Roseanne Barr goes on insane offense against Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt (Is it Crazy Day?)

August 18th, 2008 // 162 Comments

Roseanne Barr must’ve decided she wanted to feel relevant this weekend and posted an entry on her blog attacking Jon Voight, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. I’ll give kudos to Roseanne for calling Glenn Beck a “used tampon” before she dives completely off the deep end in an ultra-liberal rant that makes Rosie O’Donnell look like Rush Limbaugh. I’m, of course, talking politically and not physically because, until last week, I swore they were twins:

[Jon Voight] is a frightened little girl in a pink ballet tutu, who acts like Obama just wandered in from the rain forest with a bone thru his nose and a communist pamphlet in his loincloth. The neocons who own jon voight and make him dance on the chabad telethons are the worst most elitist people on earth. glen beck and jon voight are their bitches… both of them are used tampons who must be flushed down the toilet immediately! jon voight your evil spawn angelina jolie and her vacuous hubby brad pitt make about forty million dollars a year in violent psychopathic movies and give away three of it to starving children trying to look as if they give a crap about humanity as they spit out more dunces that will consume more than their fair share and wreck the earth even more. (just sayin’).

Wow. Somebody’s going through the change. Did she just attack Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for providing a home to poor underprivileged children? Yeah, these two are clearly diabolical. I bet next they’ll build a hospital for AIDS victims. God, what a pair of assholes. If only some heroic comedian that everyone assumed was dead would lambaste them on her blog. Oh, wait.

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  1. columbo

    i hate brangelina. roseanne rocks.

  2. levi

    this is the funniest thing I’ve seen in several days!! yes!! people who read the superficial discussing politics! lol! man, this rules!! it’s a website devoted to lame celebs in bikinis! some washed up 90s sitcom star writes something on her blog about *both* sides of the campaign, and all you people are suddenly informed Americans!! go! go! go!

    jesus, we are all fucking doomed.

  3. columbo

    look at that haughty look on mangie’s face. she’s so impressed with herself. makes me wanna vom

  4. vera

    Wow. So, by Rosanne’s account, the Jolie-Pitts make 40 million a year and give 3 mil away to children’s charities? I think both of those numbers are probably pretty low, but by Roseanne’s count, Brangelina are hypocrites because they donate nearly ten per cent of their income to charity???

    Please, Brad and Angelina could KEEP all their money and still register as a children’s charity themselves, with all the children they have.

    But no, I’m sure Roseanne is right. I mean, afterall, that IS why the United Nations picked Roseanne as their international good will ambassador, right? Oh yeah…

  5. goodbye

    96. Try reading the comments here for answers to all your stupid questions.

    Bob you talk in circles and yet you have nothing intelligent to say. It’s not about being judged it’s that a person as narrow minded as you clearly does not do a lot for society because you have no understanding of reality. Again this is a place where people vent. Profanity? Big fucking hell who are you the catholic church? Come on. You are providing nothing but lazy excuses instead of understanding that in life you have a choice to be innovative and creative in how you give back to society, you have a choice to not be a lemming to not be lazy and selfish and to create your own life of giving back without trying to justify your own selfish greed and apathy. There is no excuse in this world for o 7 mansions, 2 planes and malls worth of obsessions.
    Again try thinking outside the goddamned box and then try living outside the god damned box.
    And Preach? Clearly you have not seen the press conferences, the speeches as goodwill ambassador of the UN and the constant use of the word humanitarian, the interviews where miss Jolie has bragged about what she gives ( omitting how much she keeps and how ridiculously she lives) and actually telling interviewers that after her experiences in Africa she no longer values material things, except that she lives in a 70 million dollar chateau has at least 7 other homes with her partner two airplanes and fucking boatloads of SHIT.
    I’m done keep lying to yourself, keep making excuses, you can live a truly generous life that takes intelligence and innovation, you can pretend to live one while being extremely greedy or you can be selfish wasteful bastard who doesn’t give a fuck, it’s up to you.

