Rosario Dawson hosing herself off in a bikini

July 18th, 2008 // 176 Comments

Rosario Dawson in a bikini holding a garden hose. I can’t think of a better summertime memory. It kind of reminds me of that sweltering August when I opened a “Lemonade and Lap Dance” stand. I was doing pretty well until the cops shut me down. To this day I still believe my mom tipped them off after dad came home smelling like Country Time and skeez. Too bad they couldn’t arrest an eight-year-old. But they could send me to military school after giving my Nintendo to orphans while I cried in the back seat of the station wagon. Where was I going with this? Oh, yeah, Rosario Dawson is awkwardly hot.


  1. kinger

    i think she looks fantastic. i’ll bet she’s a blast in the sack.

  2. Mink

    42- Randal is on vacation for a week. (she’s fat obvi)

  3. Utley

    Ordinarily being fat only gets you “real woman” status (those poor fake women who aren’t fat, when will they learn, it has nothing to do with how your body looks? What? Wait…). But in Rosario’s case she’s apparently also “respectable”. So we learn: fat + DUI = real respectable woman. Ladies, commence your food and alcohol binges!!!

  4. Randal's Straight Brother

    Who would you rather bang silly: Rosario or Salma???

    Man, I’d love to have that choice. Win-win. And today, I’d pick Rosario. And Lick her taint.

  5. Matt

    I can’t help but LOL at the keyboard pimps b/c we know they could do so much better.

  6. Mick

    Ugly face, implants, fat belly, from the back the part above her ass is wider than her ass. Yeah, “gorgeous”…christ, have any of you ever had sex with an attractive woman?

  7. don

    I would rather tap Rosario. Salma has shit out a kid.

  8. don

    ….sorry, Salma shat out a kid.

  9. Moondog

    I’d fuck the taste out of her mouth! Yummie!

  10. Jude Quinn

    unlike Claire Danes, she has boobs and a butt, and doesn’t have tons of ribs sticking out.

  11. Fubar

    Wow, if you think she’s fat you need to look to your left and right (and probably down). She’s got a nice bod, nice legs, nice cleavage, nice butt, no cellulite, well proportioned. Not even thick ankles or arms. Geez, what more could you possibly want?? She’s sexy!

  12. Cheryl

    Sometimes when they’re younger girls look like they’ll become exotic beauties, but then it just…doesn’t…happen. RD is getting less attractive as she gets older. It happens (just look at Brooke Shields).

  13. Sorry, she's fat

    lmao@the predictable late-arriving stampede of “she’s NOT FAT” psychos. Expect about 100 more comments of exactly the same stuff, because they have a real problem with satiety.

  14. Matthew

    that’s the nicest rack I ever seen

  15. Randal's Non-Gay Brother

    #56. dude, they are real….

  16. lloyd johnson

    you can tell by the comments who has sex with women, and who has sex with their own hands…

  17. Ed

    “you can tell by the comments who has sex with women, and who has sex with their own hands…”

    Yeah right. All dudes jerk off even when they’re having sex on a regular basis. Girls hate it, but even when a guy is in love he’s occasionally fantasizing about some other chick he saw bouncing down the street. Nothing personal, just focus on the body and fap-fap-fap.

    I’ve eagerly fucked stacked chicks who are also a little fat, because that’s the way it usually goes when implants aren’t involved. Doesn’t make ‘em not-fat, it just means you’re enjoying fucking a big titted fat chick. Rosario’s got great boobs and an obviously thick waist, and I’d love to watch the fat jiggle while I fucked her. And she absolutely would jiggle.

  18. A

    Very, very nice. Nice tits. She has meat on her. Looks great!

  19. you pizza-faced losers

    You pizza-faced losers go back to satisfying yourselves with your hands

  20. I loved her in RENT.

  21. scooby

    she is fucking beautiful. A real woman, meat and all; beautiful.

  22. Rosario Dawson can open her mouth and legs for me anytime. And whoever said that those calling her fat fuck 12 year old boys have it all wrong. They must just have fucking cows for wives.

  23. Crazy Old Bitch

    The point to all of this is Tom Cruise is gay. Scary predatory gay. So look out, or you’ll be up his ass so fast, you won’t even know how it happened.

  24. Tim

    “Gorgeous”? No (face).

    “Fat”? No.

    “Overweight”? Yes. She could easily drop a few pounds and look better and healthier. She’s got the fat in worst place, healthwise, so I’d never encourage her to keep it using all that “real women” bullshit.

    “Hot”? I guess, but I hate that dumb term. It’s applied all the time to girls who are physically attractive but seem like they’re complete bubbleheads. The right term for her is “sexy” or maybe “so sexy you’ll try to talk to her and then start to worry that she’ll see your visible boner”. For whatever reason, she projects the impression that she’ll be awesome in bed. Who cares about any other detail?

  25. el ces

    Wow, I haven’t seen her for a while.
    She looks good.
    Look at that smile, so sincere.
    Its a shame we don’t see more.

