Rose McGowan’s plastic surgery stopped working

October 15th, 2009 // 87 Comments

I don’t know if Rose McGowan’s plastic surgery is wearing off, or if she legitimately wants to look like Cesar Romero from the 60s Batman TV show. It’s anyone’s guess, really.


  1. the dude

    Nah, she’s looked like that for years… anyone that has ever talked to her could tell you that.

  2. Dave Mustaine

    Not even makeup can save this creature.

  3. Whoa…what the hell happened to her..she used to be kind of hot…

  4. Scooter

    holyfuck – she looks like she might have Bell’s Palsy – a condition that causes part of your face to sag or freeze up. Sort of like a stroke but more temporary. If you cover the left side of her face in the main pic she still looks great. Cover the right side and she looks like she crawled out of a nearby grave and wants to eat liiiive braiiiiiinsssss.

    Then again, maybe she just went on an 8 day coke binge, which also causes similar appearance.

    What a shame – she used to be the hottest thing alive. Now I’m wondering about the latter and if still wanting to hit it makes me a necropheliac.

  5. PsyKo

    really? That’s her? damn… she was soooooo damn hot.

  6. Mister Bored

    Some white folks just don’t age well already. Add a bad plastic surgery or two on top of it… and you get something like Rose McGowan.

    She was better off leaving herself natural.

  7. friendlyfires

    Jesus habanero! Did she just turn 46 years old in three days? This a poster for too much weed, crank and ice – nice while it lasted – she can always play Scarlet Johannsen’s mom or a past her prime hooker in Vegas.

  8. man

    Man that car accident did a number on her, that really sucks, apparently her sunglasses cut into her face under her eyes. Reminds me of Mark Hamil – aged beyond his years.

  9. OMG!! Rose, noooo =( She was one of my absolute favorites, so pretty.. That really sucks; She was in a car accident and her sunglasses got jammed into her face so she had to have corrective surgery and it clearly hasn’t held up well. Really unfortunate, she had a beautiful face.

  10. Bosco

    Dang, when are they going to outlaw plastic surgery?

  11. @ 19 – Yeah, she did have a car accident:

    Anyway, CGI can smooth this over. Is Red Sonja still on with her not fucking “Spy Kids Rodriguez” anymore??

  12. wtf


    (PS – It’s not her eye, it’s her whole face, mostly the bottom actually. Her skin looks really old or something.. weird. I am not buying that her face is changing because of a little flap of skin being sewn back together under one of her eyes.
    Plus she already got a nose job so she’s not exactly against surgery. Maybe too much botox as for some reason I am thinking of nicole kidman when looking at the above pics, even though she doesn’t look anything like her)

  13. Galtacticus

    I’m afraid that i’ve to accept the fact that this one lost her hotness.Next!

  14. Darth

    Aside of the silicon implants it’s all organic matter.She’s just expired.

  15. Nero

    It will get worse and worse.Some people just don’t age well.

  16. Kaila

    You all are ridiculous. If you look at the last pic you can see that it’s only the right side (our left) ofher face that looks wierd, and that’s bc she was in a wreck and had to have surgery. It is a result of shitty surgeons, not her own doing. I feel bad for her. She probably had her lips done to take the attention of her wonky eye lid.. you all are awful. She’s still beautiful! Love you, Rose!

  17. mai-tai

    She has sinus inflammation or something.

  18. PostmortemG

    ¨I say it’s actually wearing off. When she was promoting the Grindhouse/Planet Terror crap she looked even worse.¨

    Grindhouse, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino can get fucked with A.I.D.S. That aside, Je$u$ Chri$t!!! I guess it´s a shame this has happened to an attractive lady, but i can´t wait until Kim Kardashian looks like this. =D

  19. creejay

    She just never had the bone structure to age really well – her beauty was always based on the youthfulness of her features and skin.

    In her defence though- if you take a look a pictures from a month or two back on gettyimages, she looked a good ten yrs younger. It’s like her face is bloated or something. She didn’t look so bad on the Nip/Tuck premiere last night either.

  20. Buttfux

    I look better than this after my boyfriend shits on my face.

  21. name it for christ sake

    joker lips…so not good!

  22. It will get worse and worse.Some people just don’t age well.

  23. AMO

    Didn’t she used to be on Golden Girls?

  24. Amber

    She used to be so vibrant, what a shame. I loved her with red hair, OMG.

  25. chii

    she looks old

  26. Dont these celebs ever look at awful

  27. Kirsten

    That’s not her. She needs to find a better body double. If this is her, I’ll have to say I agree with #70.

  28. I think she looking very older like granny after plastic surgery . She is looking pretty before the surgery . Don’t play with your looks.

  29. I still like her as is..

  30. Yipes

    She was never in a car wreck. She made that story up when the cheap plastic surgeon she hired for her eye job messed it up. Not to mention, that certainly doesn’t explain all the filler and Botox she’s obviously filling her face with. Eesh it looks like it’s painful for her to smile. It’s certainly painful to look at that…

  31. Ali

    She was incredibly pretty in Charmed. It’s upsetting more than anything to see her like this now :(

  32. Ivan ;P

    Agree with Ali , this is awful .

  33. Ok, so I keep looking at her face and compared to other images. There is something seriously different, but can not figure out what it is. Any ideas? They look swollen.

  34. :((

    too bad :(( :’((

  35. beatrix

    omg what happened to Rose this is so sad she was so beautiful on Charmed

  36. leprecaun

    why oh why would she do this to herself when there was nothing wrong with her in the first place? i’m watching Law & order SVU and she looked god-awful…

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