    Good luck.

  6. Dan

    And she has already went in and changed her blog posts…she does this all the time. ALL THE TIME! What they report about is no longer on her website blog like they have it written above…isn’t that a shame? I think she gets drunk and then she blogs…then she goes in or someone else and cleans up her mess. Trust me, I know her and this shit gets old.

  7. Bob

    So how do you feel about Bono? And how do you give back exactly?

    And no, I don’t see her preaching. I can’t say I try to follow what a celebrity says. I fully admit that if she does make those claims, then she/they are full of shit, lying hypocrites.

    And on a personal note, you can suck my @#$3 since you continue to assume that I’ve done nothing. I suppose Habitat for Humanity, Donating Blood, and donating my time and money to raise capital for soccer equipment (goals, shoes, uniforms, balls, field equipment) for Iraqi children is nothing.

  8. 105- leaving because has no argument

    i hope you don’t see movies or watch tv, listen to music, etc. because i guarantee you will be supporting much greedier individuals than the jolie pitts. look at roseanne’s greedy self indulgent ass, with her many many MANY plastic surgery procedures and still looking like an ugly fat slob.
    All she manages to do is call people names for not agreeing with her on how to spend tax dollars, and you think she is so great.

    it is easy to call people greedy when you are dirt poor and you yourself have nothing to give. …
    the jolie pitts give back more percentage wise than you do, not only with their helpful tax money, but the millions upon millions they give to charity, again, what does roseanne do? what are you doing? what are other celebrities doing that have more than them?? there were higher earners in 08.
    but ya know what, they don’t HAVE to do ANYTHING.

    the only question I see in 96 is who are you to judge her? What kinds of volunteer work do you do? What percentage of your income do you donate?

    And how much does your life suck, because you must hate nearly everyone, because lets face it… not that many people give back as much as these two do…

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  10. fox news drooling right-wingnut superficial commenter

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    (fuck yeah, fuck yeah)

  11. To Bob

    Hey brother no attack (this time heh heh). I don’t know how the Hell we are gonna pay for shit when we are in massive debt. Your point is valid. We are beyond bankrupt.
    Alternate energy is an emergency measure and we will create many new jobs with that.
    We NEED to go back to small farming THAT will create new jobs.

    I say TAX the fuck out of the rich!!!!! Tax these capitalist greedy thieves out of existence. NOONE deserves to smile and act in mindless movies and make millions while we go out and work for like 1/100th and less for a whole year and some fucks are worth billions.

    How is it good for the state of the word economy for there to be 10,000 worth 41 tillion and estimated to be worth 60 trillion by 2012???????????

    THERE’S where the MONEY is at!!!! IN the hands of the elite!!!!

    The SUPERRICH have OUR money!!!!!!

    I guess fair play is not an option realistically because we will all be slaves soon. Don’t think so? OK.

  12. SO RIGHT

    The super-rich pay their fair share of taxes. They pretty much take care of the entire country. So let them get rich, dumbarse! Yeah — smart idea — let’s punish people for working their butts off while we reward those who just want mediocre lives or do nothing. That’s the American way. SOCIALISM! Ugh — gross liberals!

  13. haha

    The democrats are on vacation while the republicans are actually trying to get something DONE about the gas prices.
    Did you forget that the democrats are in charge of Congress right now??

  14. titsonsnack

    Who flushes their tampons down the toilet?


    The super-rich pay their fair share of taxes.

    What fucking dream world do you in live in? I bet I pay more taxes than the super-rich. Since all celberities are narcisscistic garbage, its kinda fun to watch the ya’all try to sort through it for no real reason though.

  16. Loli

    Shes not criticizing tem for giving money, shes saying they are hypocrites. and they use charity as a cover up for the other bull shit they do- to generate good publicity. And she has a point.