  26. Em

    ***She’s definitely gotten a little chunky, but she’s no fatty. Let’s remember that there is a grey area between fat and skinny, folks. For instance: Nicole Richie is freakishly skinny, Rosie O’Donnell is a complete lard-ass, and Rosario Dawson is the grey area.

    Also – while her facial expression in the last picture (as well as most the rest) could scare any small child – I’d love to see all the rest of the “hotties” without their makeup or right after their shower/a swim. Most girls, when you’re used to seeing them in their makeup, look like ass without it.***

  27. Vas Deferens

    Rosario is really, really fucking hot.

  28. I would love to smack her titty balls around… good jaysus shes a delicious piece of roast beast sammich.

  29. Andy

    I’d love to splooge on those great tits. But otherwise? Harsh face, big belly, small ass. She’s just tits now, folks, let’s not go overboard.

  30. stizz

    Were her juggs always that big?

  31. alex

    awww i cant jack off to this, theres kids in it!

  32. Kate

    I wouldn’t call her “fat” because when I think of fat, I think of size 16 and up. I would say she could use some cardio and weight training though, she’s not “toned” or “tight” and she needs to cut out whatever she’s eating that’s making her that thick, i mean a few weeks of exercise and healthy eating and she’d be a lot better looking. But she isn’t fat, she just needs to tone and tighten.

  33. I think my pants just got a little sticky.

  34. pistola

    i really wish all the females who EVER say anything negative about the way a celeb on this site lokks (ex. calling her fat or ugly) could post a picture of THEMSELVES.


    that all the men who say call the female celebrities fat or ugly should post a picture of their girlfriends/wives/last female they had sex with.

    then we could at least consider the source!!!!!!!!!!! ha

  35. aunutt

    she is,
    I’d feast and feast,,
    carnivoriferous indeed.

  36. I won’t comment on the fat thing too much , because everyone knows what a real fatty looks like. Im not lesbo, but she is phat instead of fat. By the way you white people got the whole color thing confused. This woman is no where near dark. Someone considered to be dark would be Alec Wek. Tisk Tisk, I guess being pale confuses you too much. She’s not dark…she’s just colorful. It’s very beautiful. Hues don’t revolve around you white people. Get it right.

  37. mbizzle

    you think rosario is hot but you call brooke hogan fat? rosario is flabby, soft and out of shape. i wouldn’t put on a bathing suit, much less a bikini, if i looked like that.

  38. high and mighty

    Damn, Americans love to insult each other. It goes like this: “What you disagree with me!! You must be a fat, jealous hater with a lame-ass dead-end job. Your significant other is also fat and probably wart covered, I hope you get leprosy and fucked in the ass by a rabid elephant. You deserve to die you basement dwelling masturbater. You know what else, your spelling and punctuation are worse than a rotten-toothed, Appalachian third-grader. Oh, and p.s. you’re gay.”

  39. #88 yeah that’s true I agree. Im not here to really insult anyone in particular myself, but I meant it when I said that some whites are confused about hues. Rosario Dawson is clearly right in the middle of the human color spectrum. I am confused to why people even consider her dark. If someone’s darker than yourself that doesn’t make them dark. Hues range from the kid that got teased in the “Powder” movie for be truely being albino to people like Alec Wek, and maybe even darker. I mean are people just confused, or do they consider every single other ethnic race to be dark. It seems that way especially for black people, but Rosario’s clearly a very light brown color for a black woman. She is in no way shape or form dark. I don’t even think she’s fat at all. There is a difference between being dark and colorful, and being fat and just a little out of shape. Come on people. Who really stays a size 0 for the rest of their life? An even better point is it is not a bad thing to be dark. Alec Wek’s skin color is amazing and very unique in the U.S.

  40. #87 neither Brooke Hogan or Rosario are fat. Brooke’s real problem is she looks like her dad in drag. She looks like a man.

  41. #87 neither Brooke Hogan or Rosario are fat. Brooke’s real problem is she looks like her dad in drag. She looks like a man. P.S. they’re the same size about.

  42. #87 neither Brooke Hogan or Rosario are fat. Brooke’s real problem is she looks like her dad in drag. She looks like a man. P.S. they’re the same size about.

  43. The photographers come off a bit as perverts

  44. alisa

    ummmm cool she’s fat and has big boobs… why do people think its good to have big boobs when the chick is fat…nasty…

  45. Tom

    Big boobs or not, she’s still black.

  46. rough daddy

    oy vey,,,someone’s been eating everything in sight since they got dump by jason the model….

  47. You make me feel really bad about myself, Superficial writer. I just can’t stop reading this wonderful garbage.

  48. Dumb n dumber

    Look at the fun bags on that hose hound

  49. #95 do you consider black as being a bad thing? FYI she’s light brown.

  50. Joe C

    I was actually kind of liking her until I saw that misshapen ass. She isn’t fat like Kim K, but she could use some serious pilates.

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