Rosario Dawson hosing herself off in a bikini

July 18th, 2008 // 176 Comments

Rosario Dawson in a bikini holding a garden hose. I can’t think of a better summertime memory. It kind of reminds me of that sweltering August when I opened a “Lemonade and Lap Dance” stand. I was doing pretty well until the cops shut me down. To this day I still believe my mom tipped them off after dad came home smelling like Country Time and skeez. Too bad they couldn’t arrest an eight-year-old. But they could send me to military school after giving my Nintendo to orphans while I cried in the back seat of the station wagon. Where was I going with this? Oh, yeah, Rosario Dawson is awkwardly hot.


  1. wanks

    @144 wow i had no idea that she was on that site…hmmm i think ill go to ur site and i will probably be the first person to do so!

  2. i agree with the earlier post about her being hot in an awkward kind of way. She a “one of the guys” chick

  3. she’s got some nice stuff up there !! :D love em all!!

  4. Jake

    lmao@all the virgins going nuts because this fat chick showed her boobs. Come on, guys, act like you’ve been there before.

  5. Billabong021

    She is well nice!

    For fuck sake look at those big giggly titties!!!

    Anyone, and I mean ANYONE who says otherwise is either a butch lesbian who knows that bird’s outa their league or a closet homo.

    No red blooded man could resist those titties!!!

  6. the cunt

    she looks goooooooooood. i wish more celebs had curves like that!

  7. I wish I was "fat"

    Rosario Dawson was not arrested for DUI you idiots… That would be Michelle Rodriguez — totally different person. And p.s. — she’s not fat… maybe a size 4. Rediculous.

  8. Tezza

    Give this one a good gym workout and she’d look alot better.. doesn’t have a very attractive face tho..

  9. blah

    her tummy dnt stick out past her boobs so she aint fat…just a bit flabby.

  10. Jeniffer

    LoL/ She is really sexy!!! I have ever seen her hot video on the wealthy dating club R I C H L O V I N G.C O M for hot guys and girls to hook up for Hot Love and Sexy Dating. She is really sexy with bikini in that video.

  11. J@cko

    She can come and get some loving from me anytime she wants.

  12. I would tap those melons if I’d seen them at the grocery store.

  13. ILuvRosario

    Rosario looks awesome. Not enough women smile at me like she’s smiling at the camera dude in the last picture. I want one.

  14. shocked

    Nancy, post #32, that is a sickeningly racist comment….i hope someone gives you a drive-by punching asap.

  15. i dont know why she is getting called fat. she is very attractive. and i guarantee you wouldnt notice her tiny bit of stomach if she was laying naked on your bed

  16. Herky

    That is a terrible angle because she looks so much bigger than she actually is . . . I hate when they make sexy people look gross.

  17. Rob

    Her “tiny bit of a stomach” is wider than her ass. It can’t escape notice, unlike her sad little droopy butt.

  18. lambman

    she as perfect breasts, they are the only good thing about that crappy Alexander movie

  19. bete noir

    #32 And white meat is dry!!!!!!

  20. my zod. can that woman be in hotter? or cooler?

    she’s all temperature!

  21. Rob

    Did I mention that I’m really not qualified to cast any judgment about her body, because like most of you, I’ve never been with a real woman before? I must’ve forgotten to say that when I was making unjustified comments about her stomach and ass. In fact, I’d be lucky to put my infantile penis into anything besides my boney little fist. As most of you are just like me (card carrying members of the D&D brigade), you have to admit that we’d all be lucky to have this girl in bed (if our beds weren’t shaped like a racecar).

  22. Rosario Dawson is a beautiful woman – beautiful face, gorgeous smile, coke bottle curves and, above all, really big natural boobs.

    Now, for some of you women, you feel you’re ugly (because you don’t look like those airbrushed anorexic models you seen in the magazines) so you try and salve your bruised egos by insulting women who are prettier than you.

    And some of you gay/transvestite/bi/curious/Jim McGreevey “Men” – well, you wish you were a girl, so you’re jealous of real women.

    All of you need to shut the hell up – if you don’t think Rosario’s pretty (and beauty is in the eye of the beholder) then just keep your opinion to yourself, instead of insulting this girl on the internet!

  23. cindy

    She has the ugliest face with those dark circles under her eyes. Can’t she do something about that?

  24. snoep

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