Rose McGowan is almost arrested

rose_macgowan_arrest.jpgRose McGowan was almost arrested at the T-Mobile party at Vanguard on Tuesday after getting into a dispute with one of the club’s security guards.

“A man was standing uncomfortably close to her,” said a pal. “She told him to move, words were exchanged and it turned out he was a security guard for the club. He overreacted and put handcuffs on her.” The club realized what was going on, everything was explained and McGowan was set free, only to quip to her friends: “If you need to be handcuffed, do it in a Dolce & Gabbana dress!”

This would have been more amusing if the security guard had just headbutted her and left her unconscious on the floor. Then random strangers would step on her and a good laugh would be had by all. Because stepping on passed out people is hilarious.