Rosario Dawson and Rose McGowan pose naked

April 6th, 2007 // 78 Comments

I’ll only watch a movie if the female stars agree to pose naked wearing nothing but bullets. This is especially true if the movie stars Rosie O’Donnell and Kathy Bates. And by especially true I mean not true at all. Because that would be the day all the penises on Earth died.


  1. TheRanchTooth

    First bitches!!!

  2. jazzdrummer420

    Did she let her co-stars wear the same color bullets???

  3. jazzdrummer420

    They are both smoking though

  4. I am the walrus.

  5. BarbadoSlim

    Great going there Picasso you managed to make two semi-attractive relatively unknown actresses into total trannies. Rolling Stone must be proud.

  6. ponk

    judging by comments 1 – 5, it looks like school was out for good friday today. Better not post any NSFW pics.

  7. Is Rose wearing her machine gun appendage in the photo?

  8. jazzdrummer420

    @ponk #7
    Do you not pay attention here?
    Reference to her red dress shenanigans at the premiere?

  9. Duckie

    Wow, they really DO look like transvestites for some reason!
    I’d still raw-dog it.
    *boner goes thud*

  10. TheRanchTooth

    #7- Judging from your comment you’re an unfunny piece of shit. Go back to bed asshole.

  11. LadyJane

    Pfffft… bullet bras and bullet panties are sooo 2006.

  12. i’d do them…wait, im a girl. never mind. I’ll do that guy from “A Cinderella Story” instead. he looks desparate enough.

  13. LadyJane

    Hey, I’m a girl too. I’d let them do me.

  14. LadyJane

    While my hubby filmed it, of course.

  15. amaritimer

    You have to be a fag to not think these two look amazing! =) I’d even take up carpet munching for these two! (My husband would sell the pictures to the Fish for all of you people)

  16. amaritimer

    lol@ 15, great minds think alike!

  17. N@ughty

    @15 LadyJane if your husband would be willing to film you with both of those trannies, hell i’d join you myself…only to become a raging alcolic porn star that gets attention from falling out in public and slurring my words like Courtney Love. lol

  18. TheRanchTooth

    #11 – HEY!!!! That’s not me..
    Stay out my account dickwad!!!
    I’m changing my password now…

  19. N@ughty

    #16 and i will be the FIRST one to comment saying “well, amaritimer looks amazing but…who are these guys?”

  20. combustion8


  21. veggi

    I wouldn’t want an orgy with these chicks. She’d get excited and that fucking machine gun would go ballistic. Tragedy would inevitably ensue.

  22. Jimbo

    So if they did not have the machine guns you would think about it Veggi??? Nice:)

  23. lambman

    Go Rose! I like both of these actresses so much, I can’t wait to get off work and run to see Grindhouse with my buddies!

  24. TheRanchTooth

    what did you change it to?

  25. lambman

    ps – Only hosting the whole image on another site is a not so clever way of tricking me into viewing the appalingly lame “”

  26. schack


  27. schack

    who are you really?

  28. Jimbo

    Did we wake you Schack?

  29. schack


  30. veggi

    didn’t britney stain her shirt or something? now, THATS a story…. you know schack, yawns are contagious. Gracias.

  31. ponk

    jazzdrummer #2. ok i give you credit for that one. it was mostly 4 & 5 that concerned me. It wasn’t a very promising start.

  32. Jillia

    Both are very beautiful women, so i’m not trying to hate, but yea, something just looks off in that picture… I think, #6 is right, definitely trannies.

  33. Debutantejaim


  34. eh.. pretty hot.

  35. jazzdrummer420

    no worries ponk #32

  36. DrPhowstus

    Dear Mr. Fish,

    Please stop stealin’ yo shit from Yeeeah. I mean one or two things, fine. But back to back stories? And at least two from yesterday? I expect more from your, fish face. Are the highschoolers writing here too now? Please remedy. Many thanks.


    Dr Phowstus

    p.s. At least show LL topless. Thanks.

  37. Can’t wait to see this movie. I don’t think they look like Trannies so much as the Make-up artists at ROLLING STONE gave them the “Whore Make-Up” that they keep in their special “Whore Closet” right next to the “Whore Sack Lunch” and the “Whore Bottled Water”

  38. DrPhowstus

    @38 — I have the “Whore Lotion Dispenser” located behind my zipper. It just has to be pumped a couple of dozen times to get anything from it.

    Thanks for being funny Spin. There are so few funny people left here.

  39. 23apples

    OK – Rosario Dawson has a man’s face. Always. Not just this picture, even though it makes her look worse than usual.

    Not a big fan of Rose McGowan.. and this picture makes me less of a fan. Why did Rolling Stone do such horrible things to these girls?

  40. TheRanchTooth

    #25 – I changed it to assclown

  41. wedgeone

    Well, Rose’s right eye still looks a bit wonky from that accident, to the point where she’s looking only over both of my shoulders instead of in the face. I keep waiting for them to straighten out.
    Now when do the full nude pics surface on the ‘net?
    I wouldn’t kick them out of bed unless they were better on the floor. At least they’re not reeking of skank like today’s LiLo and Britney posts.

  42. wedgeone

    Sorry – bad edit. Scratch the “only” from my post.
    One last question: is Rose’s forehead looking large in this pic, or am I imagining it?

  43. flavio

    um, ok, i’d like to see some pics of the fugly ass losers who are trying to say these two look bad. seriously, shut the fuck up! what a hot pic! their asses are touching, and each of their asses must be really excited about what a hot ass it gets to rub against. and then me gets excited too, ooooo

  44. danielle

    Rose looks hot but there’s nothing special about Rosario!

  45. anothershityear

    Rose : hot
    Rosario : not

  46. rrd

    pretty bad make-up for a Cover shot

  47. LoneWolf

    RS used to be so anti-establishment that it bordered on the subversive. Damn sell-outs.

    The foregoing was written under a black light while wearing a tie-dyed t-shirt and headband, and listening to a Jefferson Airplane album on the record player. Peace, man. Don’t trust anyone over 30.

    Oh, and I have a sick feeling that Grindhouse is going to do for Rose McGowan what Pulp Fiction did for John Travolta. That bastard was almost completely gone. Damn you, Tarantino! Damn to hell!

  48. kristynn

    it looks a little like rose wanted to keep nudging rosario farther and farther over until she was the only one in the shot.

  49. rrd

    This cover is so yesterday. Didn’t you see the MAXIM cover?

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