Rosario Dawson hosing herself off in a bikini

July 18th, 2008 // 176 Comments

Rosario Dawson in a bikini holding a garden hose. I can’t think of a better summertime memory. It kind of reminds me of that sweltering August when I opened a “Lemonade and Lap Dance” stand. I was doing pretty well until the cops shut me down. To this day I still believe my mom tipped them off after dad came home smelling like Country Time and skeez. Too bad they couldn’t arrest an eight-year-old. But they could send me to military school after giving my Nintendo to orphans while I cried in the back seat of the station wagon. Where was I going with this? Oh, yeah, Rosario Dawson is awkwardly hot.


  1. sillysalamander

    First Mother Bitches!!!!

  2. sillysalamander

    second!!!! suck on that!!!

  3. granada

    It looks like her little legs are carrying an awfully heavy load. Hey, at least she looks happy..

  4. Jones

    NOMNOMNOMNOM I’d eat that like Cookie Monster….

  5. Zany13


    wow the last picture is pretty gruesome!

  6. Claire Danes

    Now here’s a darkie who’s really been hitting the barbecue this summer!

  7. Racer X


  8. veggi

    The little boy next to her is thinking “I’m going to use this stick to scare away that monster!”

  9. Matt

    Nice rack!

  10. See? Fat people ARE jolly!

  11. Karen

    So when’s she due?

  12. BigJim

    She’s washing my BigJim jism out of her hair.

  13. fun fact

    8 and 10
    the veggi and FRIST trolls are really retarded!

  14. Peter

    So, in about a day or so we’ll hear that she’s preparing for an upcoming movie where she plays a fat chick. Then some weeks from now she’ll show up in a very public setting in a bikini looking slim and fit, and her rep will say that the movie deal didn’t work out.

  15. sierra

    kid in pic #3 looks a little too excited.

  16. Erica

    Pretty sturdy for a plastic chair.

  17. veggi

    She’d be “awkwardly hot” if this was a plumper page with 3 10-second clips to download.

  18. skip

    There was a time, a time before cable. When the local anchorman this website reigned supreme. When people believed everything they heard on TV read on the fish. This was an age when only men were allowed to read the news funny people were allowed to post.

    That was a lot of work. Strike strike strike!!

  19. skip

    that didn’t work. just like me

  20. Ang

    Well this should work just fine as the “Before” pictures…

  21. Annie Nonymous

    You people are morons. She looks incredible.

  22. Us people

    She looks incredibly fat.

  23. emily

    if this is fat, i want to be fat.

  24. pistola

    she has a thick waist, but she is beautiful.

    and she’s NOT a typical hollywood douche… a respectable actress, if u will.

  25. pete

    Thank you for these pictures!!!!!!!!!! I had totally forgotten to feed my potbellied pig.

  26. dude_on

    Can we get the old chick back from yesterday? Maybe bending over?

    Typically I have a good deal of tolerance for any chick in a bikini with a water hose but this isn’t doing it. Maybe the old chick could rinse off her hooters or something… oh and leave the kids in the car – with the windows down of course – I’m not some sick freak.

  27. britney's weave

    the kid’s face in pic three is priceless.

  28. 20-20 vision

    I suppose we can debate whether she’s fat (hint: she’s fat), but “beautiful”? Did ya see that last picture? So now “incredible” and “beautiful” = a gargoyle who’s put on a lot of weight. Ok, sure…when did this site start cross-linking to

  29. Great rack, butter face!

    And no, she isn’t fat though we’ll have a 100 posts that say she is. But, her face is friggin’ fugly!

  30. don

    #24 pistola. WTF are you talking about? respectable actress?? that dumb bitch was in the slammer for DUI numbnuts.

  31. Susan

    Clearly she’s been drinking the high-calorie beverages.

  32. Nancy

    Any chef will tell you that the dark meat is always fatty.

  33. free lily

    she can hold my hose

  34. hunior89

    All you homos saying Rosario is fat need to get cancer and die. Go screw an eight year old by already!

  35. I’d love to lose a contact in her cleavage… then have to fish it out.

  36. What?

    lol its funny how losers will say anyone is fat… She is a healthy average weight, has an amazing rack and is definitly not a butta face though I do agree she isn’t quite as cute as she was early in her career… plus who can watch that nude scene in Alexander and not pitch a tent.. well except for the gay guys on this board that call every woman fat

  37. jay

    #34 why don’t you hit a treadmill for like 10 hours a day.

  38. veggi

    Actually, “lol its funny how” the fattie-defenders always arrive a little bit later in the comment thread. Gotta grab those cupcakes and a couple bottle of grape soda first, and THEN sit down (chair goes creak-creak-CREAK) to write a comment.

  39. blahblah

    That is one happy kid!

  40. The Southsider


    I was just about to mention that. Its become a game with me to look at messages and see who these faggots DONT see as being fat. I think it may be jealousy that THEY cant have a woman this hot in thier lives.

  41. Sheva

    I like her as she comes across as real. She may not be the small waisted type I like but respeck!

    The shot of her from the back shows nothing but goodness. She’s solid.

  42. Barak Obama

    That kid in pic 3 is laughing because he knows his moms tits aren’t that nice.

    Where the hell is Randal?

  43. NY Ted

    Goodness gracious…she has BIG TITS…!!

    I’d slap those against my head like soccer balls in a clothes dryer…!!!

  44. seriously… shes fat???? you guys are all high on carbon monoxide fumes… everyone of you little internet goblins should post pictures of you and your incredibly sexy mate…if you even have one. I would love the chance to pick apart every thing thats wrong with you, which would be ALOT… Rosario is GORGEOUS, so go back to your pathetic call center job, secretary at a car dealership or selling clothes in a mall…its one thing to pick on britney, jessica, and the dumb doorknobs from the Hills, but Rosario isn’t out there trying to have some douche snap pictures of her from the roof of some cabana…

  45. Ted Mosby

    I bet those kids around her were furiously wacking off.

  46. Cue enormous, obligatory dipsute thread re: body size.

    For previous threads, we have 283 of them re: Every celeb in a bikini.

  47. Trover

    I dig her. Sure, she doesn’t have a porn star body, except for her ginormous titties, but she is just hawt. I mean, stunningly hawt. If I could motor boat her, then have my way, I;d hit it 7 days a week and twice on Sunday. Cuz she is that hawt.

  48. Sam

    I love how the fat-defenders use all-caps a lot (or even, #44, “ALOT”). Even their typing is over-sized.

  49. veggi

    I’m changing my ways. I hate being racist. I hate myself

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  50. everybody

    #49 – veggi troll – even if it’s well intentioned, your cut-and-paste tripe is a buzzkill on this site and will only make people annoyed that they have to scroll past it.

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