Wait, No, Don’t Put Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Nipple Back In. What Are You Doing?!

December 3rd, 2013 // 14 Comments
Rosie Huntington Whiteley Nipple

Here’s Rosie Huntington-Whitely leaving the British Fashion Awards last night where a random woman noticed her escaped nipple and popped it back into her blazer. A move that would get me arrested for assault, but some British chick does and it’s, “Oh, why thank you. Guards, please don’t taze her like that spindly fellow from the Internet who broke into my flat and shaved his head to look like Jason Statham. Used me best razor, he did.”

Click Here For (NSFW) Gallery

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Wow….just wow.

  2. The world is right with this one nipples and all.

  3. Margaret

    What. Kind. Of. Monster…………..

  4. That looks an lot more like “Random woman pulls out Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s tit” than “puts it back in”.

    And do I have to stat the obvious that if you don’t put on a bra, don’t button your shirt, and wear a jacket open to the waist…your boob falling out is not an “accident”. It’s exactly what you intended to happen.

  5. Since I can’t safely look at the gallery while at work, I’ll go ahead and say that the biggest travesty in this whole episode is that dude’s tie. I reserve the right to change my opinion when I actually view the nipple(s) in question when I get home.

  6. Halflyng

    Pretty sure she took a pic of it first, then put it back in. So she’s doubly horrendous for taking advantage of the situation and then not sharing.

  7. That NSFW gallery is very SFW.

  8. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    A bit chilly there, unless someone stroked the nipple a bit before this “accident”.
    Lucky bastard.

  9. Vlad the Inhaler

    I dunno, sure me lady wasn’t the one popping the teet out?

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