    Roseanne Barr: WHO FUCKING CARES what this one thinks, does, feels. I’m numb – I feel nothing. I feel like my dick after seeing pictures of Selma Blair in a bikini. Absolutely nuthin’. My tool has flat-lined…sorry.

    Oh wait! I have a snappy rejoiner for Ms Barr…uhh…nope…lost it….Don’t care…never have, never will….

  18. Jude

    The more you talk about “Republican” and “Democrat” the more you play into their hands. You should be a Christian — or better yet a medieval Catholic — who stands up against this entire rotten one-world system they’re developing. Even at the cost of your life.

    Because I can tell you, as much as you don’t want to hear it — you have no future. I’m sure that after a quick look around you will admit this to be true. Read the Book of Daniel where it talks about the end times and says of the devil “Through comfort he will deceive many.” That is precisely how you’re being deceived. You think you have “human rights.” THEY DON’T EXIST. You think you have the right to a good job and long life and health insurance. Huh? Did Jesus have a long life and good job and health insurance? While you were concerning yourself about your body, the devil has gotten your soul. He has made you think heaven and hell don’t exist. That you don’t have responsibility to God. That you are just a creature of the earth. You think that if you all hold hands and deny Jesus together that somehow you can’t possibly be punished. WRONG. Billions of people can go down together.

    It is a typical ploy of the communists — and by that I mean both Democrats and Republicans, who are both Jew-controlled just like this entire country — to talk about their love for the “people” when in truth they only see them as money-generating drones like in The Matrix. So what Rosanne ( who is Jewish ) is doing is nothing new. She is trying to pretend Democrats and Repulicans are on opposite sides. But then she goes and brings up how Jon Voight went on a Chabad telethon — which is true. This is the usual tactic, they are like serial killers who want to be caught, just so the world will know how clever they are. However there is more to this demonic attack than just the Jews. YOU the “good people” are all a part of it, since you went along with it without raising a peep.

  19. Gramma Nazi

    How come ‘celebs’ always have such poor grammar? Angelina should spare some of that forty million and give bloggers English lessons. Now that’s giving back to humanity.

  20. Kimberly

    Wow, she makes a point.

  21. Buddy "Tough" Love

    I’m actually pretty proud that we can have these discussions..and that there are opposing viewpoints.. <3 you all, even you fucking conservatives.

  22. Although I DO NOT CONDONE CHRISTIANITY. Fuck all you goddamned nutjobs spewing shit about the books of some fake piece of trash.

    #118, I hope your fucking family dies in a fire, and you have to watch them burn.

  23. 61 and Bob, Just my point of view, I don’t think we need to worry so much about people becoming insanely rich, it’s a free entreprise, capitalistic society..and I think there’s more good that comes out of it than having a bunch of Caps around.

    But I agree with 61 that there are some severely over paid people in our society and perhaps industries and businesses should take a better look at who gets what and how much…or a better tax system …not putting caps on..but you get my idea.

    The biggest point I think 61 is trying to convey is simply how people buy into the hype over people from the media/entertainment industry and thier [well] presented and choreograph humanitarian efforts compared to how they actually live thier lives…as if they are hypocrites.

    You know we spend a lot of time putting down people with respect to their image, or those in politics or some kind of controversey…but we should instead focus [and complain about when necessary] on issues like this…

    this kind of hypocrisey in itself perpetuates poverty and disconcern towards those in need– who may have a lot more to offer if they had basic needs.

    Lord knows we need better talent in the media and entertainment industry thanks to AJ and BP standards. i mean, ew.

