way it hurts” she sure does play up the victim eh? I don’t see any of her sympathizers mentioning that. You can’t expect people to feel sorry for you if you are actually advocating the violence people feel sorry for you over.

  9. AustinPowers

    That’s a man, man.

  10. I realize Rosie is very committed to the angry lesbian thing…but growing hair on her chest seems to be taking it a bit far.

  11. Dan

    *sigh* don’t give her any airtime…

  12. Richard McBeef

    Why is O’Donnell always so angry? She should take out her frustrations with an axe in some old growth forest instead of griping all the time.

  13. She’s holding the ugliest Muppet Jim Henson ever made.

  14. …and people that defend him are misogynists, catch-22. Maybe we should just ignore him.

  15. Carlos Estevez'a libido

    Rosie’s face could be used for birth control. I am also very glad that she finds Chris Brown to be worthy of her undying support

  16. Do it Whoopie…strangle the bitch!

  17. Chris Brown Rosie O'Donnell
    Commented on this photo:

    He looks a little douchey here, but in his defense, a fat girl doing the splits is hilarious.

  18. Chris Brown Rosie O'Donnell
    Commented on this photo:

    Holy shit! When did Danny Devito get a hair transplant?

  19. Chris Brown Rosie O'Donnell
    Commented on this photo:

    The bald headed guy on the right is thinking, I really want to stick my cock in his mouth.

  20. Carlos Estevez'a libido

    If you can rub one out to that face AND you’re not in prison , that behavior would virtually guarantee your’re gay.
    Prison part probably doesn’t matter

  21. Kim

    Rosie O’Donnell is still alive? I though she died durring a by-pass last year.

  22. just say'n

    What an ugly, ugly person; inside and out.

  23. Cock Dr

    Reminds me of that old saying: don’t be so open minded that your brains fall out.

  24. knowitall

    “ultra-liberal” views focus on class, not race. The WWE wrestler going by the name of Rosie O’Donnell was taking the lazy, knee-jerk route by saying “tha’s raycess!” without considering the complete context. Ultra-liberals despise celebrity in its entirety as a vehicle for funneling money and power to a small group of people who have done nothing worthwhile (conservatives only despise the “done nothing worthwhile” part, and would be fine with rich celebrities if they only made movies and music about the exceptional destiny of the United Christian States of America).

  25. I think Rosie is so right, because you see Mel Gibson yelling to kill his wife calling her all sorts of names and nobody ain’t saying nothing about and that’s taking someone’s life. As for Charlie Sheen he’s a crack addict and sleeping with porn stars and nobody is saying nothing about and that’s kinda like prostitution for what he’s doing. But then when it comes to Chris Brown everybody got something to say and yes i do think the fact that everybody is against him is because he’s black and successful and i still love Chris Brown i don’t care what ya’ll think and what ya’ll say because he was wrong and so was she!!! Simple as that!!! End of discussion!!!!

    • Child please! Girl, get yo ass to school and learn how to construct a paragraph. Silly kids need your ass whooped

    • Carlos Estevez'a libido


    • Carlos Estevez'a libido

      Eubonically speaking …

    • Carlos Estevez'a libido

      People often rationalize that another person misdeeds should negate their or their hero’s misdeeds . The two things do not equalize anything . They are both wrong.
      Some people need to use those critical thinking skills they should have been taught in school . Or not

    • Chicklette

      “Yelling to kill is wife” and “sleeping with porn stars” does not equal an admitted woman abuser complete with legal documents and photos.

      • Hurp


        Try physically subduing her and holding a weapon up to her throat, while yelling. Convenient you neglect to add that information since it makes your asinine point look better.

      • Hurp

        It’s also cute that people use the ‘photos’ excuse.

        What if there were photos of Charlie doing that to Brooke? Would that make him any better or worse?

        My point? Quit being an ignorant cunt.

      • kendrachanae

        To Hurp thank you for understanding something like i am, becuse Mel Gibson was threatening his wife talking about killing her and that right there is called “Murder” you never know one day he could so…so thank you for supporting on this thanks a lot!!!!

    • ElleDee

      Um, did you just come out from under a rock? Mel Gibson has been eviscerated by the public for being the misogynistic loser that he is. I’ll give you a bit of time to Google those big words, and then you can come back and make an attempt at a properly constructed paragraph, m’kay?

      • uncle ruckus

        ElleDee: +1

      • kendrachanae

        still can’t handle the truth huh? but its okay since we all know who side you on anyways so before you come at me think before you step to the wrong one honey…m’kay??

      • bart

        @kendrachanae: you might be “grown” but you talk and write as if you are still a child: poorly constructed sentences, foul language, emotional outbursts. If you want to be taken seriously, act as if you are actually, a grown up.

