Rose McGowan has fairy-tale engagement

September 19th, 2007 // 108 Comments

  1. roughdaddy

    engage? those 2 idiots just met….homewrecker!!!

  2. roughdaddy

    hey #100 you know those chicks age a mile a minute,,, one thing she does well is wear those whorish gown/dresses exposing her sexy back,,,like that

  3. Vanessa

    watta stupid s*lut!

    which moron gets engaged to a guy who was previously married and dumps his wife for you?… lol.. watta dumb chick… what goes around comes around

  4. zsa

    She’s looking a little haggard and her eyes look horrible. They’re blood-shot! But she’s still relatively pretty…

  5. Foxy

    She looks like Teri Hatcher in the 1st pic. Yuck…

  6. Jackson Wallace

    Rodrigues directed that horrid cheesy movie with Banderas that RIPPED OFF the Mariachi. It was the stupidest piece of garbage. Sin City was OK, but still teen macho tripe at its root. Taratino did him a massive favor by associating with him, but the two are nowhere near equals in talent. I read about Rod a year ago, and thought ‘what a cocky mexican, overpopulating the planet with his five kids’
    Now he’s going to leave his family for Skullmaid? Life made more sense when guys were forced to stay with their wives, and wives were forced to put up with affairs and mistresses. This home-wrecking crap is rotten on society. THis guy could screw wannabees on the side who were smoking LA beach hott, but he leaves hi family for THAT? What drugs are the men of hollywood doing these days? I dont get it. BTW, his wife is round, but not that unattractive.
    I mean, he could hold his head up being with her. This is just disrespectful.
    Rose’s snatch is still tight, but that face – yeeech. Kurt Russel bashed her face in in ‘DEATHPROOF’. what a coincidence….

  7. pepper3

    yes #96 it is on the wrong hand, it on the righthand

  8. You people are stupid!
    If you had taken the time to revise the facts you would know that Robert and his wife were seperated long before the filming of “Grindhouse: Planet Terror” and they remain good friends, they have projects lined up for 2008!
    Rose McGowan is a beautiful, talented lady and a fantastic actress!
    But then again, you people have nothing better to do than sit at your computer screens believing the lies you’re fed and getting erections over Hayden Panettiere buying newspapers!
    Wow, i wish my life was that exciting!

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