Rose McGowan forgets her bra

March 21st, 2007 // 38 Comments

If you can forget about these shots of Rose McGowan’s droopy eye you might actually enjoy this shot of her braless in a see-through shirt. She looks surprisingly good for somebody who two days ago I thought made a living off scaring little children.

Click for the slightly NSFW nipple version.


  1. Well thank God THEY survived the accident.

  2. Hemlock Queen

    Whatever, just put a bag over her head.

  3. ponk

    very slightly NSFW.
    still, those look like cute perky nips, which is saying a lot for a cadaver.

  4. ponk

    and wtf is up with the vacuum induced sunken cheeks? is she in a permanent state of giving head?

  5. Binky

    If you can’t see that pic at work – it’s time to change jobs.

  6. ChicagoEric

    Looks like we have the next coming of Laura Flynn Boyle (what are the chances Jack Nicholson hits on Rose now). Looks like Rose is forgetting to eat besides forgetting to wear a bra.

    Is she on a hunger strike until Aaron Spelling reunites the cast of Charmed?… Oh wait someone tell her he’s dead and that it’s okay to eat now

  7. whitegold

    Damn those look firm and perky! If they’re real, I’m impressed!

    But seriously, who is this girl?! What is she famous for?

  8. TaiTai

    Excuse me but since when are nipples supposed to point UP??? I guess she is planning ahead so when they start to sink, they will be at the normal elevation.

  9. wedgeone

    Nice to see some nips pointing upwards instead of sagging down like Sharon Stone’s
    She does need a baggie over her face – agreeing with that!

  10. BarbadoSlim

    Sorry, Rose WHO?

    She done any inter-species erotica?

  11. danielle

    She/It looks like a praying mantis.

    Now, if only she would’ve *prayed* to have been born an actual human.

  12. jrzmommy

    What’s the sudden fascination with Rose McWhoever?

  13. veggi

    agreed jrz. Boring. Not charmed.

  14. DrPhowstus

    She looks like a page out of a JC Penny catalogue. My grandmother would love that outfit! Of course she’d be wearing a bra…..on her waist.

  15. Yep.

    She still has nice boobies.

  16. imran karim


  17. llllllllll

    How the fuck can you go from looking voluptuous
    just 2 days ago to looking like an 8 year old anorexic?

  18. Didn’t she used to date Marilyn Manson? And didn’t she show up on the red carpet in like see through clothes? Something like that. Yeah, why IS she so newsworthy all of a sudden? Gawd, if it would help me get attention I’d walk around in a saran wrap top and THEN you’ll know my name!!! I’m FRIST!!!

  19. brujeriadiosa

    I LOVE Rose!!! Nice tits, Rose! :D

    Can’t wait till her movie is out (friday or some shit?) anyhizzoo…It was nice to see her tits!

    Yes I’m a chick and I can appreciate some tits other than my own!


  20. mrs.t

    Well hello! It’s like thet are so happy to see us that theyre saluting!

    And I, for one, salute them right back.

    Now I’m off for a breast lift.

  21. mrs.t

    *they, and put an apostrophe in theyre, while you’re at it.

  22. fame is funny


  23. Marilyn Manson hit it. Goth FTW!

  24. artmonkey3000

    Eat a mutherfuckin’ sandwich! What the fuck is it with you skrawny bitches? Men DO NOT like skeletons in a thin veil of skin. If we did, we’d wrap twigs in baloney and screw that.
    Eat. Fucking. Sandwiches.

  25. It would be uncomfortable to be with someone like Rose McGowan’s boobs. Especially after Marilyn Manson most likely sacrificed a ferret over them!


  26. spacey

    wow. cocaine much?

  27. All of the booze and weed in the world will never mask the grime of Hose Mc”Cow”an..

  28. pekpekshorts

    marilyn manson was a loser in highschool and will always be a loser.

  29. Von D

    I think she’s beautiful, but seeing her boobs isn’t exactly news

  30. Cardinal Ximenez

    Those lemon drops are so damn perky, almost as perky as my newly aroused rosary pole. Many blessings to you my child.

  31. meee

    i wish she’d remember it. i saw her topless in playboy the other day and it was not fun.

  32. Those boobs do not occur naturally. Who did that job? (And BTW — who IS she?)

  33. here

    Appears her crowners are Canadian Bacon sized, but nearly approach the jackpot sand-dollar size. Since the tits are OK, if anyone is listening, for an early Xmas gift I would accept her on the living room carpet with her ass in the air, hooked on smack and begging for a fix.

  34. chundadownunda

    10. Posted by BarbadoSlim on March 21, 2007 9:25 AM – Sorry, Rose WHO?

    According to IMDB she Ranked #39 in Stuff magazine’s “102 Sexiest Women in the World” (2002) and is the favorite actress of both Brian DePalma and Quentin Tarantino. She is said to absolutely hate fish but is addicted to shoes. Thank god for IMDB or I’d never have known who she was either…

  35. Ithrowball,youleave

    Yeowzzzaaa!! Them’s some perky breastesses.

  36. NicotineEyePatch

    Weight loss alone can’t explain what happened to her face since The Doom Generation… either she’s been sliced and yanked or Marilyn Manson is a bad breaker-upper.

  37. I like…so beautiful and sexy,good!

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