  24. …sorry typo…

    if they had their basic needs MET

  25. sorry bob

    #108. Wow you must really live a sheltered life if you think these two give back. Try getting out a little and learning about all the hard working people who give back tirelessly without any need for praise or the need to brag about it.
    I happen to actually practice what I preach having travelled all over Africa working to help poverty (without forcing any religion, since I am not religious and I do not believe in that approach) I also work with a research lab to help find treatment for complex immunological illnesses and I work with extensively with children’s charities. I happen to be technically very wealthy, but I pay myself a very small salary in order to give back as much as possible. Projects that I have worked on have generated wealth that I know I do not deserve, that I know no one deserves. I live in one very small home and have one vehicle I do not buy anything designer, I do not go to the movies or buy dvd’s or cd’s made by overpaid idiots and I like programs on the discovery channel. I could own mansions and several cars, but I would rather contribute the money wasted on such ridiculous luxury to the causes I believe in. I truly wish more people did the same and I think if Hollywood did, because they are so influential and famous that the contagious affects of it would be incredibly beneficial.

    I LOVE the idiots on here who think the rich work their butts off. Could you please try to get out a little and meet the hospital workers who care for the sick and dying who have to see sick and dying children day in and day out, paramedics who save lives and have to watch people die like a young child hit by a drunk driver, the good teachers out there who are paid crumbs to help children learn, the scientist who find cures and treatment for deadly and debilitating diseases, the aid workers, the fire fighters, the social workers who help abused children, the police, the investigators who work to find missing children who have to deal with grizzly murders beyond your wildest nightmares, the people who keep us safe, the doctors who run their own clinics and work crazy hours taking on patient after patient in a tapped out medical system, the people who own companies and barely pay themselves so that they can pay their employees good salaries that they can raise a family on, the people who work with disabled children, all the people who work dangerous, vital, insanely stressful jobs and still give back to the community and while they could take and take and take some more they instead choose to give and give and give. I have known so many amazing every day unsung heroes lie the above mentioned and single parents who have taken in abused children and put themselves last to put those children first. People who owned a camp for disabled children and lived in a tiny home putting everything they could into that camp so they would never have to turn a child away. there are so many admirable people in this world and instead we admire celbrities, no wonder the world is so messed up.
    The point in life is to give and not to take so much for yourself, because the real way that we give is by taking LESS (yet so few people realize that because is much easier to give, but to take less that is a real challenge). Even basic Christmas cartoons for little kids try to teach that simple concept. The goal in life is not to collect the biggest pile of stuff and put your name on it. Enjoy life, of course, that is necessary for sanity, peace of mind and health, but we all know when we are being greedy and million dollar homes and airplanes is greedy and insane and so are many lifestyles far less materialistic then the extreme ones celebrities live, they are not the worst but since they are in the public eye they are dangerously influential.Hollywood sells greed.
    In this world you ARE NOT entitled ridiculous luxury, you may fool yourself into thinking you are, but if you look around you will see that you aren’t. Being a mature reasonable adult means being generous in what you give to society and modest and reasonable in what you keep for yourself. Anything else is being a greedy little child who sits around with more toys than they can count ignorant to the fact that so many other kids in the world have nothing.

    BOB your last comment was deserved. I’m glad you give back so much. I judged you in anger and admittedly I was sure you probably gave back quite a lot otherwise why would you be so strong in your convictions. I think our view points are actually not that far off. Obviously my ranting here does not reflect the mellow tone I take in life and in the causes I support, but I get my frustrations out here like a mental punching bag and honestly I find it relaxing and necessary because the world is very frustrating. It’s better than sitting in front of the TV barely using my brain, which is something I don’t enjoy doing. Anyway best of luck and I’m sorry for misjudging you.

  26. bitch

    Superfish, you suck. Roseanne has a very good point. You shoulld be mock Brangelina, not Roseanne.

  27. An American political primer.

    Democrats. Misguided liberals, militant feminists and complete pussies, ironically often womanizers, who consistently negotiate defeat from the jaws of victory, while raising taxes and wasting revenue on massive ineffective entitlement programs exclusively for the benefit of their traditional constituents, the poor, the illiterate, the Negroes ( forgive the redundancy ), at the willing expense of the liberals, squandering every opportunity to act in a fiscally or ethically responsible manner.