      • bart

        Which is why you won’t be taken seriously and you aren’t exactly lending any support to the side you support.

    • kendrachanae

      For one I’m not a child and two I am a adult thank you very much and three i told you that i don’t care what you think or say so i mean what i said and i don’t give a FUCK what you say!!!! Thank you!!!! so shut the fuck up!!!!

      • Oh baby, you grown? Smh, damn the public school system failed you. Please tell me you got a G.E.D at least. Momma gonna pray for you.

      • kendrachanae

        @ big momma: Yeah bitch you need to grow up and act ur age not a motherfucking child stop honey stop talkin to me thank you bye bye i’m done wit you and if you got something still to say then it proves to me your the child.

  26. Am I racist if I criticize Rosie for being fat, ugly, hate filled and generally an unpleasant person?

    Or is “racist” reserved only for criticism of black people. You know Rosie…we have a word for people who judge people based on race, rather than character…what is that word again?

  27. Rancid

    Flabba the Hutt

  28. karen

    Is that picture from the time Rosie was on “The Tonight Show” along with Joan Embery?

  29. Carlos Estevez'a libido

    We did not see pictures of Charlie Sheen’s badness . On the other hand , we saw first hand , so to speak , of Chris “handiwork”

  30. 92gsr

    Evolution of Chris Brown:


    Douche who beat up a hot chick

    Douche who beat up a hot chick then tried to reboot his career by feigning sadness over Michael Jackson’s death

    Douche who beat up a hot chick then tried to reboot his career by feigning sadness over Michael Jackson’s death and cries about no one giving him a chance

    Douche who beat up a hot chick then tried to reboot his career by feigning sadness over Michael Jackson’s death and cries about no one giving him a chance with blond hair

    Douche who beat up a hot chick then tried to reboot his career by feigning sadness over Michael Jackson’s death and cries about no one giving him a chance with blond hair and trashed his dressing room on GMA

    Douche who beat up a hot chick then tried to reboot his career by feigning sadness over Michael Jackson’s death and cries about no one giving him a chance with blond hair and trashed his dressing room on GMA with a lamborghini painted like a jet fighter

    Douche who beat up a hot chick then tried to reboot his career by feigning sadness over Michael Jackson’s death and cries about no one giving him a chance with blond hair and trashed his dressing room on GMA with a lamborghini painted like a jet fighter and defended by Rosie O’Donnell

    Jumps off bridge

  31. dbag

    I’m printing this picture out and carrying it in my wallet in the event I get an unwanted boner I need to get rid of in a hurry. Just in time, too – that old picture of Bella Abzug was getting kind of tattered.

  32. bart

    Finally a use for the word “misandrist” … applies to both ROD and CB.
    Some stupidity knows no boundaries

  33. Snake Reynolds

    This confirms my long-held suspicions that Rosie O’Donnell is indeed Bizarro Rush.

  34. Jayone

    Dude, it’s not crying racism because people expect Chris hitting Rihanna to be completely forgotten. It’s racist because of the scrutiny and obvious double standard that he faces vs. other celebrities. When Charlie Sheen held a knife to his wife’s throat he not only kept his job but also got a raise! America was over it the very next week. Just chalked it up to “Charlie being Charlie”. Yes, Chris was wrong and is a douche, but if this was a pretty boy white celebrity, America (and you Fish) would’ve been over this a LONG time ago. Let Justin Timberlake hit his girlfriend and let’s see how long before he’s selling platinum records and hosting Saturday Night Live.

    • I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume no one reads the Charlie Sheen posts. They just show up on the Chris Brown ones and go, “But, but, Charlie Sheen! He’s white!” No one gets a pass here.

      Just two weeks ago Chris Brown broke a window on Good Morning America after being asked questions he agreed to. If he didn’t want it brought up, he could’ve said no, and/or not acted like a little bitch creating an entirely new opportunity for everyone to be reminded he’s a violent fuckhole. It’s really that simple.

      • Bringbackbabalu

        Lets be real people, we don’t even know if Mel or Charlie Sheen are guilty. People have a way of bending the truth a little. We know Mel’s gf is in it for the money, and Charlie Sheen didn’t kill/hurt anyone.

