Rosario Dawson and Rose McGowan pose naked

April 6th, 2007 // 78 Comments

I’ll only watch a movie if the female stars agree to pose naked wearing nothing but bullets. This is especially true if the movie stars Rosie O’Donnell and Kathy Bates. And by especially true I mean not true at all. Because that would be the day all the penises on Earth died.


  1. Ricky Razzle

    Can’t believe you posted this on Good Friday.LOL

  2. #49

    I can just here the Fake-Sweet comments that Rose would make if she was trying to do that.

    “Oh Rosario, you have SUCH a beautiful body, wow! Do you mind scootching over just a bit, your ass is so great and round that it’s nuging me over. I have such a flat boring white girl ass and I’m so jealous of you…thaaaaats right just a few more inches.”

  3. #39. DrPhowstus

    Does the Whore Lotion dispenser come with “Whore after-wipes”? Or do you have to use the “Whore Shower”? (i.e. run the Whore Lotion Dispenser under the fawcett and run out the door?

  4. tits_on_snack

    i love rose mcgowan but this photo is really draggy. i think it’s the overdone hair.

  5. Big deal. Move the hands, ladies. Actually, who even gives a shit. Rosario’s nose is weird.

  6. TheRanchTooth

    They needed to be daring, like showing Rose wearing a giant black strapon and Rosario wearing a tiny white one.

  7. Lowlands

    This photo excites me a bit because this is a very useful use for bullets.

  8. arrogances

    mmm, Rose doesn’t look so happy to be there.
    I hope she doesn’t feel trapped.

  9. Lowlands

    This butts for bullets program seems to be successful.

  10. Truthseeker013

    What #3 said. They could read the liner notes to the GOP convention record, and I’d buy it.

  11. Dan

    Rose McGowan would be pretty hot if she got her head replaced.

  12. cm

    McGowan has a big head and she looks old. Airbrushing can only do so much. They could’ve found much more attractive models.

  13. i like these 2, but this IS the worst I’ve ever seen them.
    It’s sad when I agree with Barbado, but it’s a little like bad drag.
    its cute how their butts are touching though.

  14. grits2005

    every time i see a pic of rose all i can picture is how she dated marilyn manson…..uggggggggggggg god what the hell was she thinking. she lost all appeal to me since then. cant u just imagine her and him errrrr if he is a him, well i was trying to describe what there sex life must have been but i threw up in my mouth and must now look for mouthwash.

  15. Dan

    What ever happened to question marks.

  16. crazyotto

    havent bought that shit rag in 10 years

  17. NicotineEyePatch

    Robert Rodriguez is really keeping his shit authentic and ‘old school’ by fucking Rose McGowan during filming. Charming.

  18. gateau

    #49 + #52

    That’s exactly what I thought the second I saw the cover. It looks like Rose is trying to push Rosario the hell out of the shot by just leaning against her until she tips over or something, but Rose is too damn skeletal, and Rosario just looks like, Yeah, whatever, bitch.

  19. Michael1

    I agree with whoever posted that Rolling Stone is a sell out. And I’m bnot wearing a tie dye and teh last time I listened to Jefferson Airplane was during a bad trip on yellow mesc in ’69.

    Rolling Stone is basically People Magazine with a music twist an dhas been for a while. And that photos is so airbrushed and photoshopped it’s boring, anyway –it could’ve been kind of interesting and arousing in a wierd way if they hadn’t cheese-cake-ified it.

  20. InvaderZim

    I don’t like Rolling Stone… but, the picture is pretty nice. Rose has a really nice behind.

  21. Lowlands

    One of the girls looks a bit like Kim Kardashian.Which one do you think i mean?

  22. RoFan

    Rosario’s email is

  23. These two girls shouldn’t have the name Rose or Rosario, it reminds me of Rosie O’Donnell. What stupid names,dumb bitches, should of changed their names.

  24. joshua

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  25. joshua

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  26. i love rosario dawsons perfect big fake tits!

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