    Republicans. Blustering hawks, closeted Nazis and and religious zealots, ironically often homosexuals, each clamoring to act tougher and more pious in direct proportion to their proximity to a camera and or a microphone, who lower the taxes of their traditional constituents, the corporate elite, the oil industry, the defense industry, the pharmaceuticals, while borrowing unimaginable and unsustainable sums, often from the very countries that they publicly denounce, squandering every opportunity to act in a fiscally or ethically responsible manner.

    That said, … Obama ’08, bitches!

  28. Leila

    Rossanne uses cheap words in order to appear “real” to the masses. So she said “tampon” and most people wouldn’t during their average conversation, somehow those same people end up hearing “I’m just very honest!”.
    I don’t agree that all the rich are so because they could do something nobody else did, some become rich due to their lack of morals or limits, in any case Brangelina obviously don’t consider money as important as those who are jealous of them, so much that they are giving a few poor kids something more valuable which is their TIME and a chance to have parents.
    You want to criticize Brangelina and say they are hypocrites?, how many people have YOU helped today?, Oh so you are the next Mother Theresa, why should it then matter what exactly they’re giving?, or is it so you can feel better about your miserable lives?, “Yeah, they’re good looking, they adopted some kids, they share some of what they have BUT, “.
    I mostly agree with Bob anyway. Oh and the USA economy is going to get worse whether Obama or McCain wins, I actually feel bad for whomever ends up becoming president, he’ll be the ultimate villain.

  29. nice bitch

    I like you 125, you’re so intelligent….

  30. nice

    Well said #123. Imagine all the children who die of poverty in Africa every day, we are loosing all that potential of course more importantly they are loosing their right to a life, freedoms and education, love and the experience of a life in this crazy world. We are loosing such great talents, children who could grow up to find cures for various types of cancer and do amazing things if only they were given what so many of us take for granted. If this world was a business it would be the most poorly run corrupt, dysfunctional and horribly unsuccessful business imaginable. Even brilliant immigrants who were professionals in this country with medical expertise that could save lives or legal minds that could really fight for justice are forced to work menial jobs that deprive them and us from benefiting from their talents and education. If all the world were the children of god 9 I am not a religious person but for arguments sake) anyone would agree that brad and Angie are extremely spoiled selfish children.

    The reason there is so much concern with these two is because at this point they are the gold standard in many people eyes of what a generous charitable life is and that is so truly detrimental because if people aim to give back and live in that kind of a selfish hypocrisy then the world is doomed. We need real admirable examples of humanitarianism and frankly I just wish these two would get it together and walk the walk they so boldly talk. Not that I agree with idolization but if it has to exist why can’t we get a better example then these two or why can’t they have the decency to grow up. The only solution I see is society wising up to the bamboozling of Hollywood.
    Think of how many movies are made where the actor plays an ordinary working class hero while the bad guy is the rich greedy one, doesn’t that seem a little intensely manipulative? They have the obscene lives of wealth and luxury because of the money ordinary people contribute to go see their movies (and heck hard working people have the right to see a movie once in awhile) but it’s all such a big twisted mess of lies and hype and society plays blindly right into. The Olsen twins are goddamned billionaires in a world where kids die of starvation, I mean fuck something gotta give.

    All I want is for society to wise up to the bullshit and quit buying into it.

  31. lawrence

    She is nice Momma~~But I am a little uncomfortable to view some photos of Brad on Richromances .com where celebrities and wealthy guys are talking about it. What is he looking for over there?

  32. ps

    Oh and I think Bono sucks balls. He, Oprah and Gore (who lives in a giant estate the size of several mansions which guzzled more than $30,000 a year in energy bills while he was off flying in private jets promoting the movie that preached about a lifestyle he was too lazy and selfish to follow) are the biggest douche hypocrites along with these two, they all squawk the loudest about giving and yet they all the live hypocritical gluttonous lives.
    On the Gore note, having been involved in one of the first European companies that studied and talked about global warming I can tell you that any intelligent environmentalist will tell you that the wealthy create the most pollution because they consume the most even when they live so called Eco friendly lives it’s called a footprint and these douches have GIGANTIC footprints which could support hundreds of families. Only Oprah has and ass that is bigger than her footprint but that’s still no excuse. I’m one of the few women that doesn’t buy her megalomaniac bullshit, but I’m not a fat bitchy housewife whose husband prays for a way out everyday on his way to work so I guess I’m not her demographic.