        Chris Brown beat up Rihanna, nobody even knew who he was until he did that. Not only that, the guy acts like he is too cool for people to hold it against him. He thinks.

        a. he is someone famous or important. he is just a fad that no one will remember in a few years.

        b. he made a point of coming out saying “I am ready to leave this all behind me, why cant you people” which is another way of saying he doesn’t think its fair that people bring it up. like he didn’t do something wrong, or he should get a pass for it. I don’t get why he didn’t go to jail. I know people that go to jail for 5 years over expired insurance or a simple mistake. apparently he gets a pass because he is black, and in the ghetto that happens on the reg. Daddy Brown, and Papa Rihanna probably did it too wherever they were , not taking care of their children so they would end up like Chris Brown.

        c. people make threats all the time, and dont follow through with them. not to mention when emotions rise people say things they dont mean. but thats where it ends, that doesnt give you a pass to lay hands on a lady. it is bullshit if you ask me that he can get away with this, yet if I were to meet chris brown on the street today and cave his face in, I would be in jail. Rosie, and Chris Brown congratulations I know you are both going to hell.

        Is any thought more pleasant or pure enrapture than ….Chris Brown spending eternity whining like a little bitch about how its not fair, where nobody can hear him.

      • Spew

        It has nothing to do with race, it’s all about being famous for things OTHER than beating up a woman before their meltdown.

    • dpbefun

      You RACIST!

      • Mandi

        Ok. One thing that is driving me crazy is when people say Rihanna or Chris Brown weren’t famous before the abuse. Get real.

    • Thing is, Chris Brown’s career is going better because of this publicity just the same as Charlie Sheen’s did after he held his wife at knifepoint. Just because most people let him get away with it doesn’t mean that everyone does, and while there may be an ocassional racist who criticizes Chris Brown but not Charlie Sheen, I would bet that, by and large, most people who have a problem with Chris Brown think Charlie Sheen is a piece of shit too.

      • Burt

        Excellent point about Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen. Chris Brown has a criminal record because he beat up his girlfriend, they don’t.

  35. Rosie's a hag

    I”d bet that Rosie wouldn’t be sticking up for him if he’d beaten up a homo instead of a real girl! The only exception to the rule would be if he’d beaten up Perez Hlton. Because who DOESN’T want to?

  36. Tigerh8r

    For all of you who claim Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson got completely forgiven and let off the hook for their behavior, one question: Have you ever seen the internet or television before today? Chris Brown is still working and he isn’t in prison. What’s all this punishment he is getting that they didn’t, and how in the world can you say he’s getting more attention? I haven’t had to see Chris Brown Tiger Blood comments every time I log on the internet for the last month and I haven’t had to listen to never ending tapes of psychotic Mel Gibson rants from him either. I believe their IS some racisim going on here, but I think some of you have it a little backwards.

  37. j.j.

    rosie’s the racist. no one else is looking at skin color.

    • Totally agree. It seems like by saying that anyone who criticizes a guy who beats his girlfriend or wife is racist, she’s implying that black men are known for beating on their significant others. I never heard that one. Trailer trash beating on their spouses, that’s the stereotype I’m familiar with.

  38. noooooooo

    I think the posts here got mixed up, I figured Rosie would have been cracked out and talking about pancakes and “Disney kids”.

  39. ravingmad

    A. Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen et al. have received TONS of news coverage, criticism and have lost fans because of their violence and general stupidity. Charlie Sheen lost his job and it looks like he’s going to lose his kids as well.

    B. During the insane number of Charlie Sheen posts at the superficial, people were bitching that there was too much coverage of him. What the hell?

    C. Chris Brown, while he has come under fire for his actions, as he damn well should, was only sentenced to anger management – which worked SO well – has made massive cd sales, is still performing and still makes more money than God.

    Crying racism about this denegrates real racism.

  40. Scrungy

    Chris Brown beat his ex. There’s nothing right about that. I think the same thing would happen if he were white.

  41. Mandi

    The Charlie Sheen vs Chris Brown comments are annoying yes. But although both are written about… Sheen is mostly criticized for his coke meltdown not as much about the physical violence stuff. But who cares? While I do find the sheer number of CB posts on this site to be annoying, it’s Fish’s right to post what he wants about who he wants. Maybe he feels more strongly about Brown. So? He’s allowed. Let’s just agree that all these guys are huge assholes, and you can choose who you want to be a fan of, if any of them.

  42. puddleduck

    Maybe Chris Brown should beat and eat her ugly white ass and then it would all be even

  43. Chris Brown Rosie O'Donnell
    Commented on this photo:

    I’ll beat that ass !!

  44. Greg Suarez

    Well, there goes any chance she ever had at fucking Paris Hilton.

