Rose McGowan has fairy-tale engagement

September 19th, 2007 // 108 Comments

  1. Jessica

    She should be with me instead :(

  2. nina


  3. emily

    what the fuck happened to her face???????????

    too much surgery?

    i might go as far as to say….


  4. sick

    this bitch looks old… like Dixie Carter.

  5. ssdd

    What a brave man…… for wanting to put his cock where Marilyn Mansons cock has been.

  6. Lisa

    She’s a trashy ho! Can’t stand her!

  7. Carrie

    Nice True Romance reference. Was that on purpose?

  8. What is with her eyes? Does she have the pink eye or something?

  9. Man, she looks about 50. Check out the last pic. You can see a gray hair in her nose. Maybe Rodriguez can come out with a movie called “The Legend of Graybush.”

  10. Mella

    She was in a pretty bad car accident and had reconstructive surgery on her eye.

    Also, he looks like a dressed-up hobo.

  11. Jeans

    You can hardly tell it is her…if she keeps up the surgery she will be the next cat-woman!

  12. She looks really uptight and uncomfortable like she can hear us talking about her or something?

  13. Donkey Ass

    My god she looks used up.

  14. cowgirl looking for a cowboy

    Hey #10, don’t knock the cowboy boots! But what is with his ring? Did he play football or something? Is that a superbowl ring?

  15. She is one crazy chick is all I can say. Any women tagged by Marilyn Manson has some serious issues. Rodriguez probably doesn’t speak good English, so her issues are lost in translation. Get it? Translation. That thing you do when you fly from the US to Europe. While having sex in the bathrooms.

  16. Hecubus

    In other news it seems Quentin Tarantino has proposed marriage to Kurt Russell. Tarantino and Rodriguez are planning to hold an expensive, overhyped, double wedding which nobody will go to and Rodriguez is planning to run off with the bridesmaid.

  17. eva

    So. Is it just me; or has she been seeing Teri Hatcher’s butcher?

  18. Sociopath

    I like her a lot. Not a bad actress either.

  19. Hair Plugs and Halloween Mask are engaged. Good, they deserve each other.

  20. Gadeval

    I think that Rose may have come up with the most slutiest dress(in public)

    I have seen some celebs come close but not really top that, has anyone eles?

  21. cowgirl w/cheekiness

    I bet it was a “Grindhouse” set!

  22. Kaya

    I know she claims she got in a car accident but it’s not just her eye that looks different. How does surgery on ONE eye make both eyes and her entire face look totally different? How does surgery on one eye age her 20 years? It’s bizarre how she suddenly looks like Dixie Carter.

    At least Mrs. Rodriguez can know that her husband’s harlot got her face jacked. Must be some kind of revenge.

  23. Kaya

    She later claimed to have had a fever when she wore that whorey dress to the VMAs with Marilyn Manson, but she looks perfectly healthy to me in those photos. What a liar.

  24. LL

    That’s how I want to get engaged, only I want a REAL machine gun leg.

  25. pointandlaugh

    What #4 and #13 said.

    God damn that woman is ugly.

  26. Me

    she looks like dixie carter, and I don’t mean when dixie was in her 30s…that’s what too much drugs mixed with too much ho-ing will get ya. I hope she believes in karma, because it will come around to bite her in the ass…and hasn’t she learned yet that the men just want to fuck her, she’s not really the marrying type?

  27. click on the last pic…the close up on her face. it looks like shes hiding a wookie in her nostrils.

  28. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    She does! Time to stick a little rotary razor up there, Rose, and snap that bad boy off. And there she is, posing like she’s all that and more. So funny that she doesn’t know that Moses’ beard is starting to emerge from her nostril. It’s like seeing the prom queen’s dress tucked into her panties and not saying anything because she’s so conceited and deserves it, but just sniggering instead.

  29. STeve

    she’s got hair and snot up her left nostril in pic # 12

  30. Arbitrary

    She has nice tits for a used-up, hosed-out, drug abusing whore.

  31. Rickey

    She reminds me of someone, hmmm….I believe…Rose McGowan is really Michael Jackson. Yes. I did hear he was planning on a comeback. Has anyone seen Michael Jackson lately? Look closely at Pic #10. Nice body though!!

  32. I hate celebrities

    FUCKING BLOODY HILARIOUS. I love when idiot celbrity retards reinforce all the rude generalizations I constantly make about the. I just finished writing a comment making fun of the pathetic adultery ridden disasters that are hollywood marriages and how people often dump their spouse for someone they meet on a movie set.

    Oh you sad little celebs your just so fucking easy to insult ,disrespt and loath. Could you possible EVER live your lives with a speck of dignity? Of course not . Which is why we have websites like these.

    The best part is these greedy commitment disabled retards insist on marrying OVER and OVER again even though they suck shit at it and the best part is they spend millions in a wortld filled with poverty on their bullshit joke wedding. Yes the world makes so much sense. You could probably feed a whole refugee camp (or refoogie camp) with all the gourmet food these fuckers throw out at their blasphmous laughable nuptials.

    Luckily when it comes to these hollywhore ass clows the public has the last laugh since their lives are ALWAYS the most embarrassing shit filled trainwrecks on earth.


    She looks like his MOM. Hmmmm did Mr. Rodriguez need a green card?????,%20Elizabeth

    So ex-wifey who is old and twice the size of the ghostly Mcgowan paid for his movie? Also they aren’t even divorced yet. Who gets engaged to someone new when you’re still sperated? oh that’s right CELEBRETARDS. Of course.

  34. Aja

    She looks old, and is a homewrecker. Confratulations HO

  35. haroof

    Another stupid bitch who ruined her face with too much plastic surgery.

    These dumb bitches have so many examples of this around them yet they continue to do it.

  36. dude

    Man he’s going to have so much fun fucking her.

  37. kate

    i was thinking “wtf happened to her?” and then i saw this –
    sheesh. wtf? she was so pretty. now she looks like an old, drunk country music star who just woke up in a ditch.

  38. Italian Stallion

    Brokeface Mountain……..

  39. wow, I was all set to call you a bunch of haters, but then #37 schooled me. She does look like shit now. Continue.

  40. Missystar

    What a skank to steal this guy away from his wife, the mother of his FOUR kids. It’s obvious this relationship will not survive the long haul. Michael Vick’s defense attorneys have higher morals than these two scumbags. Can I get a witness!

  41. Missystar

    Sorry, I just went on Wiki and found out there are FIVE kids, not four. My mistake. That means even more hellfire and damnation for those two sluts!

  42. cate

    # 37- can you repost that link? i dont know if it was cut off or what but it didnt work, and now I’m dying to see whatever it is lol.

  43. Missystar

    One more update…I also just read that her dad abandoned her mom for the nanny! Ewwww!!! You’d think that would school the home-wrecking ho!

  44. Hippo

    I feel sorry for his ex-wife. Trying to raise five kids by herself while he prances around with his new girlfriend has got to be hell.

  45. jacknasty

    Bad facelift, much prettier before…

    Still think she is freaking hot as hell

  46. bigponie

    she doesn’t have to pout her mouth that way, we all know she sucks.

  47. meee

    where did her buttchin go? she had a pretty intense buttchin back in the ‘scream’ & ‘jawbreaker’ days.

  48. Jaydedoo7

    How long before he replaces you, THINK WITH YOUR MIND HONEY! Five kids and with you when you were nothing, good luck with thinking your kids will respect you too. It’s saddening whenever see the men and women with no self respect for themselves and no respect for those loyal to them.

  49. I hate celebrities

    #42 here is the link or a very simmilar one.


  50. unicornzrawk

    hahha #16

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