  33. lawrence

    By the way it’s not like I’m trying to shamelessly plug or anything. Really, the last thing I would ever want you to do is to visit, or any site that sounds like, looks like or smells like So don’t interpret my previous message in any way as a suggestion that you visit, though I am sure that it is a perfectly gay, I mean, good site and all. Has anyone been to yet? Just askin’.

  34. douche

    U <3 <===========3

  35. Paula

    OMG, is she serious?? Since when is it wrong to give to and help needy children?? Who cares about what kind of movies they make, they’re actors. Would Rosanne prefer that Angelina and Brad just keep all the money and help no one?? Stupid. Violent psychopathic films?? What did rosanne ever do other than a show full of sloppy ignorant hillbillies??

  36. bassline

    Damn straight Roseanne has a point. What the fuck kind of people worship celebrities who got rich as fuck because of OUR money? Then they take OUR money, pamper themselves rotten, give some to charity (still way less percentage-wise than many commoners!) and pat themselves on their freshly massaged backs for it all? Worse thing is, Americans (and Brits!) are so fucking obsessed with celebs that they look beyond reality and choose to see exactly what these celebtards expect the sheeple to see – AMAZING (Hollywood’s favorite word), PHILANTHROPIC, SUPERHUMAN, WORLD-CHANGING, etc,, etc. Roseanne just sees the truth and it spils many sheeple’s rosy-tinted view of such people as Brangelina. Fact is, Brangelina do not give as much back as they should. The fact that I give 10% of my typical American slave income to African students doesn’t make me philathropic, now does it? Yet rich as fuck people get the label for donating less than that. Oh, so they change the world , eh? You know what would change the world? For them to set an example that says it’s ok to be freakin middle class and that doing what you love isn’t about 100 million dollar mansions and private jets, it’s about fulfilling your heart and soul, and you don’t need those things to do that. Frankly I think it’s Brad that is the fucking materialistic S.O.B., but Angie goes along with it all because she’ll do anything to keep her aging fool around, and the two of them, it’s almost as if they keep having/adopting kids to assuage theoir guilt for being SUCH MATERIALISTIC A-HOLES!!!! Oh yeah, and they had twins “naturally”: just like the 30 other Hollywood couples recently that ahd twins. Riiigggghhhttt, it’s “in the water”! Blind fool sheeple. They had twins because they wanted to kill two bird with one stone. They needed to spawn more of their genetically superior (or so they think) spawn but Angie didn’t want two more pregnancies, so they did what all selfish Hollywood a-holes do and TOOK CLOMID or did IVF, then lied about it and said twins run in the family, lmfao. Roseanne was right. these two are a joke and the fact that they have a massive fan club is just testament to the declining collective IQ if the U.S.


    #136. You made my day, thank you.

  38. here ya go

    Only losers would really care about what a loser has to say

  39. Sarah

    I’ve always hated how everyone viewed Angelina like she was some sort of saint. If she really cared about the world, she would not live in a mansion and she would not spend so much money. She does not give a huge percent of her income. It’s easy to give a few million when you make so much more. My family donates more than hers does.

  40. uranus

    Even I donate more than Angelina. In fact, I’d like to make another donation right now, a special deposit to her tight little twat. Hell, I might even donate another massive load of life to her tight little bung hole. Yeah, I’m that philanthropic, and better than you.

  41. bootlips

    If Angelina wasn’t a celebrity she’d just be a crack whore giving BJ’s for 25 bucks. It makes celebrities feel superior when they donate money. They do it more for their ego than anything else. This way they can fly around in their private jets and chastise us for driving to work in a car with an air conditioner.