  45. Bringbackbabalu

    Douche who beat up a hot chick then tried to reboot his career by feigning sadness over Michael Jackson’s death and cries about no one giving him a chance with blond hair and trashed his dressing room on GMA with a lamborghini painted like a jet fighter and defended by Rosie O’Donnell

    What more do you need to say? Rosie probably would have slapped Rihanna up even worse, that is was I am getting from this. We are racist because some dirty fucking wannabe gangster beat up a girl, and then he gets mad that people hold it against him. Rosie is a fat blob of slime, she reminds me a bit of my mother. Some people are so dumb and set in their ways, you could show Rosie her father was actually Jabba the Hutt, and even if she saw herself being conceived she would deny it. Nobody wants to hear what she says, except mean anti social man hating dykes that want to “fight the good fight”! Chris Brown is a useless piece of garbage that we would all be better off if he was dead. This is true about Rosie TOO, and she is not black. I hate Rosie and she isn’t black, Charlie Sheen has tiger blood so being better than everyone just comes natural to him, similar to being a Baldwin! I mean it has WIN in the name.

    So lets sum it up for real. Rosie is a fat lesbo whore with no morales. She is into kinky, freaky stuff and doesn’t know about decency. She said Bill Clinton was fine for what he did, and Tiger Woods too. Yes, Elizabeth Hassleback or however you spell it might as well be the devil because she isn’t a liberal. This bitch is twisted, and she is dark as anyone on the inside she isn’t one to talk. She may be the biggest piece of walking slime in all of hollywood.

    • Burt

      Well, I don’t know about her being a hot chick, but she was definitely the good looking one in that relationship.

  46. Turd Ferguson

    I’m racist against fat, irrelevant cows.

  47. Whoopi came out to support Mel Gibson…
    Rosie is out supporting Chris Brown…
    So lesbians like to play racial “Strangers on a Train”?

  48. Chris Brown Rosie O'Donnell
    Pussy Galore
    Commented on this photo:

    From this day forward, every time I f$#k up…I am going to blame it on me being white. If there should be an objection to it well, you’re probably racist.

  49. cc

    If her was even a little big bigger, it would be one of those things on Easter Island.

  50. Jayone

    Superficial: Chris Brown is an idiot, yes. If he were even 1/2 intelligent he could easily manipulate the media by feigning remorse whenever there’s a camera recording. The point of this whole Charlie vs. Chris argument is that: people worship Charlie Sheen for his antics. He’s an abusive drug addict who threatens to kill every woman he marries (with a knife), and you still can’t walk down the street or go on to Facebook without seeing someone quote him like he’s a respected member of society. After Charlie did his deeds, he was able to sell out a 20 city tour across America…The hypocrisy doesn’t lie with you Fish for your media coverage. This is completely about how America (still dominated by Caucasians) will forgive and praise a white person doing the same act that they condemned a black man for doing.

    • What BS. So Chris Brown isn’t selling records and concert tickets?
      There are morons rooting for both of these idiots.
      The MAJORITY of us (white, black, yellow, green, whatever) MOCK them both.

      Your whole “white America forgives whites and condemns blacks” is utter trash. I recall blacks forgiving both OJ and Michael Jackson for their acts purely based upon racial solidarity. Shit happens. And there will be whites who think Charlie Sheen is a god because they wish they had a party life like his and the have low morals and values. HOWEVER. All black people didn’t do that. All white people DON’T do that. Time for you to lose the chip on your shoulder. They are EACH paying the price for their actions. Sheen has plenty of legal woes to contend with.

      Chris Brown keeps acting out violently, he has never be even slightly remorseful, and he keeps making himself a media spectacle. He has actually SAID that we should all just forget about what he did. He is fair game and a good target because he just may be the king of douchebags.

      • Deb

        Thanks, gravyleg. I didn’t read your post before I wrote mine, but you’re 100% right.

        Chris Brown, unlike Sheen, is actually supported by a lot of female fans as well, who actually believe that Rihanna deserved what she got.

        I say Chris Brown has it made– made better than Sheen.

    • Splint

      You’re crazy. No one worships Charlie Sheen, people only watch him the same way your friends all watch the stupid kid who sticks his tongue to a frozen metal pole. You don’t worship that kid but you’re sure as hell going to watch.

      The perceived forgiveness Charlie Sheen gets is not because because he’s white, it’s because he just doesn’t care. Unlike Chris Brown, Charlie Sheen never whined about poor coverage or asked reporters why they keep bringing up his past. He just smokes some rocks, gives a thumbs up and keeps on trucking. Nothing pisses people off more than someone who does something stupid and then is mad that you keep bringing it up.

      • K

        Good point, but keep in mind the fact that whenever someone publicly insults Charlie Sheen, he rants against them, calling them “Turds,” “maggots,” “earthworms,” etc., essentially defaming any public figure he’s ever come across who doesn’t entirely agree with his psychotic point of view, to the point of getting fired from his TV show. I wouldn’t say that he’s never ‘whined.’

      • K

        And my ‘good point’ was directed toward Splint.

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