Rose McGowan has fairy-tale engagement

September 19th, 2007 // 108 Comments

  1. El Rey

    Way to go RR!

  2. JaneaneTheAcerbicGoblin

    Reportedly, because of this “incident”, Rodriguez’s Grindhouse film had to be shut down for a month or so (probably because his wife quit producing it), adding onto an already bloated budget. I hope she’s worth it, Robert.

  3. G

    She looks quite odd, especially for someone who used to be blazingly hot just a short while ago.

  4. bond

    she looks like the love child of leah remini and naomi judd. not sure how that would happen, but whatever.

  5. legalbeaver

    Is it just me, or does she look like a used up Dixie Carter? I mean, seriously. Dixie all the way. I can’t look at her without thinking of a group of middle aged Southern women and a sort of gay black dude in a house designing stuff and cracking jokes, while Delta Burke eats a twinkie. Yikes.

  6. LovelessJ

    that dude has 5 kids. and is a confirmed womanizer. 2 years, then an irreconcilable differences divorce. or he dies from being a bad director

  7. bonerkill

    wowww. what happened to her?
    didn’t she used to be at least somewhat decent looking?

  8. L.Linus

    #32 you nail it. A relation that built on lies and cheating will never go anywhere. They will be divorced within 5 years!!! You can bank on it!!!

  9. I hope the ex-wife screwed him in the settlement.

  10. Yourfairytale

    Good Lord, what happened to her face? She used to be so pretty! She’s still got an amazing body though.

  11. RR fan

    They actually met on the set of Sin City. RR got devorced about the time grindhouse came out. So he didn’t waste anytime

  12. Hemlock Queen

    Gawd, she used to be so beautiful. Now her face is all surgically and needled wrong. Why do women with nothing wrong with them turn their faces into freakish nightmares? Why?

    Oh, and I guess she’s a homewreckin whore!

  13. Esther

    I think that RR and his wife called it off before the filming of “Grindhouse,” though I could be wrong.

  14. Lexoka

    Is his face stuck or something?

  15. cabin

    her eyes remind me of Angelina Jolies, except the color…but the size, shape & form.

  16. umawwi

    Jesus H… look at that last picture – you can see her nose hairs! she used to be a hottie but now she looks like hollywood trash (ala Lindsay Lohan’s mother).

  17. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    I hope he spends the extent of this marrige pucnching her in that fucked up face.

    Harsh I know, but I believe in tough love.

  18. MrSemprini

    Oh, that was such a touching love story, Fish… And, I swore I wasn’t going to cry..*sniff*

    Hey, pic # 12, there’s a bat in the cave!

  19. Don

    Jawbreaker was funny. She used to be hot!

  20. Kristen

    What in the unholy fuck happened to her face?

    She used to be a walking erection but now she looks like she’s been battered with an ugly stick. She’s fuck-ugly!

  21. Texas Tranny

    Yes, I do believe that is a very slutty dress, so naturally I LOVE it

  22. jrzmommy

    She looks like a flu-stricken Teri Hatcher.

  23. Oh man, she really did M. Manson?
    I wish I could’ve had some of her sweet cream-pie after he filled her hot pussy with his sissy fag cum. There is nothing better than licking out a cum-filled freshly fucked pussy.

  24. Texas Tranny

    Hey Jrzymommy, what’s up?
    Pretty slow in here this morning.

  25. shanipie

    Man , She looks Old

  26. angela

    too much plastic surgery :( she used to be hot. how sad.

  27. havoc

    I bet they smoke some really good dope……


  28. He’s cute in an obnoxious kind of way – she looks good now, but 10 years down the road, the lady’s gonna be a fright.

  29. LadyJane

    She may be a whoring, man-stealing, freak-fuckin’ bitch… but thank the fucking Lord it ain’t Britney.

  30. Texas Tranny

    Amen LadyJane Amen.

    She does have some “purdy lips” that I bet she has sucked a lot of cock with.

  31. Mmmmm…. she’s Audrey/Jane Meadows-licious!

  32. jrzmommy

    Hey TT!

  33. RAE4KMA

    She seems to have gotten her tattoo removed!! Good for her!!! She does look a little tired…. and a little like a young Dixie Carter…. but she still looks good.

  34. theShizaan

    Ditto on the plastic surgery comments.

    It’s amazing how a little nip’tuck can turn an attractive young woman into an 80 yr old.

  35. Grant

    Sigh, Rose McGowan’s face is like that because she had glass in her eye or something, and they had to rebuild her face. That’s why. It’s a miracle she can even see. So she’s stunningly beautiful, for all that.

    And, well…RR’s wife was fat and unattractive. This gives him the right to divorce her. If she doesn’t want to get the surgery, or take care of herself to ensure she’s still attractive, then dang it, he has the right to find someone who does.

  36. adeliza

    Is he tall or is she short? Or both?

  37. igroovin

    eat something girrl!

  38. igroovin

    his wife was pretty. so she’s normal weight, that makes her ugly? come on now.

  39. igroovin

    Grant u try having 5 kids, see how ur body changes. i think she’s better looking than rose. geez people are so heartless!

  40. Ooba Gooba

    Who is this chick and why is she famous?

  41. Lala


    Seriously, she did nothing to yall. And despite her age she still looks more natural and normal than McMushface up there.

  42. lambman

    it is funny that the face lift makes her look older.

    though part of me wants to believe that she really did just have a bad accident and tried to fix it, because I LOVE Rose.

    Jawbreaker freaking rocks! best B movie ever

  43. gorgeous dress with nice breast!!!

  44. anon

    Not a stripper, a go-go dancer.

  45. heywaitaminute

    Does anyone notice that the supposed “rock” he gave her is on the wrong hand?!?!

  46. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    Nothing a 2 x 4 wouldn’t fix.

  47. Tits McGee

    you know, she looked alot better before, but maybe it’s a pre-emptive face. She knows that Rod’s money will run out, he proabably has to pay millions in child support, and she’s not making any money as a two-bit hussy/actress, so she’s got that face lift now…. in case she ends up looking like a 60 year dixie carter in a few years (who by the way, was NEVER a slut. She was, at one time, beautiuful…Dixie Carter, and god rest her soul if she’s still alive somewhere – I bet her ears are ringing up a storm.)

  48. Brinkman

    I want to cum on her face while she still has pores.

  49. gross

    i remember thinking rose mcgowan was so beautiful and cool when i was younger and first saw her in the doom generation…i masturbated many many times to that movie. i wonder what “really” happened to her…she looks like her older uglier sister…what a shame. perhaps these pics were just not very flattering. she does have some very pretty feet though, not too mention a great pale curvey body that i would still hit in a second. oh rose where did you go!

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