Rose McGowan’s Agent Fired Her For Calling Out Adam Sandler

Exactly as some of you predicted, Rose McGowan has reportedly been dropped by her agent for calling out Adam Sandler because production notes for his newest movies asked her to wear a push-up bra. In an Adam Sandler movie! Here’s the initial tweet:

And here’s how that ended:

Look, if Rose McGowan wants to talk about the shit that goes on with casting couches or young actresses being fed to Bill Cosby so he could “allegedly” rape them, I’m all ears. But to complain that the depth of your character in an Adam Sandler movie is “has nice tits,” you lost me. That’s like getting a job at Hooters then acting surprised you have to wear booty shorts and pretend you want to fuck every dude you wait on. Unless, of course, he’s a really shy computer nerd whose Iron Man T-shirt creates feelings in you that you never knew existed and you’re powerless to resist. That obviously happens all the time. You can’t fight nature.

Photo: Getty