  42. bob

    I came back and am glad to find that we found some common ground to work on. Thanks for the positive comments and constructive thoughts that we got to on this site made for ‘superficial’ pleasure. How Ironic eh?

    In closing, I’m a conservative (non-republican), with many questions about spirituality and a strong belief in personal responsibility. I strongly respect the ability to have your word be backed up by your actions. I believe that the way to get us all to what I think we are all saying is via incentives, and not rules. As any parent can tell you, there is something in the human psyche that makes us all less productive if we are forced to do a thing. The unfortunate thing is that forcing someone seems to be the short term solution that ends up creating long term problems. In this age of immediate gratification, google, and immediate alleviation I feel that it’s only getting worse.

  43. Geoff

    After reading all the BS postings from people in this website, I have learned just one thing. Live your life the way you want to live it without worrying what people might think about you. If you do good, there’s always someone who thinks you’re the devil, if you do wrong, there’s always someone who will think you’re great.

    I’m pretty sure Brangelina and Roseanne live that way. The difference is Roseanne has a lot to lose when she makes those idiotic rants without having her facts straight to support them. Brangelina on the other hand might have people who don’t like them, but their contributions are far still more relevant when compared what Roseanne has done. I don’t see Roseanne building home for the Katrina victims. That physical activity might help the fat alcoholic bitch look a little better.

    All you people, get out there and get a life and stop posting on this stupid sites comments about people who really don’t give a shit about what anyone here have to say about them. Angelina and Brad will not change because of these opinions, and Roseanne will not stop getting drunk and posting nonsense in her blog either. I should get my cherry popped by my boyfriend so will stop typing crap in here and back to my real life. I’m horny…

  44. serwer

    She is right. With the money those 2 spend on jet setting the world and adopting foreign babies, do youknow how many private hospitals could be opened in those countries? HOw many schools. How many microloan banks. how many small buisneses for illeterate women. how many things could be done with the millions they spend on 6 babies?

  45. Whitebear

    What’s most annoying about the grand us of a is that theyre hypocrites and keep saying theyre bringin peace when that whole fucking , yes fucking, country was built on fighting wars with others, that’s how america handles their economic crises, sell some guns, they’re the ones helping dictators to rule and then “fighting” them, for fucks sakes people if you could actually read and open a history book in your miserable lifes maybe you’d be able to realise that, terrorists, what terrorists? the ones you helped create, and now the rest of the world has to pay for it, and yes you’re not the only fucking country on this planet. I know this has nothing to do with that post, but that’s just the rambling of an old drugged up woman, doesn’t even worth mentioning, and yet i did..

  46. jenny

    omg man this retard is stupid, at least jolie and pitt actually donate their money to the poor, i don’t see roaseanne barr doing that or other celebs. so she’s just being a stupid fat cunt hypocrite! jolie and pitt are just like other people, doin their job and recieving money for it like any other human being does. they make alot of money becuz their actors ofcourse and they give their money away to the people who needs it the most!

  47. jennys

    and also! why do people keep saying oh yer they have money but how come they don’t help the rest of the world or open hospitals! well for all those people why don’t you do that? why put the pressure of saving the world to jolie and pitt for? they done enough! and the people who actually is responisble for poverty and war! is the government! george bush! so leave pitt and jolie alone atleast there doing something to help around here! i dont see any of you guys doing that! stop being hypocrites

  48. Alyssa


  49. Alyssa






  50. America is For Sale

    How do you guys feel about our crumbling transportation and electrical infrastructures and the fact that we are selling the place off and sending jobs to slave countries and manufacture little here and export war and don’t care about our own poor?
    Why I would imagine the philosophical plague on the right could care less and vacant intellectually as they are. You will all see when gas is $8 a gallon in the next few years and when food prices than double and when the creditors become more harsh and yes the government will back their draconian policies because the SUPERRICH own this place (EARTH)!

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